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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What is happening to Malaysia???

Here's a damn good reason to feel sick to your stomachs this morning. Remember this is July 9 and the year is 2008! And here in Malaysia we have people, learned and respected ones, with this type of on and weep....and then be very afraid...

KUALA LUMPUR, July 8(Bernama) – Literally, the term homosexual refers
to sexual relationship between the same gender, either man and man or woman and woman.

Homosexuality is usually contrasted with heterosexuality and bisexuality.

Traditionally, the term gay is used predominantly to refer to homosexual males,
while lesbian is a gender-specific term that is only used for homosexual

The term homosexual is also used for the same-sex sexual relations between
persons of the same sex who are not gay or lesbian.

In the West, the morally wrong and corrupt homosexual act has turned into a
sort of plague, spreading its tentacles far and wide, engulfing individuals with
the tendency of adopting this immoral self-indulgence.

In the country today, the ‘gay’ lifestyle is believed to have sprouted
rampantly. A point to note is the mushrooming of the gay clubs.

A news report yesterday came out with a revelation that shocked
many, gay comics, said to be sold at RM50 each, is believed to be a hot item
among those aged 25 and above.

But the question is that, is this upsetting trend is mushrooming?


The Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM) secretary-general, Datuk
Dr Maamor Osman, said the homosexual act in the country had grown to a worrying trend.

The tendency to perform homosexual acts is there, as shown by the proliferation of gay bars, Dr Maamor, who is also a general medical
practitioner, told Bernama.

"In the Quran, it is said that Allah the Al-Mighty had obliterated Luth’s
people for their indulgence in homosexual acts.

“There is no forgiveness for such debauchery, to the extent that it angers
Allah the Al-Mighty," said Dr Maamor.


On the health aspect, Dr Maamor said homosexuals who indulge in anal
intercourse are prone to various risks.

"Each of the human organs has their respective systems including blood
circulation, nerves, immunity and other systems. The woman’s sexual organ, and hormones are different from that of the man.

"There are specialised cells for certain functions. Unfortunately for some
humans, they resorted to commit deviations," he said.

According to Dr Maamor, the human’s gastro-intestinal system begins right
from the mouth until the anus. The system is outfitted with specialised cells
for the digestion and absorption of food.

"There is the rhythmic (intestinal) muscle movement, known as peristalsis.
And if this system is disturbed, like when anal intercourse occurs, it will
invite damage to the person’s physical, emotional and spiritual attributes.

"As this system is not for erroneous acts, it invites various risks like
the Aids, hepatitis, haemorrhoids and septicemia (bacterial infection of the
blood), said Dr Maamor, adding that this unnatural sex act also provokes
various sexually transmitted diseases".


The Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement (Abim) president Yusri Mohamad said
that a homosexual act is a serious immoral and criminal offence.

"There is no difference between a homosexual act and adultery. Hence,
severe punishment should be handed down against homosexuals. Prevention and punishment must be executed”, said Yusri.

He said the ‘doors’ that invite people to commit this sin should be
permanently closed and sealed.

"Take immediate action against centres or clubs where the homosexuals
gather, like revoking the operating licence.

"Websites and magazines that may have room for homosexual-oriented messages should be monitored and action taken against them," he said.

Yusri calls on the authorities to conduct raids, akin to that held for
drug-prevention operations at nightspots and entertainment centres.

Hence, the government is seen as taking stern and firm action to curb this
moral decadence, unlike the western nations that provide the so-called ‘freedom’ to such debauchery.


"There is not much account on homosexuals in the Indian community, in some
cases there are bisexuals but that is not their wishes.

“Even the Hindu religion does not accept homosexual practices”, the
Malaysian Hindu Sangham president Datuk A.Vaithilingam told Bernama.

Vaithilingam calls on parents to exercise caution in and give the issue a
serious look in the efforts to prevent their children from being trapped in the
homosexual clutches.

He said the community should be exposed to education and counselling on the
homosexual topic to create awareness among the public on the ills and evils of
this felony.

Serious attention should also be given against illicit sexual relations in
order to prevent it from becoming a menace to the society.


This act, which is like a malignant cancer, should not be allowed to spread
its tentacles, as it threatens to bring destruction and devastation to the

Hence, education for the youngsters particularly for those in schools and
universities is crucial to prevent the society from being engulfed by this
immoral act.

In this context, Dr Maamor concurs with Vaithilingam that the parents need
to boost their knowledge in order to shoulder the immense task of preventing
their offsprings from being drawn into the evils of homosexual acts.

Parents should not feel embarrassed if they ask for advice and counselling
from the experts to overcome this issue.

Dr Maamor also calls on the Islamic Advancement Department (Jakim) to adopt
an approach where doctors and psychiatrists can brief mosque officials on the
issue apart from setting up the integrated referral centres at the mosques.

Similar concepts can be applied at institutions for the other religions in
the country, he said.

Dr Maamor said the Information Ministry can use the electronic media to
disseminate information on the warfare against this social scourge.

"We may be giving the wrong impression as if the authorities are tolerating
this immoral act”, he said.

Meanwhile Yusri calls on the authorities to monitor artistes and actors
that portray the 'feminine’ image.

"We are not saying that all of the womanly males as gays but many of the
gays are from this group.

"We do not wish these people to be used as the illustration and model”, he

Clearly, the homosexual phenomenon is against the human’s natural behaviour
and should be swiftly and firmly dealt with.

Not everyone wants to see the country to be overwhelmed by the influx of
moral decadence that erupt from those who are out to draw the people into the dark ages of morality. -- BERNAMA



Captain Falcon said...

Nice read. Bet we learned a lot from that.

Oh umm...Mr Patrick sir... is this one of those 'Niamah-less' post? :D

Cuddly Family said...


for this they wasted time on. Nemind that scientists have proven thus far that it's in da brain already from birth.

To be honest, there are far worse things for our country to consider "righting" rather than which way a person "swings". EESSHH..


LySiNe said...

There is no hiding from bigots and fanatics anywhere in the world. The difference being in Malaysia, these people are in government, while in the US they are labeled as hate groups.

temenggong said...


Homosexuality is also found in animals. The causes of homosexuality are genetic, as well as mental as a result of environmental causes!

IOW, people are designed that way. It is not an acquired taste.

jasgill said...

Hi Patrick. Why no link to the article? I agree that playing up this homophobia is dangerous. The medical practitioner is not fit to practice if he has this biased attitute towards homosexuals. As for the so called religious experts, I would like to say that all of them suck. I am a Singh and "belakang main" was used in the past to tease our community in Malaysia. Hey looks like it has now affflicted those that use to tease us. This drumming up of hatred for homos is dangerous as you have written. And it comes at a time when sodomy allegations are being used as a bullet to kill off political ambitions.

crower said...

1. Gay, Lesbians and Bi-Sexuals are against the teachings Islam, there's no two way about it.

2. I fail to see the negative side of this write up.

Patricia said...


First, I need to say that I cannot believe that such a badly written article, so cut-and-paste, and with so many grammatical errors, has come out of Bernama, our premier news agency! Their editors on leave, ah?

Secondly, my response is: OMG! OMG! OMG! Don't these people keep up with the current science on this issue of homosexuality? Deviant behaviour? Sigh.

But perhaps this is just a warm-up exercise? Fanning the masses and getting them in the right frame of mind for when charges are brought up against DSAI? Why else make an issue of homosexuality now?

But for whatever the reason, this does not bode well for us. I firmly believe that religion and the state should be separate. This is proof that it should be.

JP said...

So, we are blogger; but we re NOT “block(er)”. Are you ?

• Belief in God
• Loyalty to King and Country
• Upholding the Constitution
• Sovereignty of the Law, and
• Good Behaviour and Morality

Have we done anything which is so called blatant disregard for the above principles ?
If yes, then PM labeled you as [treachery].
(headline of theSUN Tuesday July 8, 2008) more HERE


delCapo said...

wah lan oi!! talk about anyhow shoot...
such a long article running around in bloody circles... trying to treat homosexuality like a disease!?!?!?!

these buggers come from where ah??

i believe there r 2 types of gays - 1) by choice of their sexual preferences and 2) inborn.

yes, there are some irresponsible gays with bad sexual ethics, jsut like many straights... the key is in promoting safe sex, not finding an injection to turn gays straight!!!

fucken hell.... pui!!

Shiok Guy said...

Dear Bro,

One of my fellow female blogger complain about competition for men with GAY! She wrote about it here

More More of My friend are becoming GAY

I think she has a point and more and more GAY or Lesbian in town now.

Shiok Guy

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me how to explain wud is sodomy to a 6,7,8 year olds children? Grrrrr the newspapers are getting more and more pornish these days! What are we telling our children through what's going on in our country now? Are we going to play 'follow the leader' now when the leaders are nothing but a bunch of homo court jesters?

Anonymous said...

If they haven't noticed, genitals too are organs for urinating. So how come we used it for sex? It's a stupid argument to out law anal sex! Demolishing temples, poison animals, body snatching are legalized! Only in Malaysia!

- tony - said...

gay, lesbian... what is the big fuss about it? who stated the law that sex have to be opposition sex? god? who spoken and have his confirmation about this? i have bunch of gay friends.. this is an insult to the communities! this country is seriously NIAMAH.. !!

mind them, most ppl are born gay! means GOD created them this way. you got the wrong holy book. Niaseng!

donplaypuks® said...

The Official Witch-hunt has begun.

Soon, they will herd in the blind, handicapped, disabled, deformed and the Unbelievers as being against 'God's Perfect Creations' and haul them all to concentration camps.

A Nazi, Mao, Hitler or Stalinistic State is the TRUE AGENDA!!

crazy-ant said...

Dr Maamor ah... please stop talking shit. Ain't that like your mouth deviating from its proper function? You mean you eat with your anus izzit? Fucking shallow idiot...

lord musan said...

What is there to be afraid of?Afraid of the statements made by these people or afraid of the moral decadence committed by homosexuals!Don't tell me we are that liberal till we can approve any gay activities amongst us?Even all religions doesn't allow same sex sexual,i think that we should be afraid of God's wrath and afraid that it could be one of our brothers or sisters!As liberal as we can be but being a homosexual is not the i-thing to do here!

lord musan

Anonymous said...

What is your point Patrick? Why need to be afraid? All religion forbid gay lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with the article. Shows that you dont have a religion. Pity, pity.
(Suddenly realised you are gay or your children are gay?) <94009>

K.S. Lee said...

Of course these learned and respected ones are homophobics! They are the elite creme de la creme in the country's leadership and they don't want too much average joes and janes to join them f**king the rakyat's ass!

shun2u said...

ya lor..animals also homosexual. I see the dogs like to play that.

Amat said...

Today, we are living in the world that majority leaders involved in wrong doing such as ;"mis-use power" to gain more power'; may be we can call it 'Power Gate'. Malaysia tidak terkecuali. Saya percaya bahawa keadaan politik di Malaysia kembali pulih jikalau PM dengan berani mengwujudkan "SHARE-POWER" (Berkongsi kuasa) dengan Pakatan Rakyat dengan melantik beberapa di antara mereka menjadi menteri kabinet. Pm melantik Anwar jadi senator dan menjadikan beliau sebagai penasihat utama atau timbalan Perdana Menteri. Tindakan ini amat berani dan bijak. Tindakan memenjarakan para pembangkang adalah tindakan yang merugikan rakyat kerana rakyat menerima akibatnya.
Kalau ada negara-negara lain wujudkan perkongsian kuasa di antara parti-parti politik , tidak mustahil di Malaysia boleh dilakukan juga.
Kalau semua parti dapat bersatu-padu maka Malaysia dapat menghadapi segala cabaran dan masalah yang sedang kita hadapi hari ini.
Seperti kata orang " biar rugi sedikit asalkan jangan rugi semuanya'. Sekian!

Relax said...

I think Patrick is hinting that the article is written badly. Homosexual that is not "gay" and "lesbian". WTF

The writer needs to take a writing course, or go back to kindergarten and read doraemon.

About homosexuality in Malaysia, there is no increase in homosexuality, just that more people are confessing openly that they are gays/lesbians.

Homosexuality is inborn and scientists have found out that the brain structure of homosexuals is very different for straight people. Accept it as a fact of life that homosexuality is natural.

it is delusional to shove ones moral beliefs down other people's throat. We have too many moral policemen in the society who worries about trivial issues.

Anonymous said...

I think the issue here is more about human rights, and freedom in our country.
Having leaders with this kind of thinking, which is our tok-nenek's thinking back in the 40s-50s, how is the nation going to cope with all these trends and lifestyles and the advancement of human minds and thinking? A developed country with leaders who have undeveloped thinkings, everything is simply wrong.
They should learn to first understand the situation, make full assessments of it, before making blind claims, pointing fingers and closing all doors in the name of religions. We are encourage to think out of the box, but these people are still stuck in the bloody tempurung...

We're really doomed!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bernama should write an article on pervert fathers/uncles or pakciks who rape their own daughters/sisters...

Pat, I have gay friends too and some of them are more wonderful than the normal friends. No offence, they are born with such 'tendencies'. As much you and I have the right to be in this world, so have they.

So its wrong 'religiously' so what? Aren't our ministers and wonderful gomen also doing religiously wrong doings and lying to us all the RAKYAT??

Aiya....these JAKIM, whatever crap people should go get a life and leave these people alone.


wisdomthinker said...

Hello all,

Men and women are created by God for purposes. Or else, there would not be this different gender living in the world.

Homosexuality is unnatural for human' being live created by God. And is forbidden in every religion. Its obvious.

But fortunately for other living creatures, its very natural. Take examples of insects, microorganisms, (you can name it).

And yes, people are confessing openly they are gays and lesbians.

The logic common sense of thinking given to every human being is very obvious feel disgust and annoy with this kind of act. What is that to argue about then. The right of it? What a joke.

Even the young kids could feel disgust about this act. Isn't that obvious?

Anonymous said...

Aiya patrick, god given what. What's wrong with god given rights. They never chose to be gay. Please la...they are a bit different only, leave them alone ok.


Anonymous said...

Given half a chance, the ultra-conservative Muslims (nothing against a good religion like Islam) in this country would probably like to run it like Iran! All homos would be stoned to death! God forbids!!!

KaKiaYam said...

patrick, i have no problem with the article. Most major religion define homosexual acts as sinful.

BUT, I guess what you would like point out is this sentence from Yusri -

"...The Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement (Abim) president Yusri Mohamad said that a homosexual act is a serious immoral and criminal offence..."

"...There is no difference between a homosexual act and adultery. Hence, severe punishment should be handed down against homosexuals. Prevention and punishment must be executed”, said Yusri...."

That's where I totally danger lies.


Relax said...

One man's meat is another man's poison.

You feel disgust with homosexuality does not mean others will feel the same. You like red color and someone else will hate it. Accept that the world is diverse. Shoving down your shit to others is called intolerant.

Homosexuality in HUMAN is natural, and science has confirmed that. Whatever your religion or belief box says is another matter. Your religion can even say being woman is sinful but that does not mean others must follow your moral standards.

Tolerance and basic rights will triumph at the end and ignorant religious zealots will lose ground.

Anonymous said...

Witch hunt against normal sexual preference is the same as being racists. I see no problem with homosexuals as long as it's within a confine of consenting adults and healthy practice. But the Bible does not encourage it.
From an Heterosexual!

Anonymous said...

The symptom is homophobia, the real disease is trying impose your moral views on others. It is a power trip for those guys, they have the need to be the centre of attention to feel important. If homosexuality didn't exist, some of these retards would probably find some other issue to yammer about self-importantly, eg it is against religion to pick your nose with fingers on your left hand, since you wipe your ass with it.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe any religion in on this planet would discriminate against homosexuality. People are are born homosexual and can't be turn into one. If God is great then God would understand the homosexual phonemena. And if God created human beings in God's image... then God sure f**ked up somewhere.

amoker said...

This is a Bernama piece, lousy government propoganda.

Would Bernama write a piece about extra marital affair or raping own children or rakyat?

coalminecanary said...

LOL! Forgive me Paddy, but I can't be bothered to read, got lost on paragraph 3.

This article is just to brainwash the public.

hak hak hak!

pah nur said...

It is easier to condemn than to suggest for a solution. That is, if you see gays and lesbianism as a problem to solve. Or is it? I'm straight, but i don't see why people just condemn others with out of norm sexual preferences. It doesn't take a gay have AIDS. The medical staff can contract AIDS by accidental needle prick. Unless you don't plan to fuck around mindlessly, then don't blame the gays for spreading AIDS since you're contributing to the spreading it too by your philandering activities. Even if fucking around the country side (FRCS) is not your cup of tea, then what gives you the right to shun these gay community? The Quran? Are you sure? There are enough evidence to suggest the translation of Al Quran into english language have got some controversy. Are you going to condemn without researching first?
Homosexuals did not ask to be born that way. Have some empathy. Please go look up the meaning of empathy because if you don't, you will not understand what I'm trying to say. They do not need scrutiny nor sympathy. Just simple empathy will do. In the mean time, I will go research on this matter from the Quran....

Anonymous said...

Is this the start of a hitler style extermination of gays and lesbians? instead of looking at rapes, incest, sharline, corruption, murders and other morally unspeakable crimes they are picking on the gays. well is this the agenda now, knowing the way msm works under the instructions of umno, is this the strategy to tarnish and whip up angst and anger against the gays, how cheap, mentally and morally bankrupt can you get, what happened to umno, drunk, arse grabbing cigar chewing ex minister, hoi jakim why hasn't any action been taken, champions of morallity, what about certain khalwat and police raids at certain spas and vips were caught, what happened to those cases or is it there is a culture of tutup satu mata. Isn't corruption also haram, what about drinking alcohol, go lah kayu to the haban club, apa pasal dia orang tak tangkap, adakah itu olang, olang umno. why do gays need to be targeted, no wonder they all run to miri sarawak, go and check out the gay scene there lah. hai yah betul2 booooodohhhhhhhh.

ben said...

No bloggers, no cry?

Lao' Cha said...

We should just mind our own anus and not try to push each other's stool in. Use the chair for God sake.

Someone said. Don't get uptight. Some people might like you when you're UP-TIGHT !!!

monsterball said...

This recent sodomy charge is simply.....BALDERDASH!!
What you see is what you are ....and sex pirated DVD are enjoyed equally by Muslim customers. I bet you .......majority are very open minded Malaysians.
Muslims watched cowboy movies..bought a jean...and now are westernized.
You are what you see....and you eat...what you like.
The greatest hypocrites are Malaysians UMNO members..hero worshiping ...the Arabs...from Saudie Arabia. Even US government carry their balls...all for two reasons..oil and lots of heaven falls easy money.
These people...go to casinos and gamble big......pray 5 times per day...asking for forgiveness...and can rape or force a female for sexual acts...with no fear in their country...puka pusa is always party..with hard drinks easily available...although banned to the filthy rich and powerful....can do anything......just like UMNO filthy rich are doing in Malaysia.
Malaysia's UMNO members.. hero worship Arabs.....thinking.. Arabs are their forefathers...which is totally not true. They are mostly mamaks....mixtures or all kinds of Asians races.......not from middle east at all. if ever they want to be true to themselves....they are from Africa all of us.
Majority well educated Muslims know that and are keeping far far away from these UMNO weird..sickos.
Short of being acts are private matters.
Anwar was smart.. to bring charges against Saiful at the Muslim religious court. There Saiful.. needs to bring 4 witnesses....and above all..Anwar is right. This issue has nothing to with other races...interested in it.
We are interested in a good and uncorrupted government....not their private life matters.
Mahathir was the first to apply such low down ..under the belt get rid of his enemy. Infact...Anwar nearly died 10 years this cruel cruel dictator.
Yet...I repeat....Abdullah Ang could walk in and out of Kajang Jail..under Mahathir's eyes..wide open...smiling. That's Mahathir justices and logics we need to endure for 22 years.
Now under Dollah....history is repeating ...but Dollah is not the man doing this to Anwar.
Dollah knows who...chooses to ignore fir his personal benefits.
Is not UMNO.. a sick party?

Relax said...

Patrick, I would like to offer a solution to these zealots:

Anonymous said...

i am gay ...i am proud

bala PI said...

homos should be sent to hell. period

old fart said...

Again, old chap, totally sympathise with you, what all these bulldusts mean is that most people still believe that what they think is right is also right for others and what they believe is wrong is inexcusable for others to do. And they are so clever in hiding behind so-called religious ass! Total garbage in this day and age. Think about if one of your sons and daughters or siblings happens to be one who favours the same sex....would you be so loud-mouthed about the issue? I think the keyword here is FAIRNESS....and this is seriously lacking in this part of the world. Look around you, it's not only in Malaysia, look how people treat each other, family or friends alike. It's a tough life out there, old chap, and you and I are not going to be around to see too many changes for the better in the near future for sure. Niamah High!

fergie said...

I am a mother of 2 grown children and have an 8 yr old granchild. For believers, didn't God create man/woman? So, LGBTs were also created by God? Why do they have to live with this stigma? If a person does not approve just avoid them. Leave them in peace, I say. They have every right to a life. Who are we to judge. Have we not sinned many times in our lives?

Bean Laden said...

Aiyoh Pat

Malaysian politic is in COMA already la..... perhaps just pull the plug so it can rest in peace.

pah nur said...

Dear Bala. Hell and heaven is God's property. Who are we to take over God's work of judging people. That is His job....He know better. Human are full of agenda that cloud their judgment, we err, that is why God is God and humans are human....

The world needs less judgment and more empathy.I think if we try this, it'll be a better place for all. Isn't that is what the gist of all religion???

Anonymous said...


o happiness is coming,
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the “truth” that you see
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free speech for one and all,
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© 1996 - Carburetor Dung

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I don't think there is anything wrong with the bernama article. The worst nightmare for any parent is to find out that their child is a gay! Won't you?(!)

Anonymous said...

Easy way to solve this problem is to cut it off! Let's start with all the religious types first i.e. those enamed in the BANANA news report. The moral of the story is that there is no and never has been any hope for the BANANA news agency. Let's cut off the BANANA and save our money now. Hidup Abdullah! Hidup Mat Anus!

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard Anwar's fight for justice to include all gays and lesbians and transsexuals either. Or are these principles not for them? Keadilan untuk SIAPA?

- NotVotingAnwar

Anonymous said...

" what ! you FOOL ,accusing me ? when ? how? show us your 4 witnesses !? "

Anonymous said...

Perak news : BN wants to buy 2 aduns from PR at Rm10,000,000 each
b4 Hari Kebangsaan !! Cepat, cepat,
liwat ( oops, sorry!)..lewat tak
dapat !!

Anonymous said...

Hey ! bala in thailand lah = REFUGEE !? poor fellow, GODBLESS !

Anonymous said...

One rocket adun has reported to polis = where is the money !?.. money, no proof what, NFA !

Anonymous said...

kinbatangan mp FINALLY admitted," yes, i did it, SO WHAT ! @#$%^&*..
i did that to johnson too, remember ? ...@#$%^&*, take actions lah !!..@#$%^&* !!"

Anonymous said...

wtf is the problem with these people?

Is a corrupt politician raping dry the country's resources and let millions of people derita, more sinful than 2 adult having consensual relationship?

Even if the 2 is sinful, its none of your business! It's them and god.

Quit trying to play god!

AF said...

Never mind the utterly baseless comments by Bernama circling around those who come to conclusions and then only search for evidence.

Never mind that when that search turns up empty, a medical doctor is stupid enough to put his reputation on the idea that anal intercourse - as opposed to other forms - increases risk of AIDS.

Never mind that a so-called religious leader pushes for actions that push civil rights even further back than they are today.

But when effeminate characteristics are publicly degraded, the level of discrimination moves beyond the press and into our classrooms.

Shame on you, Bernama! Shame!

bigbadwoof said...

Paddy Im not sure if there room 2 chimed in, 55 comments hotdiggity damn! its clearly a hornet nest.WTF at the sake of sticking my nose(pardon the pun)I live in SF bay area(bout to head home)same sex marriage is legal (there's ballot coming up for CA electorate..) I've nothing to fear from this sub group they don't posed a threat.Some of them are the nicest people you'll ever meet.They're entertainers you worship, they r someone sons and daughter ie(VP Dick Cheaney!) they hold regular jobs they pay taxes, Forgive me but I remember theres(there goes my bahasa) saying "finding demons in your blankie(selimut)"Bernama is politizing detracting from the issues, let worry about malfeasance, unemployment, crime and what have you. cheers %

Malaysia Truly Asia said...

Malaysia is really a great country. Looks like Bernama is also providing great literature to the world. Good job Melati and Bernama! Thanks to our Kris welding boy our school system has come out with such great writers as Melati.

P/S Melati, Where can I buy those RM50 gay comics? I can't find them at Borders or Popular Book (Definitely not at MPH)

Melati, I would also suggest you write about how Jews smell and how pitiful the Nazis were tortured by the Jews in WW 1. It must be a really cool article.

Anonymous said...

Bernama, shame on you. And worst still, the doctor. Indeed the medical practitioner should not be practising if he can give such biased view. If God created man, and at the same time condemn homosexuality, then one of the these senarios must be true:
1) God screwed up, he ain't almighty
2) God is cruel, he likes torturing his subjects
3)Man himself distorted God's words to gain power (think religious organizations)
4)all of the above
Pick an answer..Really niamah man.

Anonymous said...

sorry, the ipoh rocket adun has repoted to ACA & not polis, tq.

Square said...

it just spoilt my apatite for dinner... what a bunch of morons... the funny part is where they put gay man as categorized as faminen male... OMG...LMAO! Hello brother~ where u got ur degree from? or even better...where u got ur brain from???

WTF....niamah eh~~

anonymous bodoh said...

I agree with crower's statement:
I too, fail to see the negative side of this write up.

Anonymous said...

Bernama, shame on you. And worst still, the doctor. Indeed the medical practitioner should not be practising if he can give such biased view. If God created man, and at the same time condemn homosexuality, then one of the these senarios must be true:
1) God screwed up, he ain't almighty
2) God is cruel, he likes torturing his subjects
3)Man himself distorted God's words to gain power (think religious organizations)
4)all of the above
Pick an answer..Really niamah man.

mr/ms anonymous, that comment is just plain stupid. There's another comment that questions who said that guys were made for girls (I paraphrased it). If you must know, if a male has sex with a female, it may result to pregnancy, i.e continuation of the production of human beings. That basically answers why guys are for girls and not for guys or viceversa.

Born as a womanly guy or manly girl doesn't mean you have to be a homo. You can fight it. I have friends like that. Don't blame God.

Homos are going to hell. Regardless of what religion they are in. Or even if they don't have any.

Anonymous said...

who is that stupid adun in perak said," if you see a snake & a man,
kill the man !"
That adun must be a lesbian !

Jamuuna said...

It is human nature to cast off something or someone just because they are different. We are too judgemental of everyone. In a way, this makes us all feel superior. Religion to many is simply an outlet to show superiority.

When we claim that homosexual activity between two consensual, sound -minded adults are wrong in the eyes of religion, they must be left to be punished by God. Personally, I have always believed that religion or sexual preferences are between the person and their God. when their action does not hurt others, people have no right to judge them. Those who want to judge should look at their own dirt first. we must first look at our actions, whether it actually goes against the teaching of religion. Each and every one of then should be punished. Learn to first remember that being different might not that wrong...and the God will understand. Many believe that God will forgive their sins if they pray hard, so if God can forgive these sins, he too can forgive HOMOSEXUALITY...(something many deem as sinful).

Stop judging them....they did not hurt another person. We do not know what they go through, thus we have no right to critisize.

artic turban said...

Visa plan for 'risky' visitors.
One of the risks posed is the possession of bogus passports
The government has warned 11 countries that their citizens will need visas to visit the UK unless they "significantly reduce" the risk they pose.

Listed are Brazil, Namibia, South Africa, Malaysia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Botswana, Lesotho, Mauritius, Swaziland, and Trinidad and Tobago.

A Home Office report identifies bogus passports, criminal acts and terrorism as possible risks posed by visitors.

It says the new visa requirements could become law by early 2009.

The new countries on the visa list have a combined population of more than 300 million - nearly 5% of the world's population.

We need to decide how to widen the visa net. We cannot and will not shy away from going wider

Liam Byrne, immigration minister

If visas are imposed on them, 80% of the world's population will be subject to visa entry requirements in order to visit the UK.

Because Britain is a member of the EU, citizens of European countries do not need visas to visit the UK.

Border and Immigration Minister Liam Byrne said: "We need to decide how to widen the visa net.

"We cannot and will not shy away from going wider and will, whenever we think there is a risk to the UK."

'Evidence of change'

He said the government will now "work with" the countries over the next six months in an effort to reduce the risks.

"If they are able to show evidence of change then there will be no need to introduce a visa regime," said Mr Byrne.

The criteria for the Home Office's Visa Waiver Test included looking at passport security and integrity; the degree of co-operation over deportation or the removal of a country's nationals from the UK.

Levels of illegal working in the UK and other immigration abuses, levels of crime and the risk of a visitor committing a terrorist act were also considered.

katztales said...

Another reason to call Bername "the giggle channel"

Anonymous said...

I was so shocked and felt (still feel) insulted by the release of the feature article. I was so surprised by the way the government is tackling the situation. Frankly speaking, I can't even describe how disgusted I feel about it.

The article is an insult to us Malaysians. It only shows what kind of puppet the news agency is. It reveals how disgustingly low Malaysian journalism can be. And it only shows how despicable the puppet master can be by degrading our intellect and curbing our freedom.

So many stupid similar things going on right now, I just can't make sense of what's happening around me anymore.

Anonymous said...

what ! only THIS artcle an isult ah !? you must be zz..zzz...zzzz...
like him lah ! aaaaaahh (yawning)!

Anonymous said...

how come bolehsians still don't get it?

it's ok to be a corrupt than a homosexual in bolehsia.

Anonymous said...

The majority of homosexuals believe they were born "gay". I was one of them. But not anymore. Now i believe that Homosexuality is learned behavior which is influenced by a number of factors.

I did not chose to be "gay". I believe non of us will. Everyone of us "Human" have the possibility of being gay. But i have a choice to surrender to it or to try to find out more about it. Thus, why not find out the root causes and solution instead of condemning or punishing. Do not surprise one day you find out your son or daugter is stuggling with this issue.

"Homosexuality is inborn and scientists have found out that the brain structure of homosexuals is very different for straight people"?? u sure? please read this pal. :)

To all parents, and all peoples. I sincerely wish that you will visit these sites and understand more about the different point of view on Homosexuality for your future generation sake.

dani said...

Dear anonymous,
"Homosexuality is inborn and scientists have found out that the brain structure of homosexuals is very different for straight people"?? u sure? please read this pal. :)