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Saturday, August 23, 2008

A degree of lying to the rakyat?

But I can speak Chinese you know. Still good isnit?

And so the Arif fler has made a statement that he withdrew from the PhD programme he signed up for with the Edison University of Technology after he 'found out' that it was 'not recognised'. He even said that he got his money back. Oh well done, Einstein! Now the questions in our minds are these:-

1. If it is so easily ascertained by anyone with an Internet connection that degrees from that Edison University of Technology are bogus how come the Y.B. is so easily 'conned' into buying into that programme?

2. If he is so easily conned by a 'university' with such a dubious reputation should the people of Permatang Pauh place any trust in him?

3. What was his reason for 'wanting' a PhD in the first place? Does it make him any smarter or trustworthy as a people's representative?

4. Can the Barisan Nasional really think that the Malaysian rakyat are sooooooooo stupid?

Oh the poor people of Permatang Pauh. All they have to choose from is Anwar Ibrahim and a schmoe who speaks a bit of Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkein.

Oh by the way, I wonder if Arif knows this Cantonese word...



Ah Keong said...

people knows tiu niah seng onli lah. if they think by speaking mandarin and hokkien is good? How about us who can speak others like Hakka, Canto, etc. We are the BEST of the BEST?

Come on lah, can speaks few languages/dialects does not make you a genius.

Anonymous said...


Anyone with common sense will tell you that you have to have a degree first (not diploma), then a master only then you can take Phd.

Straight to Phd. What a genius?

Anonymous said...



Greyist felo

Anonymous said...

Some locals said this BN guy is helpful while others said he shouted when some residents went to him to seek help. I would say 50:50 for him being a nice guy and an arrogant ass (it's in UMNO's blood).

Whatever it is, I would say he's in the wrong party to start with. I'm sure when he was chosen as BN's candidate, he must be thinking "Niamah!!!! This time Si Liao."


Malaccan view said...

What do you expect,Bro???BN has lot of 'PhD'(Puki Hantu Darat)..look at MCA youth head Liow Tiong Lai(Lampa Tai Lan)..this idiot has been tokkok lately,so fast forgotten about '318'..still polishing UMNO's ABB and Najib balls shining.

Ah Beng Crosby said...

The people of Permatang Pauh will vote on Anwar. Ariff is just a sacrificial lamb. The Chinese are not stupid, Ariff can speak Mongolians for all we care but the Chinese don't give a fuck, he is after all from UMNO, the party that ask the Chinese to go back to China whenever there is an issue with the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

1. to Anonymous 2.26pm

No need degree also can get phd...ini la genius. You think you can meh?

2. To Patrick

Get PHD for what you ask? Elementary lo, for action ma. Imagine la, my business card got phd la. Action man. Beat going to UiTM for phd also ma.

3. Best to judge a politician by his/her actions. Whatever they say means nothing; they are only out for your vote. Lying is a necessary skill. If can speak more langguage or chinese dialects, ah, this memang best la as can lie in few langguages.

Bottom line, can speak chinese so what, most important is in the heart. If heart is no good, speak a thousand langguages also no use. But if heart is good, then in BN also no good. Sorry la, pek mor, you are in wrong place at the wrong time.


Anonymous said...

May be he not only can speak chinese,He for sure can fuck chinese.Take my words.

Ikrak said...

This white hair Malay bastard thinks he can tipu the rakyat. He can only tipu BN-UMNO scums like Bodowi, Naji, and that pariah from Rembau.

UMNO members are bunch cursed species of the worst form created by Allah.

Anonymous said...

I thot they use money to buy anything. But didn't know they can stoop so low as to buy a PHD!

And they got the cheek to choose this fler to pitch against AI in PP. They must really think the people in PP are really stupid.

It's not important if you can speak many different languages, Mandarin inclusive. People are looking for substance and not the form. For a fler who think he can buy a PHD & get away with it, one can guess what kind of substance he's capable of. His mouth may be able to output Mandarin but I'm sure in what form his CPU is computing in (ie if it can compute at all).

From: TNS!

Anonymous said...

On the same note and logic, would a malay voter vote for a "bangsa asing" if he speaks BM? BIG DEAL!!!! WOW THAT MUST BE THE EPITOME OF HIS LIFE ACHIEVEMENT.
HERE is a way to shame conmen and frauds, especially those with snake-oil PHD's, here is a new name for this sssssss hissss, hisssss...snake, here are new quotes the next time somebody tries to con you, " YOU GOT ARIFed',
AHEM* RATHER Ignorant FAKE/ fraud
(*mamak slang)

Khun Pana said...

Thats right folks, once and for all we don't bloody gives a flying fuck to any umno racist bastards even if they can read and write in Chinese , Tamil and Swahili.
A crook is a crook in any languages known on the surface of this planet.
People wants a change of government.
And Malaysia is NOT an umno colony.
They may try to colonized Sabah and Sarawak but NOT here in peninsula.
And arif, what fucking PhD that youre holding?

Anonymous said...

Hei look, who is he trying to con? It took a brave blogger viz Zorro-unmasked, to expose this pek mor's scam of a phd.If not for the expose, would this mamak fella have admitted his trying to pull a fast one. Wah, bloody hell, no shame one some fella! Anyway what is so great about a phd nowadays?Its a truckload a dime nowadays. If you dun have it up there with some grey matter and still be an Umno guy then we can surmise you dun have anywhere else with whatever alphabets you may choose to put behind your name.Me thinks he chose the wrong party to join.

KIMHO8 said...

What to do?
This is a hypocrisy world!

People always judge someone according education level, status and profession.

Niamah! Very rich, so what! Doctor, so what! PM or AM, so what! A Malay old man who can speak a good Chinese, so what! Niamah nei lah!

Lao' Cha said...

Now he still got a whole head of 'pek-mor'. After Tuesday it'll be is 'no-mor'.

Time to contact Mr.Ji for a shower of cow's milk and some prayers. Hey, forget Mr.Ji. Just get Demolition Man. He knows the ritual and he happens to be in PP at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pat,

Umno people really all PHDs lah. (Permanent Head Damage). Beside tat all of them knows how to "tok kok sing song"only mah, that is how PHDs comes from anyway/ Tiu niamah x 100.

Anonymous said...

aiyah, you dun know this meh :
PHD = Please Hold (my) Dick !

Anonymous said...

" ... i only know mandarin, hokkien & malay... this PHD course is in ang-mo ...but they say 'got money can buy ' i try to buy
but too costly lah so withdraw lo
...nasibaik dapat deposit ...ini only lah, terima kasih !"

Anonymous said...

Cheat, steal, rob and plunder is the umno motto. So to show you are truly smart, just find a fluzzy university and buy a PhD, now you can suddenly become Dr. Arif, see how the bloody umno idiots operate. Ever wonder if you can get same from OXFORD.
This bird brain umno guy thinks he can eradicate poverty if he is in Parliament, perhaps he thinks a bogus PhD can make a difference. The D(UNGU)PM promised to eradicate corruption and now these umno arseholes are dishing out money to all the mosque to buy votes. And the fucking flip flop is saying get rid of money politics, what a fucking joker, too bad Hollywood have not discovered him or he could be in Batman movies. They think a few dollars to the chinese schools will bring in the votes, what an insult to the people of Permatang Pauh. Vote PKR and rid yourself of goons and cheats. Do yourself and the country a favour, kick the IDIOTS from umno out of PP forever.
Corrupt umno cuntz!!!

zewt said...

one should ask... is his current qualification recognised?

monsterball said...

This guy is a sure liar!
A bogus university will never be so kind to refund money.
Bogus degree is already set up by com men...and con men from a forsaken island...refund him?
He is a liar and he tries to use his bogus PHD impress voters.
This mamak is a low down son of a son.

Anonymous said...

His bumpkin look belies his personality.Trying to get a non-existing u degree to hoodwink the people of Seberang Jaya is truly showing his true character even though he is well liked by his constituency.Beware!!!

amoker said...

He can speak different languages for sure. The question is: Can he speak up for different perspectives in parliament? Or would he just be another UMNO "Yes Man!". From the reports on the ground, they don't think that he can and will have the gut to do it. Anwar will get the votes.

pah nur said...

If language expertise is the criterion to blind voters, why not put Mahathir Lokman? Merci beaucoup monsier madamme...

artchan said...

so what? he can speak hundreds of languages...BUT CAN HE SPEAK THE TRUTH??

KNN Pek will be "buried"...the shit SIL should not have campaigned in PP. Their anger will be votes for Anwar.

Anonymous said...

wife : bang, you said petrol go down can take us to KL one !
man : cannot lah only 15 sen !
wife : mum wants to go lah !
man : ok, ask her to subsidise .
mil : how much ?
man : only one ringgit.
mil : oh, no problem !
man : per liter !
wife&mil : WHAT ! ...@#$%^&*...!!

ColorsMalaysian said...

Speaking good Chinese !?
You are welcome !
Luckily, you learnt from Chinese,it's FOC after all to compare to CheDet's " Look East " policy.

The "Look East" policy or Umno-BN bigots' programme, really a "sucked" policy.
How much Malaysian gained from the policy ?

How much money gone so far ?

Haaaaaaaa...........Arif, you have drop into a half-sinking ship, to avoid yourself being scrap like used item, to be safe for you,you should be joining Pakatan Rakyat,at least you have better future's a very simple easy as ABC and 1+2+3.......

Think about it.....nothing is too late .........!


RAKYAT the Power of Nation

Raymond said...

And I was laughing so hard after reading this article that I had to share it with my wife who joined me rolling on the floor, laughing out loud(ROFLOL).....which I really was doing!
Patrick, absolutely hilarious!

Nostradamus said...

Malaysiakini Bloggers Headlines on 27 September 2008.

“Man of Honour” won Landslide Victory in P44 Permatang Pauh!

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

A defining moment in Malaysian History was achieved when DSAI won the by-election in Permatang Pauh yesterday with a landslide victory over his opponent just 3 days prior to Parliament presenting it’s 2009 Budget (29 August 2008) and 5 days prior to Malaysians celebrating it’s 51st Anniversary of Merdeka (Liberty Day) on 31st August 2008.

Sit tight for the next episode on 29 September 2008, the preview to 16 September 2008 when Malaysia celebrates “Freedom Day”.

More Prophesies at Nostradamus Quatrains on “Wag the Dog” and Nostradamus Quatrains on Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Arif said that he was born in the year of Monkey. He could behave like a Monkey God to make 72 transformation. Then why would he need a PhD?

Why didn't he do his PhD at UiTM?
Maybe the standard of UiTM is too high for him?

By the way, where is Aunty Rosmah?

Why is she keeping a very low profile ehen her hubby is working hard campaigning at Permatang Pauh?

I thought for every successful man there is a woman behind him?

Patrick, it sthis amnother fanstastic facts and fancy of Bolehlan?

DJ Khor said...

BN is so desperate to win the PP seat that they do anything to stoop lower than PKR. BN is selling fishy votes.

Anonymous said...

ha, you can HELP the chinese ah if you beat that sodo-mee !? ok, can you ...CAN YOU ...please voice out that you want 5% (no need 10%) of uitm places for the chinese students ...can or not ?...CANNOT ah...sure CANNOT ! do you know whose money is being WASTED in these 'marah institutes' all these YRARS ...DO YOU KNOW ,90% of the allocation/expenses comes from the babicinas' hardearned bloody taxes melaui their dirty haram babi hands
lah .. dun use's HARAM lah !
...@#$%^&*...niamah smelly you !!

Anonymous said...

yeah... niamah indeed!
the EC is trying to be magician again too!!

delCapo - new kid on d blogWagon

Nostradamus said...

“War Cries” Before The Mother of All Battles in Permatang Pauh.
“Laungan-Laungan Perang” Sebelum Perang Terbesar di Permatang Pauh.

“Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!” - PKR

“Sodomy! Sodomy! Sodomy!” – BN

“Taliban! Taliban! Taliban!” – Akim

Posted at

Anonymous said...

this fat & short aunty is preparing for her 1st lady position in june2010 : she is planning renovation when she takes over from jean & who & how to give away old furniture /plates /bowls,
she wants everything NEW afterall the allocation/expenses are from the 90% taxes of the babicinas, why bother haram or not afterall the hubby goes to hindu temples what !! no time for rpk, pat, zorro, rocky, kickthe.......!!

c a r m e n :] said...

Mamak, pergi jual nasi kandar!

Anonymous said...

JUST WINNING IS no siok LAH ! want to see the other 2 'ID ten TS' losing their deposit, ok ! have fun tonite !!

Anonymous said...

This feller too pandai liao la... no degree can get PhD? i also wan la, NIMAH! The UMNO feller are turning Bolehland into Bodohland!

Anonymous said...

I only got this to say to UMNO and all their lap dogs .... NIAMAH Cibai!

Al said...

People ... I have to post this comment somewehere ... I hope this topic can be brought open in Niamah ... about Nalla's recent declaration about giving DSAI RM60 million cash during his tenure as Minister of finance. I think in their desperate quest to get Anuar ... this 'bright' fellow has spilled the beans out in the open ... BN is shooting their own feet & knees!! Just like the saying ... give a man enough rope - he will hang him self! The money was paid to DPM/MOF .... to be used by UMNO/BN ... so now ACA will investigate. Man ... if ACA is going to do the job right ... manay people will be on trial then ... goes back to all BN leaders ... Ops .... Brilliant ... so brilliant!!

Malaysia Digest said...

Arif can still swear that his PHD is genuine ....

Malaysia Digest

Anonymous said...

the only chinese he knows are some foul language, maybe Degree in Foul Language Studies

Anonymous said...

hey, pregnant mamak, take care of the womb, baby is innocent, dun send her/him to 'shitkola babis' anymore lah, dun try your 'mandarin&hokkien' tictacs again, we babicinas eat chiyuk one very smart one,UNDERSTAND ! look at your results, you were malu besar, dare not stand on the stage with the winner to hear the announcement but the other candidate with 97 votes was even more sporting ! the ONLY remedy to win the babicinas' heart is : start an issue on that uitm principal who allowed/encouraged the students in blacks to protest against '10% INTAKE for babicinas' ' if you DARE ! otherwise say 'bye2' to your state-assembly status for GE13, ok...take heed !!

Anonymous said...

Hey Arif, cho lang mai pian, boh hoh, zai bo?

these umno chaps ... money, datukship, now want to slap a Dr in front of their name so that you have to address them with a string of stupid words Yang Berhormat Datuk Dr walao niamah really.

Anonymous said...

That mamak tun is a medical dr. so u fat mamak want to buy a phd with
a diplomak so that people in pp shall call u 'hey dr. mamak' ah !?hahaha...hahaha...!!

Anonymous said...

This BN fler could have got a genuine "doctorate" by enrolling a US bible, recognised (yes, because in US the Govt cannot interfere in religion unlike in Bolehland)and gives you the legal right to be called "Doctor". Only problem is that with their closed minds, UMNO types cannot stand having to just learn about( NOT convert to) another's religion.

But all is not lost. he can join the Universal Life Church in california (online)to register as an Imam (Minister, in English)and get a doctorate for a few US dollars. There is no tie to any religion. All legal and above board. The bonus is: he can call himself a "Minister" (not menteri) even without being elected. Please someone pass this one to the UMNO people so they can get "tulin" qualifications.

FuLat, Tanjung Rambutan

Anonymous said...

hello, dr. mamak nasi, how r u ? stomach headache ah !? please call Tun dr. mamak, ok !

Anonymous said...

How not to LOSE ! without the byerection you tink BN so damn..
DAMN good to give just miserable
200k to each babi's shitcola in PP ah ! BUT billion&billions of the 90% babis' taxes been wasted in that 'marah instituits'& its bloody hell principet with evil misai even DARED to encourage/instigate those naive/ignorant/brainless xxx in BLACK to march & protest against
'10% intake
for nonbumis' which was suggested by a bumi MB of s'gor (i dare not imagine if this was suggested by a nonbumi !?) all these ungrateful xxx dun appreciate where their allocations come from !? they should NOT use the money from the unclean haram babis' taxes lah !@#$%^&*^&* ...niamah smelly xxx !!
look at the 'bajet' : sabah & sarawak should ask for 25% royalty
instead of just been 'honeyed' with just xx billions ! who else untung?
kaki&tangans kerajaan lah and almost 90% of them are nonbumis !!

Anonymous said...

correction, sorry : who else untung ? the kakis & tangans kerajaan lah & almost 90% of them are NOT nonbumis ma !!

Anonymous said...

I am glad that the PM had a taste of the frustration the commuting public faces every day through the year. The commuter train, LRT, Monorail and public bus services leave much to be desired.

The traffic jams due to poor road planning, insensitive traffic policemen, unnecessary road blocks, inconsiderate drivers etc. all contribute and gravitate to the sorry state of affairs in the

Before any solution is contemplated, the Minister of Transport already C.his A. by saying that he had no say and no authority over the train service companies!

We have been crying for a LRT linkage for years from Subang via Kampung Harun, Taman Sentosa, OUG, Happy Gardem, Taman Desa, Taman Seputeh and to the city. But our plight had been swwept under the carpet!

If that authority to be ever intends to build a station, for heaven sake, site it at some vantage points where passengers frequent and who are likely to use the train services.

Sometime I wish traffic policemen on duty have some cow sense in controlling traffic. They should not hold up traffic at the road junctions for too long a time.

Traffic lights should be regulated in accordance to the traffic flow and build up. This may be one of the effective means to ensure smooth traffic flow.

The Government should spend on more on improving the transposrt/traffic system instead on spending on arms.

I just hope that our PM will just ensure proper implemenation of whatever project(s) that he has conceived.

Anonymous said...

Hey, datuk mamak, b4 the ... the byerection you used the 'mandarin & hokkien' to show your ' pride, love,care,....bla...bla...' to the babicinas, terima manyak kasih ! BUT now there is one @#$%^&* who said the babicinas are just
'squatters so no rights wo !!'
Datuk mamak, PLEASE f the @#$%^&*
4 kami, can ah !?..HA ! cannot ah ?
why !? ....besides pm & dpm, lu also takut ah !? how can man, lu so big-sized & somemore lu sudah janji b4 that anytime, day & nite
lu pun happy to tolong one !!
.....@#$%^&* lulah !!

Thinker said...

Dai Kor . . .NIAMAH is HOKKIEN laaaaaaa . . . :P

Anonymous said...

NO NO NO , niamah = cantonese lah !

Anonymous said...

kan, kan, kan = hokkien lah !

Anonymous said...

NO NO NO nasi kandar & teh tarik at mamak stalls, ok !!