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Friday, July 04, 2008

It's all going crazy!!!

Alamak! Crash? Technical ke? Oh..ape boleh buat?

Call me negative, cynical, gloomy whatever. But it looks to me that things are going to shits here in Bolehland. The Malaysian Stock Exchange was suspended. Because of a "technical glitch"!!! This is the face of rumours and suspicion that investors were abandoning a 'sinking' ship. So okay I am not a stocks and shares speculator so I don't know shit about these things. But I think it's all going crazy because of the reported reactions by our Prime Minister in today's newspapers.

"I have been told it is a technical glitch. If that is so, what can we do?"

- I would like to make a smart-ass remark on that statement but I must admit I am dumb-founded.

"We are still a safe country. I don't want to be perceived as being in denial but in terms of of political stability , what's happening in Umno now is because of the impending elections is not new. It's happened before. Similiarly, certain chaotic events and activities in Parliament cannot be equated to political instability."

- Political instability to me means that there is a looming, real threat to the ruling government. Period. No ah?

"We are in control of our safety and security and I mean every word I say."

- I am sure he means that. When something happens you can bet your ass that Jeanne, Nori, Khairy,Najib, Rosmah and the rest of the bunch will be safe and secure. Maybe behind guarded gates in Perth?

"What is all this suppose to mean? Why is there a need to say such things? What is all this?"

(read out that sentence aloud in any stereotypical Malaysian accent you can muster. Any injuries resulting from the hysterical laughter that will follow cannot be blamed on me, ya?)

- I laughed out loud when I read the above statement in the newspaper. Well said, Badawi. So typically Malaysian. So childlike. So .......... BLUR! I think before you lose it all you should send some of the boys to pay Wong Chun Wai a visit. Surely, you didn't say all that, did you? Or you were taken out of context. Right?



Anonymous said...

"We are still a safe country"

Meaning that there could be some trouble! No!

Xenon said...

oh well..let's see if the market recovers today. Real chaos is what I see in the scheme of Anwar's machinations. To have the person sitting besides him whilst making some grand SDs retract the entire SDs..just like the defecting MPs..another plan going down the drain?

Anonymous said...

Stupid is as stupid does...
Life is like a box of durians, you'll never know what you gonna get for a dumbshit as the Prime Minister

Anonymous said...

WTF.It is like watching a cheap-skate drama.At first this private investigator of Razak Baginda made a SD implicating Najib with regard to the case of Altantuya.Next he retracted saying that it was under duress or coer.What is going on man!Playing a fool to fool Malaysians or was bribed by somebody for the money I bet.

Jamuuna said...

I have always had a profound interest in politics but the whole soap opera being played out nowadays is making me sick. When the rest of the world is busy finding ways to cope with the economic downfall, our 'really dunno what to call them' politician are hurling sexual allegaion like no one's business. Can they just do their job....fair trial for all??

Or are these people really dumb? i am only 18+ and I think I probably can run the country better than these ulu people.

Anonymous said...

This just in. It seems our Bala fellow was called to the polis station (Briekfields) after the press conference. This is according to his lawyer. Received phone call. Then the lawyer dropped Bala at B'field Polis Station at 4.45pm. Then wah lah. Next day some retractions. Change of lawyer. Proberly UMNO appointed. And game is back on. No checkmate in this saga yet.

Anonymous said...

Hear No Evil
Speak No Evil
See No Evil

Malaysia is a safe and peaceful country - our soldiers will assist our polis to ensure taht.

Our level of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is still healthy - KLCI problem is just a technical hitch.

Ladies & Gentlemen
Please stay positive!

Please read the book 'The Secret' and let the positive energy elevate our 'Self-Syiokness'.


Wake Me Up When September (16)Come ...

Lao' Cha said...

They say, if you talk to Al Sleepy, you are well advised to be on your knees. That's where his head is !!!

Anonymous said...

Tolongla Malaysia
please la tolong kita, bagi wisdom kat menteris kita yang senang bahagia
Tak pikir pasal harga barang naik setiap hari/bulan

Please la tuhan tuhans tolong laa
Yang selalu suka tidur tu tolong la kejutkan dia betapa banyak masalah kita hadapi sekarang.

tolong la...pls pls tuhans yang kita sayangi.

Square said...

1st, i really like the pics u choosed.

2nd-ly, our sleepy head Pm can just go back to sleep...oi oi lor....dun ever bother waking up anymore!


built62 said...


lord musan said...

"I have been told it is a technical glitch. If that is so, what can we do?"(We can give you a tight slap..left and right!And we can also kick your bloody head and your bloody balls!)

"What is all this suppose to mean? Why is there a need to say such things? What is all this?"(This is where you received another tight slap on your face and have your ass sodomized!Care to make a statutory declaration after that?)

lord musan

amoker said...

Bursa and HP kept quiet on what is the glitch. Heads need to roll, partner.

Before long, someone will come along and propose a new RM1 billion system. And everybody will still keep quiet on what exactly causes the glitch. Boleh la..

Malim Deman said...

No wonder all the foreign investors 'cabut' last week!

Obefiend said...

obviously the rumour mongers are trying to destabilise the bursa.


you guys can blame badawi this badawi that. blame najis C4 and his husba............. i mean wife.

but we are also to blame. who put them in power for 50 years? who? i bet you did. the oppposition have been telling you about their misdeed since i was a kid in 1998. did you stand back and think about those allegation. when anwar got his eyes pokes and kissed by Rahim did you guys care? nope! you guys voted for the big blue dacing of equality not long after that

now when its the in thing to be in PR suddenly semua orang found their long dormant nutsack to blame everything on BN. oh wait.. salah.. blame UMNO only.

why ah? tell me wai? like that Anita Mui song. Why blame only UMNO la? MIC, SUPP ekor, MCA and Gerakan all never get bashed one?

please answer to me? ...

i am sick of this political drama and conspiracy theory. what's next?

time for malaysians to stop playing the blame game. As the sayings goes. the government is the perfect reflection of its people. for decades we have been responsible for our own misery.

the malays are responsible coz they voted UMNO so that the malay supremacy will be there forever

the chinese are responsible for they fear if PAS is the gahmen they all cannot main judi and minum arak like in kelantan!

the indian also responsible for years for supporting that semi bald Velueless guy as their leader

see where i am going? we are all to blame for Allah,Buddha,Shiva,Vishnu,Anubis,Yahweh and Richard Dawkin's sake.

sigh.. dah la. too rired to point out the truth. i know i'm going to get blasted for my opinion here. By ANONYMOUS people no less.. see lah. see lah. i know mesti kena bash punya la.


you can't handle the truth.kan? painful is it?

yang benar

i never use ANONYMOUS tag when commenting.

HAVE A NICE DAY. and patrick! i love your blog. you are my hero back in 1996 ( i think it was 96) for scolding the slow radio caller in your show! bloody brilliant lah Uncle Pat!

cys said...


Anonymous said...

Malaysia burns..while our politicians fiddle.
First this country was led by a dungu GP who ran it like a GP clinic....what is made by the Doctor is mine...and what is made by the clinic is also I will do as I please.....then he appoints a true lanun called Daim who robbed the clinic dry....and then he appoints a brain dead Badawi as PM who appoints another mamak who gambled away Bank Negara's money according to their new and ssslitherrrry political stalwart EZAM.....
Waiting right in line after the brain dead PM is a murderer and murderess.....who just want to make sure that the country's treasury is as clean and empty as a whistle.......where is the rakyat....either watching football at home or watching a rock band at Kelana Jaya.....this is no picnic........this is a disaster that only our children will pay.....

flyer168 said...

Dear Patrick,

Yes, you said it all...very "spicy" but good assessment of the present rayaat's perception.

Good collection of comments on this take .....

I quite like Jamuuna's comments...
Quote :

"I have always had a profound interest in politics but the whole soap opera being played out nowadays is making me sick. When the rest of the world is busy finding ways to cope with the economic downfall, our 'really dunno what to call them' politician are hurling sexual allegaion like no one's business. Can they just do their job....fair trial for all??

Or are these people really dumb? i am only 18+ and I think I probably can run the country better than these ulu people." unquote.

We are all sick of the stupid Political statements from them "ulu" people !

Ofcourse you & anyone with your intelligence & thinking are eligible to run this great nation Better !!!!

Ha ha !

merdekame said...

Mr Niamah,

Denial is one thing, but it is one more thing to protect the country and the people. I a way Pak Lah is doing that, but only the other parties around him so intent to bring him down simply because he is an easy target. It's THOSE people we hould be wary of. THOSE are the people who cause political instability I feel.

Anonymous said...

Najib, Badawi & asshole S.I.L pls line up to KLCC highest floor & announce to the Malaysian people that they are doing a great favor to us by jumping down from there together, after this, everyone is safe & save, and yes, Malaysia Boleh then...

Anonymous said...

To save malaysia :

R-A-H-M-A-N(NAZRIN) = PM (2009)


daniel said...

anon u are so cetek. Do you really feel by asking them to jump down and all the problems in Malaysia would go away with them? Is it so simple that when those people are not there anymore we would be saved!? Or even worse if the person to ganti the next is even worse! What sort of right minded person would actually ask another person to die?

Oh wait, probably you were asking them to bungee jump or some parachute jump or something. Riiight.

Anonymous said...

Perak in danger, bn offers 10juta for crossing over said an ADUN in ipoh !!

monsterball said...

You cannot blame him feeling good ......right now.
Backside fucking revealed!
Stock Exchange fucked up.
Anwar and Najib are key players in dirty politics.
Why.....anyone will smile...knowing he will be left alone for sometime....not revealing his stupidity ...again and again...boring Malaysians.
And personally...I am sick of these personalities...including Anwar.
He has to deliver....and not keep giving hopes.with no results.
This is not a Dan Brown novel.
This is dealing with real people.

Anonymous said...

We don’t know whether such crisis, which came up every 10 years, should be viewed as a coincidence or whether there were some groups who didn’t want other countries, such as Islamic countries, to become economic successes in their own right.....this was in today's star, spoken by none other then Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop...

how come our malay politicians like to talk like that one. i have not heard the indians or chinese ones talk like that. when something bad happens, someone must be trying to do bad things to islamic countries. maybe he thinks NZ, US and many in Euro land also Islamic countries ah. They also having bad times economically ma.

Mr Minister, pls dont always think like tribal leader. when got problem dont blame others can or not. be held accountable once in a while la.

Anonymous said...

Perak latest : BN wants to beli b4 31ogos two=dua PR aduns at RM10juta
EACH !! hurry-hurry, 1st come 1st
served = cepat-cepat, liwat (oops!)
LEWAT tak dapat !!

Anonymous said...

" hahaha...let the 2 kill each otherlah...hahaha....i stay till GE13...hahaha...jean..jean.. let's's tea-time !!"

Anonymous said...

" @#$%^&* seronok with jean lah, i have to crack my skull, @#$%^&*...ros,ros mari minum
...tea-time juga !!"

Anonymous said...

WOW ! he used his god's name to show ' dun know that late woman' = must be TRUE lah, pls trust him !

Anonymous said...

What happened to niamah?

So quite already?