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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Facts and Fancies

Today it was reported that our Prime Minister said...

...he hoped that every Malaysian could give importance to solidarity. "No one citizen is recognised as being of a higher position than another in this nation. This nation belongs to all of us. Whether we rise or fall depends on all of us."

But...but...but...we do what. At least we all ordinary members of the rakyat la. You mean you flers up there didn't meh? Oh now only you realise issit?

But...but...but...I thought you and all your ma-cai's (cronies) said that we are always this, that and the other race one. And that we should be careful that those flers don't take advantage of us and all. Now, the nation belongs to all of us ah? Eh! True or not one?

2. The Auditor-General's report is out and making the rounds in the mainstream media. Doesn't it make you just want to kill someone? I mean year in and year out they publish these reports telling us of all sorts of wrongdoings. How money was mis-used. Like paying thousands of Ringgit for a set of screwdrivers and so on. But have you ever remembered anything being done about these reports? I don't. It's as though they do this just to piss us off.

3. And I spotted these 2 full-page, full-colour advertisements in The New Sunday Times page 23 and page 25.

The one on page 23 said Tahniah MALAYSIA 51 Tahun Kemerdekaan. Nothing wrong with that. Except that it also carried the photograph of the Menteri Besar and informed that the congratulatory advertisement was from the menteri besar! and, in smaller point size, the rakyat of Negeri Kedah Darul Aman.

Page 25 read Syabas Malaysia. In conjunction with the 51st Merdeka Celebration. Who's this message from? It says...from Y.A.B. Dato' Seri Utama Hj. Mohamad Bin Hj. Hasan, Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus and, in smaller font size the people of Negeri Sembilan.

Now, I think a full-page, full-color advertisement in that newspaper costs RMXX,000. My question is why did state governments spend tax-payers money (or did they?) on advertisements which serve no purpose except to raise the visibility of an appointed administrator?

4. And this I overheard in a bar in Penang last week. It seems the minister of Tourism while launching something or other in Penang made a speech in which she defended those ZOOM posters. People had asked why promotional material for tourism carried photographs of her, the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister which took up more than half the poster space. Apparently, her reply was that visitors to Malaysia all would or should like to know who the prime minister, deputy prime minister and tourism minister are wor. And that surely must win some award in the Tourism Ministry's annual awards night.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another race to watch

UPDATE: delcapo sent me this which I thought should be posted here in case some of you miss it...

from malaysiakini:

"Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz said sensitive issues should be discussed within the perimeters of law.........

He then added that the Bar Council is unable to understand the feelings of Muslims as they are not Muslims."

(I think this fler will the winner of this race la...Niamah!!!)

While the entire nation is holding its breath for the outcome of the Permatang Pauh by-elections there is another race going on which might have escaped the attention of a lot of Malaysians during this period. And that is? The race to see who will finish as the winner of the Biggest Moron in the Cabinet event. We all know about the "Bocor" candidate, flying hand-sign contender and various other hopefuls for the title. And today coming round the home stretch is this idiot...I don't even have to tell you why. Just read this Star article which I have copied here verbatim and you will get what I mean. He was making reference to the suit that is being brought against the ACA by the two Perak exco members for defamatory statements involving bribes and sexual gratification.

KUALA LUMPUR: One should not stop the due process of law by turning around to sue the police, Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) or the media.

“You can’t stop the due process of law in this country. People are doing their jobs – the police and ACA are investigating cases and the media is reporting on the process of investigation,” Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz said.

“If everyone sues, then the police and ACA would be scared to investigate,” he told reporters at the Parliament lobby yesterday.

Nazri, who was also investigated by the ACA back in 2003 over 6,000 taxi permits, said this was the price to pay for being a public figure.

“I was named but I never sued the papers,” said Nazri.

The ACA comes under Nazri’s portfolio in the department.

I think all the other flers in the race for the title should give up now. This guy surely is the champion la.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

A degree of lying to the rakyat?

But I can speak Chinese you know. Still good isnit?

And so the Arif fler has made a statement that he withdrew from the PhD programme he signed up for with the Edison University of Technology after he 'found out' that it was 'not recognised'. He even said that he got his money back. Oh well done, Einstein! Now the questions in our minds are these:-

1. If it is so easily ascertained by anyone with an Internet connection that degrees from that Edison University of Technology are bogus how come the Y.B. is so easily 'conned' into buying into that programme?

2. If he is so easily conned by a 'university' with such a dubious reputation should the people of Permatang Pauh place any trust in him?

3. What was his reason for 'wanting' a PhD in the first place? Does it make him any smarter or trustworthy as a people's representative?

4. Can the Barisan Nasional really think that the Malaysian rakyat are sooooooooo stupid?

Oh the poor people of Permatang Pauh. All they have to choose from is Anwar Ibrahim and a schmoe who speaks a bit of Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkein.

Oh by the way, I wonder if Arif knows this Cantonese word...


Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh! So it's really true la.

Boy! Am I glad I only do this for fun!

Caption #1

PM: Wah! This beats being in the office. Tomorrow I should try and be a pedestrian in Kuala Lumpur. Maybe, I try and cross a road. Day after, who knows? Maybe I'll take the car out for a spin minus my convoy. So much fun, so little time.

Caption #2
In 4 weeks I'll be out of a job. I'm just getting used to travelling by train.

The newspapers today all carried the story. Badawi following the example set by Ong Ka Ting some time ago by riding the trains that supposedly make up part of our public transport system here in Bolehland...

"Setting aside protocol, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi took rides on the Komuter and LRT rail services from Serdang to the city centre yesterday to get a feel of the transport problems faced by the public. He came away dissatisfied."

"Speaking after disembarking at the Masjid Jamek LRT station, he said he was not satisfied with the rail services and wanted immediate improvements to be made."

'I saw the plight of people using the trains to get to work every morning. They were jostling to get on board every time a train arrived. There appeared to be no system. I'm not happy with this because the people are not getting satisfaction from riding the trains. This we must fix,' he said.

So it takes the Prime Minister to personally get on a train to know that our public transportation system sucks? Where's this guy been living all this time? Ghana issit?

And so the Prime Minister of our country takes time off to go joy-riding on KTM trains and then tell us what we have known for years. This proves 2 things...

1. Our Prime Minister thinks we are liars when we complain about the monstrous chore and inconvenience of using public transport when we are urged to change our lifestyle to combat rising costs.

2. He is so out of touch with reality of life in Bolehland that he actually believed that we HAD a useable and efficient public transport system.

Badawi ended his statements to the press by saying, "There were many more suggestions given by passengers. I will strive for improvements. I will propose changes."

Ho-Hum!!! Haven't we heard that before?


p/s let's have some fun with the photo. Send in your captions for the above photo. What is Badawi saying/thinking? What are the other people saying/thinking/sweating/cursing? Good captions will be uploaded to the post here. Others can be read in the comments section. Thank you.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Talking cock - a part of daily political life?

No, cannot do like that. By the way, what did you do ah? But cannot okay?

Normally I would have just skipped over something like this. But today's story on page N14 of The Star just made me want to puke and laugh at the same time and that they will tell you is not a good prognosis at all for a citizen of any country when reading about their government.

Some days ago The Herald allegedly published an article on the Permatang Pauh by-election. This was deemed to be outside the parameters of its publishing licence which supposedly allowed it only to publish articles and editorials on religion.

Syed Hamid, the Home Minister said that the Catholic newsletter The Herald should provide information on only religious issues if that is the term stipulated in its publishing licence. Okay. Fair enough.

Then this Y.B. goes on to put his foot further into his big mouth by saying that the Herald's editor's excuse that the newsletter discussed politics as it was part of daily life (isn't it? - Niamah!!!) was not good enough. "If we start to interpret, every matter can be broadened; fighting and public demonstration can also he part of daily life." Huh???!!! But when you think about what's happened in the past few days isn't public demonstrations especially by frenzied bigoted mobs a part of daily Malaysian life? No? Could have fooled me!

Anyway, I apologise. I am digressing from the real reason why I am writing this post. After saying all that rubbish this Home Minister fellow, who should really just go home and stay there, admitted that he did not know what the Herald had written or was going to write but he also did not deny that warning letters had been sent to the newsletter's editors. What the FUCK!!! Don't know anything but want to tokkok issit?

The Y.B. also ended his comment on another matter by saying that "...if we do not put our security perspectives in gear, we may just be caught off -guard." Yeah? Maybe this Syed goondu should engage his brain before opening his mouth isn't it?


Monday, August 11, 2008

Different strokes for different folks

The Forum Terminator

If there were still any Malaysians that harboured the thought that all Malaysians were created equal some events of the past week sure has delivered the coup d'tat to that notion.

At last week's open forum on conversions to Islam organised by the Bar Council, protesters led by Parti Keadilan Rakyat's Zulkifli Noordin proved, again, that mob rule is alive and well in Malaysia. Well...if the mob is made up of certain people la. Anyway, this first time member of parliament said, "If they do it again we will take stern action." Wah! Can one meh? Here's a man who led an un-licensed mob (heheheh...) in a demonstration that probably was not approved with a police permit openly stating that he plans to commit a criminal act and right in the face of the police too. And what happens? Nothing! Well, he did come out of it with loads of media publicity some of which even made him look and sound like some sort of hero.

This self-appointed champion of race and religion also said, "I have negotiated with the Dang Wangi police to stop the forum at 9.30am or else we will act." And all the police seem to have done was nod and agree. The police then 'advised' the organisers to stop the forum. And so an event being held in a private property is terminated prematurely while a mob led by violent fanatics is allowed to carry on. Only in Malaysia la!!!

Now read that statement again. "I have negotiated with the Dang Wangi police to stop the forum at 9.30am or else we will act." Translation? FUCK YOU!

I read from The Star today that PKR is expected to discuss action to be taken against its Kulim-Bandar Baharu MP Zulkifli Noordin for his behaviour. Discuss action???!!! What's to discuss? It's all there in the open. Fire his ass!!! Huh? Oh sorry...wrong geographical location.

And then...Malaysian Insider reported that "At about 10.15am, the protesters were seen trying to barge into the building to end the forum but Unit Amal members, who were squeezed between the riot police and the protesters, managed to stop them." Civilian volunteers doing the job of the policemen? Apa ni?

So, Musa, Syed where were the water cannon? Tear gas?

Any credibility still held by Malaysians for the Polis Diraja Malaysia went out the window permanently that day.

And for me the saddest thing about the whole ugly episode was this...

The protesters shouted "Allahu Akbar" (God is Great), "Hancur Bar Council" (Destroy Bar Council), "'Hidup Islam" (Long Live Islam) and "Death to the Jews". The Name of Almighty God and acts of violence being linked as though to say "That's the way it is, folks!"


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

More funny stuff

Don't worry our experts are investigating. Again!

I tell you ah...these days the news is far funnier than any comic book la. Okay, the MRR2 has cracked again. And there are all the usual knee jerk reactions la which of course lend themselves to hilarious pronouncements by 'the authorities' lor.

This morning in the NST, which I get free staying in this crummy hotel in Penang, had a rib-tickling front page.......


Hahahaha...isn't it good to see that agency get 'cracking' once in a while? Wait, there's more...

  • Anti-Corruption Agency will reopen files on previous allegations of corruption.
As far as I know you only close a file if and when the case is resolved one way or another. Right? So, if it was resolved why wasn't whatever that was wrong corrected?

  • Contractors involved in building RM238.8 million highway will be queried.
Weren't they queried the last time(s) the highway cracked up? If they were, were any wrong-doings discovered? Has anyone's ass been nailed to the walls? Obviously not. Otherwise the highway wouldn't be cracking again, would it?

  • Datuk Seri S. Samy Velu, the former works minister, says he will only answer questions about the MRR2 if there is an inquiry.
Funny, isn't it? He was the minister in charge of the building of that problem-laden highway so why hasn't he explained to us what happened? And why is he so defensive now? What is he trying to hide? Remember he was the one who said not so long ago that the MRR2 was "safer than ever". But now he is saying, "I am an ordinary person. No comment. It is unfair for me to make any comments as there is already a minister." Can anyone hear the buck zipping by there? "There are many things in my head. I will only answer if there is an inquiry from within." Many things in his head? I wonder what? Busy trying to invent some reasons to defend himself maybe? Samy also proudly announced to all that the MRR2 had a safety standard of 1.7 which was higher than the 1.5 British standard benchmark. Okay, so that's the "we're still better than Ghana" reasoning pulled out again. Soon they might even be telling us, "Hello, the highway in Singapore also collapse what. At least ours didn't collapse isn't it?"

Meanwhile, the Deputy Director-General of Public Works, Mohd. Husin said that the MRR2 task force would study the incident closely. An MRR2 task force? Studying the incident closely? What the fuck is that going to prove? I am sure that they also had a "task force" studying the last time(s) the highway cracked up. Fat lot of good that did!

"...our engineering forensic experts will investigate the cause of the cracks". Oh ya? What happened to all the other forensic investigations all the other times?

But of course he also added that the cost of repairs would not be a problem as it would be bourne by the contractors...

So, if during the investigations by all these experts the highway collapses who is going to bear the cost of lives lost? Act of God doesn't hold anymore that guys is now 'an ordinary person'. And for the new minister Act of Contractors doesn't really sound as good. So how?