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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

1,2,3.Vomit now!!!

Just when you think that things can't get any more ridiculous here in Bolehland here's more to help you throw up.

The following clips are taken from the mainstream media verbatim. You read them and see if you can see the stupidity of the statements and the ambiguity of Malaysian journalism. You decide.

New Straits Times, Wednesday July 2, 2008

"It was believed that Mohd Saiful had also complained of constipation when he was taken to the Hospital Kuala Lumpur outpatient ward.

Doctors, however, found something amiss during the check-up , and upon questioning Mohd Saiful, learnt that he had been sodomised.

Checks on the Internet reveal that acute or forced sodomy can cause constipation. A University Malaya Medical Centre doctor said fear, mental trauma and the physical act could have caused the constipation.

"An anal tear and the pain could have resulted in the victim having difficulty in passing motion."

NST July 2, 2008

"Tan Sri Musa Hassan (the Inspector-General of Police) and Attorney-General (Tan Sri Gani Patail) are professionals. They are good people and know how to carry out their duties. The investigation is being headed by a senior police officer. They will do their work. They are professionals."

(The highlights are mine)

Well, what do you think? Stupid or not? Or they still think WE are stupid? Okay all answer together...

Quite stupid............1 NIAMAH!!!!!!!
Very stupid.............3 NIAMAH!!!!!!!
What? You think I am a f**king moron? .......... 1 NIAMAH!!!!!! and stop buying newspapers for a week.




coalminecanary said...

LOL Paddy!
You know what? I was out with my buddies last nite and I discussed with them Paklah's remark on Musa Hassan regarding the sodo mee investigation.

It was the stupidest remark i've heard in a long time. I vividly recalled what was Paklah's statement. He said "Musa Hassan...dia baik." and then maybe he realised that was stupid so he rectified it with, "dia seorang yang profesional".

WTF?! DIA SEORANG YANG BAIK??? WTF!!!!!! My cat can comment better! arghh! I'm so bipolar right now, or maybe just cyclothymic. ROFLMFAO!!!

Anonymous said...

haha..cannot la uncle pat not to buy paper for one entertainment maa..i cannot live without entertainment!!this is better than any reality shows and soap opera combine!!so wat happen tomolo??whose kena tangkap??no one??so tak best..


Anonymous said...

Using that logic, the fler in National Service also was sodomised. In fact, he was sodomised a lot since he constipated till he DIE!!!! where's the f***ing outrage

Lao' Cha said...

'found something amiss during the check-up , and upon questioning Mohd Saiful, learnt that he had been sodomised.'?????

What the tui was he there if not to ANALyse his orifice for so-do-me? Constipated becos he forgot the motor part of a vibrator is still in there?

For the life of you, can you imagine the findings of the medical report to conclude otherwise? Something amiss? Ya, sure, they thought they might find Anwar's necktie in there, but found petai instead. Shit on toast and hotdogs with SOdoMee if you ass me !!

Maximum Niamahs to the power of infinity lah Pat.

SK said...



tzarina said...

Have you ever, EVER heard of anyone going to the hospital, that to, to the GENERAL HOSPITAL for CONSTIPATION?


A woman who just gave birth will feel the mother of all constipation, yet, even SHE will NEVER go to a clinic, much less the GENERAL HOSPITAL.


Anonymous said...

joining in...


Matrip said...

READ BELOW ABOUT CONSTIPATION (Tarak boleh berak, Melayu cakap)

None suggest sodomisation might caused it.



Constipation refers to infrequent or hard stools, or difficulty passing stools. Constipation may involve pain during the passage of a bowel movement, inability to pass a bowel movement after straining or pushing for more than 10 minutes, or no bowel movements after more than 3 days. Infants who are still exclusively breastfed may go 7 days without a stool.

Alternative Names
Irregularity of bowels; Lack of regular bowel movements


Normal patterns of bowel elimination vary widely from person to person and you may not have a bowel movement every day. While some healthy people have consistently soft or near-runny stools, others have consistently firm stools, but no difficulty passing them.

When the stool is hard, infrequent, and requires significant effort to pass, you have constipation. The passage of large, wide stools may tear the mucosal membrane of the anus, especially in children. This can cause bleeding and the possibility of an anal fissure.

Common Causes

Constipation is most often caused by a low-fiber diet, lack of physical activity, not drinking enough water, or delay in going to the bathroom when you have the urge to defecate. Stress and travel can also contribute to constipation or other changes in bowel habits.

Other times, diseases of the bowel (such as irritable bowel syndrome), pregnancy, certain medical conditions (like an underactive thyroid or cystic fibrosis), mental health problems, neurological diseases, or medications may be the reason for your constipation. More serious causes, like colon cancer, are much less common.

Constipation in children often occurs if they hold back bowel movements when they aren't ready for toilet training or are afraid of it.

Home Care

Children and adults should get enough fiber in their diet. Vegetables, fresh fruits, dried fruits, and whole wheat, bran, or oatmeal cereals are excellent sources of fiber. To reap the benefits of fiber, drink plenty of fluids to help pass the stool.

For infants with constipation:

Over 2 months old -- try 2-4 ounces of fruit juice (grape, pear, apple, cherry, or prune) twice a day.
Over 4 months old -- if the baby has begun solid foods, try baby foods with high-fiber content (peas, beans, apricots, prunes, peaches, pears, plums, spinach) twice a day.
Regular exercise is also important in establishing regular bowel movements. If you are confined to a wheelchair or bed, change position frequently and perform abdominal contraction exercises and leg raises. A physical therapist can recommend exercises appropriate for your physical abilities.

Stool softeners (such as those containing docusate sodium) may help. Additionally, bulk laxatives such as psyllium may help add fluid and bulk to the stool. Suppositories or gentle laxatives, such as milk of magnesia liquid, may establish regular bowel movements. Enemas or laxatives should be reserved for severe cases only. These methods should be used only if fiber, fluids, and stool softeners do not provide enough relief.

DO NOT give laxatives or enemas to children without first asking your doctor.

mob1900 said...

eh, I thought sodomy would have clear the passage/tunnel so Saifool could berak easily instead of Constipating(muscle kecut, kenot berak)?

Seems like our 50 years of independence've been made into a premature ejaculation by BN...


Adeline said...

i agree with u ! i rather read entertainment news than malaysia politic news. All bullshit . who really know the truth at the back ?! news definitely not the right choice...

johnny cheah said...

What the hell! something fishy going on here. Got constipation go to hospital kuala lumpur for check up. Something here stinks. Worse, the IGP said police will conduct an investigation on DSAI allegation over wrong doings during DSAI sodomy case 10 years ago. He must be joking! Which police officer have the guts to investigate their own BIG BOSS. If they do, then for show only. END RESULT; Not guilty as to the claim by DSAI. WHAT A F@#$%^&*K JOKE

Anonymous said...

Do you know what it SAIFUL means in Hokkein?

Anonymous said...

My young girl made a comment recently on why i read the Star/NST at nights. Well,we do share the pc and she knows well, how i scour the online blogs.

Long & short of it is that, i told her i needed my fair share of fairy tales b4 i go to sleep. and that is the gospel truth...

Anonymous said...

tzarina, spot on. I thot I read that he lodged a report at Travers police station and then was sent to HKL which was said to be under its jurisdiction. But the NSTP report is confusing.


Hawk Tan said...

What! U mean those were our daily newspaper?
I thought I was reading Comic Paper. No wonder the price is so cheap.

Anonymous said...

Joining the crowd:

Niamah Niamah Niamah!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey ! Janna wrote in her blog,"...
aiyah, my ASS is vibrating lah ....!"

OH !! NO...NO... her fiance is fond of ....!?

Anonymous said...

Saiful's constipation, the wide firm
stools must have torn his soft and delicate anus and the doctors thought a prick has gone in and did the damage. "Carry on doctors!"

Anonymous said...

Yes Patrick; I feel like vomiting alright! Such nonsence and injustice at the same time! They tried this trick years back and now; again and again! In fact, I know many kampung Malays who switched to supporting Anwar after the first barbaric incident by Umno!

By the way, all the morons who are so prejudiced; get a life (I don’t have time for diplomacy for Nazi or Taliban-thinking people!)! If one wants to be gay, not gay, liberated woman, sexy woman etc, what the hell has their private lives to do with these sadist and fascist morons! Are they fanatical Muslims or something? As usual, extremist religious ranting justified such injustice and prejudice towards other human beings!


Noor Aza Othman.

Anonymous said...

They are good people and professional? My cock! My cock can crow better!!

Anonymous said...

They are good people and professional? My cock! My cock can crow better!! NIAMAH LOKECHAT!!!

Anonymous said...

I think our government, police, newspaper and malaysian politics are cartoon. Draw your own characters and run your own story lines when the rakyat are suffering from price hikes to make us "FEEL BETTER"

"Rakyat susah, kita ubah lifestyle" Give them something to lessen their pain and anger. Make them laugh :)

Betul Betul Really Cartoon.


Anonymous said...

Mr Teoh, do you want to see a true people’s fighter. Check out this old man at I personally admire his courage and determination to withhold his rights and stand against one big giant. I think it will be better writing about this man other than old broken records of Malaysia politics. What you think?

Ringo said...

It's daft for any strategist to use a 23 year old, young and impressionable boy for something this big. I'd not refute the sodomy part just yet.

anonyamah said...

this is good. the screwed asshole lodged a police report about being sodomised and he was sent for an medical (read:anal) examination.

did the police sent him to the hosptial? was the hospital informed of the police report annd the purpose of the examination? reading would seem like the asshole dropped into the hospital to complain of constipation...and lo and behold...only then it was discovered that that he had been ass-screwed. Something is really amiss here !!!

Niamah !!!!!

Sagaladoola said...

Niamah ! This kind of explanation ? Hahahaha ....

I am having constipation now .. Goodness gracious ..

Let me check now whether I am sodomised or actually having bowel irritation ... hahahaha

Hahahaha .. Niah .... !

Wikipedia : Constipation Causes

Anonymous said...

I think TV3 or 8TV can save money on imported reality TV shows or Drama/Comedy.

We have The Real Thing on Bolehland.

Why watch 'Desperate Housewives' when you have 'Desperate Ministers'?

No need for ANTM (America Next Top Model' as we have MNPM (Malaysia Next Prime Minister).

Forget with 'Dancing with the STar'. We have '!@##%$ with the Ministers'.

'Jangan Lupa Lirik' with 'Jangan Lupa Janji'.

'I'm Not Smarter Than 5th Grader' with 'Saya lebih bodoh daripada murid darjah lima'.

The list goes on ...

Maybe a new show with special host Patrick Teoh:
"Strange Tales from Bolehland".

Anonymous said...

Betul. Betul.... Niamah ney !

Actually all Malaysians should keep up with this Sod-mee issue.

Maybe someone should make it into a series. Maybe it will be the highest rating show ever. Maybe it will be better than our local drama. Yes???

Any takers?

So fed up lah !

Anonymous said...


Hellraiser said...

Niamah! Niamah! to those who bring miseries to others to save their arses!

Anonymous said...

So this Saiful guy right, i'm sure the sexual act of so-do-me is mutual, its not like he was RAPED by AI. He willingly let it happened!

Lets imagine the possible scenario -- They both went to the condo, went to the bedroom, unzipped his pants, bend over, when done - zipped up. Go the Police Station and report of what just happened. Stuuuupid! Doesnt make sense at all!

Anonymous said...

He obviously did not use minyak kelapa sawit before he opened his pintu belakang, if that is true.
I blame the Govt as maybe it is all to do with rising price of oil!

Anonymous said...

I really got pissed off to see our PM opening his stupid mouth defending the IGP saying that he was a good man.If he is a good man,how come there was an allegation from a former cop charging him for million ringgits bribery.And it seems that everything is "Kow Tim" already and there would be no case to charge I believe.What the heck?

Anonymous said...

Oh ! NO...NO...!!?? Najib in BIG BIG trouble NOW !

razak's bodyguard Bala has made a
SD on najib got involved with that
girl who even OFFERED the belakang
lah !! ... NO..NO...die lah this time... must inform mrs najib.. BUT
she is too busy doing BIG things
4 the country..4 the people....
anyone please give her hp no...
please...PLEASE.. urgent lah !!tq.

Anonymous said...

uncle patrick, why u still read nst papers?

i don't read it looooong time ago. will soon stop reading the star too.

as a bolehsian, i feel very malufying with all the bodohism shown by all the bolehsian politikus!

Faris Musa said...

Hubungan dan Konspirasi Anwar-Najib -Malaysiakini
Sila layari
Nampaknya sejak laporan kes liwat Anwar Ibrahim dibuat 28 Jun lalu, bukan sahaja Anwar yang bersusah payah mempertahankan dirinya malah juga kini Najib dan Rosmah pula yang semakin tidak nyenyak tidur.
Pertembungan diantara Anwar-Najib untuk menjadi Perdana Menteri semakin hebat. Daripada maklumat yang diperolehi, pembantu kepada Anwar Ibrahim, Saiful Bukhari telah ditangkap oleh polis dan dipaksa untuk membuat laporan polis terhadap Anwar di atas tuduhan liwat.
Krisis telah bermula. Najib yang semakin tersepit di atas pengakuan bersumpah yang dibuat oleh Raja Petra Kamarudin terpaksa menggunakan taktik kotor sebegini untuk menjatuhkan maruah Anwar Ibrahim.
Melihat kepada senario ini, ada pemerhati politik berpandangan bahawa isu liwat ini sebenarnya mempunyai serampang dua mata iaitu untuk menjatuhkan Anwar-Pembangkang dan Najib. Jika ramalan dan telahan ini betul bermakna ada pihak ketiga yang bermusuhan dengan kedua-dua mereka iaitu Anwar dan Najib yang mencari kesempatan untuk memburuk-burukkan pemimpin ini.
Logiknya ada apabila Anwar semakin hampir untuk merampas Putrajaya dan Najib dikatakan mungkin akan bertanding jawatan Presiden Umno. Maka dari teori ini anda mungkin boleh berfikir siapa di belakang isu ini ..........(untuk menambahkan koleksi orang-orang yang mungkin terlibat di belakang Saiful - sebelum ini orang tuduh Najib sekarang tambah seorang atau dua lagi )...SIAPAKAH ORANG ITU?
Penasihat PKR pernah mendakwa bahawa Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan beberapa kali bertemu Rosmah Mansor, selain rapat dengan Datuk Seri Najib Razak dan pegawai khasnya Khairil Anas Yusof.
"Saiful Bukhari mempunyai hubungan yang rapat dengan Khairil Anas dan Najib. Beliau bertemu berulang kali dengan Khairil Anas dan Rosmah," katanya. "Beliau bukan pegawai peribadi saya. Beliau mempunyai hubungan yang kuat dengan Najib."
Mantan Timbalan Perdana Menteri itu berkata beliau akan mendedahkan bukti dakwaannya dalam masa terdekat.
Kesimpulan pada kenyataan Anwar telah membayangkan betapa beliau cemburu dengan pasangan gaynya Saiful Bukhari dan berkemungkinan berlakunya pertengkaran dan ugutan diantara mereka berdua hingga memaksa Saiful membongkar hubungan seks liwat mereka.
Perkara yang sama juga pernah terjadi di pejabat TPM di mana berlakunya pertengkaran diantara Khairil Anas dan Wan Shihab oleh kerana terlalu cemburu kepada Najib yang sering memihak kepada Kharil Anas.… Dahulunya mereka berdua ini dikatakan begitu intim dan rapat sebelum mereka berpecah kepada dua jabatan yang lain.
Di mana Khairil Anas kini menjaga Najib dan Wan Shihab pula menjaga Datin Rosmah.
Khairil Anas, Wan Shihab dan Saiful Bukhari adalah tergolong diantara anak-anak ikan Najib. Mereka mempunyai hubungan seperti pasangan kekasih. Bezanya mereka ini lelaki dan sukar untuk kita ramalkan.
Bukan Anwar sahaja yang begitu rakus dengan kaum lelaki, tetapi tidak kurang dengan Najib. Bezanya, Najib begitu pandai menyembunyikannya dan begitu berhati-hati menyembunyikan status sebenarnya.
Amat memalukan apabila Najib sanggup mengambil anak-anak ikannya bekerja di pejabat TPM. Khairil Anas yang berkhidmat di Uia sekarang bertugas sebagai penulis ucapan Najib pada bahagian dasar dan penyelidikan.
Anwar-Najib rupanya sama miskipun orang yang berlainan. Moral kedua mereka amat hancur. Selayaknya digelar pemimpin al-juburi. Mereka hanya tahu menggunakan keadaan untuk meneruskan hayat mereka samada dari segi kehidupan ataupun berpolitik. Sungguh hina dan tidak bermaruah.
Perkumpulan kesemua anak ikan yang ditempatkan sepejabat sebenarnya memudahkan Najib menyelia segala tindakan mereka. Jika mereka cuba untuk curang, maka senanglah Najib mengambil tindakan tatatertib sepertimana ‘tindakan wajib’ yang dilakukan oleh Anwar terhadap Saiful hinggakan Saiful sudah tidak tahan lagi diperlakukan.
Disebabkan itu jugalah Khairil Anas dan Wan Shahab tidak boleh ke mana-mana selain melekat bersama Najib. Dan Rosmah pula terpaksa mendiamkan diri kerana dia juga telah lama memasang angan-angan untuk menjadi “First Lady”.
Apa sudah jadi dengan Malaysia ini. Kenapa? Sudah tiada lagikah anak-anak muda yang ikhlas bekerja untuk membantu Najib mentadbir negara? Kenapa Najib sanggup mengambil mereka yang kurang akhlak bekerja dipejabat TPM semata-mata untuk memuaskan nafsunya.
Ramai lagi anak-anak muda yang mempunyai potensi besar yang boleh membantu Najib mentadbir negara ini. Sikap Najib memang begitu jijik sekali. Beliau tidak layak digelar pemimpin nombor dua negara apatah lagi hendak menerajui negara ini pada masa akan datang.
Majoriti ulama iaitu Malik, Abu Yusuf dan Muhammad (dua orang murid Abu Hanifah), Syaf`ie dan Ahmad mengatakan hukuman liwat ialah bunuh dan ia termasuk jenayah hudud (Dr. Ahmad Fathi Bahnasi, Madkhal al-Fiqh al-Jina'I al-Islami, m.s: 60).
Pertama, liwat sama hukumnya dengan berzina. Tetapi, dosa liwat lebih besar daripada dosa berzina. Malah Rasulullah s.a.w melaknat golongan yang meliwat isteri melalui dubur.Menurut Abu Hurairah r.a, Nabi s.a.w telah bersabda:"Sesiapa yang mendatangi wanita atau isteri melalui dubur (liwat) atau menemui tukang tilik lalu membenarkan apa yang dikatakannya, sesungguhnya dia telah kafir (tidak mengimani) risalah yang telah diturunkan kepada Muhammad s.a.w." – Hadis riwayat al-Darimi.Kedua, sesiapa yang melakukan maksiat berterusan digelar sebagai ahli fasiq sama ada dosa besar atau dosa kecil. Hakikatnya, tidak sah ahli fasiq mewalikan anak perempuannya. Namun, jika dia telah bertaubat pasti ALLAH menerima taubatnya kecuali syirik. Jika syirik, dia wajib melafazkan kembali
Kalimah syahadah kerana telah murtad.Firman ALLAH S.W.T:"Sesungguhnya ALLAH tidak mengampunkan sesiapa yang mensyirikkan_NYA tetapi mengampuni dosa selain daripada itu." – Surah al-Nisa'': 116.Ketiga, hukuman bagi perbuatan liwat sama ada peliwat atau mangsa liwat secara rela ada sedikit perbezaan dengan hukuman zina. Penzina

Anonymous said...

Anwar, Najib & Razak share the same interest on asshole?

What about Bodowi?

Hollywood might wanna make a movie about Msia!

All msia politcian gay?

we are lead by GAY!

wisdomthinker said...


Everybody is scared with their position, so they tend to cover up their asses together!! I'm having a feeling that government is having an "enjoyable" time dealing with all sorts of "politic scene". Lets just enjoy the show of this poltical scene, shall we? Afterall, we are going to see who beats who. Who have the best cards wins the game.

Anonymous said...

Goodness almighty in the name of all that is good and pure...

In my many years of calling myself a human being, I have yet to go to the hospital for even the most serious of constipation, and believe me, I've had them all (err, not sodomy related la, pur-leaseeee).

So my point? Nahh, no point a all. Saja-saja cerita...buang masa. Like all these farcical, circus sensationalism that we keep hearing, err, every hour or so...

Obi Wan Kentucky

Anonymous said...

Aikkk? Doctor said his anal tear could be the reason of his difficulty in passing motion? Shouldn't that make it EASIER for him to pass even the mother of motion? You know, now that there's no more restrictions to his outflow valve?!!

Samy The Vellu, Kelana Jaya

Rakyat Polis Keadilan (RPK) said...

From SD: 25.2 Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak informed Abdul Razak Baginda that he had a sexual relationship with Aminah and that she was susceptible to anal intercourse.

Now we know who is the BELAKANG player?!?!?!? You tell me.

Anonymous said...

100 % agreed with you, our reporters are so stupid, one wonders where they get the qualifications to be a reporter.
On the Saiful case, the doctor who examined him must be a quack. The result of been sodomised should be his shit can come out much easier, now that his arsehole has been expanded. I am not a doctor but my simple logic tells me that's the result. Secondly, how could a 60 year old guy raped a 23 year old kid, simple logic again tels me Saiful bend down willingly and then bruise his own arse to get paid by none other than the Mongolian bomber.
Good Reporter.

Anonymous said...

sodomised by his own stool! that's what it is. This below grade point average geek probably thinks kissing will get the girl pregnant as well

Anonymous said...

Saiful went to see Najis before the police? OMG! you mean anyone of us who get so do mee can go see the DPM first?

Wah say....

u-en said...

make of this what you will:

July 03, 2008 23:27 PM

Country Safe, Don't Listen To Rumours, Says PM

KUALA LUMPUR, July 3 (Bernama) -- Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, saying that Malaysia was peaceful and safe, advised the people not to be worried or be swayed by rumours that the country was in a state of emergency.

The prime minister said the country's economic and security situations were under control and people need not get overly excited about what was happening.

"We are not in a state of emergency. This government is a stable government, please believe it.

"The security of the country is still under control, and everything is under control. We know what is happening, and the country will remain peaceful and safe," he told reporters after chairing the first meeting of the implementing authority of the Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER) at his office at Parliament House, here.

Abdullah responded thus after he was asked about the economic and security situation in the country.

Abdullah said the government would act if there were problems, including in the implementation of projects.

However, currently, everything was proceeding smoothly, including the government administration and the implementation of projects, he said.

Asked for his comment on the assumption that the ongoing police-military joint exercise was in anticipation of a state of emergency, Abdullah said it should not be seen as something which could spark anxiety in the people.

"I don't think anybody should worry. I just want to say this. They (army and police) can have any joint exercise they want to. They want to coordinate. This is not to be treated and regarded as something that we need to worry about," he said.

Abdullah said slanderous statements were being hurled at one another freely and everyday there emerged news which could cause "sadness, fear, worry and lack of confidence" in the people.

"What is this? A new politics? Perhaps, it is. I have been in politics for 35 years. I have never seen anything like this. So, the people are never at ease, and are hearing absurd stories.

"They listen, and then they believe them, quite easily. Our people are very gullible. They listen to the stories and they are confused. They listen to the stories and they exaggerate. Then they make their own spin and then it becomes worse, not better.

"There are too many rumours. There are all kinds of rumours. These shrewd people are making up the stories, to confuse the people... making slanderous statements," he said.

Abdullah also refuted assumptions that the country was in a state of prolonged instability.

"Not prolonged. Not prolonged. Are you asking me to make an assumption?" he said.

On political stability, Abdullah said he did not want to adopt an attitude of self denial, as though nothing was happening in Umno.

However, he said, the "goings-on" in the party were not happening for the first time and that they would occur every time the Umno elections were held.

"This is a normal happening. The second thing is the issues in parliament whereby parliament is active and lively, and the people are able to follow. That cannot be assumed as leading to political instability," he said.

Abdullah said the people get information on the rallies planned here and there by Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, which might cause uneasiness among some of the people.

"But when this happens, people become fearful. I am also surprised why this is happening. I do not want to make assumptions and it would lead to interpretations unfavourable to the market sentiment.

"However, I want to make it clear that the situation is peaceful and under control. I mean every word I say," he said.


Anonymous said...

" oh! No ..NO..!
saw this .. that stupid
fellow's SD, now i cant cover up anymore... just unlucky.. idiot..
cant resist..erotic .. sigh..sigh..
what to do now...jean..jean..come..
..tidur.. sudah liwat..liwat... already..

built62 said...

anybody know the name of THE doctor?

Anonymous said...

Is this Saiful related - distantly even - to Abdullah Badawi?

megaman said...

Malaysian media especially the newspaper have been downright unscrupulous and irresponsible.

Please check the latest news article on The Star trying to publicize the act of a desperate man trying to sell his kidney ?

My God, don't these journalists or editors have any conscience ? Instead of highlighting his plight and help him, they took advantage of his act for a cheap publicity stunt.

Organ trading is illegal in most countries and definitely unethical.

What has happen to our country ?

Anonymous said...

Don"t trust the police these days! They raped a 17-year-old girl in a the police station in Subang Jaya recently. Do you not think they will also sodomise a 61-year-old man?

Anonymous said...

Can anybody explain how any Tom, Dick or Harry could just go to that Najib's house?

My guess is simple: That Saiful is not an anybody! He knows Najib well enough.

Look! If you were sodomised, do you think you could just seek comfort there?

Dare that fellow talk cock to deny a conspiracy against Anwar!

Anonymous said...

" I didn't know him at all until he , thro my officer, came with his COLD HANDS !! Being a leader, i have to help him , show my love and concern, UNDERSTAND !!"

Anonymous said...

" I didn't know him at all until he , thro my officer, came with his COLD HANDS !! Being a leader, i have to help him , show my love and concern, UNDERSTAND !!"

Anonymous said...

" YES Sir, thanks ! my feet are COLD lah, can i see Sir in your house n not office, PLEASE !!"

Anonymous said...

NO...NO...! dun come, only those
hensome with COLD HANDS can, UNDERSTAND ! ...@#$%^&*..! ( WHY HE DOESN'T have this type of headache ..aiyoh...2 more years ah !)..,ros..ros.. pls urut abit !