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Monday, July 14, 2008

The day the music died...

Oh, and while the king was looking down,
The jester stole his thorny crown.
The courtroom was adjourned;
No verdict was returned.
And while lennon read a book of marx,
The quartet practiced in the park,
And we sang dirges in the dark
The day the music died.
............American Pie, Don McLean

Most Malaysians woke up today oblivious to the fact. But today, Monday July 14, 2008 marks yet another milestone in the history of Bolehland. To be a little dramatic about it today is perhaps the day Democracy Died in Malaysia. Again! Why?

It's is now illegal for us to go to Parliament House.

And we thought it was a government of the people by the people for the people. Hahahahahahaha....okay, okay so we haven't thought that for some time already la. Sorry.

According to Nazri Aziz claims, “I am the person responsible for it, be it security or the length of skirt to enter Parliament,” he said that he had the mandate of the house. I wonder whose house he thinks it is?

In the meantime, Home Minister, Syed Hamid apologised to Malaysians for the massive traffic jams in Kuala Lumpur today but defended the police road blocks saying that it was needed to stave off an illegal gathering that Pakatan Rakyat was planning at Parliament. This despite Anwar Ibrahim and PKR's denial that anything of that sort was being planned at all. Well, thank you all over the place, Mr. Home Minister!!!

No. It is not just another Monday here in Malaysia. But for most Malaysians it will be. Ho hum.

UPDATE 1650 hrs.

I missed this because I neither buy nor read the New Straits Times on a regular basis. I post it here because I want you to read the quoted statement. I am not going to comment. You read it and make up your own mind. Then you can comment on this blog what you think. Okay?

Nazri Aziz, so-called Parliament minister told an English daily on Saturday, "The safety of MP's is paramount...We don't want anything untoward to happen in Parliament."



Navi said...

We will call this the Idiot Nazri Aziz Day!! After all we should have a day for Idiots, shouldn't we?

Antares said...

The French Revolution began on 14 July with the storming of the Bastille. Nobody has stormed Kamunting yet, but the Bloody Nincompoops who have mismanaged this country for as long as any of us can remember seem to have picked this auspicious day to declare war on the Rakyat. From today the BN remains in power only through police intimidation and the rule of "might is right." Take away their control of the army and police and they'd be shitting their disreputable underpants. How long can you run a country at gunpoint? Sooner or later, the Rakyat will overpower you... and then you will go the way of Mussolini. Too bad, BN, you blew the ONLY chance you had to behave like the gentlemen you never were!

Anonymous said...

The cops have nothing better to do. Rather than solving and preventing crimes, they would laze around and cause massive traffic jams all over Klang Valley.

Keep up the good work, and oh by the way, please deploy the armed forces next, we do need armed soldiers and tanks patrolling the city next to prevent illegal demo.

ycg said...

uncle patrick, not poochpooching your english, but how does something die more than once (mario and luigi not counted!)? Democracy is long dead and forgotten in Malaysia la. now we are just reminising old times...kopi tok. unless someone gave new life to democracy, it will remain dead and burried six feet under.

Anonymous said...

While most people are content with bootlicking and arsecleaning for Pak Lah, I'm dreaming of the day i can tell him " Oi, Gi Mampuslah!"


anandhi said...

ok, so you act like injured sulking 5 yr olds and inconvenience the whole city based on rumours that the rakyat are constantly told to ignore. ok la, so you stop women driving on the way to the temple (my mum and I) in the name of your jobs. we're protecting you, katanya.

then when it is proven that your actions are unsubstaintiated and unnecessary, shy la bit. malu. embarassed that you got it wrong.

er, right.

the problem is that the powers that be WILL NOT feel malu. feeling embarassment indicates some level of awareness. which, for these guys, is way too much credit than they deserve.

you know the kata pepatah, tak tahu malu? it's a terrible thing to be called because it means that you are so ignorant you are incapable of shame.

Tak tahu malu.

Anonymous said...

Sooner or later our country would be like Myamar if this cannot that cannot.Malaysians are fed up of traffic jam and with the soaring hike in the fuel,the police are wasting their time in manning road block rather than going after criminals who are more dangerous than protestors.

Anonymous said...

Fucking UMNO-BN gotta go.

Ian said...

The road blocks happened for a reason. Because the PR was planning to do an illegal gathering. The jam didn't happen because the police wanted it to happen out of nothing.

Anonymous said...

About the lyrics of "American Pie":

Is it "while Lennon read a book on Marx" or "while Lenin read a book on Marx"?

By the way, this Nazri Aziz' political behaviour shows a consistent pattern, no?

Phua Kai Lit

caravanserai said...

Have you heard the drum beats Fernando?
It sound so far away capturing your imagination
You tuned your ears to listen the music ringing
Into the room you sit and listen

There are traffic jams in the city
All roads leading to Parliament
The uniformed police staging blockade
In anticipating of demonstrations

Perception and gut feeling
The police took legal order
Plastering on prominent sign boards
Telling the people
No road to Parliament…..
And we pay them to treat us
The pain of our lives!

The drum beats keep on beating
In the day into the silence alleys
The police think we are stupid
Paying them making us suffering pain

And we have taxi Nazi
Screaming “I am the lord in Parliament”
Like what we see in KLIA taxis
Touting and over-charging people
Bad name for the country

Life will not be the same
Even Parliament sits and leaks
Spending millions on renovations
It cries too
For the country and her people

And the sleeping administration
Stoned in magic land………..
Seeing stars and glitters
And the drum beats in the distance

Nostradamus said...

Jeyklls and Hydes in Malaysia. Are you? (Updated 14 July 2008)

Malaysians in dilemma? So many events and news both real and unreal. Don’t know who to believe? Bombarded with too much spins. These are the quotes, we now hear.

“Give up”, “Fed up”, “Wait and See”, “Lost interest”, “Headache”, “Cannot believe anyone”, “Who to believe ah?”, “Niamah”, “Pening kepala”, “Pening otak”, “Sudah lah”, “Pi mampus”, “Insyallah (God Willing)” or raise your palm and fist and put them together on National tv or or or or other blogs.

Why? Because it depends on what you want to perceive and your bias toward your own race, color, religion, party, groups, interests, superiority or plain dumbness.

That makes you something of a Jeykll and Hyde if you can’t differentiate between facts and fictions, good and evil, right and wrong, true or false. Too many Malaysians can’t decide now whether to become Jeykll or whether to become Hyde or when to become Jeykll or when to become Hyde.

Think hard and search your conscience from deep within and “Viola” you can differenciate between Night from Day. Throw out bias towards race, creed, superiority, affiliations, religion and beliefs, greed, power, cronyism etc and then see whether some of the things happening around is right or wrong , true or false, evil or good, facts or fiction.

1. Altantuya was killed and blown to bits. (Fact or Fiction).
2. Sodomy is as evil as murder. (True or False).
3. Anyone accused are innocent until proven guilty. (True or False).
4. Statutory Declarations and Police reports can be made to fool people. (True/False).
5. Anyman or woman will swear on his religion or beliefs to save his own skin. (True/False).
6. Race superiority is needed to rule Malaysians. (Fact or Fiction).
7. Religious superiority is needed to rule Malaysians. (Fact or Fiction).
8. All poor people need to be helped by Government. (True or False).
9. Corruption is a fact of life and should be tolerated. (Fact or Fiction).
10. ISA is needed because prevention is better than cure. (Fact or Fiction).
11. Free education is a right for all Malaysian children. (True or False).
12. Free healthcare is a right of all Malaysians. (True/False).
13. Free speech is a right of all Malaysians. (True/False).
14. Freedom of religions and beliefs is a right of all Malaysians. (True/False).
15. Liberty is a right of all Malaysians. (True/False).
16. All Malaysians and the world can be converted to a single culture, religion, race in future. (Fact or Fiction).
17. The next PM of Malaysia will follow R.A.H.M.A.N theory. (Fact or Fiction).
18. All Malaysian Malays are poor and lazy. (Fact or Fiction).
19. All Malaysian Chinese are rich and gamblers. (Fact or Fiction).
20. All Malaysian Indians are drinkers and liars. (Fact or Fiction).
21. All East Malaysians are inferior to West Malaysians. (Fact or Fiction).
22. Only Barisan Nasional (BN) can govern Malaysia. (Fact or Fiction).
23. Only UMNO can take care of Malaysian Malay’s and other Bumiputeras interest. (Fact or Fiction).
24. Only MCA can take care of Malaysian Chinese’s interest. (Fact or Fiction).
25. Only MIC can take care of Malaysian Indian’s interest. (Fact or Fiction).
26. Only Gerakan can take care of Malaysian’s interest. (Fact or Fiction).
27. Only PKR can take care of Malaysian’s interest. (Fact or Fiction).
28. Only PAS can take care of Moslem’s interest. (Fact or Fiction).
29. Only Hindraf can take care of Hindu’s interest. (Fact or Fiction).
30. Only PBDS can take care of Sarawakian’s Bumi interest. (Fact or Fiction).
31. Only UMNO Sabah can take care of Sabahan’s Bumi interest. (Fact or Fiction).
32. All Jews are intelligent and corrupted. (True/False).
33. All Africans are corrupted and murderers. (True or False).
34. All Westerners are corrupted and evil. (True or False).
35. All Chinese are communists. (True or False).
36. All Indians are Hindus. (True or False).
37. All Malays are Moslems. (True or False).

To be continued……


916 Ingat Hari Ni said...

Silly cops !! Silly Home Minister ! Silly Nazri ! "Kia Su" " Kia Si" !!! Niamah !!!!

old fart said...

hey, what do you expect when you have a guy by the name of Nazi..oops..sorry Nazri I mean looking after the parliment house. Just look at this clown, doesn't he look the part of the gangster in some of the malay movies, one with dark glasses and head shaved? Oh, this guy always gives filthy looks when he is confronted with questions that go against the BN. And then that botak who carries genes of a person who was a confirmed racist. What in hell would any sane PM wants to put them in the cabinet unless they are put there purposefully for intimidation and lying and covering all the asses in the BN. And you still called the system of government there democracy??? NO, my friend, I am afraid that's not what you called democracy. The true sense of Democracy is when all those elected representatives of the people serve the people who put them there in the first place like a servant should to the master who hires him/her. If they do wrong, they would either face the sack or resign. But as one writer aptly puts it, why do politicians in this country (with the exception of Chua Soi Lek) do not resign when they have done something wrong and are not needed by the master (the people)? Why are the police and military tied to the government when in true democracy, they should be free and independent of the government of the day. They do not work for the government...they work for the people and they are put there to ensure laws and orders are adhered to by the government, politicians and everybody else. But what are we seeing? Corruptions, lies, cheats, innuendos, arrogance, racial prejudices, killings of innocents, judiciary inapt, and the list goes on.....and what have been done? Wake up Malaysians, fight for true democracy and not the kind of democracy they are having you believed right now. Niahmah Chee BAT!

Feroz Merican said...

Hi, Patrick !
and hullo antares!
And to think we managed to see this in our lifetimes. I think it's a beautiful day, don't you?
Finally, it goes from Bangsar to the whole nation and the primary school teacher will soon be in Pantai recovering from a stroke, and the deputy will shoot the sheriff. I think Saudi Arabia is a nice place to settle down, after all they took in Idi Amin. I wonder how much their luggage will set them back.
I really wish I was there, but I can say much more here, I hope you will both recommend my book(when it comes out). Life could be worse, could be living in Singapore. Hidup Mokhtar Dahari and let's give Kelantan to Thailand!

bob said...

The more I read M'sia news..the therapeutic word become less effective on me. I think I should just unsubscribe to malaysiakini, remove url from my bookmark...and pretend everyone live happily in bolehland forever.

amoker said...

Police super free mah.

When UMNO Penang demonstrate, they were busy working fighting crime.

Today, nobody demonstrating but they set up road blocks everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Mr Patrick

'American Pie' is of no meaning here when they are talking about 'Lekor Malayu'.

Now I know why they have all those DJs on radio while ignoring the 'voice of Malaysian airwaves'.

Class 95 FM: Are you listening - Get Patrick Teoh to be a DJ in Singapore. You have already got Andrea Forsenka, what about Patrick Teoh on mediacorp radio?

Anonymous said...

MV Agusta: Proton sells for RM5, Harley buys for RM350 mil

Harley Davidson Inc has agreed to purchase Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta, once owned by Proton Holdings Bhd, for US$109 million.

Dr M, What say you?

Obefiend said...

they are trying to stave off the malaysian equivalent of storming the Bastille. the safety of their corruption is paramount!! let us eat cake maybe? ( or must ot be roti canai now Patrick?)

by the way.. i'm not holding my breath for a change anytime soon. we only know how to express our frustration on the net. when ask for public rally all malas! hahaha

is it any wonder why the BN fools are not quivering in their boots?

lol patrick! so black la this blog! like death!

Obefiend said...

they are trying to stave off the malaysian equivalent of storming the Bastille. the safety of their corruption is paramount!! let us eat cake maybe? ( or must ot be roti canai now Patrick?)

by the way.. i'm not holding my breath for a change anytime soon. we only know how to express our frustration on the net. when ask for public rally all malas! hahaha

is it any wonder why the BN fools are not quivering in their boots?

lol patrick! so black la this blog! like death!

AOpen said...

The Jam this morning was very bad but the road blocks were done to prevent something disastrous from actually happening. Who knows what will happen it the gathering really happen.

Z said...

read this here, and see for yourself how 'effective' these police are to the rakyat!


Puan F said...

read this here, and see for yourself how 'effective' these police are to the rakyat!


GobloKing said...

Who's got the Armny?
The Police?
The Weaapons?
The Submarines?
The private jets?
The bombs?

What've the Rakyat?
Water Bottles?
ok lah..throw in the Parangs but against Guns?

Who is protecting whom?

Mobilize 3000(?) police to "protect" what..?? 300 people (MPs, ministers, syncophants)

I like those ratios of 100police:1 citizen.

Now if we only even get a 10th of that to protect US, the tazpayers against all those bird*-brained, bird* flippin' UMNO twits!
(*with apologies to our real feathered friends)

When aunty says Niamah here, it means I am TOTALLY PISSED OFF!!

Jiko said...

On a side note: I find it hard to believe it's so difficult to find out who the architect of the original Parliament building is - to me it is a lovely Malaysian landmark!

Anyway - thought you might be interested in this : I think it sums up very well the difference between the old & new parliament buildings, & where the nation leaders think we are heading...

Anonymous said...

I was caught in this massive jam this morn for 1 hr 50 min resulted my son missed his examination ! Ask S Hamid Go Home and eat SHIT !

I'm not going to march or protest physically, but every inconvenient, every boo-boo by our Govt, I'll send the message a million times around the world to bring those MF.ker down.

Have you heard the Motorcycle company MV Agusta that Proton sells for RM5, Harley buys for RM350 mil ! Those MF.ker has mismanaged RM349,999,995 of our $$. Maybe some has pocketed it ?!

D niamah.

vinon said...


pls dont ever mention democratic in malaysia cos we are not. one

Square said...

Parliament already hv war within! security? hah....i dont think so

monsterball said...

Every word he utters.
Every actions he takes.
Are weird and stupid....because guilty people do strange things.

Anonymous said...

in bolehland,its idiocracy!

Shiok Guy said...

If you look at his face and imagine the facial expression when he said that.... now imagine..... go on... can you see the funny smile?

Yeah! Got it! In my opinion he is of no use in the society. A scum bag that need to be removed from the society..

Shiok Guy

Yori said...

Mr Teoh, penchant for drama indeed. But I agree this kind of high-strung paranoid is something we can ill-afford in our country now. Though I dun blame one side or the other completely. When power-players fight, ordinary people suffer, and get caught in maddening jams!!!!

Quah, Seng-Sun said...

It's another monkey Monday!

Square said...

well...guess what? i just got a news that due to the stupid jam on monday, most of the candidates for CLP was late and missed the exam...Exam starts at 9am, by they reached, is already 10.30...well...

Slime said...

Is just a few so called "people elected" ministers coming out with "brilliant" statement. As if we did not go through proper and formal education. A 2 cent humble advise to the ministers, next time, no need to admit wrong doings as this will make ma appetide lost for the day...

Anonymous said...

hey, i just heard 'american pie' from lite fm , wow about 8minute, a
beautiful song & good singing voice
too, thanks 'lite fm' !