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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good morning, Malaysia

I read the online newspapers today. There's more surprising and frightening news, folks. Welcome to a Malaysian Wednesday morning. The government has announced, as part of its efforts to alleviate the 'suffering' of the Rakyat resulting from the recent price increases, that civil servants will now be allowed to take part-time jobs and participate in businesses. TAA-DAA!!!

Ya, like they ever needed anybody's permission to do that.

“This is a long-term solution to the high cost of living we are experiencing,” said minister in the Prime Minister's department Senator Amirsham Abdul Aziz, who also heads the Economic Planning Unit. A guy with this kind of reasoning heads the economic planning unit???


So think about it folks. Does the latest decree from our government mean that we can kiss goodbye to 30-minute passport renewals, making police reports from any balai polis, a smile over the counter at a government department and all the other things that we thought were 'soooooo good' when Pak Lah made those surprise visits to this and that department so long ago?

Add all that on top of the people getting pissed off and still coming to terms with the petrol and diesel price hike and you've got a great formula for disaster. I guess the BN flers are too busy pondering their next ASEAN holiday plan to worry about trivial matters like that.

LATEST June 12, 2008: "Ismail (DG of the Public Service Dept.) said civil servants, regardless of their rank, were permitted to take up part-time jobs under the Public Officers (Conduct and Discipline) Amendment Regulations 2002."

See? That's something else that you as a member of the Rakyat didn't know. Since 2002 these baargers have been given permission to moonlight. At whose expense? At what expense?



Andrew said...

It's getting harder to post,Pat. Streamyx or censorship? Anyway, it used to be cuti-cuti Malaysia on the 1st. and 3rd. Saturday of the month (remember that one?). Now it's cari-cari makan.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Job 'moon-shining' is now allowed
For those who need the extra income
To ensure stomachs are not hollow
Perhaps overtime jobs are also welcome

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 110608
Wed. 11th June 2008.

Malaccan view said...

Nowaday,you will hear a lot of bullshits from UMNO(BN) goons ''pls la..we know you are suffering,we know you have not enough money to spend,we understand you,we bear with you.." and what these flers do,10% on their entertainment only,still can enjoy fully paid holidays some more for 1 week in Asean countries(so,i guess before that they must be enjoyin 1 month all expenses paid holidays all over the world).You see,we lead by example,so,dont complaint la.Now what??,gov servants can set up business to earn extra..
Tiu Naimah Fa Hai..i really want to whack these idiots flers.My blood is boiling!!!!

R.V.David said...

The General Orders or the Government bible does not allow moon-shining. The earlier guys who insisted on this knew the perils if civil servants try to do 2 jobs - and which will get priority.

Read my comments:

!!!HAMAIN said...

Wah leu Pat,

This is Amirsham wor...former Maybank chief come can make such chun-choi logic wan?

I worry now lah. I would think corporate bigwig like him will help change the gomen lar, but it's like that place is kena rasuk hantu lar, like when you get in, hantu will masuk you and then you can't think straight anymore.

Moonlighting? What was he smoking man??

Anonymous said...

Bros Pat,
I'm lost for words for these numskulls. Truly no words can describe the ideas they came out with. I think it has to do with the quality of people running the Gomen starting from the Pee M. I fear for the future of Malaysia at the rate they are ruining the country.

Anonymous said...

My god, Patrick, all these years, I never knew you had the capacity for this level of contempt and hatred. What's happened to you?

u-en said...

civil service standing orders expressly forbid this, not that anyone bothered in the past.

the reason is simple: for example, a DPP once attempted to have me arrested under the Sedition Act for linking him in a moonlighting assignment to a private organisation (which was itself under investigation).

Anyway, I like how they say they "feel our burden". I assure them that they do not.

And that they soon will.

Patricia said...

You said: Ya, patricia I agree with you. Life was easier back in the pre-digital camera, mobile phone, facebook era. Well at least you thought I was tall and handsome maybe?

I say: I still do, Patrick! Not for me lah, the tall, dark and hamsum. A real woman enjoys a man's brain. And if she says doesn't matter, she's lying! A belated 'happy wednesday', malaysian style, to you, too :(

Anonymous said...


Talk SWEET LULLABYS is the only talent needed for this post

donplaypuks said...

what's damatter with u guys?

most of the civil service is usually, like their Great leader Rip van Winkle, asleep during normal office hours and many, including teachers, have always been making extra money on the side; like giving tuition, pasar malam biz or 'settling' disputes at land offices and illegal restaurants, while we don't have to say nothing about traffic cops etc etc

so, now they have official appro to moonlight which they have been doing anyway for 30 years! wake up lah, as if you don't know.

whichever way u look, they only have 1 job i.e. to make money. the other job is to get cheap car & housing loans, going overseas to get Phd in HR Maanagement or Public Affairs & Administration and scholarships for their kids to study overseas.

wake up, wake up!!

Khun Pana said...

Might as well legalize bribery.
A former schoolmate who is a cop just said he dont have to " curi makan for kopi-O "
His idea is to legalise his " kopi-O " by doing direct sales to his "customer" .
Congratulation to the government , what a Tiu Nia Sing

PetroleumTycoon said...

But surprisingly someone is getting richer because of petrol and he's at no.20 of top 40 richest malaysians. Wow!!!

See info: and here

flaminglambo said...

Hmmm...are the words 'part-time jobs' and 'businesses' synonyms for coffee money?

Great, rasuah pun naik!

Anonymous said...

Did tat include minister as well

Nice work now they can take all the big tender and u guy can start to dig some potato and eat

Anonymous said...

Teachers at national schools have part time tuition jobs, so why not other public servants? In fact, for many, tuition income exceed their teachers pay. Of course, you know what has happened to the standards of national schools, and why so many parents opt for exorbitant private education, but that's another story. Who cares? Let someone else pay. So long it's not me. Our federal ministers set the example, let's follow.

Gan said...

I think hamain out it correctly - only explanation must be kena rasuk hantu !!

speechless lah .... the way their brain work. (oops, does NOT work would be more apt)

Anonymous said...

Part-time work?

Does that mean that you have legalise 'duit kopi' for the polis?

Gaji tak naik, Barang Naik.
Duit Kopi pendapatan sambilan.

Win-win for all.
Pay less fine, Polis get
'elaun duit kopi'. Asalkan Polis tak suka hati saman orang,

Pak Lah
Gua Caya Sama Lu punya cara!

GobloKing said...

GREAT! Now civil servants can OPENLY use govt internet, phone, petrol & tea /mosque break to do their 2rd job.

Who can complain or comment? you scratch my back I scratch yours. After all Pak said ok wat!

Before this official OK by Pak, as it is, try calling any govt office for info or right person to speak to.
Easier to get God to give you sure-strike 4nombor ekor!

Want to ask anything? Go personally & f**k the cost of petrol!

Go to any govt office. Govt servants are MOST busy jamming up the lifts because jalan jalan pergi minum kopi starting 9am(sarapan lah)
10 to 11-30 - staggered kopi break
11-30 - 2pm - that one staggered lunch break lah
3 to 4pm - kopi break lah

Anonymous said...

why kerajaan is so understanding & kind to its kakitangan because 95% of them ARE .........!! ( fill in th blank yourself lah )

Hantu said...

Hi Patrick,

"Since 2002 these baargers have been given permission to moonlight."

What's baargers?

Anonymous said,
"why kerajaan is so understanding & kind to its kakitangan because 95% of them ARE .........!! ( fill in th blank yourself lah )"

Stop being racist la, after PR win big your brains haven't change much is it? Then you would like a new Malaysia, such a hypocrite person like you also exist nowadays. *sigh!*

Try having a real ID la "anonymous", KORO disease la you!

p.s. For KORO story look up The scribe blog here -

Anonymous said...

civil servant earn monthly income around rm1500... u think that enuf??use ur brain f****R