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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Them and Us

See? We got the best of everything. Don't pray pray ah.

Huh? Wait I take a nap first...

I will make everything better. Trust me.

It would appear that each time I visit Singapore the price of something goes up. The last time I was here taxi and bus fares were increased. Then when I came for a meeting last month there were the repercussions of the fuel price hike in Malaysia which caused ripples of complaints among Singaporeans here. This time round it's ERP! The day I stepped off the bus I spotted the news. They are going to erect more ERP gantries in July and at the same time also increase ERP charges. In some area by a hell of a lot. So where drivers used to pay S$0.50 per entry they might now have to fork out up to S$2.00 for the privilege of driving into certain areas of the CBD or whatever they call them here. All this is to reduce congestion in the city state's roads and highways and to maintain the average speed of these roads at something like 24kph or something like that la.

Anyway, during the course of me watching all this going on I met groups of Singaporeans and heard what they had to say about how price increases affected or were going to affect their daily lives. And I came to the conclusion that most Singaporeans belong to these distinct groups of thinking.

1. Those who are resigned to the fact that what their government tells them or does is for their own good and that there is nothing they can do about it otherwise. "Hiyah! What to do? Cannot do anything one la. Complain also no use. They sure win one."

2. Those who are not happy about their government's actions and will complain. They gather in coffee shops and hawker centres and complain. Adding yet another topic of conversation to the mix with their kopi-o or S$5.20 Carlsberg, Tiger or Heineken. And after the 6th or 8th or 207th bottle of the brews nothing is as bad as they thought. And so everybody goes home happy.

3. Those who are resigned to the fact that they live in a first world country where everything works. Public transportation is efficient. Environment is clean. So "...yeah I don't think everything that the government does is great but it's...okay what. Right?..."

Actually, that got me thinking about how they do things in Singapore versus how we do things in Malaysia. They have mastered the art of how to shut up the rakyat before they even start.


As of tomorrow, the price of petrol is going up 600%!

What the F**K!!.....let's...

But wait ah the buses run on time. MRT got air-con and gets you to the places you want to go relatively cheaply.


As of tomorrow, the price of petrol is going up 600%!

What the F**K!!...let's...

But wait ah. The buses...errr...we will of course be using the money saved from subsidies to conduct studies on how to improve our public transport system. By the way, we shall be sending a high level team to Zimbabwe to research their public transport system.


Hiyah what to do? Cannot change one la.


Hiyah what to do? Cannot change one la...
Eh! Wait ah! Of course can change one. Let's walk, demonstrate, shower with water cannon...sure can one.


"...yeah I don't think everything that the government does is great but it's...okay what. Right?..."


"...yeah I don't think everything that the government does is great but it's...okay what. Right?..."
Ya lor. Malaysia is a beautiful country. Got no war. Got no natural disaster. The food damn good...

Eh? No lah. Sure got all these things la but if WE don't do anything about how we want these things to be managed properly we are F**Ked!

So yeah. We are different. Singaporeans and us Malaysians. But here I think that Barisan Nasional or Pakatan this-that-and-the-other can learn a valuable lesson from the Lee management corporation. And that is...

Give the people what they need and want. The basics of life. Work, housing, education, health-care, transportation etc. Once they are satisfied with the basic needs...

Then you can screw them up the ass and they won't even whimper. And you can go on and on and on and on like the Duracell bunny or like the Lee's. No good meh?

Ah one more difference between them and us. Their minister also make statements telling them to "change your lifestyle" to fight rising prices. Yeah they do that here as well. And just like us their ministers are all millionaires who don't have to change shit-all. But when that happens here the Singaporeans smile and laugh and think their minister just spouted words of wisdom. When we hear our flers telling us to change our lifefstyle we give them a LOUD....



Anonymous said...

Lol! Brother Pat,
Fortunately the world has grown smaller since and we have a choice where we want to live, that is if we have the money & opportunity to go with. If it's me I would definitely not chose Singapore but elsewhere further away.

artic turban said...

but the biggest difference between singapore politics is this CORRUPTION, THERE IF YOU ARE guilty you go to jail, here in malaysia if you are guilty especially in amno, you are promoted and like zakaria nothing happens. thats the difference, and there in SINGAPORE, they have this small but important thing called the rule of law, whereas here there is one set of rules for the people to follow and no rules for BN, THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH MURDER, and some poor stup schumcks go to trial, another example is whatever happened to the lingamgate morons and the alcoholic ex-minister from umno who went and grabbed another womens arse, whats happenning to the casses, nothing ag still sleeping like the pm. bloody morons.

Hantu said...

Well, what to do. Singaporean is screwed since they're babies and when they grow up, they get used to it.

Plus, they're only thinking what their government allowed them to think.

If our Opposition go there, they're probably get screwed too. All went bankrupt.

Of course, Mr Anwar would enjoy the screwed part. Nasty bast**d!

Anonymous said...

ha2 to zimbabwee to learn about first world transportation? more like first class flight in 5 star hotels, eh. melawat sampai belajar, he2. better not learn too much. am told in Zimbabwee the inflation rate is now world record at 165,000%. And the dictator Mugabe wants to hang on to power by hook or by crook.
good luck, jim if we ever go to Zimbabwee to learn, as long as the crook Mugabe is still behind the show.

Anonymous said...

SIGH...SIGH... if only senior lee was the pm since 1965 !...SIGH !

!!!haiman said...

As I tell all my friends laa Pat, put anyone of us reading your blog in the gomen and we will do a better job than the current bunch of sleeping beruks in denial...

Really, I believe we will run the gomen can be in charge of the Ministry of of Energy, Water and Communications, hor?

OK la, OK la, u want to be PM, I support la...

clearwater said...

Them: An ex-PM called a MM who shuts up his detractors by suing them in court

Us : An ex-PM named MM whom his detractors cannot shut up in or out of court

More, anyone? Can be quite fun. Put on your thinking cap.

Chow Kit Cowboy said...

Welcome back to Niamahland where the people go Niamah! Niamah! Niamah! all the time.


Hitam Had said...

LOL...One wonders how their thinking is so screwed up since they were all ex-Malaysians!! The last time I checked, even their ISA law is a gift from Malaysia....approved by our Agong.

Yeah, we should go to Zimbabwe to learn how to conduct Municipal and Senatorial elections, and how to keep vested interests in power however the results might turn out. Er..and I thought we were the technical advisers to the Zimbabwean Government on how to hold elections??


Anonymous said...

Malaysians should be proud that they have national car Proton that Singapore does not have. They can have Porshe that they cannot say they can manufacture and design one.

We Malaysians do not need the efficient & well integrated public transport of Singapore (bus & MRT under one system/stored value card)? Time is not an important factor as we have the Lepak culture.

Shouldn't Malaysians be proud that every one of them can own a Proton?
We prefer to drive our own car than to take bus because we want to Syiok Sendiri.

We can perform KL Drift with our Proton. How can you do that with MRT?

Fuel price may go up but Malaysian national pride will go up as well.
We in Bolehland are proud of our national car! Even VW or GM dare not take us on! One day Proton will rule the world when we roll up our GenX and our MPV next year.

Malaysia Boleh!
Terbilang! Gemilang!

Andrew said...

Hi Pat, long time no see. A bit off topic: Nissan, after Latio, has now come out with Sylfi.

Ok. Latio from the Latin word for oral sex fellatio. Sylfi sounds like a short form for syphilis. So that makes owners what? Cocksuckers and VD sufferers?

Anonymous said...

Ya, malaysia boleh BUT s'pore TAK BOLEH : malaysian can affor the following items : screwdriver at
rm450 each, a carjack at rm 5700/=
each & .... more !! s'porean cant !

Anonymous said...

So true true. LOL!

Yor' da man!

Anonymous said...

BUT, ... if only senior lee was the pm...SIGH !

Anonymous said...

Long live YM NAZRIN !

R-A-H-M-A-N(NAZRIN) lah !!

GODBLESS malaysia !

Joe said...

Brilliant piece, Pat. Just brilliant. I think it's your best to date.