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Saturday, July 19, 2008

So what is the answer?

Image from BBC site

First, the police fler said it. Give us a new DNA sample because we don't want to use the old one. That one old story. This one new story ma.

Then, the Home Minister also asked for new DNA sample. If he (Anwar Ibrahim) is innocent then he got nothing to be afraid of what.

Now, the Prime Minister gets into the act. " If indeed he is not involved, give the sample now. He said he did not do anything. So he must give fresh sample to prove it. I want to see the results."

Okay, I am no forensic expert. I don't even know anything about DNA and stuff like that. But I do understand that DNA is unique to each person, right? It's like no two persons on this earth are the same. So when I give you my DNA sample and you analyse it and get a print out it will be the same no matter how many times you get fresh samples and test my DNA. Right? The DNA will be the same even after millions of years. Right?

If so, why is there is need to ask for fresh samples? Was the old one tampered with? It just doesn't make sense spending all this time, effort and tax-payers money to chase after something which you already have. Right?

We seem to be going around in circles chasing our own tails la. What gives man???!!!

Can somebody who knows about DNA and forensics shed some light on this?



Anonymous said...

They just want fresh DNA from Anwar to shaft it up Shitful's ass and say "See, Anwar's DNA all over Shitful's ass". And then they carefully amend Shitful's police report for the date and time when Anwar don't have alibi. Guilty!


blink4blog said...

i am no forensic expert or biologist but it is clearly that there are either some blood sample or tissues "found" on Saiful but because Malaysia does not have DNA bank, it has no reference to whom that may belong to.

By obtaining DNA DSAI can be estimated to have 2 objectives:

1. To do a match against Saiful's "evidence". Which in this case they should able to do so if they "keep" DSAI DNA during 1998. (I have no clue why they did not keep the DNA sample back then !!??)

2. DNA sample can be taken via numerous ways including blood, skin tissues, hair, fingernails and salivas. By taking blood is the question that raise the suspecious where why must be blood? Has blood link to any "liwat" activities or there are required to "proof" something?

You read and you imagine, i have totally NO CLUES.

Anonymous said...

Badasswi said earlier before that those who are guilty will naturally deny it. Thus when he said "There is no political conspiracy against PKR leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim", can we believe this bad ass?

damn toolan said...

Uncle Patrick.

I am also not forensic expert too just a partime VCD peddler.

No matter how I anaylse, I feel this time Anwar is cornered.

He has been telling the whole world, this f**king country's judiciary, police, IGP, AG and gomen cannot be trusted. He even lodged police report that IGP and AG have fabricated evidence in his 1998 sodomy case.

This time he was quoted that he does not want to give DNA another time because the gomen has taken it in 1998.

Hello, although i am VCD peddler, i don't think Anwar can continue to con me.

If he has already lodged police report on fabrication of evidence in 1998, now why do you give excuse that "the gomen has taken your DNA in 1998". The 1998 DNA frabicated , still want to use ah? You think I VCD peddler that stupid ah?

Anwar, I am getting impatience with you. I have spend so much time attending your ceramahs during the election campaign make some donations out of my hard earned VCD sales. I would have thought you do something better for us.

Gomen lodge police report on alleged sodomy, you quick quick hide in Turkey embassy. Alleged only mah, not true what? Why need to hide?

Why tell who world got people want to assasinate you?

People ask you to swear under Quran because you Muslim mah, simple exercise, why you so scared?

People now (including our "intelligence" PM ) also ask DNA from you, you also scared.

If you didn't do it, why need to worry so much. Even legally, technically you are not required to give DNA, but if you are to be our NEW PM of good quality, credible, clean, transparent, responsible, champion of reformasi, you should not object.

The more you sensationalize all these, the more disdain you earn. Many people are getting impatience with your acting skill.

Come on, be real and true to yourself. Got do admit it lah, no do, debunk it lah.

You say you got 30MPs ready to crossover, mana?
You say got more evidence on the Mongolian story after Bala SD, mana?
You said you got alibi on the say of the alleged sodomy on Saiful, mana?
You last time say got boxes of evidence of mahathir and tun daim corrpution case, mana police report, sudah buat?
Your Pakatan Rakyat say all must declare their personal assets, mana? any website for us to check?

Niamah, fed up oredi lah, I go jalan jalan sell my VCD now.


Horsoon said...

I think they lost the last one...

Damn toolan again said...

This was his earlier excuse.

You see ah, his talk, really putar-belit, macam chameleon.

I would like Anwar tell us why MP of PKR got bashed up by PKR. Ini macam our future ruling party ah?

Loh: PKR rep’s aide punched me

"They already have Anwar's DNA samples from the last time," Sankara said."

Anwar freed on police bail
Jul 17, 08 9:08am

His DNA samples provided before

Police commandos swooped on his vehicle as he approached his home on yesterday, an hour before he was due to appear voluntarily for interrogation.

He was taken to police headquarters and underwent a marathon six-hour questioning session before being taken to hospital for a medical examination, where his lawyers said he refused to give a DNA sample.

"We allowed a superficial medical exam but there was no DNA supplied. They already have Anwar's DNA samples from the last time," Sankara said.

Anonymous said...


I bet DSAI smells a rat if he would give the authority the DNA.Why must they kept on asking for DNA whereas other concrete evidence also can prove,right?Common sense prevail that the authority is going to nail him at the dead end or they will be at vice-versa in the eyes of the world.

M.A.D. said...

Why DNA? Isn't this reserved only for a high profile criminal? Guinea Pigtail(Gani), Mudshit(Musa) and Rotten(Rodwan) are making a mockery of Malaysian IQ by their cowardly, silly and low-life conduct being agent of the Bonker Nuts (BN)! It proves the leader of the Politic Rebels (PR) is a real pain in the ass for BN!

Anonymous said...

The DNA forensic expert already said in Malaysiakini that specimen could be preserved for years - ie, no need for any new one!

conscience said...

PM is trying to project a fair trial (if Anwar is charged)
also, keeping the two famous 'undesirables' AG and IGP mum to be seen that justice is fully given to Anwar.
A poisonous snake can shed its skin but, it is still a blooming snake.
Will he also, suggest to his DPM to sue PKR to clear his name. We cannot have a future PM of this land to be linked to a murder, can we?...not even a hint!!!
Come on PM, have marbles or go and suck an egg! Really niamah.

Anonymous said...

Fuck...DNA, DNA, DNA....
nothing else to do meh?

no blood give spray them sperm la...

(ten bowls of rice produce one tot of blood;
ten tots of blood produce one tot of sperm)
you don't know ah?

JP said...

I think they desperate need the DNA "blood" because of the trial procedures and standing of order.
To prosecute and prove the evidence, everything have to follow the SOP, if lapsed, means the lawyer will use this as a point to void up the evidence and so...


Anonymous said...

Aiyo .. in malaisesia we do thinks different ma.. like road tex, insulan,and many oter tins we need to renew every now and and then when the autorithies see fit except for Aps that one :)...BUT DNA that is different it changes like the minds and actions of policktians change espcially if they in power ma... savvy liauu ka ??

Anonymous said...

Why must one proves his innocence. He is innocent until proven otherwise. PM better ask people to prove his guilt instead. Then we are talking sense.

Anonymous said...

Normally when we ask for DNA is when we have obtained something at the crime scene or on the victim's body and we get DNA from the suspect to check whether the two matched. Now they want DNA from Anwar to check against what. Niamah!!!!!

Yuz @ Dikja @ Kak Jah said...

ya lor! must force them to sit & watch csi marathon till they vomit!

mob1900 said...

We gonne have DNA for breakfast, lunch and dinner it seems. Mari belajar the ABCs of DNA, thanks to a recent article at MT:

Which PM in the world involve themselves with Police business?

wits0 said...

Truly NIAMAH!!!

Some very top ppl ain't got any shame whatsover lying openly for all the world to see.

And it comtinues according to M'siakini:
Existing DNA sample too old, says PM
Chan Kok Leong | Jul 18, 08 7:07pm
# updated 8.35pm This is the reason why the authorities have requested for Anwar Ibrahim to provide them with a fresh sample to facilitate investigations.

JeyJey said...

I asked my brother who is doctor and yes your DNA cannot change even in million years. Either they messed with the last one or they want to plant fresh stuff on the saiful fella. Your guess is as good as mine but something for sure is this whole DNA shit is BULLSHIT!!

AI doesn't need to give it unless they can tell him why. Plus when they run the test let an independent authority..(from outside not even in Malaysia) do it. a sham...straight forward sham!

Watson & Crick said...

Thank You Dr Patrick Teoh MBBS MD FRCPhys FRCOG FRCGenetics FRCSodomy, FRCPolitics [Fellow Royal College of this and that].

You are a brilliant doctor, can we ask you to be the Home Minister or perhaps the Prime Minister ?

Or you rather be awarded a Nobel Prize,that we can nominate !

Cheers mate!

Anonymous said...

IF no new sample, how to trump up charges. Where go old sample anymore.

Tawt they won, gone to jail - of course destroy evidence lah.

Old man Mamak Dude oredi confirm first time he did is a ploy, very angry gomen copy same ploy.

Applying old man Mamak Dude theori:

If 100,000,000 people say TDM trump up buggery charges against Anwar probability it is 100,000,00 % genuine TDM trump up the charges.

TL Sing.

Anonymous said...

patrick, they need the blood sample to plant into saifool's butt, you see the reason that anwar is not given the police report is most probably, they did not think this thing throughly, typical half past six morons, they tought they could just manufacture evidence, but the way things are going on, and them morons demanding for DNA IS, most probably the sample (blood) from '98 has been processed, so they have the graph/ dna signature, like a picture. but you cannot plat a picture/graph up saifool's butt, NANTI SAKIT, so this moronic twits are running in circles, this plan is typical umno half-baked- towering-jaguh-kampung mentality, what do you expect from morons, some more my cerdik pm can make such a blatant statement the the dna sample is old so tak bolih pakai, oiyoh pondah, use your otak sundal lah sikit, dan profile does not change, the graph stays the same, whether it is 1 year,10 years or a 1,000 years, it does not change, so who is the forensic expert who have advised the pm, is it one of those cermerlang phd's from local uni, or is hthe forencik expert is a political, appointee, who's actually graduated with sekolah agama qualifications, and now is a forensic expert, I have met many of these professorri mad-ya phd holders, (actual standard up to form 3) who talk nuts.

the second scenario I envision is the first dna sample is lost, destroyed, contaminated, somebody shat on it, well with these morons anything is posible, if they can shag goats , semuanya bolih. these are keystone cops galore,
read this article and you judge for your self.

Anonymous said...
DNA lives long after death, and holds the key to many stories

Monday, October 25, 1999

By Michael Woods, Post-Gazette National Bureau

Scientists have recognized a kernel of biochemical reality in one of Halloween's favorite spine-tingling tales -- the notion of the living dead.

Deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA, the molecule that embodies the code of life, is a zombie. It survives after death and remains functional. This "living death" has opened up a whole new field of the life sciences, called ancient DNA, or "molecular archaeology."

It has been the centerpiece in scientific research on ancient life forms and criminal cases involving re-examination of old evidence, sometimes obtained from exhumed bodies.

"It could be DNA from a 1990 crime victim or a 40,000-year old mammoth," explained Evgeny I. Rogaev, a Russian Academy of Sciences expert on ancient DNA.

Rogaev's analysis of DNA from nine skeletons found near Yekaterinburg, Russia, confirmed that that the bones were remains of Czar Nicholas I, his wife Alexandra and their children. It helped resolve a long controversy over fate of Russia's last royal family.

How does zombie DNA do it? How does it stay when the rest of the body goes? How can it tell stories about the dead?

DNA makes up the chromosomes inside cells and carries genetic instructions for making, reproducing and operating the whole animal or plant.

DNA is made from four chemicals, called nucleotides: adenine, guanine, thymine, and cytosine. Those four chemicals are equivalent to letters that spell out DNA's genetic instructions, just like 26 letters in the English alphabet spell out written instructions. It takes about 3 billion letters to spell out the instructions for a human.

DNA's instructions remain long after the body dies. In fact, as Dr. Kenneth V. Iserson pointed out in his 1994 book, "Death to Dust: What Happens to Dead Bodies," there is no magic moment at which all life disappears. Legally, death occurs when the brain no longer works. But biologically, death is a slower process.

"Even though a person may be dead, because his heart stops working, some muscle, skin and bone cells may live on for many days," explained Iserson, director of bioethics at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center. Eventually, lack of oxygen and the buildup of waste products kill off those little outposts of cells.

DNA also starts to degrade from the moment of death, as the bonds holding the molecule together break apart under assault from water, oxygen and microbes.

Some of the best sources of ancient DNA are samples sealed off from the environment, or in natural deep freezes. Movie scenes from "Jurassic Park" of dinosaur DNA extracted from mosquitoes preserved in amber had roots in scientific fact. Amber has a drying effect, and seals DNA away from attack by oxygen and microbes.

Molecular archaeologists have claimed success in extracting samples of DNA from termites and bees encased in amber 30 million years ago, and a weevil that lived 125 million years ago. Other scientists dispute those findings, claiming that modern DNA contaminated the experiments.

Heat is another foe. Freezing can slow the rate of damage to DNA by 10-20 fold. Among the best sources of ancient DNA have been ancient mammoths and humans frozen in ice in permafrost in Siberia and other regions of the world.

Dry places are another. Last year a scientific group led by Hendrik N. Poinar of the University of Munich, announced the development of a technique to isolate DNA from 20,000-year-old dung preserved in dry caves in Arizona and Nevada. The dung came from the ground sloth and about 20 other species of extinct large animals.

Animals shed DNA-containing cells in their feces. Studying the material could pinpoint genetic reasons to explain why the animals became extinct.

"This adds new dimensions to the study of ancient animals," said Robert Wayne, an evolutionary biologist at the University of California at Los Angeles.

How long does DNA remain after death? Depending on conditions such as moisture and temperature, it may remain for millions of years. Scientists have claimed extraction of DNA from a variety of ancient sources, including the remains of a quagga, a zebra-like animal that became extinct 145 years ago; ancient Egyptian mummies; an American mastodon that lived 46,000 years ago; Ice Age hunters frozen about 10,000 years ago, and 40-million-year old bacteria isolated from the gut of bee.

No matter how well preserved an ancient organism may be, scientists think that most DNA deteriorates after 50,000 to 100,000 years.

A laboratory technique called the polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, however, has made it possible to recover even the most minute traces of the genetic code. Years ago, scientists had to find hair, hides, bones, and other big samples to extract enough DNA for analysis.

PCR changed that. It uses an enzyme to amplify DNA -- almost like a photo-copy machine transforms one document into a hundred or a thousand identical copies. If even a few molecules of DNA remain in an ancient sample, PCR can reproduce plenty of material for analysis.

What does ancient DNA reveal when recovered from an exhumed body?

Genetically speaking, humans are 99.9 percent identical. But with 3 billion letters in the genetic code, even that 0.1 percent of variation allows for individuals to have a unique genetic "fingerprint." This can be used in a variety of ways, such as linking a bloodstain at a crime scene to a specific suspect; determining paternity or establishing the identify of people long dead.

Scientists at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington used it to identify more than 150 missing servicemen from World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

In 1998, for instance, they identified the Vietnam-era soldier in the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington Cemetery. Scientists used PCR to amplify DNA from bone fragments and compared it to DNA samples of relatives of servicemen killed within a 25-mile radius of where the body was found.

They concluded the unknown was 1st Lt. Michael Blassie and his remains were reburied near his hometown in Missouri

Anonymous said...

How sample can be fabricated??? Not that hard??

Firstly, they must have DSAI DNA profil. Logically they should had had it since 1998.

Secondly, they just need to plant any of DSAI physical sample TOGETHER with shithead sample at the scene of the crime. I.e DSAI hair, pubic hair, blood stain, semen, nail, skin and so on…

Thirdly, it is not a problem for Pandi Dikalangan Rakyat Malaysia to do the second part above as scene of crime is Out of Bound. Nobody have any prove such as video camera to prove that the evidents and sample being planted. They rule the crime scene..

Fourthly and my gut feeling said so that they have destroyed the DNA profile in 1998 in order to prevent any problem for their bad deed.

Fifthly, therefore they BLOODY REALLY NEED DSAI DNA in order to ensure the second part above can be proven….

Dont forget also the family members especially DSAI children and siblings. Their DNA profile is almost alike. These BASTARDS can simply get their physical sample and DNA profile and claim DSAI's.

Common Malaysian would not know the different as DNA are new to them. Unless DSAI can produce his own DNA including his siblings and children by his own doctor, such possibility can be easily dismissed in court.

Anonymous said...

Pat, you are right yr DNA will never change for millions of years. So why the need for Anwar's DNA, its so obvious. They want to make sure that they make no mistake this time and plant the right DNA in that fellas ass. Oh not necessary in the ass but on the report. It appears the HKL hospital is also under their complete control.


Anonymous said...

DNA - Dieu Neh Amah


Anonymous said...

I think hor, what those idiots really want is not Anwar’s DNA but his blood lah. So that they can put some into that stupid Taifu’s (Saiful) arse and then claim that during Taifu’s anal check-up, they found some blood inside. And after a DNA profiling, it matches that of Anwar’s. After all, we still haven’t got a clue about Taifu’s medical check-up results what. Plus, getting Anwar’s cum is definitely out of the question. No cum, blood also can lah. Wah, I smart or not? And I also know that DNA never gets old. But you, Pak Lah, you do…NIAMAH LEI

Anonymous said...

I agreed with what anonymous said--they want the fresh sample to be used in some "evidence" and "proof" that can bring DSAI to jail.
This is easiest thing they can do to achieve what they want.

Thomas said...

Hiyah! they can take DSAI DNA by just swabbing inside the mouth, just like what CSI people do. And then match the printout taken in 1998. If match so be it, if not than case close. But they want blood sample (fluid) so that they can do what was said in comment No.1 here. And most likely they have lost the 1998 records because they never thought they will ever want to use it again. Real niamah!!

Hello Patrick. How are you? Way back in the mid 90's when you were hosting the morning RTM phone in Radio 4 show, you pull a fast one on Lau Beng, remmember. He rang up to you to ask is this Radio 4? And you answer this a coffee shop. You shouted something like - satu kopi please. Lau Beng took it hook, line & sinker & put down the phone. Because when people ring you up you don't like them to ask is this Radio 4? I agreed with you because they are ringing up Radio 4 & some more ask the stupid question. But later Lau Beng found out & you 2 became good friends. Sorry lah long winded. Anyway I respect you very much & good health to you & your loved ones.


Anonymous said...

To watson&amp (what a name!)

Eh Watson macha, you don’t need a brilliant person to be the Home Minister or Prime Minister or whatever Minister la dey!! Any assholes can be la. I think you are qualified cause you are stupid. Why I know? Because Patrick is not a Dr. la dey!! You trying to fool us here ah? NIAMAH lu Watson

Yum seng mate!!

Anonymous said...

take a hike, PM and Hamid.

why are you two fellas intefering in the investigation? the DNA samples for you to see? or you want a repeat of 1998 with the planting of evidence using the fresh DNA?

yuna said...

to the vdc-seller:

no wonder your selling VCDs :)

imagine, since the government wants new samples from him, one can ask, why not use the old ones if they WERE NOT tainted?

that's why his asking them for it lah. killing 2 birds with one stone.

if you really and truly believe that Anwar is corrupt and unjust in his political motives, it would seem that BN and their human resources aren't very sincere either (well, just look at the history of this blog. just wat did u come here for?).
Anwar would seem to have all the valid points against BN's weak links, though i am not supporting him yet.

Penyapu said...

I think the reason for asking for a fresh DNA is , even the police have doubts on the 1998 DNA profile. They screw up and manage to cover it up in 1998, but things are different now, with technology, and internet. Hey, do a google on DNA profile , and you can be an expert within a couple of days. So they don't want to mess it up, and wants to have a convincing story to tell this time around. Although its the same players as before , but the field condition has improved. That's why even the police report is still not available.

Anonymous said...

How about this:

Question. "Chi Lak Kak. Why this printout all faded and look so old?"

Answer. "Sorry Tuan 10 years ago the printer use the kind of paper like the fax machine use, apa mana foto sensitif kertas". "I think it is better this way because last time know lah we ....pss..pss jadi questionable. Nanti new and old DNA from same person cannot match how?!"

"Ya Ha lucky. OK go for his BLOOD"

bennyloh said...

then they think that having pictures of an old man naked waist downwards is fun


Anonymous said...

The first time they took his DNA sample, the forensics scientists should have already produced a DNA profile of DSAI. This profile should have been submitted by the prosecutors in the case. So it must be filed somewhere in the courts archive. I don't think the profile, which could be a normal A4 piece of paper can deteriorate after 12 years? Unless kena tsunami lah.
So if you already have a DNA profile that was submitted as evidence in a court case, and that DNA profile was not challenged (the process of collecting may have been challenged, but the profile once found or created and goes unchallenged will remain in effect true).
So if they already found evidence in that someone's butt, and did a DNA profile of the semen or bloodstains, and check it against DSAI's profile, and they match, they've got a case.
Now what DSAI legal can do is merely challenge the collection of the DNA from that guy's butt. How it was collected, whether or not it has degraded, could the sample be placed by a third party and so forth. Simple mahh.

Anonymous said...

UMNO Baru conmen and robbers want to fix up Anwar so that he cannot come to power. Mahacon has robbed billions stashed away in Swiss Accounts and is worried that Anwar will definitely put the scumbag and all the rest of his conmen robbers inside. So this time they have to get a foolproof case to frame up Anwar. UMNO Baru are the real SODOMIZERS OF THE COUNTRY'S WEALTH AND ALL MALAYSIANS' BACKSIDES.

Anonymous said...

by the way, how come the said ACA never take action on the suspect fabricating the evidence during 1998. And they still in service, no suspension from their duty?

neverlearn said...

the dogs are just diverting attention of their own sins by biting anwar and wouldn't let go.

what styles people do in their own room are no business of yours.

if that saiful, if 'thing' did happened, he asked for it.... try doing this to your love ones, you get kicks between your legs plus 2 tight slaps.

by doing so we are just cheap skate malaysians having cheap skate government.

just do your fcuking job, badaw!!!!!!!!! niamah!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

helo...helo... may i speak to the minister ?
Yes, speaking.
Hi, datuk, sorry to disturb tuan, can i come to your house to consult u ?
What!! who are you ?
me?your constituency resident lah.
Aiyah, mr., got problem come to my office lah !
Tuan, that minister says can go your house one !
Which minister !?
That botak lah.
Aiyah, tell him to fly kite lah !
He said 'can one' lah !
Aiyah, tell him to fcuk spider lah!
Ok lah, i tell him what you said lo !
die lah.. sure die lah, that botak
very ganas & stupid one..die lah... !!

Thomas said...

I think the real proof is to have a video taken, a witness & DSAI cannot provide a strong alibi,then they will have a strong case but they don't have that. They insist on his DNA & DNA is corroborative proof only & it can be easily manipulated to fix DSAI up.

donplaypuks® said...

The only conclusion we can arrive at is that the old DNA was tampered with.

If this is proven openly, then the 1998 conviction was 100% a CONSPIRACY, which means AG, IGP, TDM & St. Paulexpunge will all have to be put behind bars. So, everyone from the PM are trying to cover it up by asking for new samples.

Anyway, they have to first prove there is a case to answer, only then can they start looking for corroborative evidence. And here is wwhere the crux of the CONSPIRACY lies.

Can a 60 year old man with bad back rape a 23 year old man, not just once but many times. And the dpm back-tracked on when he met the purported 'victim' who sure as hell was set up to worm his way into PKR's HQ.

The way the cops have treated DSAI in the past and how they have shown themselves to be neo-nazi's with the Rakyat, if I were DSAI, I would not volunteer a speck of dust. Let them prove it on their own or perish!!

lovemalaysiarakyat said...

Any Person with a science background knows that DNA never changes. Dinosaurs DNA are intact for centuries. Why do we keep DNA and stem cells for goodness sake if after 10 years they are considered old?

Do we think when we make statements? Our leader the PM should make sure his statements are "proper" and backed with facts before he opens his mouth. Our PM should display an amount of IQ that we as citizens can be proud of. So must Syed Hamid Albar. We need thinking people to lead and serve the country.

Anonymous said...

Patrick dear , I prefer kinabatangan mp VS LKS in BM !

d said...

1) those bn f-kers wants anwar's BLOOD bcos they want to plant 'fresh' dna from these new blood sample onto saiful's arsehole.

2) old dna would tell. it is the same dna string but it is over 10 years old. so REAL EXPERT (i.e. FOREIGN INDEPENDENT experts) can tell.

3) think. i bet they already have anwar's latest dna while he was in hkl a few days ago (just one strand of hair ought to do it). or they could have gotten anwar's dna without his knowledge since a few months back (e.g. saliva on a drinking glass) but they want BLOOD. why f-king why? i dont have to elaborate.

4) stupid f-king corrupt government. they only know how to 'eat eat eat'.

Anonymous said...

I do not know why Anwar is refusing to give his DNA unless as a delaying tactic. The die is cast. They are intent on finding him guillty. They already have his hair samples skin samples from the previous campaign. Of course there is going to be a match!

Jeeivan said...

It is not my intention to belittle the wisdom of our ministers and law officers. But when they come around giving stupid reasons to justify their act it makes me real sick. Why must these guys make themselves jokers and us the rakyat stupids. can't they for one minute think that Malaysians aren't stupid as they perceive us?

Anonymous said...

I was having this conversation with a lady friend, and what she said does raise a point...

What the police want is not the DNA sample, it's more of the result that they're looking for, and that they already have, surely from their records of 10 years ago.

I say, DSAI...just give them your stool sample la. Still got fragments what? Make them sweat a bit la...what's the problem?!

Obi Wan Kentucky

raj raman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fairplay said...


need new samples cos analysis probably will also show the time factor of this DNA .... how long it has been taken from the owner...say +/- 6 mths.... according to STAR today...DSAI was in govt. hospital for tests in 2004...and you can't 'shoved' old 2004 DNA up his a*** need new 2008 DNA esp.if DNA profile analysis also show time's that for explanation,why they need New ...even though have OLD>

Anonymous said...

These dickheads got to be kidding. Even immigration records could be tampered with. Someone who has visited this country could get all his/her visit records deleted!!! Remember the Altantuya case?

Can you trust them? OMG! What world are we living in?!

Malaysia Boleh!!!


Anonymous said...

I think any monkey is smart enough to know they're going to use the 'fresh' samples to put it up to some kid's ass, and perhaps even near that blown up person's scene or whatever... the last sample's 'dried' and you know laa the maintenance in our country, after 10 year what do you really expect?
But the intention is obviously smelly here. But I am just wondering, why lah they all so stupid ha? They think we are all from some kampung, fishing and farming everyday for living issit?!

bean laden said...

Why is everybody in the BN Gov is against Anwar and siding the young Saiful. there are lots of sodomy victim but gov not interested..! But this one Najib is so helpful. Anwar is 61 with back problem, can he be so strong to attack a young man? No need DNA la... common sense will do la Perhaps Malays' DNA expires through time. Tun Mahatir says melayu mudah lupa... i think he is right this time...hehehe

lauyee said...

I'm no forensic expert as well but I found something interesting thanks to Google.

DALLAS — A DNA sample that freed a wrongly convicted man who spent nearly 23 years behind bars implicated another man already in prison who has confessed to the crime, Dallas County prosecutors said Tuesday.DNA evidence collected after the 1985 rape of a Richardson woman matches convicted felon Kenneth Wayne Woodson, the Dallas County District Attorney's Office said. Thomas McGowan was originally convicted of the crime and served nearly 23 years in prison before being released in April."The truth is out there. There's no more doubt about anything," McGowan told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

This shows that DNA sample have no expiry date unless one mutated. Or unless they want to put the DNA on somewhere else. Well just a fictional statement.

Do visit my blog for full coverage about my opinion and my finding about the DNA stuff:

over and out

Me... Only Better said...

They are just wasting our money...we should demand this farce TO JUST STOP!!!!!

March and blockade Putrajaya and all major roads.

Enough is enough la!

Anonymous said...

When a person make a serious accusation about being sodomised isn't it the sole onus on the accuser to prove the case instead of Anwar?
If Anwar entertains such a request like his person DNA then where will it end especially when Anwar is a high profile politician. Can you imagine a situation when any Tom, Dick & Harry will scream wolf if that person wants to spoil your future? My opinion is that the Sleeping Pee M & his ministers have vested interest in the case bcoz Anwar is a threat to them politically!

Anonymous said...

So many strange laws in Malaysia la; 2 comes to mind now:

1. oral sex is not lawful i was told; how come the minister in muar can get away just by resigning ah? If unlawful then must go to jail la;

2. how come in sodomy case, only fucker goes to jail, the fuckee gets off scotch free?

Current case:

Saiful should just chooi fu and let the doc check for dna there la. Then just match it with Anwar loh. No need to take fr Anwar again la; if the stuff in saifu's ass does not match then just send him to jail first la since he is a sodomite. So far, only one confirmed sodomite and it is saifu la. How many times already he kena fr supposedly same guy. He must be itching for it. Come to think of it, he went to see DPM...and that PI said this fella also like to do it fr the back with one mongolian...does it add up...

Sherlock Holmes said...

The wisest thing for DSAI to do is to publish his DNA profile in the Star and NST and then challenge the garmen to publish and match it with the DNA profile obtained from the accuser.

He should not give them his blood sample as it could be used to fix him by mixing it with the stool of the accuser.

Then the garmen will claim his DNA was found in the stool and use that as evidence to find him guilty of sodomy.

It's an old dirty trick. Don't fall for it DSAI !

Andrew Chia said...

I think DNA is like thumb print. You can print it out one mah. You can keep the printout for a hundred years one.

But if mattress can get lost, not surprising if printout also lost lah.

amoker said...

Cause they could not get Anwar's DNA sample from Saiful.

So simple...

Btw, during Najib's wakanabeb time.. all UMNO polici-tian's response is " No comment on ongoing police investigation, sub judice bla bla". Anwar's case - everybody giving direction, tunjuk terror. Wah, suddenly its open season esp. nearing UMNO GE.

Anonymous said...


the dumbos Badawi and Hamid are exposed. No fresh DNA is needed unless there is a plan to use it to insert into Saiful's anus.
Hamid, you want some Anwar's DNA too? At least, you can use it to prove that Anwar has shafted you coz of the bad blood between the two of you. More roadblocks from you after being shafted, Hamid?

ColorsMalaysian said...

What ? !

DNA expired !?


Aiyoyo…………. Where he learnt it from ?
No wonder our graduated medical students chosen by BN are so low in quality.

DNA expired ?
DNA never CHANGE even after millions of years...........!

The flip-fiop PM expired !?
Yes .....expired stuff need to be changed !

Change him and BN before it’s too late !!!!!!!!!!

RAKYAT the Power of Nation

Greenbottle said...


why all the attentions on anwar??? that najib fler is going to be our PM in 2010 (if we can believe our wise pm badawi) and nobody worry about him?? lest we forget based on bala's ori SD that fler not only fucked altantuya the right way but he also did it the wrong way and not only that,may be involved in some ways with those people who c4ed the poor woman to smithereen some more!

i think this fler must be investigated first!

as for anwar, even if he likes to fuck goats i think he's a lot better politician than all those BN fuckers combined....

Zainal A. Kasim said...


sEnGz said...

pat, ur niamah font inside this podt.... not big enough. and it wasnt in red... hahaha....

jonathan said...

Hi Patrick
Whatever theories, let's end it. Just give... use your own experts preserve its authenticity... do whatever ok... whether they use it to shuff up Saiful's ass noone will know except the shafter and shaftee..
check my blog on how i see this Dia Nak keAdilan - wait for what?

I agree DNA lasts... but last time what happenned only those involved know and in BolehLand... anything Boleh so not surprising in this DNA fiasco too. Ok agree 2 mens reputation plus the other 23 other million is at stake... when will all this end...

KIMHO8 said...


Palmdoc said...

Hello Patrick. We posted the answer in
Much ado about DNA samples and DNA fingerprinting


Anonymous said...

fresh dna sample?? how monica lewinsky case link to clinton?

toolan said...

I am no DNA expert either but from school days and also watching series like CSI, I think we can get some idea what DNA is and how DNA works. As far as forensic investigation is concern, all is needed is just a hair, tiny drop of blood, saliva will be sufficient. Maybe Malaysian's forensic expert are from stone age or still stuck with 50's technology, that is why fresh blood is needed and a whole needle full some more.
Secondly, why blood and not semen or unless they suspect DSAI will "shot" blood during the so claimed "hanky panky" with Saiful, don't they need semen or saliva sample(kissing or forplay)? I mean they don't need blood to get DNA sample, hair, tissues or saliva will be good enough. Why must have his blood for DNA testing? Why?????

Anonymous said...

Anwar is right not to give them his blood, who can trust the malaysian police. I am sure everyone believes it is to be smeared on Siaful's shit.
The correct way is to have Saiful DNA from Saiful's shit or arsehole sent to a foreign country like Singapore. Anwar can then give his DNA for comparison through Singapore. Both should be tested and compared there. Should it prove Anwar is not guilty, then Saiful should go to jail for 20 years and home minister and Badawi should resign immediately from the government. Then justice would seem to have been done. Till then we believe they want the DNA to fabricate evidence.
Tiu Hamid and Badawi

Anonymous said...

All points mentioned valid. The police may have all the samples that they need, judging from the ease of getting DNA from skin, hair, saliva etc. The police only needed DSAI consent on the DNA test for it to be admissible as an evident in the court of law.

Anonymous said...

why kept asking for DNA. Anwar dowan to give, the investigation cannot move on meh?? kanasai....

By now the sperm and blood already mix with sai and let out many weeks ago isnt it? oooppss..the fler got constipation for the longest time maybe.

Anonymous said...

At this time and age, hasn't people who main belakang progress to using condom?!!? Can you imagine the crap one gets on his "peter" (or john or dick but not harry)without protection? Yucks! So did Mr Shitfull keep the cap after the session/s? If yes, can't DNA sample be extracted from there to compare with the profile already in record?

Chow Kit Cowboy said...


They want to alter his genes and clone an obedient Anwar, one they can control.

So beware.

They also measured him, all parts of him.

So can we have the measurements? You know, the length in inches, limp and erect, before and after, the circumference, crooked or straight, colour, etc etc.

Would like Albar's and Pak Lah's too for comparison.

myrayza said...

I agree 1000% with you... :)

Anonymous said...

Raja Petra posted an article today, "How, yet again, they are trying to fabricate evidence against Anwar". Read it guys.. !!!!!

AT said...

For answers to the question why all the BN politicians are desperate for Anwar to give his latest DNA despite the fact that :
1) They already have Anwar's DNA from 10 years ago, and
2) Experts agree that DNAs are like thumbprints, they do not change over time, therefore even old sample DNA can be used to identify a person

just go and read RPK's latest post -

It makes perfect we know why....

And today's news - Home ministry is trying to fast track a DNA Identification Bill to be passed as soon as posssible in Parliament...This probably means that it would be mandatory for Anwar to give his DNA once this law is passed.....

Bloody hell!! Its so obvious isn't it what they are trying to do.....!!!

Anonymous said...


AAB has admitted meeting with PAS
3 times, repeat : 3 KALI to settle the details on 'muslim & malay unity' !! ( though PAS leaders have denied , wayang kulit lah !)

secret meetingS with dpm
on 'collaboration ' too !!

AAB : this is a SERIOUS meeting bukan main main !

No wonder lah tajol was so kok-sure


Anonymous said...

Please read this article... posted in
The ‘evidence’ is ready. The semen specimen on Saiful’s underwear has been confirmed as Anwar’s. The only problem is if they allow an independent foreign expert to do an audit on the Chemistry Department’s findings, he or she might confirm that the specimen is ten years old and not dated 26 June 2008 as alleged.


Raja Petra Kamarudin
It was a great party that night. The Chemistry Department was so pleased they had an airtight case against Anwar Ibrahim they decided to celebrate. And the RM25,000 party was financed by a Good Samaritan who was delighted that this time, unlike last time, they have got Anwar by the balls.

RM25,000 is not a lot to spend on a party if it is a party to celebrate the wedding of the Prime Minister. Last year, when Abdullah Ahmad Badawi got married to the Maid from Putrajaya, they spent millions. RM25,000 is also not a lot to spend on a celebration the day Najib Tun Razak finally takes over as Prime Minister in 2010. Rosmah Mansor spends more than that on a handbag. But RM25,000 is certainly a lot to spend on a party to celebrate the ‘success’ of the Chemistry Department in being able to nail Anwar’s balls to the wall.

Why does the Good Samaritan need to sponsor a RM25,000 party for the Chemistry Department staff? What is there to celebrate? Do they always celebrate with a RM25,000 party whenever they succeed in cracking a case? Or was this an once-in-a-lifetime celebration for successfully coming up with the ‘evidence’ to send Anwar to jail for at least ten years, which will ensure he will never be able to form the new federal government on 16 September 2008?

Hold on awhile though. Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said that Anwar must volunteer his ‘new’ DNA profile. The 1998 DNA profile that the police have on record is ‘too old’, argued Abdullah. The police, in turn, said that if Anwar refuses to volunteer his ‘new’ DNA profile then they would have to obtain a court order to force him to do so. Hmm…..there appears to be many things wrong with all this.

Firstly, if the Chemistry Department has already wrapped up its case and the airtight ‘evidence’ against Anwar has already been secured then why the need for Anwar’s new DNA profile? DNA profiles never expire. Would the police also need Anwar’s ‘new’ fingerprints because the one they took ten years ago has ‘expired’? Fingerprints never change from the day you were born till the day you die. And the same goes for DNA profiles as well.

If you can remember, they once dug up Napoleon Bonaparte’s grave and did an examination to prove he had died of arsenic poisoning. And Napoleon died on 5 May 1821, which is more than 187 years ago. You mean to say that Anwar’s DNA profile of ten years ago is already basi?

The truth is, the airtight ‘evidence’ that the Chemistry Department recently conjured is based on Anwar’s specimen of 1998. So they need a new specimen dated 2008. If not, if Anwar calls in an independent foreign expert to audit the Chemistry Department’s evidence, he or she might just discover that the so-called ‘evidence’ is actually ten years old and not from the 26 June 2008 ‘sodomy’ incident as alleged by the government.

Yes, that’s right, they not only can tell whether the so-called ‘semen’ on Saiful’s underwear belongs to Anwar, they can also tell whether it is from September 1998 when they first took Anwar’s specimen, or whether it is dated 26 June 2008 as alleged by the government.

The ‘evidence’ is ready. The semen specimen on Saiful’s underwear has been confirmed. The only problem would be if they allow an independent foreign expert to do an audit on the Chemistry Department’s findings, he or she might confirm that the specimen is ten years old and not dated 26 June 2008 as alleged.

So they need to exchange the September 1998 specimen with a new one dated July 2008. And that is why Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Syed Hamid Albar, and all those others, have asked Anwar to volunteer his new specimen. They need this new specimen to ‘prove’ that the semen on Saiful’s underwear is dated 26 June 2008 and not September 1998. And Abdullah himself ‘confirmed’ this when he asked Anwar to volunteer his new specimen whereas the old specimen is good enough if it is just required for DNA profiling -- only that it would not pass the test if an independent foreign expert was to audit the Chemistry Department’s ‘evidence’ and then come out with a report that says the specimen is ten years old.

Yes, in September 1998 they already took Anwar’s specimen. But they can’t use it as evidence in this latest sodomy allegation. They need to ‘update’ the evidence and unless they can force Anwar to give them his new specimen then the evidence will be shot full of holes. And that is why the police had to reluctantly release Anwar on police bail one day after his dramatic Hollywood-style arrest. They either had to release him or bring him to court to be charged. But how to charge Anwar when the evidence is defective? And evidence of Anwar’s so-called sodomy crime supported by a specimen from September 1998 will certainly be defective and will not stand up in court. Anwar is alleged to have sodomised Saiful on 26 June 2008, not in September 1998.

Now can you see how the slime-ball AG and scumbag IGP work? And these two slithery creatures are the same slime-balls and scumbags who fabricated evidence in 1998 that resulted in Anwar having to spend six years in jail. And am I committing an act of sedition and criminal defamation in saying this? I certainly hope so. And, while we are at it, why not I commit yet another ‘crime’? I am going to accuse the AG and IGP of fabricating evidence and of intimidating witnesses.

You see, they asked a certain doctor from a certain hospital to conduct an examination on Saiful. The doctor did so and he came out with a report that said there is no evidence Anwar had ever penetrated or sodomised the young man. The police then picked up the doctor and detained him for three days. As much as they tried to force him to change his report to implicate Anwar he refused to do so.

Until today, the doctor stands by his report that there is no evidence Anwar had sodomised Saiful. He knows he is going to be made to pay for this but he doesn’t care. He is not going to change his report and say that Anwar sodomised Saiful whatever they do to him. Exasperated, the police had to release Anwar on personal bond or police bail. The doctor refuses to doctor his report and neither does Anwar want to volunteer his new specimen.

The ‘evidence’ against Anwar is no good. They now need to look for another way to ‘prove’ that Anwar sodomised Saiful. In the meantime, let us see if the AG will be making another police report against me and whether the IGP is going to arrest me and charge me in court for sedition and criminal defamation for this latest allegation of mine.

Hey, I already face four charges of sedition and criminal defamation. What are another two or three charges? The important thing is not whether I get sent to jail or not. What is important is that the world is told that they are attempting, yet again, to fabricate evidence against Anwar Ibrahim. And that is worth going to jail for.

Anonymous said...

one, it shows the low intelligence of badawi and gang. gee, as usual msm were used to portray that Anwar is guilty and therefore scare shit to give the DNA.
Q1, why blood? to insert into Saifuls' anus as concrete evidence.
Q2, DNA in 1998 is good enough. dont show off your stupidity by saying that it is too old to be used. used for what? planting of evidence?
Oh, IGP, now tha RPK has made the same allegations against you, please proceed to sue RPK. Or are you going to do selective prosecution?

Anonymous said...

THE Malaysian Cabinet has directed the Home Ministry to table a DNA Bill in Parliament in August that would make it illegal for anyone to refuse DNA testing in criminal cases, Nanyang Siang Pau has reported.

The daily said once the bill was passed, it would also enable the government to set up a DNA data bank.


BOLEHLAND will have a DNA Museum!

Brenda Ang said...

I think the reason why they want a fresh DNA is because they wanna find traces of dot dot dot in the blood. It's to determined if he has some kinda dot dot dot activity recently :)

Anonymous said...

A scientist's view:

The person who is liable to be injured is Saiful (his rectum++ may tear). So, police should be looking for AI's cum _in_ Saiful very shortly after the event OR if much later, they must find hair, skin, cum, etc on a soon-to-be-famous mattress, and look for Saiful's blood/shit on AI or on a soon-to-be-famous mattress.

Why is police looking for blood of AI? AI's DNA can be obtained from skin, hair, etc. So, the police, PM and the whole lot - in wanting the blood - reminds me, uh.... what's that Shakespeare's story about the pound of flesh again? Merchants of C4 Bolehland?

So, the 'Rakyat' will again soon be shown AI's blood on a soon-to-be-famous mattress or another choice piece of furniture... ? Hmmm, on the micro-faser sofa? A silk cushion? Or on the woven English wall tapestry? Expensive Wall paper? Chic table cloth? OK, ok, on Saiful's underwear (Geez, lacking imagination, are we?).

AI's blood hunt:
a) Highly embarassing to have police and PM and Home Min etc showing up their lack of scientific understanding and lack of credible scientific advisors. How can 'Rakyat' be proud to be Malaysians?

b) highly humiliating for Malaysians to be treated like primary school kids - as if the 'Rakyat' will believe the unbelievable 'logic' of the leaders.

BN - do you hear the Rakyat's voices about the 'incredulousness' of the events of late - Mongolian's demise by C4, PI Bala, AI's blood, etc.?

Indubitably, the Rakyat seeks better leaders.

Anonymous said...

Malaysian authorities lack credibility to begin with.I truly believe that they are going to plant evidence, but u kno wud…i daresay that they are going to make Anwar give his D.N.A samples by hook or by crook!

Anonymous said...

Dear damn toolan,

you got it all wrong, brother. Anwar already know that they had tampered with his DNA samples in 1998. Simple la, i ask u....if someone "altered" your DNA la and accuse you so badly, would you still want to give it to them the second time? Think la brother.

and I guess what Anwar is trying to tell the government is that "i gave you my DNA last 10 years....since u claim that u never do anything "illegal" to it right, then why dont u use it this time? You lost it? But u've taken my blood samples many times already wor...You lost everyone of them meh? no records at all meh?"

But then again, even records of Altantuya coming in to Malaysia was deleted.
Did I just hear someone saying that nobody is above the law??Hmmm....

Understand now?

borneo headhunters said...

and oh..i want to behead that 'smartass' strawberry check mulut full of crap, berbuih guy also!!

lunchai said...

alo tokey kedai pajak gadai... diorg nie memang modo la... ada butut ka... maciam lu cakiap la... modo punya budak.... ada brani mau cakiap.. sindri mau ingat la.... ingat kita modo ka...

Anonymous said...

" hey, you mean if they have his fresh dna & inject into the fool's hole now and it 'shows proof of sodomy' which was supposed to take place on the 26th 0f june ah ! sure or not ?"

" oh, sure can because the fool is having serious CONSTIPATION even till today ' not shitted' yet !!"

Anonymous said...

Pat, a golden chance for you to invest, sure make $$$$$$$ one :

I am a dentist but LOST my $$$$$ somewhere, patients all gone but the rented clinic morgaged to banks with debts of only few juta; if you come in to settle my debts & be a chairman and i be your deputy ......want or not...!
please... PLEASE LAH !!

Anonymous said...

" now, motion to be in parliment in ogos & passed that everyone is
REQUIRED to give latest DNA or be charged !"

Anonymous said...

Mr.PM, if you know nothing about DNA for heaven's sake please don't make yourself look like a fool in the eyes of the modern scientific world.

If you want his DNA, we the Rakyat also want YOUR DNA. In that aspect, we wish to extract YOUR DNA from your other half to determining the timing of the deposition....whether it was deposited after your legal marriage or was it performed well before it. From YOUR DNA extracted, doctors will be able to zero-in on the actual period of deposition. If it was before then you would have committed a grave sinful act which is against the teachings of Islam more so when you are the leader of Islam Hadhari.

You still want HIS DNA. If you do, then we the Rakyat demand that we get YOURS as well. We waalso want to see the results.

Antares said...

damn toolan said...

Uncle Patrick.

I am also not forensic expert too just a partime VCD peddler.

No matter how I anaylse, I feel this time Anwar is cornered.

Waddaffffft... it must dat goddam quisling Ktemoc posting his anti-Anwwar comments on your blog under an assumed named. Damn Toolan for sure!

SweJenn said...

DNA is only as reliable as the person collecting it and the persons testing it. If they are not reliable, careful, competent, or ethical, it can be deemed unreliable. This is why they should have a double or triple blind test. If all of the test results are not identical, then it should not be allowed in as evidence to convict someone.

jimmy said...

My background is in molecular biology/biochemistry. what i find so bizarre about this whole DNA thing is, hypothetically speaking, even if anwar's DNA is found in saiful's anal passage, it doesn't mean anything. it could have been from the skin of anwar's finger who did a digital examination on saiful. To prove sodomy beyond reasonable doubt based on DNA evidence alone is so hard unless there is traces of semen in the anal passage (which will not happen if people practice safe sex - wears rubber etc.)

Anonymous said...

Najib is being played out !!

Now that aab has admitted 3 times
meeting with pas offering : 1) dpm,
2) s'gor mb (pas crosses over),3)
perak mb ( pas crosses over) & 4)
islamic ways &5) lagi & lagi ....!!

on 'JUNE2010' & the 1st LADY too .... !!

If umno could secretly NEGOTIATING
with pas for the evil scheme/plot
ie. 'islamic & malay unity' then its component parties MUST be AWAS....AWAS...AWAS...loh !!
no wonder one ex-chief has complained: " we are being treated as 1st class
beggers ...beggers...BEGGERS !"

WAKE UP lah..mca, mic, gerakan,ppp,
ssp you should know who is the 'wolf's clothing = laughing hidden dagger' lah, AWAS..AWAS..AWAS ...WAKE UP !!

AAB, dun you DARE forgetting you got CHINESE DNA...CHINESE DNA ... CHINESE DNA...DNA !!

HAHAHAHAHA...@#$%^&*&^%$#@... !!!

Anonymous said...

ppl, work this out :

r-a-h-m-a-N(NAZRIN)= PM(june2010)!

save malaysia, please ...PLEASE !!

Nostradamus said...

Jeyklls and Hydes in Malaysia. Are you? (Answers below)

Jeyklls dan Hydes di Malaysia. Adakah anda? (Jawapan dibawah).

Posted at

Anthony Khor said...

tell those bodowi garmen ppl to stop looking for fights wif other politicians and watch la CSI. They might learn a thing or two. But since their IQ so low, they won't understand a bit.

mob1900 said...

Probably what the korrupt koppers are missing are SOLID EVIDENCE. If the alleged victim is indeed sodomised by anyone, he would have remember how the perpertrator's prick looks or feels like(maybe need Najeeb's help on it that's why he needs to went to see him? lolx), brands of KY oil(sorry KY, no offense) used, how many sticks of ciggies smoked after sex, what kinda women's clothing they're were wearing at that time, who was the 'male' and who'e the 'female' and etc.

Remember the 1999 tragedy, AMNO buggers were offering RM200,000 for anyone who're willing to make false accusation against DSAI. check the video:

Anonymous said...

You gotta be kidding me! Why can't u people just register it in ur brain that MAYBE, just a tiny doubt, that feller anwar sodomised saiful. So far he remains guilty until he is proven otherwise.

Stop accusing the govt of fabricating evidence! Patrick, please la, let the cops do their job. You don't know who anwar really is!

Who in their sane mind would embarassed and exposed such filth in the public if he/she does not have enough evidence.

If you hate msian govt so much, why don't you live somewhere else. You are not wanted here!The economy won't collapse without u in msia. The least u can do is give constructive criticism. NOT lies and more accusation!

-Malaysia peace lover-

Noto said...

Uncle patrick~ we love you!
Whoever who is speaking law up there~ pleae use your sense to think... how a 61 year old man with back problem have forceful unconsentual ANAL sex with a 23 year old healthy young man?

Anonymous said...

( megafxup):

" pm & myself using ONLY v6 & you dan 14 exco fellows BERANI betul mau beli mercs ah !!...@#$%^&*..."

" sori tuan sori !BUT when i meet saifool i want to ask him when he went to your house with 'COLD HANDS' that nite how many MERCEDES did he SEE !? when you & your wife & children go makan kfc, mac or pizza & ANGIN do you use the v6 !?
.... @#$%^&*...!!"

Garden said...

Dear people,

I think we have been misled by the media and the politicians. If really the DNA that they are after, they should already have it in their keeping.

How is it for you to get a DNA? Yes, through Anwar's blood sample. It's not the DNA that we worry against fabrication, it's the blood sample that we worry about against missuse and later on smeared against some matress or pants or wherever they may want to 'plant' it. Come on people, don't focus on what is said because the real focuz is on something else.

Anonymous said...

megafxup says :
1) mercs issue is OVER because aab
kata : GO AHEAD lah, sudah beli what ! ( t'ganu is loaded oredi !)
2) V6 is betul betul a rotten one lah, look : ex mb v6 repair bill =
Rm 131,449.83 since 2004 AND in 2008 ALONE : jan-feb-7th mac ( 2 bulan 7 hari)= RM27,923.41 !! ( can buy NEW AEROBACK LAH !) may be b4 GE12, dia so kind-hearted so repaired his TS12 nicely for new bm who tinks 'how can i use a 2nd hand one , better buy a new mercs, got MONEY what !)
3) Total bill for 16 cars = WOW !
WOW! WOW! =RM 1,175,342.07 WOW !!!
4).....sorry, cannot tahan lagi, belum makan ubat hypertension !
5) 2moro lah, ok ! must see doctor first !...bye!

Anonymous said...

on the 10th march aab & toyo SUDAH
OFFERED 'MB' post to PAS ( if crossed to bn) because they DUN want DAP ( got CHINESE people lah)
to rule selangor ! but PAS not bodoh one so REJECTED the so-called
offer ...where got offer one ? they tink their grand mothers' one ah ... @#$%^&*...niamah smelly x !

Anonymous said...

bought a copy from an indian who says ' bala in thailand lah !"
( it seems kepala-ikan there VERY cheap & nice lah, pat, want to go or not !? ) (stcin)

Anonymous said...

Their reason is Perdana needs high maintenance and therefore Mercedes would be a better choice. They could not think about Nissan or Toyota though.

I would suggest, since these guys are YBs, I mean Yang Berkhidmats why not they use 4-wheel drive as they could go into villages and flood prone areas without problems. This also solves problems like getting another vehicle when visiting villages without road facilities and all that. Mahendra from India cost only around 100K at the most and it is proven to be very lasting. Speeding is not an issue because our speed limit is 110km on highway.

What say you, Pat?


Anonymous said...

the nephew says whenever bala calls
the number is 0130, where ah ? overseas or Freser hills or ....!?

Szue May said...

I took Forensic Science as an elective subject in uni. Although DNA will not change after a long period of time, it may degrade. So results obtained from these degraded DNA may not be very accurate.

But I have the feeling in this case....its just to create more drama!!!