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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Huh???!!! The sequel.

"Only Barisan Nasional can provide us a future. Party hopping is unhealthy as it does not foster statesmanship, integrity, humility, tolerance and respect, instead of self-empowerment."

Wow! What words of patriotism! What words of loyalty! This type of fler sure will work his guts out for the Rakyat one. What a knight in shining armour!!! Tabik la!

But wait ah.......who is the fler who said this ah?


That statement was made by former Parti Keadilan Rakyat Youth chief Mohamad Ezam Mohd Nor who just hopped from PKR and rejoined Umno. Of course, last time he also hopped from UMNO and joined PKR.

Okay people, maybe I am missing something here. If I am can somebody enlighten me please? And you wonder why we always sigh and say, "POLITICIANS WILL ALWAYS BE POLITICIANS LA." F****RS!



Anonymous said...

that about sums up the depth and integrity of most of these so called politicians in our malaysian context.Pathetic sods.

artchan said...

Ezam is a F*****R alright! But I think he joins UMNO as part of a grand plan to F*** somebody he don't like in UMNO.

Even if he hopped over..what credibility has he for a few very close friends in UMNO.

novice101 said...

Just someone from the rare species call 'politicians' speaking, lah. Nothing new, he is just earning his keep. "Cari makan, lah!

donplaypuks said...

The art of talking through both orifices simultaneously while expressing two diametrically contradictory views, has been mastered by politicians like Ezam.

Of course, he is only joining his Masters, who wrote the definitive book on this subject and were awarded a honorary PhD for it!!

They are all Maddya YaYa Professors now.

Andrew said...

Politicians would like to have a new law passed: Statute of Limitations regarding what I said 5 minutes ago 2008.

Tim said...

sooooooooo farneeeee la these's like a freaking movie show we're watching here..more like a movie directed by an amateur director...gosh, don't these ppl step into higher consciousness ah?..we see through them and they still think they're playing theater! i'd say BAD theater eh Patrick?..hehhee...

Anonymous said...

That fler had got RM2Mil from the mothercock. That's why he can show his f*****g integrity to rakyat and all shit from his mouth. All of us rakyat know who he is of getting RM2Mil and talking of corruption, integrity etc,etc. He is not fit to say that, his motherf****r. TRAITOR! A CORRUPT!

Anonymous said...

pat, he is a ' two-five-kid ' sent by dsai lah !!

Anonymous said...

Fickle minded!!

Nevermind, keep hopping... like it will make any different if you don't... LOL

Anonymous said...

This scumbag is worst than a frog definitely a Judas character! Hey Ezam enjoy your ill gotten RM2 million compliments from taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

For RM2 million I will even sell my soul to the Devil.

If you read the story in Malaysia Today, teh guy brought with him boxes of 'evidence' that supposedly critical in the Mongolian lady murder! Niamah!

caravanserai said...

Word politicians are good at
Brewing it nicely to the listening ears
On the time and place they choose
Telling the honey coated statements

It is the heart and soul that matters
Politicians of shallowness frog to frog
Unless it is for changing the political landscape
When we hear words saying how good the sleeping beauty is
There is the catch these politicians are bought over
They don’t tell, do they?

Agendas of reforms
It has been dragging for years
What reforms the sleeping beauty and company say?
When draconian laws seem hard to play

Freedom of choices
Press freedom assembly to protest
Nothing is forthcoming only police brutality
And these guys hopping back to the party
Claiming it is the reform agenda making its way

How does it work, Niahmah?
Cajoling of spinning doctors
Shaking their butts no oil to play
So they scream reform agendas….

The racists shouldn’t be in politics
They do damage to the country’s image
Yet it is happening even after March 8
They don’t learn, do they?

And finally it comes to this
Cari makan damn the crowd
Forget the ideology forget the fights
Give me the wealth and I forget
And I talk something else…..Niamah

Anonymous said...

Could there be some civility on this page please? Whether you like or dislike a political figure, please refrain from using vulgar words. Commenters, please heed this as well. There are better ways to get across your dislike of a person in non-vulgar terms. Thank you.

And I believe there are valid criticisms of Anwar Ibrahim and the opposition. We should not label whoever that is anti-Opposition as f****rs.

Angelia said...

dah biasa lah. To me, you just hop party based on "announced" reforms saja. Now if that fler actually implemented reforms, did more than pay lipservice, then oklah..

it just seems self serving lah. oh well.. that's his prerogative.

those who demand that others resign from their parties just cos they chose to serve the rakyat (just cos it's a PR state govt) need to be tembak, pelted with .. whatever. I think it's a good thing when folks can serve on committees/task forces and actually DO something, irrespective of what political party they are from.

After all, it's the RAKYAT money kan? not theirs :P blog on PT :)

patrickteoh said...

Thank you for your advice Anonymous 11:51AM.
As far as I know mildly "strong" language not withstanding this blog has always been and will be civil. Thank you.

andrew, thanks for this...I think it is funny...

Statute of Limitations regarding what I said 5 minutes ago

Anonymous said...

Let's all be polite and accept that he is being honest and truthful. What he says, does and believes is a reflection of his one-watt power brain but we are in a society that now needs 10 megawatt brains to debate,discuss and convince one another.

Best thing to do is to say he is now in UMNO as Anwar's plaything, sent to woo the YBs over. That will certainly clip his wings and it may even be true!

Anonymous said...

Yet another achievement in the 'Book of Malaysia Boleh' - Flip Flop Policy in the Bolehland

(If you cannot convince, you confuse)


Anonymous said...


give the guys a breaklah.
once I was asked whether will I sell my "behind"
for one million ringgit, I did not hesitate and said "yes"

so double that to two million and the condition is to "talk cock" only, guess my answerlah....


amboi.. said...

What the f*** man? This guy thinks he's Einstein,doesn't he? I notice that all his statements seem pretty condescending.

That's it, he thinks all of us are dumbos!

Ian Teh said...

typical condescending attitude. Bastards.

Anonymous said...


I have been eagerly waiting for your comment on the BMC 4 case for attempted murder and rioting. For me, this is pure police brutality but hidden behind the veil of power. This was not reported in The Star and The News Strait Time and so far only Malaysiakini has faithfully carried on reporting the development of the case. Why are these four been ignored? Is it because they are 'nobody' or are they truly guilty of 'attempted murder and rioting'?? In fact, for all that I care, these brutal 'law enforcers' should be sent directly to hell! Tiu Niamah!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's true, only BN can provide FUTURE fou us ( the bumis lah !! ) ...but NOT the other us ( non-bumis )!!

Out of 2000 PSD scholarships, for the past many many years only 10% of it given to non-bumis & we deserve 45% so where has the 35% GONE to !!??

MCA,MIC,GERAKAN,PPP...dun you all IDIOTS know this !! & you are all keeping QUIET to protect your own pockets !! ...billion x @#$%^&* !!

Anonymous said...

aiyah, the problem is you dun read CHINESE language, read-lah or look at the pictures in sinchew, kwangmin, nanyang ... you see the innocent VICTIMS bleeding with red fresh BLOOD...BLOOD...BLOOD ..BLOOD...!!

YOU WILL BLEED IN YOUR hearts too !! i am CRYING now !!

Andrew said...

Thanks, Patrick. We must always strive to help those who suffer from selective dementia.

ezrazlin said...

wrote about this Guy too since he is a friend! but betrayal is betrayal..last guy on this earth i'll vote for president!
come check out what i wrote at..

RO said...

HAHAHA...tiu lor..that statement made me laugh so much I pee in my pants hahahaha

amoker said...

He is not worth my time in commenting except birds of a flock fly together.

Anonymous said...

Wat to do Pat., his house got no mirrors! LMAO!

aiyomanaboleh said...

Which is better of the worst, politicians or womanisers?

Anonymous said...

the BMC road block is settled !...but ...but... G Saga will be compensated ( in chinese press) with Rm3.5 juta x 20 YEARS = 70 JUTA of the taxpayers heart/hard earned blood bleeding MONEY & not from 'his' own pockets !!

allen ng said...

This fler is an opportunist and i believe Pak Lah would nominate him to be a senator, then into a Deputy post if the supreme council of UMNO gives the green light of accepting him into UMNO.

Anonymous said...

I strongly believe this ASSHOLE EZAM,has now got a very fat bank account overseas. He is nothing but a lapdog at PKR and he will still be a lapdog at UMNO but of course like SIL a very rich one. At this stage AAB needs all the lapdogs he can buy.
Kan Niamah!!

Anonymous said...

40% increase in petrol price.

What say you Patick?

Anonymous said...

This is what Tun Mahathir's comment on the 40% increase in petrol price in his latest blog entry:

"Three years ago the selling price of crude was about USD30 per barrel. Today it is USD130 – an increase of USD100. There is hardly any increase in the production cost so that the extra USD100 can be considered as pure profit.

Our 250,000 barrels of export should earn us 250,000 x 100 x 365 x 3 = RM27,375,000,000 (twenty seven billion Ringgit).

But Petronas made a profit of well over RM70 billion, all of which belong to the Government.

By all accounts the Government is flushed with money."


TM1-GB said...

Hello friends,
I am also a Bumi but what do I get? I am not a son of a YB so i am also a nobodylah! This Ezam fella he portrayed himself to be this smart young one but to tell ya the truth I wanna puke just seeing his pictures. What's more his statement about re-joing UMNO for the reforms. Isn't it obvious he's a dumb dumb faggot?!

Anonymous said...

Remember the movie Liar Liar by Jim Carey?

Bolehland mempersembahkan: "Tipu Tipu" or "Rakyat Tertipu".

The theme song is adpated from Tipah Tertipu by Ruffedge.

3 major lies by the main actor:
1) His marriage (yes or no?)
2) Erection Date
3) Promise of no price increase.

Screen Date: 31 August 2008

Anonymous said...

WHAT ! only 2juta for BOXES of 'evidence' !! stupid f'er. share the boxes lah, give half box
for free petrol till 2020 !! STUPID idiot .. @#$%^&*..niamahes !

Born2Reign said...

I'd rather know my enemy than not know that my friend is actually my enemy. Consider this a blessing as his true face is revealed (or true 2-faces revealed). Thx Ezam!!

This is a free country. If I like to lick ice-cream I lick ice-cream. Ezam likes to lick balls, he licks balls. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

WHERE has the money GONE to !?
check with 'thexstories' : wife of ex-pm has millions & millions (USD)of fd in s'pore banks; daughter (mm) , 3 sons & present/ex- MINISTERS & close friends ALSO have juta & juta USD in foreign banks !!....@#$%^&*...NIAMAHes !!

what is 78 sen INCREASE to them !!?? see what CARS they are using !? ...@#$%^&*...NIAMAHes !!

wait till 'the happenings' in china & myamma HAPPENS to them, then they will regret why not 'share for good deeds' to redeem as ATONEMENT !!...@#$%^&*..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NIAMAHes !!!!

Anonymous said...

what ..what...! DAIM has 3 billion stolen from b.negara wen he was the meteri kewangan ... NO..NO.. !!