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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Well thank you all over the place!

Abdullah Badawi has just announced that as part of efforts to offset the recent fuel price increase government leaders will be leading by example, by slashing expenditure . Measures that will lighten the burden on the people. Or so the P.M. and his people claim. The money would go towards expanding the social safety net for the poor and lower-income group he announced.

"All parties must now be prudent and find ways to reduce expenditure, including the government. The government feels the people's suffering and has decided that the country's leadership should set an example in facing this challenge," Abdullah said.

Wah! They are going to lead by example? Wah damn good man. And about bloody time too. But wait ah. Sometimes, what you think may not be what is. And in this case it sure ain't!

"All cabinet members and deputy ministers will take a 10 per cent cut in their entertainment allowances".

"..........paid holidays have also been slashed to one week a year and limited to Asean countries."

Well, thank you all over the place, Mr.Prime Minister and all our fat cat Y.B.'s. I am going to so grateful that you are not going to entertain so much now. And that you will only take one week holidays and only to ASEAN countries.

You do that while telling me and all other Malaysians to change our lifestyle, plant our own vegetables on our apartment balconies, tighten our belts and et cetera, et cetera et cetera.

Well, pardon me if I think you are talking through your southern orifice. Sir. Please don't misunderstand and try and tell me your usual P.R. department-generated crap like global price increases, how we must be prudent like other nations.

We know what the realities are. We just don't want to listen to bullshit. Like this from your deputy...."It won't be fair if only the rakyat, and not members of the administration, shoulder the burden." And so you and your kaki's try to pacify us by taking a 10% cut in your entertainment expenses?

Tell you what Pak Lah...if you really don't know what to say just....SHUT UP! Can ah?



sheon said...

they want to share our reducing by reducing their entertainment allowance by 10%?!?! that must be the greatest contribution they have made for the nation i spoz.

cut entertainment budget by 10%.. ahhahaa...i dunno whether to laugh or cry....

novice101 said...

Why just talk about chicken-feed, review all the contracts that had been awarded but have yet to be completed. Revamp the ways projects' costs are arrived at. Track where the eshan wang has gone. We are talking about many, many billions here.

Anonymous said...

all expenses paid restricted to Asia. ooi doe sit cover shopping? am told some lady came back from Europe with lorry loads and all paid by the government. obviously, she is th wife of someone very2 senior, lor.

thanks Badawi and the rest of the gang. Just enjoy your holidays. meantime, we cant even afford to take a local holiday. once again many thanks, we are eternally grateful for your sacrifices. TAKE A HIKE OK.

Anonymous said... !! " ..the government feels the people's PAIN ..." so 10% off = rm1880/= MONTHLY !!

I am so TOUCHED to make me cry ....!

LONG LIVE AAB & BN !!!!!!?????
@#$%^&*..niamah smelly xxx @#$%^&*

ColorsMalaysian said...

Aiyoyo......what a cut ?!

10% cut of Entertainment Allowance from minister each ! ?

I beg your pardon !
Did I heard wrongly ?

Ministers, please read on this !

refer to

The recent increase in fuel prices may have triggered a ‘domino effect’ on the prices of goods, thus putting parents in a tight situation, particularly concerning their school-going children......

Whenever the weather permits, I will use my motorcycle to send my eldest daughter to school. Not only to school, but when she goes for tuition, I will be using my motor-bike to send her there as well.........

I think the first thing that comes to mind is the safety of our children. If we have not been using motorcycle for a long period of time then this may be a problem.........

Indeed, there is an opportunity cost involved in everything. While we may be able to generate some savings from using motorcycle as an alternative form of transport, we may actually put our children at risk if we are not competent in using motorcycle in the first place....... "

While the parent or better said "the RAKYAT" start struggling to save more money..... from 10% , 20% , 50% or even more percents to survive on their respective family, but our "childish" PM just decided to have 10 % cut in minister's entertainment allowance.

Make sense a bit !
Why not cut from Minister's salary.....Let's say 10 % , 20% or even 30%........

Wake more zzzzzzZZZZ.
Wake up !!!!


Anonymous said...

Malaysiakini reports that the BN government is cutting back on expenses in order to save 2 Billion Ringgit. So Badawi just woke up from his siesta and realized that the Rakyat (Citizens) are really suffering from the fuel hike and all the other hikes and decided to 'carry our crosses' as a token of sharing the suffering of us lesser mortals.

So, what did old El Stupido Grande do to share our suffering? Cut the entertainment allowance of his cabinet members by 10%; bar Cabinet members and Government officials from travelling to holiday destinations outside of ASEAN; put on hold all unnecessary purchases and oh yeah, trim the menu for government Dinner functions.

I would have expected at least Badawi to cut the Cabinet members salaries by 30% and entertainment allowances by 50%. I guess it was wishful thinking on my part. Anyway, do you know that the Federal Governmnet allocates millions yearly to the various state agencies and state government departments?

One such state government department that has caught my attention is the Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Pulau Pinang (Penang State Education Department). I was appalled to learn that every year JPN is given millions for their budget. The funny thing here is, the JPN must spend all the money budgeted to them within the year because they cannot carry forward this amount to the following year. Now I know why teachers are sent for courses all over the country. What really gets to me is the fact that these courses are conducted at posh hotels. I did a check with the Cititel and City Bayview Hotel in Penang and found out that these two posh hotels are a favorite venue for JPN seminars, workshops, courses and dinner functions. What I fail to understand here is, why can't these seminars, workshops, courses and dinner functions be conducted at say, Dewan Sri Pinang, Komtar, Caring Society Complex among others which to me seems to be under utilized!

I even came to know that teachers in Penang were sent to a shady motel in Chandek Gura, Pulau Langkawi for their Kursus Induksi (Induction Course). If you asked me, I smell a rat here especially when conducting an induction course for Penang teachers in the middle of no where in Langkawi. I believe this nonsense is going on all over the country and not confined to the Education Ministry alone. This sort of thing surely entices corruption. This is an expose.

I pray that when Pakatan Rakyat comes to power all these wasteful exercises will be stopped together with the ridiculous Najib inspired National Service and save the nation more than RM 600 million each year!

Anonymous said...

Greetings Pat,
These YBs sure had a good time compliments from the hard earned taxed money of Rakyat. The measure by the PM is half hearted at best but then again it was RM2 billion savings, lol. The gavy train continues....

Anonymous said...

I felt like slapping him when he said that. Entertainment allownces? Fuck them.

Anonymous said...

I wonder where the money come from

oh ya Tax from us .....

salary by our tax and do stupid thing and now go enterntain urself and holiday with our tax money again

So when are they gona use their money from the all the hidden source???

And set example with luxury life aint helping at all, we work so hard to have a better lifestyle but stupid govt ask us to work harder and have a stupid lifestyle

Are they really that dump to even use their brain to think ?

Anonymous said...


You could not have said it better!!!!!!! Why must they have paid holiday and we the rakyat have not enough money for food. Does it make sense with their salaries and allowance they get paid holiday with family some more

Anonymous said...

Crap, crap and more crap coming from PM and his sidekick. So they entertain each other 10% less and expect us to be impressed. Hee hah!

Anonymous said...

ok what??? 10% slash in YB's entertainment allowance, rm620 rebate (i only use RM 2 worth of fuel daily),useful advices on how we can 'ubah gaya hidup'...

really live up to his statement 'kita susah sama- sama..'
of kos the YBs are going to share rakyat's burden after 10% is taken out of their entertainment allowance...

i love pak lah! muah muah


Anonymous said...

Speechless!! I can't even afford a local holiday now and yet our Ministers are still "accorded" Asea-countries-one-week holiday!!

Full of SHITS!!

Anonymous said...

hey..i read a few weeks ago a yb asking the rakyat to change their staple food to ubi..much cheaper and contain more carbohidrate konon... its like going back 70 years ago to me

Anonymous said...

Bro patrick,
They all dah kompol duit banyak2, masuk kan dalam FD, dah kikis duit dari kerajaan lepas tu naik kan harga semua benda, kan kurang ajar tuh. yg suffer rakyat, menteri suma masih senang2 lagi. dulu pak lah kata nak basmikan kemiskinan tapi nampaknya sekarang pak lah nak memperbanyakkan kemiskinan. @#$$%%%%%%^&^%$# punya Pakl Lah.
kalau satu juta rakyat maki pak lah sial, maka sial lah Pakl Lah


HS & SC said...

Very well said!

All these "measurements" sound more to me like after-thoughts - hike the price first, then only react according to the situations! How the hell it sums up to RM2b they said they'll save is also very doubtful.

Anonymous said...

Saving 2 bil or wasting 2 bil less.

There is a difference.

Its not SAVING when you are already spending beyond your means. You are just spending less.

Regardless, it infuriates me equally.

I'm still waiting for the day the gravy trains will be stopped....

Anonymous said...

So 10% of their entertainment allowances is RM2billion. RM20billion is how much they spend having fun with our money.
40% increase in fuel prices. 10-30% price increase in virtually all household goods, 26% increase in electricity bill...
And they say their trying to set an example? Example of what lar?!!! That they are in the kindergarten playing hide-and-seek, while we're worrying sick if we're going to be able to support our children graduate through high schools and colleges?!
C'mon lar, Abdullah or Badawi or whatever your name is.... slash a bit more of your salary lar ok? At least tell us that you can generate the same amount that you took away from us from all these increases here and there... then we can talk like adults to adults, and perhaps we'll start to listen one day, maybe.

Anonymous said...

Seeing him announcing this on the news, and somemore looking so happy and proud that he's doing 'something' for the rakyat... makes me want to puke all over the place!!
He probably thinks... "wohohoho... see? I am a good PM mar... I cut back on my stupid entertainment by 10% and then I got so much money back already... smart right?"
Sorry lar, this guy is just so f*cking stupid I just can't stand it anymore. I just hope that he'd get so many hatemails in a day that it'd soon drown him in his own mansion.
Set an example konon.... WHAT A JOKE!!!

patrickteoh said...

Anonymous 11.35 you've misread. It isn't RM2billion saved from just that. The RM2 billion is the total they would save from cutting allowances, cancelling projects etc.

anonymous 11.33 is correct of course. money saved from wastage is not really saving. It's just wasting less. Good one. Thanks.

Ya, it's ironic when most Malaysians can't even afford to cuti in Malaysia that their elected reps enjoy all these privileges. Not that we are begrudging them rewards for jobs well done but then there weren't any. Jobs well done I mean. Then they will dig out, things like "what you mean donch hap. Twin Towers, fuel susidies, food subsidies, Sepang F1, Putrajaya, Multi-media Super Corridor..." And then they will tell you that these things cost too much money and now we can't put too much money into things like that. We have to be practical and eat ubi kayu. Go figure. Politics ma:-)

Andrew said...

How about no paid holidays and mass resignations? That would placate us.

MisnaiL said...

Seriously, after being lead into believing (PUBLICLY LIED) that there will be no increase in pump price in year 2008 and subsequently caught by surprise last week (niamah!!), I have doubts in believing whatever that comes out from Pak Lah's mouth.

Once bitten, twice shy.

Anonymous said...

I know, I was so touched too when I read about it. It brings tears to my eyes when I think about our elected representatives' sacrifices.
A Father

Bean Laden said...

Today Domestic/consumer Menteri Shahrir says the Public transport NOT convenient. It takes >10 years of LRT services and 7 years of ERL link to realised that its NOT SO CONVENIENT.

Only now they realised. NIAMAH....!

Anonymous said...

It was reported yesterday that the PM gets about RM18k per month as entertainment allowances.

Tell me when does a PM ever come out with any money when he entertains. Usually and that is always the case, people will trample over one another and fight to pay the the hope that they get more lucrative contracts. So, we the Rakyat say WITHDRAW ALL ENTERTAINMENT ALLOWANCES ETC ETC

Anonymous said...

anon 1.26pm

ask chua soi lek if you think that ministers dont need entertainment allowance. you think there are no other ministers like him. need to pay hotel bills ok. enough said.
meantime, stay tight at home and dont on the air-con and probably the fan coz electricity is going to boomerang up too.
thanks for all the freaking advice to change our lifestyle. meantime, you guys can continue to galavant. great isnt it and hope you supporters fro Johor, sabah and Sarawak continue to support Barang Naik. You all deserve it, no?

Anonymous said...

Those claims are blatantly sarcastic! How can we have pricks like that as our government?

Anonymous said...

by slashing expenditure . - yes, PENNANG BRIDGE TO COST MORE!

Measures that will lighten the burden on the people. - yes again, paymore and you will never be burden by the weight of the money in side your wallet.

half past six statement from flip flp ministers.

Kapitan said...

ADB always read out his statements from the notes handed to him from the 4floor guys!!!!! hangat-lah...T-NAIMAH

crazyant said...

WHAT!?!? 10% from their fucking ENTERTAINMENT ALLOWANCE?!? Why the fuck would they need allowance anyway? Since most of the time people would be rushing to suck their dicks to get the bloody garmen's contracts!! Fucking hell! And cut their fucking annual trips to ASEAN countries? Why the fuck would they even be given trips when commoners like you and I can barely afford trips locally? Cut the crap about a job well done and they deserve a fucking holiday for them and their entire fucking family. They are elected to do their bloody jobs. It's not like they don't get paid right? So why should there even be a fucking annual trip? And to think that these assholes have been traveling on business class tickets all along on taxpayers bloody money!?! Fucking bastards! Rot in hell all of you! Change my fucking lifestyle? How else am I going to do that? Live on trees and eat leaves? Go back to hunting animals and gathering fruit? It's just so fucking sad that an oil rich country who celebrated her 50th independence has to resort to asking her citizens to live like fucking Neanderthals now while the fucking corrupted ministers and their fucking wives live the lifestyle of the fucking rich and famous. Fuck you, you you and you! All of you fucking ripping off the taxpayer's money. God will judge you all when you all die! And I hope that day will come soon. Just like the fucking Zakaria of the illegal palace! Be afraid all you bastards. Be very fucking afraid!!!

Anonymous said...

NIAMAH SMELLY X @#$%^&*&^%$#@#$%^&*

THE ALORSTAR MCA mp/asst. minister chow c h said ," i have to tighten my belt if deduct 10% of e. allowance, all my salary & allowances are spent on RAKYAT, SOMETIMES I DIG MY OWN PURSE !!" ( sinchew daily paged 17 on 11 june)

i am TOUCHED !! niamah smelly x !!

Anonymous said...

take YM RPK's advice : pay zakat to your own state for fund DUN pay taxes to the incometax dept. !!

rams609 said...


Anonymous said...

AAB : AIYAH ! sabarlah, i'll step down & hand over to najib, dun know wen lah !! BUT are you all sure, VERY VERY SURE... that you ALL want him to replace me ...?? NO REGRETS !!??

lord musan said...

How sweet of Pak Lah to say he is sharing the burden with the rakyat!Niamah and my Ass!

Actually by cutting 10% on their entertainment allowance has got no effect on the ministers or the government high ranking officers cause actually what really happened most of the time all the entertainment expenditure are all borne by main contractors,subcontractors,the private sectors and all other non governmental related agencies whom are lobbying for projects!This have been going on for so long and the people whom actually have to pay for all this so called entertainment have no choice but to pay cause if you don't entertain your chances in securing a project is bleak!Now the government says they have to cut all their expenses and try to save..yes they did save the governments money on all this expenses but the actual cost has been shifted to the private sectors especially to the contractors whom, may i say have to pay for all their makan-makan,their accommodations and all other matters relating to entertainment...Have you ever heard of a government officer or minister paying paying the bills after a nightlong karaoke session?Have you ever seen a minister pay for the dinner or lunch with a contractor at a five star hotels?
What they are really trying to do now is save and cut cost from the government side to show how good they are but actually they are indirectly shifting the cost to the private sectors! you dont entertain me you won't get is not rasuah or what but just by denying to pay for dinner will jeopardize your whole chance to get a project in the future!Trust me!I know whatis happening between private and goverment relations!
Been There, Done That!

lord musan

Anonymous said...

I can't think of any other PM more stupid than this fler.

Anonymous said...

Daim is still having 3 billion of ' 500 & 1000 rm notes' kept in indonesia waiting for aab to allow him to bring back to convert to smaller notes in bank negara !! tdm : " ...over my dead body !"

daim will be happy to see the mayat !

Anonymous said...

Hey, najib still holidaying in London to 'DONLON' lah ,tot not allowed to holidaying further than asean area, WHY he can one, AAB !?

Anonymous said...

najib is back BUT all body parts ache: wife in 'hot soup' lah , damn that rpk !

Anonymous said...

they did cut the entertainment allowance of the Ministers and their Deputies, but do y'all know that the had increased the entertainment allowance of those with pangkat JUSA and above?? so fucking a lot..these people are entitled to free petrol, car with driver.why the hell they still need extra ENTERTAINMENT allowances? wtf??

with the political unstability and financial difficulties, Government is continuously making stupid decisions.

*JUSA is Jawatan Utama Sektor Awam or Jutawan Sektor Awam.