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Monday, July 28, 2008

Thank you very much.

A dream and vision shattered.

A new economic policy but not enough time to see it through.

A new eye hospital.

Aaaarrrhhhhh! You're stepping on my legacy.

Hmpprhhh!!! I need to take a nap.

Well, this isn't exactly an update la but just a short note. Actually, this thought has been in my head for a few weeks. Since I drove past the banners that have been put up in certain parts of Kuala Lumpur promoting the upcoming Merdeka celebrations. Malaysia's 51st birthday celebrations. The ones I saw were under the Jalan Tun Razak flyover at the junction of Jalan Gurney (don't know what the new name is la) and Jalan Tun Razak.

And again, the banners show only 2 things. On the left there are silhouettes of Petronas Towers, what looks like KLIA and some other buildings. I guess they are to represent the progress and achievements of Bolehland. Ok, nothing wrong with that. On the right hand side of the banner are the photos of the 5 prime ministers. Tunku, Razak, Hussein Onn, Mahathir and Badawi.

So again, we the citizens of Malaysia are asked to celebrate the achievements of these 5 people-elected politicians. Are we? What do you want us to do? Genuflect? Give thanks? Be grateful? Okay.

But my question is this. When is the elected government going to celebrate the contributions and sacrifices of the PEOPLE of Malaysia? Ever? I think the least they can do is to recognise and applaud the tolerance we have shown for their f**k-ups!!!



Nostradamus said...
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Anonymous said...

I think the celebration for the Rakyat's contributions and the patience that we're bearing should be on the same day. But the actual fact is that, everyday that's passing by, everyday that we're telling people we're still Rakyat Malaysia should be celebrated via proper governing of the nation by the elected leaders.
But right now, there's nothing at all to be celebrated... we all are told to 'ubah gaya hidup' so we should all walk to our little backyard and plant our little ubi kayus. Thank you very much Bolehland

Anonymous said...

Honestly, dont you prefer him best when he is asleep? When he speaks, there needs to be a new dept in his ministry for clarification.

1. whats wrong with malay unity? it is good for non malays. I dont dispute this may be a possibility but my question is why not a malaysian unity? dont you think this is better than malay unity talk?

2. 50 yrs and non malays are not made to feel part of malaysia. why?

3. why must there be racial issue all the time in malaysia?

4. same can be said: non malays unity talk is good for malays also. will malays like such talk

5. will muslims like non muslims talk for non muslim unity

We need to wake up; politicians get your act together. It should not have anything to do with religion or race. Basic, elementary matter first; Malaysian unity, Malaysian progress, Malaysian can do attitude.... If you bring in racial and/or religious ground to have a discussion then i cant suppost it, i will talk kok; have a laugh, make critical comment and sometimes ..dberiugscwewxdxx.

Anonymous said...

What to do lor! With the exception of the 1st one they are the best Umno can offer mah! At least they spit the chair unlike MuGaBe who never gave up dead or alive & still kicking today!

Samson said...

Ah yes there WERE once a dream and a vision, but now it IS all about Ketuanan GREED!!!

Anonymous said...

i agree on malaysian unity, i never brag about being a malaysian for the fact that not too many people know let alone realize where malaysia is and what is should be celebrated, thank old ma bringing us what we have today in malaysia, i live only through his era and thank bad awi for sharing with the world what we almost forgot and a whole new word to the world, the "liwat". lets put it all behind and move forward the malaysian way not malay, chinese, indian or baba way, the only malaysian way if you foolish fanatic out there realize where the world is going to end and how those five elected representatives trying their effort putting malaysia on the map, let us all put malaysia on the map not just one selected man thought to be above all! peace bro and sis

J. D. Lovrenciear said...

What are you talking my man? You must be day-dreaming! Wake up!

No, no. Best you continue dreaming. At least that way there is hope you will not know that our next generation will cry forever.

Here in Boleh-land, you and I do not count. Our only calling is to shut up, sit up, and 'walk their talk'. And don't anyone ever 'talk of their walk'.

Anyway, Happy Merdeka in advance brother.

monsterball said...

Pat..Excellent thoughts with photos of PM.
Best of all..are the last two...really..tells a thousand words.
Expect a corrupted government to be grateful?
Most UMNO politicians...are living in dreamland....with their sickening denying attitudes.
They have been managing the country for so long...they think..the own us and people....all.
But of late...the events are showeing bright future for by one...exposing UMNO....first by their own people in Trengganu.....defying the PM's order...then the doctor's report...proving Saiful backside is a virgin.
Dollah had it all coming...the day he supported sodomy charges against Anwar.
He supported police provocations and creating fear and inconveniences to the public.
He is so selfish....he has lost his bearings...and so many good UMNO top men...resigned and joined Anwar.....saying UMNO pilot is a drunkard....boat sure to sink.
Future of Malaysia looks bright.
Let them keep bragging each and every Merdeka celebration.
Most Malaysians know they are not sincere..and just go there to have a good time....and enjoy the show.
After from us..why waste it?

solidleong said...

Celebration! What is there to celebrate, you tell me one good reason. Damn frust lah.

100 said...

The merdeka celebration seems like only emphasize on the 5 personnels?Although they are our PM but i think this merdeka shall based on the theme "malaysian unity". with elements, including the 5 photos, rakyat, national achievement...
But please exclude the flying man, he doing nothing but just a lottery winning and sent for travelling only.

Anonymous said...

It is an EMPTY 51st Merdeka Celebration. Any cost thrown is to celebrate by the BN gomen is just a waste of public funds and would benefits some cronies only...Hey Pat, hot story now is this Dr Mohd Osman's medical report about this Sai-foool. Write somethinglah...

erm said...

i dont think u represent that many

but u have a point tho

but to criticise those past leader is easy

this conversation is meaningsless

only end when u become the prime minister and giving excuses

u think there is a perfect decision?

why not start with those small minor thing in your community...then work up the ladder

well,good day uncle

Anonymous said...

save your money, dont simply spend it; hard times are here and dont expect govt to help out too much. celebration? better think twice. we should take time to examine ourselves; where we are, where we are headed. maybe benchmark ourselves with spore. better wake up before we are left so far behind...

wisdomthinker said...

Well, in my perspective the people of Malaysia are celebrated in a different way, like the Labour Day, which celebrates the contributions and the sacrifices of the people of Malaysia contributed to the economy growth and the development of the country.

The celebrations may not be so cheerful like demonstrations, concerts or performance parade, but its the quiet way by which letting the citizens to have a tranquil and peace in a day.

I don't need them to recognize my contributions or applause for my deeds for the country, I'm thankful and bless to have a peaceful and harmony life in a peace country like Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

August 31 - a public holiday you could spend quality time with your family!

clearwater said...

I don't see much to celebrate about. After 50 years we are still divided and disunited with dick heads running once respected institutions of a discredited government. As for the elected government and its officials, they have shown remarkable consistency in their disregard and contempt for the intelligence of the general population, and have mostly got away with it. They surely have something to celebrate about, we the people don't.

monsterball said...

yea..It will be real...great shocking good news......if all Malaysians avoided the Merdeka celebrations..and spend time with their family...elsewhere.
Let those hypocrites salute....with no spectators...and foreign dignitaries..having a good laugh.
That will be great final send UMNO and BN bastards.........before next election.....right and proper.!!

Anonymous said...

WHAT ? we were just chatting about 50th national day & now coming to the 51st in 33 days' time ! sigh... damn sored about the big day on the 31st, what celebration? what is there to celebrate :
one island losted, petrol hike, letric up, inflation record high >7.7%, saifool's sodomy, botak roadblock, benzes & bananas scandal of bukit bills, sil, bloodykeris & keris in sex museum, umnopas/pasnoum/asnopum scandal,
millios of billions down the drains & masuk pockets : rich >>>>
RICHER & poor >>>> POOREST .......
...@#$%^&*&^%$#@ NIAMAH SMELLY XXX !
51th hari bebangsaan... POORAH !
every house please light up 51 WHITE candles , ok !!

lky said...

just take it as rest day lor,else?

Anonymous said...

Iky, i second that...hehe!

Obi Wan Kentucky

monsterball said...

yea....Take Merdeka day....a rest day with going out!
Mahatma Gandhi did that to the British..and it sent shivering message to the British.
Lets all stay home...and see UMNO shivers!!
Also save one using spending...enjoy everything free from God...and your own true family.
Stay home and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

YES,YES,YES !!! stay at homes & light 51 'big fat' WHITE (sorrowful) candles, ok !

domluk said...

national day celebration adverts are full of nonsense in my opinion. they are the same every year: looking back at history and seeing how much has changed, and while that is good, it is getting boring and old... and we always see the same faces of the 5 PMs, and that is getting boring too... national day should be a day to rejoice our independence, instead every year we get boring celebrations that are so old fashioned.. my point is that for once, we should have a lively celebration, not the boring ones that have been the same every year.

Anonymous said... celebrations ! do something else : no live tv too !
51 white candles to mark the sorrows of us, ALL of us , the beggers !

Anonymous said...

wouldn't it be nice if everyone just stay at home on 31st August. imagine those look on the VIP faces. Muahahaha.

Anonymous said...

yes, yes, YES ! stay at home on the 3oth nite & 31th morning & NO CELEBRATIONS bcos of sorrows !!

indonmaid said...

The government still has great vision..
It knows very well where this country is heading.. that's why there are plans to train our womenfolk into maids.. to export them to all corners of the world to bring in much needed foreign money..
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passerby said...

Jalan Gurney is still there.But besides the old Jalan Gurney,it is now call Jalan Semarak.Just to let you know.