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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh this is so funny

Ever since the Terengganu chief minister's announcement that the state had forked out RM3.4 million to buy 14 Mercedes Benz Kompressor cars and the debates, arguments and public indignation that followed I've been waiting for something else laughable to happen. Today when I opened the newspapers there it was...

BN states to promote cost-saving habits.

Yes, that was the headline story. And the call was issued by no less than our Prime Minister! Remember? He'd just approved the Mercedes purchases but stipulated that they only be used to transport foreign dignitaries visiting the state. An order that nobody bothered to take very seriously. Of course. It's only Abdullah Badawi after all. Ah nerr mine la. Jom pi makan angin in my new Mercedes Benz Kompressor.

"Barisan Nasional state governments are to launch community programmes to help people reduce their energy use and adopt other cost-saving habits. These include more use of public transport and developing edible home gardens......"

The prime minister gave this set of instructions to chief ministers and menteri's besar at a meeting yesterday. And guess what? This is really quite funny. The only guy who wasn't present at the meeting to hear Badawi's words was...........the menteri besar of......Terengganu!!!

It seems Ahmad Said is abroad performing the umrah!!! I wonder what sins he is seeking forgiveness for?

Anyway, after spending millions of tax-payers money on luxury cars for executive councillors these flers now tell US to change our lifestyles. Again! Plant vegetables. Use public transport. Cut back on use of electricity and water.

How many times you want us to change our lifestyle?

Plant vegetables? Sure if you had changed local building by-laws to ensure that our homes have at least a piece of green that's bigger than a postage stamp. Plant vegetables in our garden ah? Hello! Where got garden?

Use public transport? If I take the unreliable buses that run late all the time and I get fired from my job then how? If I take LRT and have to queue for hours and get home late where got time to plant vegetables?

And then I use public transport everyday I get home late. Dark already so sure have to switch on lights so how to save electricity?

Save water ah? That one maybe can la. I tell my family they can only shower once a week. But then we all smell how? Then maybe you will tell us that also cannot because it affects our tourism arrivals etc. Give bad impression to our foreign visitors.

Cost-saving ah? Eh! Wait a minute ah. Then how come your house so big one? So many lights. So much land but I don't see any vegetable patch one. Wah some more your gardener use hose to water your wife's flowers.

Hiyah! Everything also we lose one la.



monsterball said...

These are signs....UMNO is fucked up....inside...out.
Never in the history of UMNO..getting ikan bilis..defying the President.
Dollah deserves all this...the day .he supported sodomy against Anwar....supported fear ..and provocations save himself and UMNO.
To actually.....divert Malaysians attentions away from the Lingam case...murder case....and the 6 Malaysians Indians ..for no reasons...locked under ISA.
All these will kill UMNO.
But he tried to divert attentions.
What happen?
More and more UMNO high ranking members are join Anwar.
Truths always win.....sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

I understand you been pissed after reading barisan mouth piece MSM, but then again it gives you a good source for materials to write in your blog. Seriously, they only asked the people to cut down on consumption, grow vegetables & what have you but they don't practice what they preach! I'm just biding my time to teach them a second lesson after 0803.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia if FUCKED with all the asshole leaders. Don`t forget those leaders are the onces we picked during election. So are we gonna make the same mistake again!!
Malaysian need to wake up NOW!!!!!! vote wisely next time.

borneo headhunter said...

A BASELESS advise that is!!i wonder how did 'Pak Leleh' can come out with these 'brilliant' ideas as at the same time his men are busy spending and wasting our money elsewhere!!

I have to admit, ever since BN took power after the recent election, nothing much has changed..except for these bloody idiots governing the BN states r busy goofing, F**king around and not doing their job diligently!!

F*ck all of them BN shits!!let's behead them..arrrgggh!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Teoh,

Well I always say, the speaker should lead by example.

Let's see that dumb PM of ours leave out luxury from his current lifestyle, plant a garden full of edible greens, and commute like the rest of us, before talking kok.

Seriously, are these politicians so thick headed as to churn out crap that they themselves don't follow... and they know the nation knows that they are bulling all the way.

Sean Teoh--

thamkengyew said...

hey pat & everyone else, wanna ask your opinion, what about selangor opting for the camry? are they going through with that? does it sound like a political bitch slap disguised as cost savings?

Pat Toeh is a bastard said...

Hey you retarded bastard (Patrick @ Sor Hai Teoh),

Why these days you bitch so much?? No more newscasting these days or is that you have been sacked???

The way you're complaining make you look like a baby crying over spilt milk. Stop bitching & put words into action.

Lastly, Fuck ya mother & Tiu Nia Mah yourself!!!

Anonymous said...

Today our wonderful lrt got technical problem (again) but of coz RapidKL is working their asses off trying to fix it - i took nearly 2 hours to arrive office... but when u complain - they say... "apa nak buat, dia nak rosak, rosak la..."
How come I don c any of the Ministers take lrt oso? How come they no need to change their lifestyle le? Where's the leadersgip by example and walk the talk crap??

myrayza said...

I am your fan since long time ago when you are still a DJ at Radio 4. You rock man... :)

Jolly said...

Shame on Mr Terengganu MB. It's not fair to pin all the blame of the fault of this rotten apple on AAB. His directive was in no way ambiguous, but the Terengganu MB chose to defy only what. His neck should be the first to go if BN loses Terengganu again.

Nic said...

Hey Patrick,
That's really hilarious, man. Looks like you've already got the center piece of your new comedy skit tentaively titled "Don't work for me, work with someone who talks sense". Really, better hurry before those flers from Comedy Court nick it first.

Anonymous said...

What is the PM's favourite song?

Ans: By Ronan Keating...hint...You Do It Best When you say Nothing At All.

No need to elaborate la.

sarcastic said...

i'm sure you can see the positive side of the Bumi Hijau Canmpaign launched recently by Pak Lah and Co.but you seems to choose the more "laughable" side of it.well,funny man always see the funny side first.


Anonymous said...

HE has 3 benzs at home, why so many one ? can't use saga, iswara,
kancil, waja or gen2 meh !? no standard ah ? how many times has the mistress ordered the maids to wash the cars nicely ? how much water been wasted ? water, FREE lah
at nite all lights on ,why ? SCARED lah,in case ....!? electricity ? FREE lah ! ( once i forgot my letric bill = RM56.47, potong lah !)...@#$%^&*..niamah !!

Anonymous said...

i like this ahmad said fler! he is so clever and cunning and managed to 'drop badawi water face'! he is only a CM for 4 months mah! so the decision to buy the Merc must be during previous management! of course he went ahead and bought it and hope some clever fler leak the story of Merc and bam! hit umno on the face again! then he can demand ACA to investigate moonsun chawan and islamic theme park hiya! and umno fall for it and thinking that this time they got ahmad ball in their hand! bravo ahmad said!

Anonymous said...

One phrase that struck me...
"I love my country, but my country doesn't love me"
I think we all can just eat grass like all the lembus beside the roads... we're definitely moving backwards, we can live like Neanderthals.

Anonymous said...

Brother, he meant your lifestyle lah. Not his and his kuncu-kuncus...

Awi dan crew will always think of ways to help us (u & me) to change our lifestyle so that they can afford to continue theirs NIAMAH lifestyle, you know????


Anonymous said...

oi Patrick u ingat kita senang senang nak suka pakai Mercedes ke? kita ni cuma nak tolong the rakyat save money la...but on the other hand...kita pun nak glamour jugak lah...kita ni duduk kat KT mana ada chance nak berglamour

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat!

Good one! LOL!!!!!!

It just makes us wonder what kind of leaders we have! Hypocrites!

chris hanson said...

damn funny la mr teoh, cant stand it...........such foolish leader we got.......nothing else can be done than sit down and laugh? sure got way......something must be done.....

Anonymous said...

The PM just as all the other umno ministers all have dual mouth or shall I say twin orifice. They can speak out of both of them. For us common people we speak through our mouth but PM can speak through his asshole. I do believe he is able to eat through his asshole as well otherwise why is so much shit coming out of his mouth, both PM and DPM have similar talents.
Twin Assholes

Anonymous said...

Najis has 3 mercedez.

Cost saving?


Anonymous said...

LMAO at "So much land but I don't see any vegetable patch one".. you tell 'em sir!

anfield devotee said...

Someone should collect all the fooking hot air spewed at the meeting. Should be enough to generate several trillion kilowatts of electricity . . .

Anonymous said...


I suppose during your Mediacorp stint in Singapore you would have noticed the quality of the Singapore ministers in their decision making process, speech and policies implemented. Singapore is governed like a company (Inc) with the ministers behaving like CEOs.

I wonder what kind of academic qualification our ministers possess. They stood up like good script writers for comedy acts, judging from the way they talk and behave. It reminds me of the one Astro advertisement where a little girl told his father that an ostrich has a 'pea-size' brain.

No-brainer politicians would come up with frivolous policies.

The Rakyat enjoys the joke neverthesless.

Malaysia Boleh

Anonymous said...

Want to plant vegetables, how to save water?

solidleong said...

Instead of cracking his head as to how to tackle the economy crisis, repair our already battered international image and to regain the rakyat's confidence in him...all he can think of is change our lifestyles again, plant vegies and save utilities consumptions...OMG what is happening?

KIMHO8 said...

Plant our own vegetables???

1) Knowledge and experience needed.
2) Seeds & fertilizers are not
3) Long maturity period, we
might die of starvation.
4) Hypermarket sells spinach,
kangkong,Choi Sam & etc at
10cents to 50cents per bunch.
Why must we plant? Are we
sucker of the year???

Better suggestion, plant the oil palm tree at the garden too, moron???

Some of my friends, they have been trying to plant winter melon or what ever melon and vegetables for so many years. But no matter how hard they try, none of a single fruit has grow before.

By the way, most of us are not vegetarian.

Keep chicken at our backyard to save energy for the alarm clock and we can consume their eggs and meats as our daily protein intake.
If they smell good and crow all night long, that will make ourselves and our dearest neighbours get very crazy!!!

Grow fish in the toilet bowl to save water and fish food but make sure that we won't flush them away lah!!!

natives are restless said...

After over 50 years of self rule ; we have come to this ; plant your own vegetables ?

We're soooooo looking forward to the next 50 . Rear your own cattle and pigs and poultry too perhaps ????

Anonymous said...

Aiyah Uncle Pat (not that fler Uncle Pet ok?), you heard of ISO certification or not? Our PM and his bunch of clowns are all ISO certified jokers. In their case ISO stands for "I Say Only". So why we all believe? So Chris Hanson is rite....only thing that we can do is laugh only. What else can we do?

From: TNS (not NIAMAH!)

Life is Fun!!! ^_^ said...

There are more important things need to be taken care of eg FDIs, country competitiveness, human capital, etc. Why we only look at small things? We need to enlarge our per capita income rather than squeezing our balls just to cut costs.

We, the ordinary folk, need to think on how to increase our monthly income rather than changing our lifestyle, 180 degree turn, just to save a few peanuts. By the way, with our fixed payroll income, how much can we save? You tell me. If can, for how long?

Anonymous said...

I 100% agree with you, Patrick. You talk more sensible than our sleepy PM who has failed to walk the talk. I remember when he took over the PM post he promised the rakyat that he would listen to all parties, talk less and walk more. Today, he is still dream-walking and not even jogging anyore.

We have people with cow sense who can only offer the rakyat with tricks only monkeys will like to play around. People like us, the lower income and middle class majorities are already fed up with the calls to change our life style. What better idea can the PM offers us now with the increased inflation? One day, you and me may have to use water from the longkang to wash our assholes after passing out shits as tissue papers may become expensive to buy besides the needs to save water.

The transport sustems in KL and the Klang Valley are hopeless and I wonder how we could live or change our simple life style without owning a car?? If our transport systems are as efficient as HK and Singapore, I am sure you and me would like to sell or discard our cars. I don't expect this long-talking-but-no-real-action improvement on our transport systems would be materialised by 2020! Trust me.

When are we expecting all these vital insfrastructure to improve in order that we could change our life style for the sake of the nation and our PM?

Chan hai NIAMAH!!

Christina said...

oh man, this post cracked me up!!!!

the stuff that comes out of our country's leaders' mouths... i don't know what to say that hasn't already been said! do they THINK before they speak???

amoker said...

He travel using plane baught for the ' use by the DYMM Agong". I bet Agong is still waiting to see this mysterious plane.

Lao' Cha said...

Damn this freaky, dicky, sleepy cow dung of a pee-mier. He's getting worse by the hour. Man, he really is turning into a vegetable himself !!!

Darn man, the whole nation could save billion if he would volunteer himself as fertilizers for our 'garden'. Didn't they use manure for vegetable farming a long time ago? We could use one now. Billions is a stake you know?

Anonymous said... are one funny son of a gun, u know that.

but, i feel you. heck, majority of us living in KL feel you.

KL dude

Anonymous said...

Please read article by William Pesek in Bloomberg

"Sodomy, Murder, DNA Tests Make `CSI Malaysia' "

Very soon we have CSI:Malaysia!!!1

here is the link:

Anonymous said...

Pat, it is hard to change flip flop habbit.

Yea, propaganda more on msm, everyday i can see it on thestar page 2 , it's gonna do more damage then ever.

Cause no one believes them!

Anonymous said...

Big People have power, big cars, big houses, everything BIG. Small people have no power, small/no cars, small/no houses, everything small.

Simple logic of this materialistic world, get it?

But BIG/small people now have access to the internet aka the "fifth estate".

BP very sore with sp now because the FE is not exclusive and cannot be censored.

jude said...


Anonymous said...

Not original: what does our finance minister/PM (so many title la) have in common with Flintstone or Fred?

One lives in the stone age and the other one is trying to take us back there. Who is doing what, u guess lo.

Andrew said...

I'm sickened by the continued attitude of out politicians. can't wait for the next elections to teach these fella another lesson!

Anonymous said...

Pat., after three decades of being involved with all kinds of transportation machines, i have concluded that it takes certain characteristics to be involved with machine some who need 'style' such job is no,no! some are just good for ceremonial purposes, just that. Others with passion for machines will definitely do better. just look around where machines and maintenance are required, the whole projects all go kaput!!
with an environment with'easy' cash flow, dirty fingers can not be part of a 'relax' ambiance!after over 3 decades of easy life, it is faster to convert those cars to scraps, whose price is worth something. So let's convert every thing into easy cash FIRST then talk later.

Anonymous said...

By J.D. Lovrenciar

1. Why do you let so much of corruption and wickedness to go unchecked. The latest was in Penang? What about Lingam-gate? And do we need such a long time to nail the bastard/s who blew a foreign lady to smittens?

2. Why do you have the heart to sail away in a multi-million dollar boat when poor Malaysians suffered from massive floods?

3. Why do you find it so impossible to to allow the Police Commission to get down to work when the image, reputation and track record of the men in blue is falling off the cliff?

4. How come you once said that anyone who leaves BN to join PR is a traitor, but now you openly admit that you and your fallen crooks are virtually bribing PAS to join hands with UMNO?

5. Why are you playing scientist, doctor, investigator and judge in the recent allegations of sodomy against Anwar?

6. Why were your hands on the bare shoulders of Datuk Michael Yeoh although you championed not so long ago Islam Hadhari as the NEW hope for all Malaysians?

7. Why are you not curious and impatient to find out how come C4 can be taken out and misused so easily? Does it not worry you how people can misuse this loophole against the entire nation?

8. Why are you not pursuing the trail of how come people can blast a foreigner without the superior knowing anything about it? Or why entry-egress records are missing?

9. I have many more questions Mr. PM. It is all WHYs? and HOW COME?

There are millions of Malaysians who love Malaysia far more than you. There are many more millions who love our King too.

You owe all of these millions of us genuine citizens ANSWERS. No?

Chester said...

HapiBlogging to you my friend! Have a nice day!

monsterball said...

This scumbag worm.. .."pat teoh is a bastard said" writer at 1.04 obviously an UMNO member and hates the guts of blog owner.
I wonder how old is he?
If he has 10% of Patrick Teoh's success and fearless reputations..he would not talk like that.
Pat put out his message and ignored him.
That shows Patrick Teoh is a gentleman.

Anonymous said...

Niamah and Niaseng

My friend's car was stolen, so he has to take public transport to work. He started at 6.00am in selayang by bus, then change to another bus, then another bus, then monorail and he reached his office at 9.00am


Anonymous said...

the 1.04 pm 'bastard' is a real BASTARD ...@#$%^&*...a niamah smelly bastard, yes !

Anonymous said...

hey, saifool's uncle is actually an aunty lah...hahaha!

Anonymous said...

1. First they buy 14 Mercs
2. Then they bitch about their Perdanas
3. Then we find out they spend millions$$$ of the Perdanas
4. Pak Lah say "Can", "Cannot", "Can - but only when the Queen of England visits"
5. Whatever Pak Lah says the fler's BohChap and continue cruzing in the Mercs...

In summary, the leaders are hypocrites, they treat the rakyats as idiots (we deserve to be idiots, since 'we' voted them in), they don't really care what we have to say, and the guy at the top is a weak, fickle and is desperately overstaying his welcome.

Some Observation said...

OMG ! Just watch the opening of this interview with the Deputy IGP regarding the sodomy case of Datuk Seri Anwar.

Notice how he says:

“….yang telah melakukan kesalahan liwat….”

and also watch closely his body language. NOTICE ANYTHING???

Link :

Blogreader said...

Blogreader: This is a comment on a video (lifeted from Malaysia-Today) which i think everyone should watch. The Deputy IGP has already ‘confirmed’ Anwar HAS SODOMIZED Saiful, even before the Anwar is charged by the police.

This stupid incompetent Tan Sri should really mind his language. He should go back to his past, present and future tense classes.

Funny and sad thing is, if someone were to interview the presiding judge over this trial, he might say just the same as this Tan Sri.

As below:
written by Pato, July 31, 2008 | 09:53:03
OMG ! Just watch the opening of this interview with the Deputy IGP regarding the sodomy case of Datuk Seri Anwar.
Notice how he says:
“….yang telah melakukan kesalahan liwat….”
and also watch closely his body language. NOTICE ANYTHING???
Link :

Anonymous said...

Dear "pat teoh is a bastard said" at 1.04 PM,

Like the gentleman Patrick Teoh was when allowing your foulmouthed and moronic comment which only comes out from a mouth of a cesspool, please identify yourself if you have the balls.

Pray that you are a not a parent or you have a mother as I feel sorry for them. Pray to God that he will make YOU realise things in a hard way and leave his family members out of this.

Anonymous said...

UMNO Baru will continue to rob the country and con the people in the name of Agama,Bangsa, Negara. ROB,ROB, CON, CON, HE, HE Malaysian rakyat are the suckers.
And if any of you dare to challenge UMNO Baru's power, then they have their hitmen like the IGP and the AG to get u.

doraemon1972 said...

Fuck them for telling me to change my lifestyle. Change to what? Grow our own vegetables? Fuck them!!! Where got time. Keluar rumah cari makan hari gelap lagi, balik rumah pun hari sudah gelap. Asshole. Cakap mmg senang la. To all those fuckers please for once, give us a reasonable advise.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick I cut down on my spending, I cut down on travelling, I cut down on finally I decided to really change my here I am starting work in Australia, probably for good. And boy...I tell you what, the LIFESTYLE IN AUSTRALIA IS DAMN GOOD....NIAmah!

Chahya said...

Correction, P.T.
Performing umrah is not only to seek forgiveness for sins.
Perhaps better get more info & knowledge before throwing remarks.
Not a fan of that Ahmad though.
Comments on religious matters are best left untouched.

Jen's Place said...

Sigh! We, the people, the rakyat are struggling to make ends meet due to the sudden and forever on-going inflation since I don't even remember when. And our blardy govt are buying luxury cars with our tax-payer money?? RM3.4mil and they are telling us that they are suddenly reducing the money for the fuel subsidy, for this?!? I dun usually swear but I am so tempted to say the word that you usually end all your posting with, the N-word!~

Adeline said...

haha !! i love this post ! indeed very funny and true !

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, the country is suffering and the govt so busy with sodomy, real or unreal, ministers cars etc.

Got hope ah?

Latest PM said there will be no emergency rule...scared la. Why? He has a tendency to say the opposite to what he patrick? Aiyah, go yum cha la

Edward Skading said...

Dear Blogger,


My name is Edward Skading and I am writing to seek your corporation and support to help me uphold our consumer rights against F&N Dairies’ Contaminated Condensed Sweet Milk – Tea Pot brand.

The full information is posted on my weblog If you wish to contact me please send an email to

I would greatly appreciate your support to expose this incident to all Malaysians because it seems like most main stream media is not interested in this horrible discovery. I wish they would take notice.

I am also in the midst of being taken to court by F&N because of my determination for transparency and truth.

Please come forward and help me. I would greatly value it.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Edward Skading

monsterball said...

OK..All are fed up!!
How about all Malaysians stay not celebrate the Merdeka shows.
Let UMNO buggers salute to empty padangs ..all over Malaysia.
Let the foreign dignitaries enjoy a very good laugh and also know Malaysians are united and are no fools.
Mahatma Gandhi told Indians to have a day of rest..on a British celebration.
All stayed home...and it sends shivers to Britain.
This is better than streets demonstrations and protest walks.
Lets all not drive one day...on 31st August and be with our love ones...or walk nearby...visiting friends and relatives.
Lets really things in life...from God..
UMNO will shiver like never before.
Shall we borrow great..wise Mahatma Gandhi idea and practice in Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Monsterball to stay at home and celebrate it quietly to reflect on our situation. No going out to celebrate merdeka. That is not necessary. My patriotism does not need to be seen by anyone or shouted out loud. The current situation requires me to change my lifestyle and cut cost.

It is time to have a deep reflection.

My question to myself and hopefully all the readers:

Am i better off with this independence (Merdeka), would i be worse off under colonial rule?

I have thought this thru over many merdeka celebrations. I have yet to convince myself that Merdeka has made any improvement to non malays/bumis. Non malays/bumis would not be any worse off under white rule; maybe, possibly or should i say confidently, definitely non malays/bumis would be better off under white rule.

Why do i say that?

In "white" country, they have a rule against racial discrimination; if one feels discriminated one can take the employer etc to court. In Malaysia, after independence, we are told to be contented with what we have as pendatang. The law allows racial discrimination.

Am i wrong to think that i would be better off under white rule? Dont think so, pls convince me with some logical reasoning instead of just using foul langguage. Thank you sir/madam.

BTW. i think even most malays/bumis would be better off under white rule for the same reason. How many malays/bumis have benefitted fr NEP or whatever name you cal it? Look at malays in singapore, australia....i think they are generally better off even when they live without NEP.

toolan said...

We the rakyat must change our life style so that our beloved YB, MP etc etc etc can continue enjoying their big house, big garden, big overseas trip, big boys toys etc etc etc.

We the rakyat have to be content coz all this beloved MP, YB etc etc etc sacrifice so much to take care of us mah! That is why it is alright for them to buy this and that as long as they are happy bunch!


Anonymous said...

Tiu Niamah to our PM & DPM -

TOK KOK SING SONG pandai.....
Jaga Negara, sendiri masuk pocket....

As leaders of a country, wat you mean to change our life styles, while you fucking assholes living like kings. Your junior buy Merc you say cannot, they still buy. How leh, tis can happen? Then you can ok, then put terms & conditions for special VVIP/Dignitaries - Weh..... Stupid idiot wat you talking. Can buy 14 Mercs, just for special VVIP/Dignitaries... Who lah? going to Terengganu so often to use the Mercs lah..... BODOH punya PM. Then tell rakyat to tanam sayur in garden. My own PM lagi bodoh or shud I say kurang cerdik or kurang daya fikiran. Government spend rakyat monies at its own leisure but ask them to cut cost. Oooooi PM cut your KOK lah..... Better still tell government servant, boleh cari part time kerja..... Do wat? Go rob people/bank or better still go rob you assholes (BN leaders)then become Robin Hood.
So wat's next PM & DPM ---> Get Anwar under Sodomy charges (election ploy) after getting final report frm Police.

Fed up lah...... Tiu Niamah 3xxxx

Anonymous said...


theleli said...

i agree with monsterball we all should stay in during merdeka day. after all i don't really feel 'merdeka' with all these crisis happening in our country. i urge all bloggers to promote this (that we don't go out celebrate merdeka).

we all should 'berjimat'.

Anonymous said...

pat, please enlighten why yap kim hock is going to peking NOT as chief coach ? thanks .

Anonymous said...

BN is cute but you were living at the edge, I doubt you can LOL!

pah nur said...

Tell the ministers to car pool lah...after all, they are only going to the same parliment and their offices all in Putrajaya mey...
It's "Kepimpinan melalui Tauladan"..dunno what happened to the phrase now. Maybe the government had to stop it because everyone, was behaving like the government at the time the slogan came about...Now got problem curbing corruption at all levels!!!

Anonymous said...

WHAT ! bn is going to WASTE another 100 million for the by-election refusing a walkover to dsai....@#$%^&*...niamah !

monsterball said...

"kickdefella" blog owner suggested flying our National flag...upside down!
Why not buy UMNO flag and fly upside down? Why punish the National flag?
I repeat...let Dollah and Najib salute to emplty padangs...on 31st Augusdt Merdeka show.
It is always UMNO's propaganda show...not really Malaysians.
By doing so...Agong and Sultans may feel offended. We apologise in advance. It is not intended to disrespect them...but sending a powerful message to UMNO and BN...their time is up..don't waste our money or try to fool us anymore.
Just look..they never work at all!!'Just keep defending UMNO..this or that.
Can anyone imagine how many hundreds of millions per month....wasted on salaries...for unproductive work?
2000 MCA resigned to join news.
Few top brass UMNO leaders resigned.. join news.
But when Saiful and Ezam speaks...headline news.
Are we all so blind.. cannot see.. UMNO is treating all of suckers or power?
Hi MALAYSIANS!!!... People's Power is the mightiest in every country.
Be proud...and be brave.

ruyom said...

It now appears to me that the problem began with the concept of "Ketuanan Melayu".

This concept was introduced around the time when Malaysia was working hard to achieve independence from the British.

As we are all aware, the malays were marginalised in the economic sector and perhaps to a large extend the political side as well.

The malay leaders of the time tried to boost the spirit of the malay community by introducing the concept of "Ketuanan Melayu".

So, the malay leaders at that time used the concept "Ketuanan Melayu" as a rallying point not as a tool to oppress or rid the non-malays, but merely as a cry to prevent the malays from drifting towards oblivion in the era of Malaysia as a country.

While the other concepts ranging from ethnic cleansing to white supremacy are meant to dominate and wipe out the other races, "Ketuanan Melayu" is only meant to help the malays to get to equal footing with the non-malays.

Anonymous said...

Notice how quite the news on the Mercedes have been? Gomen: "If we quiet quiet for a while... the Rakyat very stupid one.... they forget then we curi-curi use the car again to go recuperate at our Exco resort...."

Anonymous said...

since 2003 edu.min has wasted 1.3 billion on ' teaching maths/sains in english' ( buying laptops & softwares & kickbacks & know lah !) BUT i tink 90% teachers
( getting 10% extra every month) are doing this :" good moring muridx2, today kita want study carbon dioxida, so open buku, mukasurat page ...., ok,, eh...yes...yes...yes(?)..yester...
ok, semalam kita oredi belajar..!"
( pupils come to me for tuition so i know lah !ok ?)
1.3 BILLION...1.3 BILLION..ONLY lah !& that fellow says ' puas hati !'
is that ALL !? NO..NO.. lagi lah :

NOW, this fellow wants to please his BIGBOSS by planning '
agricultures in schools especially
bungaraya & jean is the PATRON lah!
good what !... oh , sure lah good ! know how much $$$$$$$ is going to be WASTED ah !?
BN is going to waste another 100 JUTA on by-election,( apart from 70 juta already on that cracks !) refusing to give a walkover walaupun some umnoputras
have suggested & tahu sure to kalah one !
who will be dpm in 2010 the june when (jikalau jadi) najib goes up ?
u tink muhidin or malaca xxx who says "kami saja tanpa components", i tink, tink only lah, this fellow who is working melalui jean lah !!

monsterball said...

Now Dollah is really finished!
First it was Terengganu defying him. Then Rafidah announced her retirement....without paying the normal customary inform UMNO's President first.
It's her tit for well played to stupid Dollah.....worst PM ..we can possibly get.
Just look at Dollah's face.....simply lost for words....feeling so shameful and confused.
This is not because UMNO loves Mahathir...obeying his advises...but due solely to Dollah's own selfish and low class dirty politics....played onto Anwar.
More will disgrace Dollah.
He deserves everything.
Now.. he has a hand to destroy UMNO.
To me...I like to say..."Bravo Dollah. You did it.....not because you want to prove you my PM...but are so bloody selfish and a big liar"

Anonymous said...

umno flag ? enough, lagi ada mca,mic.gerakan sapp....& ALL the components = BN flag !!
on 31st & 30th nite, please light up ONE big fat white/black (=50) plus ONE small CANDLES (= sorrows) for the 51st anniversary ! OK...
please LAH !! no celebrations, please !

Anonymous said...

PM Lee Hsien Loong

Cambridge University - First Class Honours (1974)

Harvard University - Masters (1980)

PM Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi

University of Malaya - Bachelor of Arts Honours (1964)

SM Goh Chok Tong

University of Singapore - First Class Honours (1964)

Williams College , USA - Masters (1967)

Deputy PM Dato' Sri Najib Razak

University of Nottingham - Bachelor of Arts Honours (1974)

Anonymous said...

has anybody seen those E200 benzs (TAM28, TAM 12 or ....) in KL , KT or genting & camerans, please kindly report, thanks !

Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick, 29th July was the last time you wrote. Why such a long absence? You're on holiday or have you been apprehended under ISA? Still on the subject of "Oh this is so funny" I thought I might as well add-on the recent revelation.

City Hall had spent RM45M on overtime claims in 2007 and up to June this year up to RM31M!!

Ain't this funny, mind boggling or outright shocking?

Funny because of the reason given to justfiy such claims; mind boggling because this amount can far exceed the annual turnover of a lot of our public listed companies; and outright shocking because inspite of all these f..kers working overtime, nothing still got done in City Hall, and on top of that it looks like this figure will increase by another 50% if this abuse goes unchecked.

From: TNS (not NIAMAH)

Anonymous said...

Ya la. where got money to buy Mercedes Benz for saving.

i also want saving ma, right. where got money.

monsterball said...

hahahahahaha. Now a top active UMNO man filed a complaint to ACA....charging Dollah and Najib...bribing voters!!!
This is getting better and better everyday..Crooks catching crooks.....hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

ACA : "complaint !? what complaint?
you call this complaint ah........
wasting time....!!"

Anonymous said...

" WHAT ! cracks, where ? so what, i am no more the minister... why ask me...i dun care, not my business what... 70 juta, think carefully ah, or else my la....!"

Anonymous said...

".... your government WENT AGAINST our advice what, so it cracks lah !"

WHAT ! samy oh samy you must be responsible even you are no more the minister , see you !

Anonymous said...

" aiyah, 70 juta only lah, 'wet wet crumbs' ! NOW, we are spending 100 juta on what..
'you blow meh ?' your money but we like to spend the way we suka what,
can you do !?
we are spending many many more for the 51st celebrations, have fun bodoh olang !!
jean is spending lagibanyak for
the 'BUNGARAYA' perancangan , the
1st lady what...jealous ah ! ceh!"

NoHopeMalaysian said...

Dear Patrick, I don't know whether to laugh or cry....

Anonymous said...

nohopemalaysian Sir, please light up black/white candles = SORROWS
for this coming 31st ok ! no celebrations = be sorrowful for this doomed nation !!

Anonymous said...

aiyah,this is the 'I D 10 T' virus
masalah , no hope oredi, throw it & get a NEW one on the 16th comes september lah, ok !

Anonymous said...

Rais: "....dun you hang the flag upside down for 'distress', use other methods eg. conference, discussion, write articles to express your feeling, dissatisfaction ....bla...
bla...bla..., ok !!"

Anonymous said...

bugger, you think using your bloody sword... you can go to heaven & 70 bloody virgin males ( bcos no female in heaven one !)waiting for u to enjoy ah ?
.....@#$%^&*...niamah you....!!

effitax said...

The MRR2 SAGA - What A Joke!!

If you can recall our Works Minister or whoever, quoted in The Star that each pillar of the MRR2 is reinforced by 21 toothpicks and the international standards is only 15. 3 fell down so 18 are left. (He is good in his Arithmatic - no wonder he is the Minister and I am not). What remains is still 3 toothpicks above safety standards so the MRR2 is still safe. Great logical conclusion!! But when ask "why the 3 pieces fell off?" His answer baffled me. He said this in reply!!..... "The pillar with 21 toothpicks probably could not STAND THE STRESS!!! OMG!! Please avoid the MRR2.