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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Apa the F***!!!

Malaysians queuing up for the latest 'gift' from their government.

Did you join the queues and fill up your tank ah? That's the question I get asked most often the past 24 hours. Well, the answer is "No" I didn't queue up to fill up my car's fuel tank. Instead, I stayed home and thought about the fuel price increase and how it will affect the Malaysian people. While thinking about this I also thought...Eh? What la! After 50 years under this government we have come to this? How can? Okay 50 years with the Barisan Nasional playing our guardians and managers of our resources here's some of what we got...............

The Petronas Twin Towers
Proton cars
Coffee Bean
The Eye on Malaysia ferris wheel
KLIA International Airport

..............and so the lists can go on and on and I am sure that Mahathir will glow listing his many "achievements" for Malaysia. But today I am thinking "Eh! Wait a minute! After 50 years of BN's progress and development I am now being told to...

Change my lifestyle to cope with rising costs. Change my lifestyle? If I change it anymore things won't be 'better than Ghana' anymore la. Like a blogger said this morning, "how to change? I don't take holidays. I don't drink. I don't party. I don't buy expensive clothes. I live a very moderate and thrifty lifestyle already." So how? The kerajaan flers want to tell us, "Here's how la......

Doesn't it make you want to kill somebody when you watch that video?

And another thing is this. Can somebody please tell me why our government always seems to choose this way of telling about price hikes. It's not like "Hey people we can't subsidise anymore la. Sorry ah. So please be prepared for a major increase in prices of (this and that) which will take place in 6 months from today." Clear, transparent. Understood. Right? Wrong. That's not the way.

"No there will be no increase. Well, maybe there will be la but we will inform you in plenty of time. We don't want to burden the people la."

"No definitely no increase."

"No there will definitely be an increase. Soon."

"Maybe there will be an increase. Later this year la"

And then.......BOOM!!! Surprise! Surprise! The increase is effective NOW! Caught ya! I can almost hear the laughter from the cabinet room!

So after 50 years of Barisan Nasional....

The Twin Towers are no longer the world's tallest building.
Proton cars are 2nd grade junk that nobody really wants.
Putrajaya is anything but jaya these days. And nobody wants to live there or work there. Costs too much to drive there with the un-subsidised fuel prices these days.
Cyberjaya is anything but jaya or cyber with residents still waiting for broadband connection for their homes which are supposedly located in the middle of the multi-media super corridor.
Of course, with the new rate of inflation not many people can afford to spend RM15 on a cup of stylish coffee anymore.
Ride the Eye on Malaysia? Nah. Been there done that and it wasn't that great. And by the way the ferris wheel looks a little rusty these days.
KLIA? Who the hell can afford to travel these days? And with petrol at RM2.704 per liter nobody can afford to go to the airport even if they had free Air Asia tickets to fly.

So, thank you Barisan Nasional. You sure did us all a big favor.




Wow, Patrick!! Since the last 50 years under that government, maybe the kind of lifestyle they want is for us to drive our car ala Flinstone style. No need fuel la....

monsterball said...

Cool it Pat!
Your "niamah" is bold and big. You are real is everyone.
What can we all do....but to look after our poor stuffs..the low and muddle income group..sure to hell.
I increased their no extra profits .to do that...but what can we small bosses do? Sit and see our staffs suffer??
I can talk and give all sorts of comments....but my main my staffs......and I feel somewhat lucky...having a small company..thus problem is smaller than others.
Also feel to help all of smile.
Lets hope all companies think of their staffs ..right now.

Anonymous said...

reading all this make me feel leaving malaysia seems to be a right choice. At first my plan was to have some fun oversea to experience new lifestyle but now it look like i need to earn a fortune before moving back to my beloved country

Nice Country but Sad Government

I wonder how all the previous administrators are able to get thing under control where this new govt get so much of problem. From what i have read so far, this is what i tot (however this might be totally wrong)

Let see, new PM started the "clean blood process" by removing those who are more senior and aint listen to him. (i wonder is there any1 in the parliments is really clean). So all the senior guy have been offer an early retirement plan and fresh fler join in the rank. When the govt somehow provoke the citizen, PM try to get advise from ministry and due to various reasons or maybe even of due to the experiences, they come out with 3rd grade solution which make it worst.

I wonder after the UMNO election, will there be a new PM with his new Minister

Anonymous said...

Look on brightside of things. Next time he says, he won't do this or that. He means, he will do it tomorrow. If he says, he wont screw a virgin, he meant not tonight, he will do it first thing in the morning and do it like rabbits. What a FOCUP!

Man, life is just going to get harder for the folks earning less than 1500/pm. The cycle has just started. Brace yourselves for more painful decisions. How will normal folks survive to pays for essential things at home.

Sad state of affair.


Anonymous said...

aren't we getting back rm625.00 for each car per year !?

Anonymous said...

RM625 a year? Apa the f***? We should not have to suffer as Malaysia is blessed with natural resources such as OIL!!! What is going on with the gomen? Why not subsidise? The gomen is going crazy sh**! The profits from the sale of crude oil produced by Petronas should be going into each and everyone of us pockets! Look at all the OIL rich nations. Middle east, Brunei etc. What is the gomen thinking in comparing Malaysia with other countries that do not produce OIL! Hey AB! Go f*** yourself in front of the mirror until you understand the whole concept!

1. First of all, Petronas should be for the benefit of Malaysians! NOT GOMEN!
2. Every Malaysian out there! BOYCOTT PROTON and PERODUA! Who needs made in Malaysia cars! Without them, we don't have to suffer high taxes and pay 1/2 our salary in financing PROTON or PERODUA! Take the bus, the train, the motorbike, bicycle, and what not. DUMP all PROTONs and PERODUAs!
2. All Malaysians BOYCOTT SHELL and ESSO! When their profits fall, they will be pressured to reduce prices. Let's see the top bosses of such companies fall and they will surely do something to clean their A**!! And to follow, so will PETRONAS and ALL reduce their pump prices.
3. Surely there's inflation and all. But sadly being Malaysian and with Malaysian OIL doesn't help Malaysians! So, the choice in in your hands. You voted against BN! Now vote against PROTON, PERODUA, SHELL and ESSO!

Anonymous said...

What about people who do not own cars or bikes? They are the poorer people and they will be hit harder by the indirect results of the fuel hike.

Anonymous said...

My dear Pat,
Naik never mind. Why ? Because the government has to think about naik gaji. Yes. It is only fair for the millions of Malaysians who do not make it into the Forbes' Magazine. Naik gaji not only in public service. Also, private company bosses have to pity their workers and naik their gaji too. That way it will not be that bad.

anitakrishlee said...

If we can't trust our government then, who do we trust?

As long as the Pak Lah administration exists, the future of us Malaysians isn't going to be a bright one.

KY said...

My friend, don't charge more for your next theatrical production ok! :D

Scorpio said...

What happened to Petronas's profits?

Since 1974 estimated 2 trillion - 20000000000 twelve zeros-YES. MANA DUIT TU?

acura said...

I like surprises but not this kind. Damn!

Anonymous said...

To the fler who suggested "boycott Shell and Esso," do you even know how the petrol industry works ah?

Example: Esso refineries are at PD area. So all petrol stations, regardless of company, will buy from them. Petronas is at Terengganu so all stations there buy from them. It simply does not make sense from a business POV to transport petrol from a Petronas refinery in Terengganu all the way to Johore Bahru!

All the petrol companies buy petrol from each other la! Its a business thing! Not buying petrol from those so called "Jewish, American controlled" companies is not going to change a damned thing!

Don't you just 'love' the standard bullshit 'reasoning' given by the Gohmen bastards ah? "You should be thankful! Here we're only paying RM2.70 per liter. In UK, they are paying almost RM8 per liter!"

Nia meh cibettt.... People in UK earn in RM ah?! So liddat, can I say the people in UK very lucky because they only pay approx. RM70k for a brand new Corolla whereas we pay more than RM120k?

artchan said...

anon 11.13

so what if car owners get RM625 back? Is it any good for non car owners. What will be the domino effect on prices of essentials? Have you considered that?
Plain simple..the bloody fucked-up govt of AAB is trying to "bribe" the country with "RM625 per car owner"

clearwater said...

It would be interesting to speculate what can happen if BN-Umno were to rule this country another 20 years ? I dare not suggest another 50 years for obvious reasons. Patrick, bloggers; care to use your imagination?

xonar said...

while reading ur blog,received a call from my children bas sekolah fler informing me that they have to adjust the fair when the school started on monday.
guess the dominos had already begins to fall.
we are screwed...big time!!!

Anonymous said...

Greetings Patrick,
I'm already in the 50tish, been there done that, but I fear for the future of my son who is 14. I tell you why...By the time he is eligible to drive it would be a luxury with the relatively expensive cost of cars & petrol, don't talk about public transport coz it sucks. By then we can no longer rely on funding from Petronas as confirm by the chairman of Petronas that it will go bankrupt by 2018 & the country is in the pits. So, what to do lah? We are Australian PR and have considered going there to settle down in the future but I still treasure the lifestyles here, but not the idea of allowing my son to go for the dreadful 3 months national service. From your previous posting I know that you are not in favour of people migrating . Just to let off steam. From a Niamah fan.

crower said...

"High Prices, Poverty, Inflation" should replace "Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang".

All hail Pak Lah, "Bapa Kenaikkan Harga Barang Malaysia".

Anonymous said...

All of us should pack up and go live in Venezuela...16 sen per litre....I heard got a lot of beautiful girls too

Anonymous said...

The last time the petrol price hike, Najib mentioned that they would divert the subsidy to improve the public transport.

Today I may want to choose not to drive my car but thee is no alternative in public transport.
Tell me how to go to work if there is no efficient public transport?

Bas Pajak that does nto follow schedule is no a public transport.
The rakyat now know that the person who owns the bus lesen is actually making money by leasign out the bus. Where got system?

Maybe the Sabahans will get something from the government's 'savings' in oil subsidy. Afterall how does our PM get all the money to promise them development?

Malaysia Boleh!
Boleh shift Malaysia to the African continent tak? Then we can compare with the likes of Ghana and Nigeria (who plays better football, sorrylah FAM!).
Malu when compare to Singapore!

justicescales said...

Move to Venezuela? U dont pack up and leave your home just because you dont know how to chase out the overstaying guests.. by guests i mean the BN Govt... its time to change.

Anonymous said...

"Change your lifestyle" - so the Gomen said.It sickens me to the core

1) Leaders should NOT go about in outriders in their oil guzzling Volvo SUVs and Black leather jacket outriders in big bikes. Apart from them looking like thugs cutting through traffic as if they had the better right of road - this lifestyle of yours is currently paid by the rakyat.

2) Leader MUST change their lifestyle and pay for their own electricity and utility bills. Their Putrajaya palatial homes utilise huge amount of electricity just to light up their garden - again all paid by the rakyat which 59% of Malaysian homes electricity bill is less than RM30 per month only. This is very sinful

2) No more Gulf Stream private jets ferrying them nor their family and wives shopping. Take commercial flights like every Malaysian. Even that - family tickets and expenses must be borne by leaders personally - rakyat should not be paying for their family expenses which are non official. Otherwise let every Malaysian claim for tax deduction for family entertainment too

The Rakyat is suffering now - say what you mean and mean what you say

Leaders must adjust their lifestyle before they have the gumptioness to ask the rakyat to change whats left of their "livelihood".

Remember the rakyat is and has been subsidising leaders' lifestyle - not vice-versa.

So " Put your money where your mouth is"

We know and we are watching

Anonymous said...

That nite, i thinking like u at my home.

This sudden increase in oil price is unavoidable for BN government, coz they are broke after overspending during the 12th general election and lost his 2/3 majority of supports.

As for their plot to raise the oil price, intention to cause panic among people and squeeed people's balls so that no one can afford to against them...If people hold mass rally, it is a good chance that it will turn to an ugly riot and BN government can then declare state of emergency and take over the entire nation. It's a good situation for BN and bodohlah, he will avoid the risk of being topple in the UMNO election this year end and prevent DSAI to become the PM. At the same time, he will use the emergency act to eleminate all the opposition force and blaming the riot was cause by oppositions.

Well, the more i think the more i get lost and deprived.

Help me to support my theory here. Pat.

ezrazlin said...

its our goverments way of showing revenge after 45% of the nation didn't vote for them!

u-en said...

From Bernama:

"[People] need to be thrifty in their life. If they have some spare land near their house, they can start planting vegetables. For those staying in high-rise like apartments, they can use the pots or the hydroponics method," he [FOMCA communications director Mohd Yusof Abdul Rahman] said.

Pots. Not just pots, but THE Pots. Or the hydroponics method.

Yes. I shall rear a chicken on the my balcony of my high-rise like apartment, to go with the yam I grow in my The Pots, and the single shrivelled tomato I have thanks to the hydroponics method.

And then I shall look forward to the ultimate lifestyle change: Death by malnutrition.

To the tune of andrew lloyd webber:

"Don't cry for us, Third World. The truth is we never left you."

mumsie said...

For all the people who feel the best option is to pack your bags and leave, by all means leave. Stay in spore or something. Geez. The only constructive and worthwhile comment here i feel comes from monsterball up there who are actually doing something about the situation. We should follow suit and start doing something about the whole situation instead of whining like babies! What good does it bring lahhh.... We all angry, mogok dont come to work, strike, then what? Got difference ar? The first thing to change is not govt but our attitudes.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is a lovely country, but run and jeopardized by a bunch of futtup bastards. First the discriminations on all sectors in place for as long as Malaysia exists, now the benefits from natural resources a.k.a. Petroleum being siphoned and sucked by the so called 'National Guardians' a.k.a. Gomen!!! Let alone the ordinary citizens suffering!!! Niamah!!! It seems like migration is the only way out for me and my family. It's so sad that I have to take this drastic step......

FA said...

wah your post makes me SO ANGRY I couldn't finish reading it and had to try more than twice to reach the end of it NIAMAHHHHHHHHHH

Anonymous said...

The friking ministers will still travel in chauffeur driven mercedes while we spent our last ringgit on the proton cars. They will still travel first class while we ride on AirAsia if we are lucky. So much for putting the damn UMNO, MIC and MCA in the government, blame yourself if you do not have brains to think, eyes to see and cannot decide where to put the cross.
I feel sorry for the Malaysians already.
Digusted Citizen

sandyow said...

I feel so malu leh see our people line up to buy petrol like that. So very the kiasu leh. The so calle done time savings that they had on the day before, is it equatable to the amount of time and effort spent on waiting for hours? To wait in line also still use up petrol leh. If we all keep acting like this, how lah wei.

But whatever rocks ur boat.

Anonymous said...

I just got one thing to say ..... Malaysia Fucking Boleh!

eddiecnw said...

heard someone said that the rebate of rm625 is no good for non car owner, but, the higher subsidised fuel is also no good for them, at least with the new structure, extra fund from lowering the subsidy can be used for food industry which is beneficial for all the malaysian as a whole. what to do..the price has increased, lets hope this will get better

harakirimonkey said...

dude, i tell you, we malaysians are now living in the fuckin' diegesis of a p.ramlee movie!

Anonymous said...


Let's not forget, Shahrir Samad made an announcement in May (if I'm not mistaken)..."We have good news for all Malaysians next June..."

Wonderful news indeed...

Shahrir Samad also mentioned, some Malaysians will take advantage of the fuel price hike as an excuse to raise prices of nasi lemak, for example...

Excuse? Excuse???

My dear Shahrir, EXCUSE is never an issue here, you dipshit! This is real life, of real people, dealing with real problems at hand. Try your hand at selling nasi lemak la, and not raise your price. I dare ya...

Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang? Gemerlap is more like it...

Obi Wan Kentucky

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Let's all give change a chance
When we can't to old music dance
With the same old excuses prance
Thinking that people are dunces

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 060608
Fri. 6th June 2008.

Bean Laden said...

this is only 2.70, I want to see what will happened when petrol hit 4 ringgit mark in a few months time. Cheers. We get more rebates, free road tax, free toll... maybe free CAR... yahoooooooooooo!

Anonymous said...

The Badawi regime's flip flop seems to look more like a circus act on a trampoline. No wonder people are calling Badawi & Co. a bunch of clowns.

Prior to the Elections, DPM Najib said that there will not be any petrol price increase. Then, the BN regime said that they were going to stop Singapore and Thai registered vehicles from enjoying our oil subsidies. Next, the sweet talking Domestic Trade Minister Shahrir says that the price increase will only come into effect in August. However, within hours Badawi says petrol prices will go up by midnight June 5.

Then, in another flip flop, they said that the Singaporeans and Thais will be allowed to pump petrol at our petrol stations.

This hike in petrol and diesel is going to have a domino effect on the country in all aspects. Already, Bank Negara is saying that the inflation rate is projected to up to 4.2% this year due to the fuel price increase. To make matters worse, electricity tariffs are also going up.

Some people say Badawi is committing political suicide but if you asked me, I'd say Badawi & Co. is employing a scorch earth policy before Pakatan Rakyat seizes the Federal Government. The only problem here is that we, the Rakyat become the victims of this policy!

Malaccan view said...

Tiu naimah ka hai...that i want to tell this UMNO(BN)gov.The subsidies that they 'save'from these thru Petronas will be share among all the UMNO bustards and leave you and me HIGH and DRY.That why they call BN-(Banyak Nakal) gov.
Let see which planet we will send them to in next GE..NIAMAH


I heard from an insider that petrol will rise again to an all time high of RM3-4 per litre.Then papers published that TNB plans to increase it's rates.Gov givin rebate of sort of rm625 per year..devide that it's something like Rm1.71 per day.Mana cukup?LOL! Start the car and rev it a bit,that amount habis d.LOL!

All i can hear everywhere now is the current gov has just sealed their doom coz next election,it's all for the opposition.Let's hope the rakyat can tahan a bit till a better gov comes along,otherwise koyak la we all.

Anonymous said...

We thank Patrick for reporting the reality to the readers.

Unlike the BN-controlled mainstream media that claimed that the petrol price hike is a good decision to allow development for rakyat's benefit. NST clainmed that 'life goes on' - only true to the UMNOputera who had many 'side income' the cushion the impact of price hike.

We need more transparency on how the Petronas earnings are utilized.

How can Petronas account book be only accessible by the PM, when he has been repeatedly telling lies to the rakyat? He has tipu us on his wedding plan, the election date, and the price hike. Janji tak kota!

Maybe the PM has been sleeping for too long and he has forgotten teh nightmare he got om 8 March. The Rakyat should give him (and his 4th floor JKKK - Jean, Khairy, Kalimulah, Kamarudin) another political tsunami!

I hope Pah Lah do not visit Sarawak next. Why? he will then promise them goodies, paid from the misery of rakyat through price hike!.


Anonymous said...

its just depressing. No matter how much you wanna feel angry about/towards the IDIOT who raised the prices. In the end, what I feel right now is.. best described as depressing. Depressing times ahead. I guess thats what they meant in the U.S., "Depression Era"

Andrew said...

If Anwar had our support when he challenged Mahathir, we wouldn't be in this hole right now. Look at the other SE Asian economies which were subjected to the 'undignified' prescriptions of the IMF and where they are today. When people ask where all the money has gone and if I were Anwar, I'd say 'don't say I didn't tell you so.'

Anonymous said...

When we are living in a high inflation period, although there may be raise in wages, I guess our current individual tax brackets may or may not be pushed onto another level due to the newly increased wage.

In other words, the tax system in Malaysia may need to be revised in order to reflect the higher cost of living in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I saw that about Venezuela too ^^.
But damn! Ubah gaya hidup? What the hell is that?! I would like to see out ministers wearing sarong and selipars only, going to meeting rooms without any air-conditioning, and having teh tarik using tap water...of course no ice lar!
I fully support the 'Boycott Proton' Slogan. I'm driving one, and if they don't make it anymore, my crappy car will become a vintage! It already behaves like a vintage with knocking and cracking noise everywhere, only after 5 years. And how much do we really spend on sponsoring the BMW F1 team, does anyone know?
Ubah...ubah, I think the only thing we need to ubah is our beloved topman... because the Rakyat DON'T WANT TO UBAH ALREADY LAAAA!!!

Anonymous said...

Is the UMNO led government going to use the perks to fund their election campaign come December?. Otherwise why the rush to leap frog the petrol price!

Anonymous said...

Jika u tanya i tentang negara Malaysia zaman Pak Tak tentu-Lah? i hanya boleh memberi tahu acronymn PKK..

Keselamatan:langsung tiada

Harga Barang naik saja..ada...

Anonymous said...

My question here is "What can we do as a united force?"

I have done my part is voicing my dissatisfaction on 8/Mar. But the next election wont be again for another 5 years.

So dear fellow Malaysians, any suggestions on what can we do?

sanctimoniouscrud said...

Amen to that!

Anonymous said...

hi pt

From my point of view, m'sian govt s***s.It's lead by f*****g PM. Are we going down with those ministers? What shall we do guys? GE is 4 years ahead. How bout borrowing ideas from Thailand Army?

Anonymous said...

Duit yang invest untuk menghantar seorang so call astronaut ke angkasa… dan membeli jet-jet perang…

RAKYAT benefit apa? Pembangunan yang membawa keuntungan? Better technology? ... atau nak serang Singapura?

Keperluan asas pun tidak memuaskan rakyat bahkan nak cakap naik angkasa. Nak tanya Pak Lah... "kito nak buot apar kat tas" ?

Sedangkan… duit yang dibazirkan boleh dijadikan subsidi kita. Apa yang ku tengok keep on develop! walaupun dukacita, memang benar ... TOL STATION... satu demi satu... dibina..

Tamabahan lagi, aku memang tak suka style PM yang TAK TENTU….. Tiba-tiba saja… "SURPRISED"

Sejarah tak tentu:
General Election Day
Harga petrol
….. Tak boleh imagine… lagi…

Anonymous said...

Totally agreed! maybe we wanna be space invader. ;=)

Anonymous said...

I'm really p***ed off by this guy called pak lah man. Feel like wanna kick his ***. He is crazy. Do y'all realize he was smiling when reminding us the people not to demonstrate on this fuel matter. B*** S*** !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I told my daughter in secondary school that her pocket allowance will be increase from RM2.50 to RM4.00 per day effective 09/06/2008. Meaning increased from Rm12.50 to Rm20.00 per five-days- school-week. ( She takes lunch packs to school each day)

She was happy. Then I said, I need to take away RM 15.00 per week from you to pay to the Alien from outerspace. YOU ARE LEFT WITH ONLY RM5.00 COMPARED TO ORIGINALLY RM12.50

She said," I am not agreeaable to this."

I told her, this is the situation now in this country, I am getting Rm625.00 per year PETROL SUBSIDY from the government soon BUT instead I have to pay 40% more for each litre of petrol.

She replied, " Ha, why lai that ah ?"

You think about it. I am changing to a Kancil soon........

Anonymous said...

I come out with one conclusion . Indeed BN was sabotage. The way thing are done is sure helping the opposition to gain more chair in parliment the next election

But who did the sabotage .... oh Badawi and Co... i wonder wat offer they get out of it emmmm

Adeline said...

haha... i had a great laugh after watched the video clip . that why i rather dun wan to vote for BN !

toolan said...

Haiyah...."Boh Lat" already...

Already doing 2 meals a day now for the past few years, even cut down on pirated DVD's, no more happy hours, even at Kentucky have to share between my kids.

What more to do to "ubah gaya hidup"????

Those monkeys should try living for month with our type of incomes and see how they feel!!!
Those monkeys go around in the suits, limos etc etc and have no facking idea how much a plate of "nasi" cost outside!!

"Ubah Gaya Hidup" woh!!!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW ...WOW...WOW !! USD 132.70 a barrel lah , s'pore must be very 'eye-redded' ! PM Lee : "there must be oil underneath the whiteisland, DIG deeper..DEEPER ., go go go...!!"

when it touches usd150...180...200...WOW,WOW,WOW...!! (stcin)

Born2Reign said...

Why so angry? Why get upset because of BN?

I am glad, very very glad with the fuel hike. BN shot themselves in the head this time, and opposition just need to sit and rest and enjoy the music.

In Cantonese, kwai ta kwai means devils fight amongst devils, so the devils always lose.

My dream is that the govt is made out of 3 or 4 parties. Anytime there is a bill proposed, every MP has the liberty and conscience to vote Aye or Naye. I don't even want PR to get the same power and temptations like Mahathir BN goons.

My advise is go overseas, earn some money there, if the Angmohs can come to work in Singapore and Vietnam for a living, are we so homely and stuck in Malaysia that we must survive here?

Will the cost of living in KL be one day as high as Tokyo? I don't know. But I do know that many Japanese have 2 jobs and high savings.

I guess Robert Kiyosaki is right after all. It's not the govt's job or the boss' job to make us rich, it's our job. That way, we always incorporate inflation rate into our lifestyle.

But it's the lower income group who can barely survive through the week, let alone the month, that we must be cautious with.

Isn't that how communism is born?

eddiecnw said...

haiya. what to do..guess wo do need to change our way of life. if not we suffer laa.

Faisal Admar said...

"Ubah gaya hidup" lol I laughed out loud even though I'm so mad with the oil price :)

george c said...

the fucking assholes and bastards in the govt should set an example on how to change lifestyles.

for a start, the PM and all the ministers should now drive a fuckig kancil to work. better still, ride a fudking modenas kriss (perhaps kerishamuddin would like to be the first one to set the example)...

and if that's not good enough..the PM and all those morons should use the fucked up public transport.

these assholes and morons have lead in their asses and shit in their brains

pamina said...

i dunno if your memory is failing, but things are particularly bad starting 4 years ago.

i work in the twin tower. its quite a cool building at that.

Anonymous said...

crude oil = us$ 139.90 a barrel now !
lee :" deeper...DEEPER.....D-E-E-P-E-R.. DIG...DIG...DIG.....

SENIOR lee :" silly boy, dun dig lah...DRILL..DRILL..D-R-I-L-L....!"

Anonymous said...

I think after the 'Natang' signboard to address our Yang Di Pertuan Agong by the great UMNO, this oil thing is another best birthday present from our BN gomen to our beloved Yang Di pertuan Agong. Ampun Tuanku Beribu ribu ampun.

Anonymous said...

TIU Niamah the Gomen and PM!

actually no words befit the morons leading our so called govt.

Anonymous said...

@#$%^&*...niamahs !!

How & where do they have/get SO ...SO...MUCH...VERY VERY MUCH ...IN iSREALI S'PORE banks !!



Yin Fung said...

Aeroplanes fuel on kerosene... only petrol n diesel price increased right??? So it shouldn't affect air fares..*I think.

BTW yah... i support your thoughts. They made every comedian look like a serious politician.

Anonymous said...

Sandyow, you feel MALU to see people ......!

Aiyah, you have NOT seen people 'NOT lining up' to SEIZE makanan esp.satay & fried chicken !! ( i got stepped & shirt torn & pant ....@#$%^&*...) !!

Anonymous said...

Like you closing remarks on where we stand, after many of our mega-projects - a big national debt and citizens who are worse off..

Anonymous said...

what, aeroplane fuel on kerosene !!
aiyo! can it FLY or not !what plane you are talking about !

If HEAVY plane can fly on kerosene
then car can run on h2o lo !!

Brenda Ang said...

I came across your blog today and man was I glad.. Avid reader from now on.. Keep it up..

Anonymous said...

Hey ! 'rapeseeds' can make fuel lah
someone is planting in big scale in Perak & investors are welcome !
(tan, 0125514546, sms lah )