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Friday, July 04, 2008

And now for something completely different.

Tinted car windows

Like most of you I am just getting so tired of all the shannigans going on in Malaysia right now. Who had sex with whom? My Statutory Declaration against your Statutory Declaration. One press conference after another....

So I decided to write about something completely different. It struck me today as I was driving past this car on the AKLEH.

The car windscreen tinting issue recently came up AGAIN! Feels to me like the authorities have been trying to resolve this for decades without success. Or maybe it is something they pull out once in a while. Like a game. Okay, here's what I think it is about...

Dark tints for cars are illegal because they are un-safe. Right? People who tint their car windows darker than permissable levels would not be able to see properly and might get into accidents. And that would be bad. Okay that's great. But now tell me something. If dark tints are unsafe then why are some of our most important people (at least they think so la) like judges and top leaders of the armed forces exempted from this rule? Do they have some Divine protection not available to lowly people like you and me or are we simply trying to get rid of them using innovative ways?

Okay, okay so you're more concerned with insertions, retractions and SD's and all. But I would like to know what. Don't you?



Yuz @ Dikja @ Kak Jah said...

u'r so rite la bos!! lets go get darker tinted!

chowsingsing said...

bcos they got big-ass motorcycles with big-ass traffic police to clear the friggin roads for them.thats divine protection.jus a couple million of our money gone down the drain.


donplaypuks® said...

becoz they don't drive their own cars? they have drivers like azizan ash burn & sighfool to do these back-end jobs reserved for the peasants?

Jamuuna said...

Of course they are excluded from the rules applicable to common folks like us. We do not need these type of 'unsafe' protection because we do not go around muttering idiotic statements like they do.

BobSam said...

Another bug bear I have is the violation of the speed limit by those who are supposed to monitor & enforce it.
How many times have you seen Police cars (not using the siren in pursuit of a crime) either with Plain clothes officers or uniformed officers travelling at speeds exceeding the speed limit?

How many times have you seen Police Outriders escorting politicians, head's of state, etc at speeds above the posted speed limit?.

The speed limit is set for everyone. Only police vehicles pursuing criminals or rushing to a scene of a crime can use the siren. The same rule applies to other uniformed services.

Yet many times, I have seen police outriders and army outriders travelling above the speed limit. The most recent was when army outriders were escorting a truck which was moving furniture from Sg. Besi to Port Dickson.

This blatant violation of the law is overlooked, but if we, Joe Public, speed, I understand the rules are going to be changed by our beloved IGP to incur a fine of RM1,000.00 per traffic violation, INCLUSIVE of double parking. RM1K? some people are seriously out of their mind. Must check what's in their cigarettes?

By the way, the process is going to be put in place, where if someone offers a police officer a bribe, the police officer has been informed that he has to take it. Then he will be given a bonus which is double the bribe offerred and the "Briber" will be fined 10X the bribe.

Welcome to the new world.

Anonymous said...

dark tints okay for the car's driver but definitely big problem for drivers of cars behind. cannot see through the front car and therefore cannot anticipate potential danger ahead. darks tints not recommended. tints that don't let you see through should not be permitted for safety reasons but otherwise should be allowed. our weather demands that we spend good money to protect our health and comfort.

hantutelur said...

insertions, detractions and penetrations

mob1900 said...

There 2 of set rules in this country, One for the rakyat and another to exempt the VIPs from the 1st set of rules.

Antares said...

The more heavily tinted, the shadier the passengers' business. People who ride around invisibly in chauffeured linos have a different interpretation of "transparency" lah. Niamah to them, I say.

Anonymous said...

My suggestion to all these top leaders, politicians and bigshots who sees themselves immune to the law of the norm so as to even install the MOTHER of all dark tints, to go install curtains instead. Front and rear windscreen included.

If they don't have the suitable material or creativity juice to funk it up, fear not for Obi Wan Kentucky is forever here to assist. Mind you, we Jedi have an eye for fashion, if you must know. Just ask Yoda...

Now where's that Adi-Bas underwear of mine?

Obi Wan Kentucky

artchan said...

The reason they hide behind dark tint is because they are a disgrace to the nation and family and friends.

cantonese saying.."mm kin tak kong" (cannot see the daylight or stand up to scrutiny).

On the other hand..if one more hits the bucket because of dark bother...we have plenty of shit buggers in this country

coalminecanary said...

Gomen should also impose those rear spoilers. Spoiler saves live! We need more downforce from those huge GT wing.

Anonymous said...

All we need to do is to clear out the scumbags lock stock & barrel. These people in power & most of the politicians are the stupidious & corrupted people I ever come across starting 30 years ago with chedet. Perhaps it would be better for Raja Nazrin to take temporary control of Government in the interim. If this fails, we better pack our bags.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pat,
It is all the same lah..... This is our government, our politician with their ---> Do as I U to do not Do as what we do.....

Funny thing abt tinted windows subject. Shake my head off. In another incident I was stop by Police for not putting on my safety belt while driving and our friend said "Encik buat kesalahan tak pakai tali pinggang" I said back to him " Lu pun tak pakai, Lu Polis lu "Taiko" saman saja..... Our friend face turn red hot chili pepper..... What a joke.

drvn said...

Another way of looking at it is that these so called 'important' people knows the kind of dirt and garbage that they are involved in and are too ashamed to be seen by the public..

Anonymous said...

There is a saying those hiding behind tinted glass are afraid and shy to see the public for the many misgivings and failures in the country they are supposed to govern/protect...sigh

Anonymous said...

They thought terrorist or attacker cant see them if they tinted dark. But the forgot ppl dont use sniper or guns nowadays, ppl blow up the whole car.

First world facility, third world mentality.

natiesha said...

they allow it to this so called important people only so that there's a differences in us. I'm d VIP, mesti ada tinted, orang biasa takda tinted.. that's wat they r creating lah. those baskets think we listen kah? no way...I'm important to, nanti ada explosive i naik kereta tinted, im safe, no one sees me. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Safety their butt laa...
if they really care about Rakyat's safety on the road, they wouldn't make cars that have only driver's airbag and no other safety features(ESC, ABS etc), approve them and put them on the highways with 110kmph speed limit

Faisal Admar said...

I once thought about this issue too. But I just ignore the issue. If it's unsafe for us, why it should be safe for VIP? Weird.

Michelle said...

My experience with tinted car windows has nothing to do with the VIPs. But it has wrenched me down "memory lane" for a bit.

If there is a law now that prohibits tinted windows, it sure wasn't in place in 2004.

PERVERTS use tinted windows to keep other people from knowing what they are doing inside of the vehicle. I've been there. And it was a black PROTON (read=national car) PERDANA to boot.

Sorry if this is totally off topic. But you bringing the tinted window thing up has just undone it for me.

NIAMAH! is right. NIAMAH to all who still have tinted car windows.

Anonymous said...

Ehh, don't you know MONEY buys those things thesedays?
Even if you don't have any gahmen "divine passes", you could still tinted you car windows lah.
It also buys all the parking fine ticket, speeding ticket & saman for loitering in public etc.

You dunno meh?

That's why looh must pluck your eyes out & put it somewhere, where many of us Malaysian & even Singaporeans are doing the same exact thing, man.
Watch & examine for yourself, don't just brainstorm on assumption Mr. Genius!

Oh! Occayhz.
Now i'm being too citizencial since I can't say something racial here.

Anonymous said...

If tinted windows are dangerous..then how to drive at night? Its even harder to see out of un-tinted windows at night compared to looking through a tinted window during the day.

Anonymous said...

Guys... come on lah!!! The so called Very "POWERFUL" Important Persons still need the dark tints. Why?? So that they can perform their sodomee stunts in private!!

Infinite Niamah to them HAHA

lord musan said... always,they will go out every time for the wrong reasons!

robbers nowadays do not go robbing any banks with a tinted car.They go robbing in a stolen car!

Even if you do not have your car tinted and you have clear tints,i have never experience driving on a busy road looking through the windscreens of the car in front..that would be stupid,don't you think so!They have a reason why third break lights were installed!

If you really are suspicious of a car with the darkest tint around,you can still stop them and ask them to wind down the windows so you could see who is actually driving the car,eh?

Actually, JPJ or the police should use the time and money from us the rakyat to go and do something more useful and go and chase down every single express buses, lorries with heavy loads which are always, and i mean always speeding anywhere!These are one of the main reasons of high fatality in the country now!Why go waste your time and our money to nab dark tinted cars?We are going to end up paying 50% less every time?Agree?Or do the bus drivers and lorry drivers pay their summonses to the officers in advance?Do i have to make a Statutory Declaration on this??

Whats happening here is not on a NIAMAH! but also a Ley Ama Ka Fu ***...

lord musan

Nordin said...

Dear Patrick,

I share tour view on this VIPS running around on our roads with tinted glass at breathtaking speed. There times when I'm so fucked up with their attitude I just drives on pretending not noticing them.

I can think of only one valid reason what the heck they need the tinted glass. I think they are not humans. Formerly they are, but now they have turned into dracula. They are allergic to sunlight cause it will burn them to death.Legends says that they sucks blood to survive. Doesn't that sound so familiar with our VIP?

Anonymous said...

100% of the very dark tinted window cars belong to fucking VIPs (so called because they are rich and carries shit titles like Datuks and Tan Sris, most of them are policticians and of course the cronies. They are above the law in this country. They can speed as fast as the autoban and never gets any tickets because the police only stops them to give them a salute not a ticket. However, the police still stops other vehicles for selasi money..bullshit about eradication of corruption, how can the police eradicate corruption when they are the most corrupted.Don't believe one word of what Badawi says about fighting corruption, he and his cronies and family are still just as corrupted. I guess we have to live with corruption, it is deeply rooted in Malaysia, it maybe be reduced if we ever vote umno out of the government, until then just keep paying, complains never ever get any results.
Tiu nia mah!

Andrew said...

Haven't you noticed, Pat? Social 'ills' are put on a rotational basis to be dealt with. This provides something for the press to write about. Otherwise there'd be no news to publish.

Brenda Ang said...

Sure, I myself would like to know that too :) Why can't we tint our car(dark) but those so called important people can? Is it because they are proven to have powerful eyes than us? Lol..

Anonymous said...

I just bought an Alphard which comes with the standard dark wind screen on both sides. I've asked my Japanese counterpart whether I could change it to the normal windscreen, I was laughed at !! The Jap said who in the world want an Alphard with normal screen ?!

Someone told me there are China made windscreens that are thin & wavy. Niamah, After spending so much $ for this nice car, I'll be out of my mind if I ever change to the China-made wavy windscreen.

Anyway, don't give a hood-lah. The front & back are normal screens, so I don't dangerous anyone. Just get ready some RM50 notes & take a risk-lah.

Anonymous said...

I just bought an Alphard which comes with the standard dark wind screen on both sides. I've asked my Japanese counterpart whether I could change it to the normal windscreen, I was laughed at !! The Jap said who in the world want an Alphard with normal screen ?!

Someone told me there are China made windscreens that are thin & wavy. Niamah, After spending so much $ for this nice car, I'll be out of my mind if I ever change to the China-made wavy windscreen.

Anyway, don't give a hood-lah. The front & back are normal screens, so I don't dangerous anyone. Just get ready some RM50 notes & take a risk-lah.

kingtut said...

well, look at the bright side.. lowly people like you and me do not need to worry about insertions and retractions (by other heavyweights), especially behind a heavily tinted Proton Perdana... ^^

Dezmond Pang said...

Hello Mr Patrick.

I am kinda admired you on how you wrote in your blogs.

Speaking about Tinted Films, I am working in a tinted film distributor company. Very often we sellers, distributors & consumers face many kinds of trouble from the authorities.

From the 90's until today, they, the Police & JPJ, still acting like little Napoleans. Going for 'duit kopi' most of the time. They'll usually give you the option to tear it down or they tow your car back to the Traffic Headquarter for a VLT test. Whereas, they ONLY have the rights to issue a summon provided they have the machine to test on the spot or they can issue you a 'Green Notice' that requires you to drive your car to their HQ for the test. THEY HAVE NO RIGHTS to force you to tear it down (tantamount to destroy evidences to save their asses if the tinted are comply with the laws)or detain you & your car (arrest).

Many motorists do not want troubles and so they submit to those lowly educated/poorly trained 6 months bastards.

About a year ago, I remember that there's an AG lawyer said that the newly aquired meters are not yet an official tool for enforcement. Unless they amend the existing old laws. Even after amendments, motorists can still challenge the summons in court if the new VLT test meters are operated by uncertified users.

We (Association for Car Accessories Dealers) had raised this issues from the early 90's until now. From Ling Yong Sik to Donald Lim. From Donald Lim to Chan Kong Choy. From CKC to (what's the name ?).

When Tinted issues crop-up, we (sellers & distributors, mostly Chinese)suffer heavy losses from already poor sales.

For those who tint their vehicle heavily, no doubt they deserve to be punished. But for those who tint according to the laws, they should not be pestered by those little Napolean scums. The police & JPJ should also act professionally & accordingly within the boundry of laws.

There's plenty of hardcore crimminals out there. They should go after the baddies instead of laws abiding motorists.

Niamah BN scums !


k_saegaran said...

Double standards will only invite more corruption. If VIPs are so scared of people shooting at them, i'm sure they have enough money to install bullet proof windscreens. Dark tints are dangerous to the driver of that vehicle as well as one who is following him from behind.

HG said...


Please.. pleasee dont join Marina Mahathir and Rocky and Wong Chun Wai and their stupid strike! Please dont dessert us Malaysians at a time when we need you guys the most!

If you need strength and faith and energy and support to go on, and since Malaysia Today's been down, just wanna let you know I'm very glad we still have Zorro and Haris Ibrahim. Please join them, and not the weak Rocky, hypocrite Marina or the split-personality WCW and gang!

Please.... fight on... and niamah on!


JP said...

WHO r u?
WHAT do u do?

Vomit with all these?
Checkit out:

Anonymous said...

"Polis Diraja Malaysia"? I think it should be: "Polis, RAJA Di Malaysia"


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I tink they are 'exempted' from the 'darker taint law' becoz the Malaysian police and hospital alike are too lazy to have their dead bodies tapau if someday someone decided to kill them becoz of their "LIES LIES NOTHING BUT LIES" doings.

Andrew said...

To anon 1:09 AM, after Nazrin, do we go back to R?

rayaSudahDekat said...

same to the bunga api/mercun case lar..they all can play mercun...rakyat cannot..

Nicholas said...

Hmmm... should go ask Harith about his Accord... XD

Anonymous said...

andrew, YES, AFTER YM NAZRIN, back to R-a-h-m-a-n ! tq. (stcin)

Anonymous said...

Perak in danger, tajol confident by 31stogos, bn recaptures the state because 10 juta offer to cross over confirmed by an ADUN in ipoh !!

anunaki said...

The Malaysian government has to take a leaf of logic from our neighbours SG who have progressive laws and regulations and provide a healthy dose of progress, any law/regulation which is in effect must be an act in evolution not just punitive in its measure and this is the failure of the Malaysian public, we must demand that our government meet the same standard, if not then we have to effect a change.

Singapore had issued guidelines by Land Transport Authority on 1 July 2004 on the light transmittance requirements which has changed regulations on window tinting in Singapore. The revision will allow darker shades in the rear windscreens and rear passenger windows; it said that the minimum amount of light that passes through these areas could now be at least 25%, down from 50%. But there is no change to the front windscreen and passenger windows, which still must be at 70% minimum.

With the relaxation of this rule, SG car owners now have a wider selection to dress up their windows. Solar control films are already known for its heat rejection properties but with this move, installation of darker films will hence lead to further improvements in the car solar performance as well as offer the extra privacy you need.

In view of this development in our neighbouring country on VLT (visible light transmission) ruling, I had decided that I am prepared to go to court to fight this ridiculous law to tell the govt. that it better get its act together and be more lenient/understanding on us users whom have to pay all kind of costs on fuel these days and grease their palms after being taken for a ride with petrol costs of 2.70per liter?

My justification for tinting is that as long its not completely dark and does not harm people how can it actually be damaging to society, it is far more damaging to have the ‘illegal white lights’ which can cause severe blinding effects and cause accidents. We live in a hot climate and every bit of cooling while reducing air-cond costs is actually beneficial to users. The JPJ and the relevant ministries should look at this before commenting further. Technology improvements are improving transportation but these arcane and archaic agencies have all but lost their way in sanctioning emotive and counterproductive suggestions,progress comes from understanding these changes and adapting to the current needs!

monsterball said...

Pat.....there are always two sets of UMNO.
One for all Malaysians.....and the break all rules... are allowed for them..and their members show to Malaysians...they can do that......we cannot..and they are above us everything.
Remember Abdullah Ang can go in and out of Kajang jail...with Mahathir smiling?
Now the c4 top all the dos and don'ts.
If they drive ......and see another car..fully tinted like theirs....malu lah ...for them!! They are Datuks.. Tan Sri...and Tuns.Who are we....doing same..not their members at all?

laimun said...

Aisay Boss

Hole problem solved. Our PKR friend is going to butt the 2nd Man, 2nd Man reports pain to 1st Man and 1st Man replys "et tu brute", I still have problem sitting down.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, cover the whole car can also BUT curb the exhaust sound !!

Anonymous said...

" produce 4 witnesses lah, you fool, u tink very hansome ah.... @#$%^&* ...niamah you fool !!"