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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What a f**ked up day!

Sorry ah. It's for your own protection.

Boy! Am I glad Monday is over. What a f**ked up day it was. Didn't you think so?

First, an emergency motion of no-confidence against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his Cabinet was thrown out by the Speaker. Why? The motion was rejected by the Speaker due to the "wrong choice of words". Huh? Exactly. What the fuck does that mean? That was what was reported in The Star's online paper. But in a neighbouring country a news channel reported that it was due to a word or words being mis-spelt!!!


Meanwhile, Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar has issued an apology to the Malaysian public for the massive traffic jams caused by numerous road blocks mounted by the police which "were carried out in the interest of the public". And then, as if to kick us in the nuts just one more time, the minister said, "The public want their safety, not demonstrations or interference with their daily life." Interference with my daily life???!!! What the fuck do you call sitting in traffic for 2 and a half hours for what normally would be a 20 minute journey? I would call that a BIG interference with my daily life, wouldn't you?

Anyone who was caught in the grid-lock yesterday would have wanted to tell Syed Hamid to take his apology and shove it so far up his ass he'd choke. Instead of issuing apologies which mean nothing why didn't he deploy traffic policemen to assist the very people whom he claims do not want interference with their daily lives? Like stationing traffic policemen at all the major intersections in the city centre would have been a great help.

I am not a BN supporter. Neither am I am big fan of Anwar or the PKR. But can you fuckers stop talking to me like I'm a fucking retard? Thank you.



donplaypuks® said...

Minister Magoo who's been hob-nobbing with the champagne and caviar brigade in ivory towers, does not have time for peasants like you and me.

The best parties are thrown by the Brits, Fench and Uncle Sam, and Magoo by the process of osmosis, now follows their typical response to democratic peaceful public gatherings - NUKE THEM COMMIES, JIMBO!!

Who gives an F about us fuming in a traffic jam?

ColorsMalaysian said...

Hey ! What's up ?!

Apology from ............. ?
Is it true !?
".....Meanwhile, Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar has issued an apology to the Malaysian public for the massive traffic jams caused by numerous road blocks mounted by the police which "were carried out in the interest of the public.....".

Apologized !? That's it ?......or just resign for wrong information taking place ? !

Again and again ..........
Resign for causing public a big trouble ?????!!!!!
No way ......... !
Never happen in our history (as long as BN still in power)for any wrong doer(s) from BN.

Their answer always is very stupid type, even a small kid lie better than he or she from BN


Life is short.
Serve the country hard !

Like you said
"I am not a BN supporter. Neither am I am big fan of Anwar or the PKR. But can you f**kers stop talking to me like I'm a f**king retard? Thank you."



mob1900 said...

He has been using law enforcement as his own political 'strong arm' conducting these road blocks since Friday, all the way leading to the massive Monday morning jam and all he has to show is unsincere apology for 'your own good'. He has proven 'worthy' to the top warlords with the latest high-handed approach to initiate any crackdown on 'civil disobedience' if there's any.

I'll say this is a Collective Punishment tactic for intimidation and harrassment on the rakyat.


Anonymous said...

What do you expect from someone who babbles like he does on that BBC interview or something ??? Very easy to do mah! Cannot hande situation? road block la!Too scared ? Roadblock la!Any stooopid excuse to do what they like! And we call ourselves a developing country...sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Tai Loh, cool down. Spewing 'f u c k' is not going to change anything. hahaha. Drink some leong cha and take a warm shower should help. :D :D

Mrs Stone

Anonymous said...

They are using dogs to harass the Rakyats no two ways about it. Just remember who to vote come the next election. To those who voted for barisan "Serve you Right"!

clearwater said...

Like you Patrick and thousands of other motorists, I was enraged at the inconvenience caused by the unnecessary roadblocks. Then I read what these BN ministerial pricks have to say about the traffic conditions they caused and my rage morphed into cold incalculable fury at the insult they do to our intelligence once again. Vote these pricks out everybody, please please come next election.

malayamuda said...

Syed Hamid started this rumour just like Mufti Perak some time back.

Back got off scot free

Anonymous said...

Lets face it, the cabinet consists of mostly umno fuckers who are racist pigs. Nazri is nothing but a decorated pig...his mouth is like the pigs backside and his backside is like a pigs face. Same goes for the home minister, put a snout on his face and see if he is not the same as 'tu pak kai'. Again it is sad to say it is the public who should blame themselves for been fucked. They voted BN into power so they have to live with all the umno pigs, the chinks and all the friking samys. Serve them right if you are continuously being fucked daily by badawi and his 40 thieves.
It is time for the people to get rid of BN particularly the racist party called umno. The malays has the power to do that, the grass root umno members can vote to get rid of all the current assholes in the supreme council, including kerismudin, sil,DPM,Badawi, mohd mohd, but the malays in umno has no balls. They continue to put up with the corrupted bastards and thieves. So I say serve you right you umno members who are also being fucked by the incompetent badawi and his gang of thieves.
Tiu tiu badawi

Andrew said...

Watching Albar on TV, I have no doubt he'd make an excellent stand up comedian. I actually want to laugh when I see his mug.

Anonymous said...

not forgetting the jam causes more fuel consumption! who's gonna pay us back?

Wallabie said...

the ordinary folks care not about grand promises..they just wanna go to work in the morning, put in an honest day, go home feed the family, sleep soundly at night. PR's so-called wake up call lately has been abit too loud for comfort. This roadblocks and extra alert ARE caused by what reputation the PR has garnered for themselves. Was the gov really too sensitive? or did the PR throw some sticks around the bush to rattle things up abit so the government would react so that they would blame the gov for this undemocratic, unnecessary crackdown, or a combo of both? I care not. Just lemme have my day in peace.

Patricia said...

I concur with Wallabie above. I think he/she makes a valid assesment: Do you think we are being played for suckers? One side rattling the cage, the other side retaliating, and we? stuck in the middle and getting screwed.

And if we do vote 'them' out. DO you really believe things will be any better under new management? I don't. Their training was provided by this management - so how can they be any different when they come to power? It will be more of the same.

I think the ruling party should just get on with the job. And the opposition get on with theirs. Check and balance.

And stop all this nonsense! It is exasperating and getting us nowhere fast!

JeyS said...

True true true.. to all. Welcome to the land where the govt authorities are scared shit about their own citizens who like idiots put them there in the 1st place!!!

What a wonderful world we live IN!

Anonymous said...

may the IDIOT Hamd wakes up with a mother of al constipations.
and may the whole cabinet also gets it.
protection and safety? for freaking sake, bring the crime rate down instead of wasting and abusing police resources.
and the IGP is no better in not resisting such abuses.
Once again, Hamid go see a doctor for your constipation. I think the faeces are getting to your braina nd hampering your thinking.

Anonymous said...

May that bald Syed Hamid lose his pubic hair as well!

Anonymous said...

I find it very sad and puzzling that a blog with a very rude curse word as its title should be included in Malaysiakini's list of "our choice" bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Malaysiakini should've requested u change the name of your blog before listing you as one of their choice blogs.

No matter how angry we are at the govt couldnt we be a little more civil? If not, what makes us better than Bung Mohtar for example? Many people including youngsters are reading blogs.

amoker said...

He srew up Batu Putih big time, now he needs to show that he can do it in his new portfolio . I think he has outlive his usefulness.

When we want protection ( muggers, rapist), police tak kisah. When we just want to earn a living, they showed their compassion all right. Do it one more time and i stop paying my tax. In fact, lets start a movement that all rakyat does not pay tax for one year.

TOOLAN said...

Good Morning,

They are flexing their muscle now, they are the untouchables, tai koh tai!!!

Luckily, stayed in office yesterday, so avoided being caught but still pisses me off when I read about the Augusta issue. Proton sold for Euro1 and now people re-sell Augusta for profit of RM800million, how many times is that ahh!! I also don't know how to count oledi!

So farking stupid, so farking bloody incompetent!! Where did these all so call think tank and financial wizard come from one! Somemore, our flip flop PM dare to say it is not an error in management woh!! Por Dah!!!

How much of our money these "monyet" going to waste somemore ah!
I am glad I voted opposition, those who voted BN...PADAN MUKA!!

Square said...

oh now i sorta get it now...whenever the opposition trying to do something, the BN will try to do something stupid to make the ppl the next time the opposition gonna try something, beware...cos the BN will gonna make u suffer again...this is like a game...until and unless the opposition opt to give up...

btw...i am having CLP (cert of legal practice) exam on Monday, I think by putting us into perfect security and puting on road block wont gonna help me to pass if I'm stuck on the road and late for exam!!! so F u morons!

lucky enuff, I took LRT!

but stil...NIAMAH!!!

caravanserai said...

The massive traffic jams
In the city rules by cops
Basing on their rumors
Trying to blame the opposition

The BN government running scared
About the consciousness spreads
Blaming it on the opposition
The BN leaders don’t look at themselves

The cops take orders
From the ruling elite
Without question flow blindly
They think they do a good job
It damages its own uniform

The people got angry
Stuck on the heavy traffic jams
Tempers might have flared
Cursing the ruling elite
For their short-sightedness

The city swarmed by cops
Road blocks made citizens angry
Without just cause or provocation
The city cops wanted to rule the city

The BN will surely die
Digging its own grave
As long as the people get angry
The coalition will disintegrate

The fake their own rumors
The BN makes a mockery
Of what was said by its leader
Lies akin to treachery

Anonymous said...

APOLOGY? What F**K is APOLOGY? This government is fond of making life difficult for its citizens. I am not supporter of Anwar nor BN, but why mess my life becoz u fear the shadow of one man? Go to Hell PaK Lah!

Anonymous said...

Next time you KLites should take the laws unto your hand! If you are caught in such a jam, just lock up your vehicles and go for a drink at Starbuck. In this way you can also save on petrol as advised by the Sleeping Pee M! Let the dogs sort out their mess!

Anonymous said...


abROcadabRO said...

It’s expected, as never in Malaysian history has the Speaker of the Dewan Rakyat allowed any motion of no-confidence against the Prime Minister or any other motion that makes the BN government “loses face”.

Well, not exactly actually. The Speaker would allow any motion to increase MPs allowance. The Speaker would allow any motion to dispel any errant opposition MP. The Speaker would allow any motion to discuss rice shortage but never any motion of no-confidence against the Prime Minister or sort of. This is a fact that Dr. Azizah and other opposition MPs must understand and accept.

She must also understand that the Speaker comes from the ruling party; and is politically-obliged to fulfill the agenda of his political masters. What’s more his political career was somewhat over, and was plucked from obscurity to become the Speaker by the PM. And who in this materialistic world would want to put his job on the line by allowing such a motion. In fact if the Speaker comes from PKR or DAP, he would have acted in the same manner. This is a fact of life, dear Dr. Azizah.

Motion is allowed if it meets 3 criteria: is specific, of public interest and is urgent. So far, motions to set up a royal commission to probe allegations made against politicians; and to discuss Raja Petra Kamarudin’s statutory declaration over the purported new evidence on Altantuya’s murder are not specific, not of public interest and not urgent.

In fact all motions moved by the Opposition would never be specific enough, not of public interest and not urgent enough.

Rah rah said...

This is the only place I could vent my anger. FUCK U BN!! You are all mother-FUCKERS who use their own interest to blame it on rakyat's interest. We have to put up with your FUCKing fuel hikes and pay your FUCKing toll everyday to get to work. Every time I see that FUCKer Syed FUCKing Hamid on TV makes me feel like shafting his FUCKing head down the Parliment toilet. We are tormenting this economy is because of you FUCKers. What we want is to leave comfortably in this God given Country, rich with all natural resources. If you can't manage this Country, then let others who knows how to run it. Don't put us to suffer in your own FUCKing interest.

Anonymous said...

It is fcuked up place we're living and there are so many people we'd love to hate!

I was late for work, and freaked out, but when i arrived, half of my office population was not even there yet. They're trapped in jam!
babi punya anak! that botak is just instilling fear in the citizens by doing this.

They rejected the motion because of mispelled word? NIAMAH!!!

I really want to show my middle finger to all of those retarded jokers out there.

Anonymous said...

employees late for work, imagine those working in the MNC when their workers 88% came late on that day, when all their appointments have to be reschedule because of traffic jams, when business opportunities are lost when clients and providers could not make it on time for meetings.

thats they way it is in Malaysia. We have a flip flop PM, we have a police force who is the BN dogs and we have many of a citizens who are apathetic to the situation and started scolding hard core PR supporters for disrupting everyone's daily lives.

we only have ourselves to blame for our situation. we are selfish creatures who knows whats going on with the system but because the system does not concern us, we decide to keep quiet until the system gets us in problems.

humans are all different but what Malaysians should understand that we are all in this shite together, even if we are miles away, malaysians abroad are reading blogs and news and emphatizing with pur fellow malaysians.

however it may seem to pist us off, its exciting times living in Malaysia. take your time off to smell the roses/coffee.. it really is exciting times indeed.

the way things are going in the country, it can either go a lot worse or better, if we stand united as a rakyat.

malaysia and its citizens are like a marriage.. till death do us part.

fellow malaysians abroad, dont you think so?

jonathan said...

Speaker Amin said that the House could only discuss issues under the Standing Orders that were related to the House proceedings. “The House cannot discuss anything that occurs outside this House.That's why they didn't realise there was a jam because the cretins in the House we making so much noise. It's a zoo-zone in parliament.. you get donkeys, asses, cows, monkeys, frogs, pigs, goats, and the rest of animal name calling that will fill up any biology or animal husbandary dictionary. If they are not having a circus performance they probably are using their faculties, hands especially to communciate. Another save fuel program of BN by asking motorist to slow down than speed?
see my blog

Anonymous said...

Imagine a football match where the referee and the linesmen are under the the payroll of one team.

Anyway if only the Sabahans and the Sarawakians (plus some Chinese) have some pride then the whole country will be a better place and we can proudly tell the whole world that we are Malaysians. Not we are Chinese, Indians, Sabahans, Sarawakians, Ibans, etc. Have anyone notice that the old fellows can tell others without any hesitation that "I am a St John boy", "I am from MBS" I am from Penang Free" "I am from VI". Reason- we are so proud to be associated with the institution.

Anonymous said...

The circus has come to town, like to vote who is the king of all clowns?
Curses are quite acceptable, depending on who you use them on. In this case, you are fully justified
and correctly used. This Botak fella has only a few hair on his head and NO BRAIN!

Anonymous said...

IMAGINE( malaysia boleh version):
(beatles tune )

Imagine there's no barisan,
it's easy if you try,
no ISA to detain us,
above us only constitution,
imagine all the people,
living for today !

Imagine there's no parties,
it isn't hard to do,
nothing to campaign or vote for,
and no racism too,
imagine all the people,
living life in peace !

** you may say I'm a dreamer,
but i'm not the only one,
I hope someday you'll join us,
and MALAYSIANS will live as one !**

Imagine no corruptions,
I wonder if you can,
no need for c4 or sodomy,
a brotherhood of man,
imagine all the people,
sharing all resources !!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Patrick, RM 625 rebate is compensation for roadblocks.
This is Bolehland.
Tuna singing in the Klang River.

bamboo river.

pissed.2 said...


That should complete the mood of the day very nicely.

Anonymous said...

bro. Rah ah,

You are turning this bolehland into
a 'Fucking country'!! hahaha

Pat, Is 51 years of being fed with rubbish not enough for you. Why should you be afraid of change? I believe in the rotation of governments, fresh minds, fresh ideas make a country progressive....or, are you the type, better deal with the devil you know than the devil you don't. "A stagnant mind is the devil's workshop, BN has come to that!"

SITI said...

kan, kan?

"Stop talking" is the best thing for them to do now.

Rakyat sekarang macam kene layan kerenah pemimpin pulak. Melayan kebudduhan mereka (yang melampau2). Owh!

Anonymous said...

Roadblockhead Minister!

Mahyuddin said...

Trafik jam yang berlaku adalah disebabkan road block yang dibuat oleh polis untuk mengelakkan sebarang kemungkinan yang tidfak diingini. Ini wajar dilakukan memandangkan penyokong Anwar terlalu fanatik dan taksub. Pantang Anwar dijentik sikit, pasti rusuhanlah penyudahnya. Olah sebab itulah pihak polis terpaksa membuat beberap sekatan jalan raya. Siapa yang harus disalahkan ialah Anwar...

esther yen said...

dun care wat others will say,i love ur blog name,its not rude! its best way to describe our feelings!! NIAMAH!!! just nice!! haha!! NIAMAH those who have problem with this blog! have no problem with the name of tis blog! go NIAMAH!

yozeir said...

In Malaysia, life is like "kamasutra". In any positions, at the end you still get FUCKED.

To hell with fuckLAH and his government!

Yee Min said...

i only wish that the opposition parties would stop all this shit. get on with their work in the 5 states they have won.

PKR especially the main man is so obsessed with power now that he has a taste of it - is dragging down the Malaysian economy with nothing but bullshit these days.

Im just an ordinary citizen trying to earn a living - all this crap is not helping.

A word of advice Patrick, you should definitely migrate - I think it will be the sensible thing to do. You are a man of immense talent - you will do so well overseas. I have lived in the UK, US, Australia, and New Zealand - the lifestyles and culture will suit you there.

I can see that you are pretty sick of Malaysian life and politics - so just do it man...migrate!

All the best!

mahtiudin said...

@ mahyuddin

Bangang macam kau ni lah sebab negara kita masih macam pantat diliwat.

Balik kampung melancap la.

Dr. Bakuteh a/l Kutti said...

The ministers and Park Lah thinks the whole nation are having an IQ of 50 below them!

This is a blog where I can comment Fuck Them.

Anonymous said...

last week, an ipoh rocket adun told me that he was offered 10m plus exco if crossed over ! now BN chief denied & said only 2 VOLUNTEERS is cukup to recapture Perak : hahaha,..... VOLUNTEERS ? it seems ...hahaha, volunteers !!the adun has the SMSes & middle-man as proof so reported to ACA already, BUT...BUT...any use ? ( i doubt )!

Anonymous said...

You are darn right Bro Patrick! Fuck these bastards. They blocked up 4 lanes into 1 and had the cheek to stay under shelter sipping coffee & teh tarik when the rain came but still jammed up 4 lanes into 1 while they watched the fucking pain (but fun to them). Apologize? Fuck U hypocrites! Curse you all rot in HELL!

Anonymous said...

U know why malaysia boleh??
Malaysia Boleh! Boleh Apa?
Boleh macam-macam!
Boleh Rasuah,
Boleh menyalahguna kuasa,
boleh .......
memang boleh!!!

bigbadwoof said...

Paddy I read Niamah diligently from Berkeley,you provide an an outlet for people to air their frustration using words thats most expressive. Stay true to thyself.
Pls disregard that comment from yeemin bout "migrate" as if living in a western imperialist state is going 2 solved anything.
His mentioned of living in all those so called countries by his owned account felt absolved.
2 you I say, Mate, yr a rolling stone leaving behind no moss. Yr disconnected,Yr rootless,yr living out of yr suitcase.
Take care(I'll drink an extra pint) 4 u, Paddy "blue skies and all things nice" as they say..cheers

Anonymous said...

one sultan said dun trust bloggers who tell lies only BUT the botak said the polis BELIEVED bloggers' messages so ' road blocks lah'!
@#$%^&*&^%$#@ smelly xxx !!

Cibaikia said...

Only brainless politicians would do and say something so irresponsible,and we are definitely talking bout those mjb BN stars..

Lame tactic with lame reasons,roadblock for our sake and safety?
niamah la,ppl rushing for real matters,jobs and study..auntie went markets,if late jor,well well fishes gt rotten,what else to eat?
late for job,kena tiu by boss.
late to school,kena tiu by siapa siapa..

ask syed hamid ''sau pei'' la!!!tiu

Anonymous said...


Too much Niamah is bad for your health.

I suggest you relocate to a small town in Malaysia, then you do not have to put up with the trafficd jam in KL. Also lower cost of living.

However, you may get to see those above teh law monkeys riding around without helmet. anotehr menace to the society.

At leat you niamah then will be spelt with a small 'n'.

Si Pekan said...

We know lah you're DAP man dude.

I agree with "yee min", patrik, you not suitable living here. Most of your post show that you're having a hell living in Malaysia. Just pack your back and migrate somewhere else. Or, get your gang and buy some land in Australia, Canada or New Zealand.

Then you can form your own government and political party so that you can do what you think is right. But, don't think ALL of them will agree with you though in your policy and decision. Some of them will be like you and can't wait to kick your ass!

If you want to experiment first, try Singapore. They would welcome talented people like you dude, as long as you let them think for you! Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Si Pekan, because Patrick is a NATIVE SON of MALAYSIA, and THE FUCKERS RULING MALAYSIA NOW are MAKING PATRICK WEEP. Why must he live overseas like what the country fuckers will do if they lose power because they have the RINGGIT to go and live overseas and just desert the Malaysia to crumble? Like those people our country sent overseas to study then NEVER come back just leave the country to rot? If you can't stand REALITY IN BITTERNESS, just stop reading Patrick's blog, ok Pekan?

solidleong said...

I pity those guys suffering in their cars for hours n burning away precious fuel. Niamah....or....rather NIAPAH THEM!!!

Anonymous said...

SIGH....! ringgit downing...sigh !
us$ = rm2.253 .... SIGH !!

Anonymous said...

SIGH ... KLSE index downing again,
do something please, ministers wake up lah, dun destroy malaysia lah !
SIGH, sigh... if only senior LEE
could be the next PM !!

Anonymous said...

i guess they are the fucking retards who would expect us to understand or be as retarded as they are! but hell no... we're smarter than them and I bet we would be better leaders than the rest of 'em put together.