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Friday, July 04, 2008

Ya baby! Give it to me one more time!

And you thought Dubya learned the art of a** f**kin all on his own!

So Anwar has been accused of sodomy. Again. And now the private dick has statutorily declared that he saw an SMS (supposedly sent by Najib) which said that the murdered Mongolian woman was "susceptible" to anal sex.

Newsflash: This private dick may turn out to be a DICK-HEAD! He's since retracted his Statutory Declaration!!!

And then I get sms's from people all asking the same question. Why are Malaysians nowadays so susceptible to ass f**king? Is it a cultural thing?

Is that a stupid question? Or do all you flers have selective memory? Hello! We've all been fucked up our behinds for close to 30 years and now you're asking WHY? Don't remember issit? During the 20+ years rule of the previous prime minister (original un-intentionally racist reference removed by author with apologies), who now thinks he is the sole champion of Malay rights.....huh? what?....okay, okay Mahathir la. Happy now? During the Mahathir years we had the Twin Towers, Proton, Sepang F1, Putrajaya, CyberJaya, Multimedia Super Corridor, E-Village, LRT, Monorail plus a host of other sharp and painful objects shoved up our collective asses. Okay, slightly lubricated by the handling of the Asian financial crisis la.

And do you remember what most of us said back then?

"Wah! Damn nice leh. Feels good la."

What? Forget already ah?



small gal said...

You know the Malays are very feudal, so you try to manipluate them with conspiracies and nightmares. Unfortunately, Mahathir has exhausted so much so that their new trial is not working. Foreign agent? I like the picture above. Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

If I have my way I would clean out Malaysia of all these scumbags and start afresh perhaps with Raja Nazrin as Interim PM while we look for a capable leader. Malaysia has been fucked through & through and there is no way we can move forward unless we remove the disease.

Anonymous said...

When everyone has job and enough to eat - everyone live happily - no delusion of corruption. We are proud of Proton and Petronas twin toer.

When one is in fear of losing job, may not have enough to eat - less purchasing power due to inflation and fuel price hike - suddenly coruption is an issue.

Our education system did not teach us how to think all this while.

We are acting and reacting on impulse.

Suddenly the hero of yesterday becomes a zero of today.


Justin Choo said...

First was the spin. Then the counter spin. Now the "Go-stan" spin. And the share market ; tail-spin!! Let's play the "musical chair"!

This is going to top the list above the Korean TV drama serials. While in the meantime, I better go to Kelantan to learn to spin their tops!!


Anonymous said...

What is it wif MaLaysian man and assholes? Anwar play asshole, Najib play asshole... but ironically, it's our asshole that's being screwed.... we are financially screwed while all these asshole play play with each other!

caravanserai said...

PI Bala quickly retracted his SD today
Did he make a fool of all Malaysians?
On the high stakes of the high profile politicians
Burning tyres people came to read about it

Now he says a different tune
Did the police turn him over yesterday?
It was reported the police called him
And his lawyer dropped him at the police station

O the drama!
The fools of all of us
A laughing stock in the world
What now; what drama will flow?

Anwar better comes out with his ace cards
Tell it once and all then let it rolls
Let the domino effects claim the final bid
Let see where the episode lies

With all these high dramas
Who will gain in the political landscape?
Kill 2 birds in one stone seem the way
The sleeping beauty takes his vanilla ice cream
Smiling happily it works out perfectly for him
And the monkey telling his little monkeys
‘I will stake the claim one day
You watch out for me when the day arrives
You can have all the peanuts you want
I don’t care………………………’

Anonymous said...

Patrick, Mahatir may not be perfect but at least he has contributed to the modernisation of Malaysia. The landscape of Malaysia has changed so much since the 80s. The 'Look East policy' is a stroke of a genius and has enabled huge Japanese investment in our country. Maybe the Perwaja steel saga and Proton has set us back Steel is crucial to all development activities whilst Proton would have given the masses ample job opportunities as well as window for transfer of technology from Japanese car maker. We have to accept the fact that the ideas are noble but the execution was not. Again, I am not carrying the torch for Tun Mahatir but I personally believe he does not deserve all the name callings and stuffs. Be respectful!!

Warc said...

There's a double agent lurking behind all of these..who is double crossing all of us. Like zorro said, the players must go.

donplaypuks® said...

an american jewish lobbyist was pd over $1 million from m'sian taxpayers' hard-earned money to arrange for mahathir to have this photo snapped with the 'burning bush.'

apanama then first claimed, as is normal for those with compulsive selective memory syndrome, he didn't know anything about it!

but he cliams dsai is an american spy/puppet?

so many m'sians have been so badly paradigm shafted for 30 years, they thing the back-door break-in and entry is the normal way of doing things!! niama, niama, niama!!!

Anonymous said...

Mahathir behaved like a big and only defender of Malay race forgetting his 50% Indian blood.So if he has built twin towers etc does that been a big progress. That is only material progress he did art the expense of many poor Malaysians. You think western rich countries cannot build such things?
One must promote human values and fulfill human needs. We still have descrimations based on colur, we don not have schhols or facilities for disabled..especially children. Some parents migrate to 'developed' countties coz they know the disabled child will have better futute.
There are many more basic human needs that had to be met before one can call a country developed just based on public funds wasting mega projects. Most the mega projects cost a lot more than the actual 'cost' inself due to monopoly and corruption.Not to mention the OSA ISA etc etc.
The present goverment was handed over all those misdeeds.Only now the rakyat are more bolder since susah cari makan redi!

Please lah find other ways to defend DRM.

Freddie Kevin said...

You, I am sure would not like to be called names. As everyone has his/her opinions, I enjoy your comments despite its vulgarity. Now that is past tense. Let it be known that our former PM is highly regarded by most of us and to stoop so low as to use degratory name calling is a bit much, too much. To think that your blog is linked to Marina's makes you a hypocrite. I have in mind a few expletives but I believe they are normal to you so why bother.

Anonymous said...

This last couple of weeks Malaysians have been served with sensational political twist one after another.

With this new episode of one private invest-instigator retracting his earlier SD, I am now tempted to make a plea, no make that a war all politicians in Malaysia.

STOP ALL YOUR CIRCUS ACTS (I don't care if you're screwing your neighbor's dog) AND GET ON WITH YOUR ENTRUSTED JOBS!!!

Allow me to utter the whole nine yards, Pat...

"NIAMAH.....(fill in the blanks)...!!!!!!!!"

Obi Wan Kentucky

cancan said...

Who will win the premiership?


vice president dick said...

To Anonymous 5.12 pm..
Poooooraaaahhhh.....I can see u r not carrying the mamak fellars torch but u sure are carrying his ballzz...they must be real close to yr mouth now..i better stop now before i start a blowj*b counter liwatgate..poodaaah naai..
niamah la luuu...

Anonymous said...

aiyah ! ...SIGH...SIGH...SIGH...!
mayday, is sinking !

" alo..alo.. what are you sinking about !? diam lah !"

Anonymous said...

wat the fuck patrick, its anals open season. Go for the deer!

Anonymous said...

yo patrick
wtf you, you too an asshole of the tempang kind !

Anonymous said...

getting the priorities wrong,
wasting resources,
spending people money in flamboyant ways,
create diversions and entertain Rakyat as long as possible...

WHAT? Rakyat's hungry and suffering?
Nevermind ler...they're still entertained mar, we're doing one helloffa good job already!

Faisal Admar said...

Haha this is funny "Wah! Damn nice leh. Feels good la."

I'm running out of idea about Malaysia politic. No more of Malaysia bullshit. To read newspaper in the morning just not a good idea as it will kill my breakfast appetite!

Malaysia... oh... Malaysia. I look at my 10 month niece. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Yo Pat, fuck you for believing a super-impose pic man!
Or did you edit it yourself?


I love every bit of you previous entries but this one is just total dick.
You just mad since Mahathir talks loud about the social contract & stuffs, right?
Wanna bring back old LKY's memories, is it?
Malaysia was never a democratic country since we have our own monarchy, man.
Deal with it!

The Seer said...

Haha... you are a hoot, Patrick... albeit a brainless one. If I had the Twin Towers, Proton, Sepang F1, Putrajaya, LRT and Monorail as my legacy, i would be proud of it, you brainless twit. Has your bitterness warped whatever brain cells you had? Or do you prefer if we go back to a time when some foreigners deemed us to live on trees. How far we've come... and whether you want to acknowledge it or not, it had a lot to do with that mamak fler. Patrick, patrick, patrick... you frickin racist, so what if Mahathir is a mamak? The malays call him that to denigrate him. By calling that fler a mamak, what are you if not a racist? Whether you like it or not, you owe your livelihood, your business to this mamak. Think bout it, foo!

Now that feels therapeutic!


JP said...

WHO r u?
WHAT do u do?

Feel vomit with all this?

check on this: {for the 3rd party}

monsterball said...

Yes.....make all feel good and pocket billions of our enrich party......relations and chosen friends...making sen is not traceable to the what a con man will do. US1 Bush...for half hour...sure does the trick so fool everyone.
This son of a devil is still at it....until the day he dies.
He never love Malaysians.
This doctor kills more than curing.

Anonymous said...

chedet only publish those worship
him ! @#$%^&*

Anonymous said...

" @#$%^&*, where have your wife & children got so MUCH $$$$$$$$$ in isreali s'pore banks, @#$%^&*,
niamah u !!"

Anonymous said...

WOW ! shake with bush must pay $1m
ah !!

Anonymous said...

aiyah, shake for him is free ,
go ahead lah !

Anonymous said...

" please...PLEASE... do it for me !"