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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Facts and Fancies

Today it was reported that our Prime Minister said...

...he hoped that every Malaysian could give importance to solidarity. "No one citizen is recognised as being of a higher position than another in this nation. This nation belongs to all of us. Whether we rise or fall depends on all of us."

But...but...but...we do what. At least we all ordinary members of the rakyat la. You mean you flers up there didn't meh? Oh now only you realise issit?

But...but...but...I thought you and all your ma-cai's (cronies) said that we are always this, that and the other race one. And that we should be careful that those flers don't take advantage of us and all. Now, the nation belongs to all of us ah? Eh! True or not one?

2. The Auditor-General's report is out and making the rounds in the mainstream media. Doesn't it make you just want to kill someone? I mean year in and year out they publish these reports telling us of all sorts of wrongdoings. How money was mis-used. Like paying thousands of Ringgit for a set of screwdrivers and so on. But have you ever remembered anything being done about these reports? I don't. It's as though they do this just to piss us off.

3. And I spotted these 2 full-page, full-colour advertisements in The New Sunday Times page 23 and page 25.

The one on page 23 said Tahniah MALAYSIA 51 Tahun Kemerdekaan. Nothing wrong with that. Except that it also carried the photograph of the Menteri Besar and informed that the congratulatory advertisement was from the menteri besar! and, in smaller point size, the rakyat of Negeri Kedah Darul Aman.

Page 25 read Syabas Malaysia. In conjunction with the 51st Merdeka Celebration. Who's this message from? It says...from Y.A.B. Dato' Seri Utama Hj. Mohamad Bin Hj. Hasan, Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus and, in smaller font size the people of Negeri Sembilan.

Now, I think a full-page, full-color advertisement in that newspaper costs RMXX,000. My question is why did state governments spend tax-payers money (or did they?) on advertisements which serve no purpose except to raise the visibility of an appointed administrator?

4. And this I overheard in a bar in Penang last week. It seems the minister of Tourism while launching something or other in Penang made a speech in which she defended those ZOOM posters. People had asked why promotional material for tourism carried photographs of her, the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister which took up more than half the poster space. Apparently, her reply was that visitors to Malaysia all would or should like to know who the prime minister, deputy prime minister and tourism minister are wor. And that surely must win some award in the Tourism Ministry's annual awards night.



Fed-up Rakyat said...

Uncle Pat,

With the current political situation in Malaysia and those nonsense uttered by some brainless politicians (both BN & BA), this word "Niamah" is already not sufficient to appease me. Instead, can I yell "Kan Ni Lau Bu Eh Chow Chi Bai"????????????????? I know this is very vulgar but I really "beh tahan liao".

Square said...

Niamah!!! The tourism poster was a seriously lousy design...I bet foreign tourist will be asking, why put 3 stupid morons pic on the promotional poster...ppl wish to see more beautiful scenery or nice place with details to visit or so, which are INFORMATIVE, not some morons face la....Du lan edy...after doing all those stupid poster somemore got face to tell ppl tourist wants to know them...wth!!!

wong said...

tourist would thought could be wnated dead or half dead! this country is never short of jokers..they shouldn go full time join the comedy house!
this prime minister is not stupid..act stupid..this are just distraction..he could be...shovering out ???? out of the country while we are naimah him...after all..with that ??????/ piles..he be laughing at us! wondering something here..anyone heard that ytl power is disposing their shareholdings n moving out? some little birds been criping?
what does this go to do with the p m ? heard he is the courier ????

Anonymous said...

DUN BLUFF to us who eat ciyuk one,
we not naive like you zzzhead lah .
...@#$%^&*...niamah smelly you !!
ps: what happen to the rm50 carjack
bought at rm5700 !?!

built62 said...

you mean those Always Catching Anchovies to investigate into the reports? it might just be the right size...

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh! Uncle Patrick you don't know that toufoo aunty like to syok sendiri meh.

norman goh said...

Hahahaha, that's a very good one Patrick. Very good point. I believe that the Government is so scared that they're going to pee in their pants.

All Malaysians are equal. Bloody shit lah. Abdullah knows nothing shit. Only 'some' people are equal. I really pity the Sultan and Raja. I do have my respects for them, but then, the BN Government treats them like puppets. Isn't this a neo-colonialisation? Obviously, the Sultans have no power at all to rule the country and states.

Day by day, you'll see these bunch of ministers with their pot bellies walking around the streets. Try staying in the longhouse in Kapit, I doubt that they can tahan.

monsterball said...

What Dollah means is that....the Nation belongs UMNO ...and all must unite to support it .or else.....
He is still not know vast majority Malaysians are want change of government.
He is simply an idiot...just read prepared speeches...not really knowing what he is talking about..all these years.

Trashed said...

The people in the Auditor General's office must also be saying "Niamah" because every year they do their painstaking work and reveal humonguous issues and yet, no action taken. Unfortunately, the scope of their work is the audit trail, while action on their reports has to be made by the Executive and/or relevant bodies.

Who takes responsibility for the tax payers money ?

Anonymous said...

Ya la, Pat these yoyos always bluff us one.Everytime got found out doing wrong they point to someone else or their second in command (#$@@^%!!) pukes some reply.You wait and see la.
And also public money trat like their own money somemore.
And what merdeka spirit with all these seditious talk from these pukes.Can change Niamah to sometin more strong one kah??

Anonymous said...

Gee Patrick, you still read New Straits Times ah? Many of us have given up already.

Anonymous said...

Good the morning all

Listen to barack Obama talk, listen to our ministers talk; ah, then you can compare and realise why in malaysia we have kopi tiam and in usa they have starbucks. Diferent standard la; we all kampung only la, our ministers proved that eveytime they speak.

Everyday they tokkok; their std. I go holiday in timbukto, i dont give 2 sen who the minister is there la. Sad case la, after so many donkey yrs we still kampung std. chai seh!!!

Anonymous said...


Yesterday was Hari Merdeka.
Nothing fantastic after ahving read what you have mentioned in the NST - truly Niamah as you have correctly pointed out.

Anyway, watch your performance as Honda-san in SumoLah on Astro Kirana. I hope you would act as a true Malaysian Chinese in the Malaysia (or should it be Malay) movie. What about getting David Teoh to produce Niamah the movie (something like Singapore's Talking Cock the movie)?

Anonymous said...

We are ALL Malaysians NOW because AAB is afraid Anwar is going to steal HIS kerusi as PM. If UMNO wins Govt again, we will be "kaum pendantang" as that Javanese goatherder Ahmad called Malaysian Chinese the other day. What did Gerakan and MC do? Nothing! Useless lot...worse than that rubbish fler in MIC, Mr Sami Latuk Kosong.

Cuddly Family said...

what a load of..

when we were driving back from penang, could see all the three mosquitoes faces there.. eeeeee.. spoilt my perception of my beautiful country.

then I read this:

lagi jelak.. just fed up..

Anonymous said...

Niamah UMNO-BN!

Anonymous said...

Niamah UMNO-BN!

Anonymous said...

seriously lah, who gives a shit about who the PM, DPM or stupid tourism minister are when you're visiting a country. You'd want to know about attractions, cultural stuff, and drinking spots... it's not like we're going to bump into the PM or DPM or tourism minister, or hell if they are going to invite everyone who visits to their house for free stay... then nevermind lah!.. geram betul!

jonathan said...

Hmmm listening to the Merdeka Message wants me to call those MCMC is it? those fellos who want to ban Malaysia to also ban any website that carry the Merdeka message as its content deserves ban as they are a little below MTs... reporting facts about a fictitious nation.
Oh the pix with those three is to tell the tourist esp those who love to do acts against nature that the government is open minded and welcome any gender preference visitor... same-same also can visit BolehLand.
see subdued merdeka

Anonymous said...

Tourism dept must make following banners and place all over KLIA:

1. tourist cannot date malay girls, close proximity is against the law;

2. drinking with malays may get you into trouble (think Shah Alam case);

3. bribing is against the law (but if caught speeding, maybe this can be considered acceptable; case by case la);

4. pretty female tourist be extra careful, may lose in bound immigration record (so pls notify all your friends before coming);

No time to think of more la, but tourism minister may help la (i not paid to do this wor).

If you dont educate tourists, how do you expect them to adhere to the law la.

Anonymous said...

Facts and fancies ... !!!!

Now that is indeed a journey in time when major entertainment on Sunday mornings was the radio hosted by you know who.

Any chance of the next entry titled Cool and Swinging???

pengembara aka rob

Anonymous said...

AWAS AWAS AWAS ! IT'S past 31st , perak still belongs to PR ! BUT this tajo fellow still secretly 'trying very hard' to BUY
just 2 over with more than 10juta each AWAS AWAS AWAS ,ok !!

Anonymous said...

They put these 3 faces to let the tourist know who to contact in the event they need something like: learning the art of sleeping during meeting, get a scholarship, get advice when sodomised, C4, lesbian etc. That is the BN/UMNO latest way of promoting tourism.

Anonymous said...

aab ONLY cautioned ( NO disciplinary actins) ahmad ismail of penang :
" .... dun say that again ...bla...bla...ok !!"
that buggar said on the 25th :
" ... nonbumis are just SQUATTERS
here so dun deserve any equal rights ...bla ... !"
FCUK u , without us ....oredi
....@#$%^&*..niamah ...!!

Nostradamus said...

The Courage to Build a New Malaysia.
(Keberanian Membina sebuah Malaysia Baru.)

(Versi Bahasa Melayu dibawah)

The year is 2008. This is the year most Malaysians finally woke up from a deep slumber. Most Malaysians were just too busy earning their living and building up their lives to take notice that times have changed and the idealism spouted by our founding Fathers have still not been accomplished for this country even today.

It was not so long ago in 1957 and then for our fellow East Malaysians in 1963 when the ideals and dreams preached by the late Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj (Bapa Kemerdekaan and Bapa Malaysia) for Malaysia were first announced and was greeted with joy in the hearts and minds of all Malaysians. The late Tunku Abdul Rahman had a dream and ideals, just like Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and many others including the prophets over the history of mankind.

Many a times such dreams were hijacked and led astray under the guise of nationalistic, racist and religious idealism by so called politicians and self declared and appointed righteous and religious persons (Little Napoleons). Individuals who have risen to continue some of such idealisms are gagged, isolated, bankcrupted, blasphemied, rehabilitated or worst jailed, for it is deemed not in consonance with the dreams and idealism of the elected parties agendas.

cont'd at

Anonymous said...

TNS says...
I'm just too tired and fed up of everything that is happening, or rather not happening. How I wish Robin Hood is in town! I'm sure he and his merry men will rob all those billions and return to the poor Malaysians - all 27 million of them! Fat hopes eh?

Anonymous said...

I hope you got your New Sunday Times FOC...if not you kinda helping to fund the existence of these

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick

I can understand the NEED to put up DPM Najis' photo on the billboard. You see, as a tourist in Malaysia, you'll never know if you might get sodomised by a 61 year-old Malaysian, internationally well-known politician, with chronic back pain. They are all over the place. So, you must know who to turn to after that saiful, I mean, shameful episode.

BUT, do you need photos of Lame Duck PM (sigh~! not even Donald Duck) and Lesbo Minister on the same billboard? I don't know.

BY: Robotman

Yi Gan said...

Why complaint ?

You are responsible for putting these BN idiots and blood suckers into parliment in the 1st place.

you get what you sow.

Anonymous said...

aha, zoom posters are an invitation for tourists to visit malaysia to see them. the 3 ministers are excellent attractions, no?

Anonymous said...

Oh well.. we all know it is old cock (and bull) story. Can't help but wonder whether these people are delusional or they are hoping to create some sort of delusions for those of us who are still non-the-wiser! Coz, ul be surprised there are many.

Ayam jantan

Anonymous said...

WHAT ! ...WHO put them in the parliment !? it's those 'ID TEN TS' buggers who put their cronies in...NOT everyone of us ! get it !!

Anonymous said...

SIL : why took my car out lamah ? MIL : aiyah,help u to save money mah ! remember last time you couldn't queue up for minyak b4 they increased by 78 sen ?
SIL : ...??...SO ... !?...?? ....!!
MIL : ha..ha..SO i filled up full tank for u b4 they change the price by 15 sen lah ...haha...!BUT
funny lah ! this time nobody else was queue! ONLY me lah !? these people dun know meh ?
SIL : WHOSE money !?
MIL : your card lah !!
SIL : ....@#$%^&*...!!

Anonymous said...

Wah lau! that tourism posters scaring away potential tourist....

one guy look sleepy with lying eyes,

another is an alleged sodomite with killer instincts and...

last one, dat one dont know look like man or woman?

aiyah, why cannot put our handsome agong face meh?


Anonymous said...

What? Tourists want to know who the DPM and tourism minister are? BALLS TO YOU AZALINA..

I have been to more than 40 countries and I am NOT interested in who even the PM is. And Tourism Ministers? PleaSE LAH..Who the fuck cares lah..

You spend RM750,000 of our money to promote your stupid faces and say some stipid things after that..

Guys, the Barisan has to go or Malaysia is doomed..

Anonymous said...

Singapore is the best country in SE Asia!

amoker said...

Issue 1: AAB lies.

Issue 2: AG report will be hot only for 1 week. Ask Shahrir what happen to his 'action' after the Rm25 riggit screw.

Issue 3: So that tourist that got con can know which 3 chap is responsible.

dania said...

Happy Merdeka To Malaysian.Perpadua Teras Kejayaan.

Jom Skodeng

TooLBoX said...


U should read this

Anonymous said...

pat, inggeris is not my mother tongue but i guess it's better than those in UTHO :
pls refer to an advertorial in NST on 23/8 & an apology (on line) from
NST on the 26th, tq.

DJ Khor said...

Dear Mr Teoh,

All the kiss-ass MBs have nothing better to do other than to kiss-ass.

dateipohgirls said...

hi niamah,

i like reading your blog.

keep it up.

chk out my blog and recommend ok.

nurulshima said...

hundred thousands for a set of screwdrivers...waaaaaahh..

Khun Pana said...

I guess Patrick will have fun poking at the PM 's " Uphold the Truth"....(while blocking MT and harassing a Catholic news piece )
Abdullah advocates " Uphold The Truth" ....while banning hundreds of books from entering the country.
Yes ! Uphold The Truth and Nothing but the Truth! small prints will be " pending approval from 4th floor ".

NiaMah in your face Abdullah bin haji ahmad badawi!

Anonymous said...

Uncle PAt,

No new entry about Ahmad Ismail(Stupid M*****F****R) Comment???

True FAn

Anonymous said...

Dear Pat,

This what Ong Kah Ting said in The Star today (4th September)

NILAI: The MCA maintains that Bukit Bendera Umno division chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail must personally apologise for his racist remark as he was the one who made it.

Nevertheless, MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting yesterday was very grateful and reassured by Umno deputy president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s apology for Ahmad’s remarks calling the Chinese immigrants.

Ong said Najib’s apology showed that Umno did not concur with Ahmad, who had remarked that the Chinese could not expect to be treated equally as they were immigrants.

Ok lah.... MCA president voices out only now, after 1 week or so. Then he added this.....

Ong said Najib’s apology on Umno’s behalf would help undo the damage Ahmad’s remark had made.

“We hope this would also be a lesson to others. My hope is that Ahmad realises his mistake and never repeats it,” he added.

Ong urged the Chinese to accept the apology and to move forward.

Tui Niamah OKT -> 1st he say Ahmad must apologies personally then he urge the Chinese to accept apology & move forward.... Please la OKT what tok kok you. Another crisis now he can't remember what he say earlier...
The question is accept whose apologies, the DPM & move on or Ahmad's "future" apologies if there is one and move on?

OKT please just shut up, we chinese community people already fed up with MCA. Last before the 'pedatang' explosion why you diam diam, when others make noise now only you talk.... Shame la brother

Anonymous said...

Dear Pat,

I'm just wondering what happen to our PM, DSAI case on DNA, he says that DSAI must give DNA again. So he talks.

Now about "Pendatang" issue in PP, it is so hot now that may turn ugly but PM remain 'SSHHHH' diam diam.

Which is issue more critical, 1 person DNA issue or millions of pendatang in Malaysia issues?

Still sleeping ahhhh.... Niamah

Anonymous said...

Dear Niamah,

Don't you understand? The majority want these people to do what they are doing; so they keep doing it!

Anonymous said...

wow ! the burmese doctor terMUNCUL
oredi man !! what news ah !?
BUT the other fellow from penang WANTED by polis still missing lah !
bala + family terHILANG langsung
lah !?
In bolehland ah, the adults are playing 'HIDE & SEEK' games, syoknya !! hahaha...@#$%^&*...!!

Anonymous said...

" aiyah...celaka...saya mau cari dia pun tak boleh lah ...@#$%^&*...!!"

"...sowhat...sowhat...why should i apologise ?..i'm going overseas
now !!"

Anonymous said...

a singh told my fren : " dun afraid to queue in front of me lah
,they have taken my 'trade mark' oredi !"

Anonymous said...

checked by the burmese : nothing wrong !
he went somewhere else for few hours then to KLH where the dr discovered : 'wow, sodomed lah, cepat kasih polis tau !'
WHAT has happened ah within that few hours !!??

Anonymous said...

Please do not hentam OKT on the 'pendatang' issue.

His focus is in lifelong learning i.e. you upgrage yourself at your pace/cost because MCA cannot guarantee you a place in local U (I did not mention UiTM) however many As you may have got in STPM.

Anti Racism said...

That datuk ahmad ismail is really a RACIST BASTARD!! Already said something wrong and now refused to apologise and said he had done nothing wrong. What a COCKY BASTARD!!! NIAMAH lu la IDIOT!!

Anonymous said...

"....sowhat ! why should i minta maaf ? i ain't doing wrong...Yes, i did mention 'chinese squatters' BUT i was talking b4 the merdeka,1957 not sinchew reporter has misquoted ( surelah! ) , listen carefully, all you people out there MUST apologise
to family(?),the malays(?)..
the muslims(?)...bla...bla...@#$%^&*...!!

Anonymous said...

Tat umno asshole ismail gotta be d biggest racist i have ever seen in the papers! Now wanna change story, b4 merdeka, WTF! No nid to apologise, u farker! Afterall, bastards r bastards, niamah fu lat!

The Bodohwi, says all Malaysians are equal! WTF! Since when?? Since when did we see govt forms without Bangsa: ...... ?? Ask your kids la, when they sit for govt exams, there's a column in the answer sheet.. Bangsa: .....

What the niamah hell is that for? Non-bumis get lower marks issit????

Since when is Bangsa: not required in any govt form or exam answer sheet???

This govt is NIAMAH FU LAT!

monsterball said...

Now all UMNO guys are trying talking the language Malaysians like to hear.
Real bodoh...take so long yo learn simple things......yet talk from the mouth....not from the heart.
Real hypocrites!!

Malim Deman said...

Many students in the remote areas are using sampan to go to school or have to cross unsafe bridges to do so and they are wasting the rakyat money.

Ahmad Ismail Bodoh said...

Even if it was true that the Cibai politician was "merely referring to historical facts" when he made that racist statement, now my question is, WHY THE FUCK DID HE HAVE TO SAY THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE????!!!? Yes, I do agree that before merdeka, the Chinese and Indians "were" immigrants. Notice the key-word "were"? So, are the Chinese and Indians immigrants now?? No right? The answer is a clear FUCKING NO! Only a brainless idiot like him would make such stupid statements.

Don't forget, the Javanese & Bugis (which are now considered bumiputera) were once immigrants in Malaya too.

Now I really do wish to see the Pakatan Rakyat kick those arrogant bastards out of the Parliament.

Anonymous said...

the foaming mentri with cheek said, " reporter, make SURE what u report should not be sensitive to other race, ahmad is only stating ...bla...bla... !! "
SIGH ! no wonder our currency is down..down..down...!!
us$1 = rm 3.46......rm3.80 (soon) !

HeadLiner said...

Dont you just wish you had a blog when u did Kee Huat's fantastic facts and fancies ?

Anonymous said...

PM said we all must be careful when speaking on racial matters. I think what he meant is we all non umno members must be careful, only applicable to those people, in particular chinese and indians (also included is malays from non BN).

And not to forget another AhMAD said alot of Malay muslims group support what he said. I dont disagree at all especially so many in Penang has given him the support. Congratulations, at least you are an honest racist unlike some who are racist but speak as though they are not. All the best in your struggle and good luck, you will need it.

YuckFou said...

I just wanna share this beautiful song by Lily Allen..
It's her latest release and I think she speaks for everyone in Malaysia right now..

click here..

Anonymous said...

....@#$%^&*..niamah him ! since the zzzpm also couldn't handle the @#$%^&* though the dpm
has 'apologised' bcos he HEARD how & what the @#$%^&* was instgating ( somemore in malay) to the 2,3 hundred malay listeners !!
NOW, after 10 days of disappearence
the @#$%^&* blamed the chinese reporter for 'misquoting' what he said about 'squatting cinas b4 the the merdeka but NOT the present ones " !!
oklah since the DEAD chicken trying to kick open the lid of the pot, give the @#$%^&* the doubtful
faedah BUT caution the @#$%^&* that ' the babicinas ARE NOT squatters' & they DESERVE the equal RIGHTS of 'nation builders &
taxes payers' ! ok ? let's rest the case lah for our BREATH is more worthy for more important issues !!

Anonymous said...

pat, pls correct my english :
the giant 'SONY/BMG' recording co.
has a big poster (1.5m x 0.7m) for KELLY CARSON : she is back & hotter 'then' ever ....!!
english is not my mother tongue so i 'may be ' WRONG & the international GIANT could be betul man , sooooory !!!!

patrickteoh said...

Anonymous 4:59pm, giant they may be but they sure don't know their grammar. You're right. It should be THAN.

Anonymous said...

"...sowhat, sowhat ! i ain't no lrong, why should i minta maaf !?..
if the padi stalk wants to leave BN
go ahead lah !! after all i have been with this KOH TSU KOON for 18
long years & all i can tell u that he is a 'GREAT LIAR' !! " said ai
( in sinchew on 6/9 )

liar...liar...LIAR...GREAT LIAR !?
Dr. KOH TSU KOON , hey ! are you ...are you..a G-R-E-A-T LIAR !?

Do something man, ok !! (niamahxx)

Anonymous said...

Wah liao, our PM gives me fond memories of primary school days.

Back then, i remember i remember what we used to do to intimidate smaller kids for fun is to tease them and then tell themm not to say anything or else...enough. Talk no more. Does it not bring back memories of old?

Now politician talk racial issues then PM said Rayden in Mortal Combat said "enough". Wah how can talk like comic book figure or primary school kids. Hey, we can all stop la but how come the culprit does not need to apologice or kena isa? Aiyah, dont talk anymore lo; lets justy go to sleep.

Anonymous said...

yes,yes,YES ! the bn mps are going
to taiwan for one week then to china later ( theSUN )! 48 out of
77 bn mps want to go( SURElah, free what ...@#$%^&* !)
How many juta-juta are to be wasted
ah !!?? and many many POOR children are gergi ke sekolah by 'sampans'..SAMPANS lah !

go,go,GO , by all means !! BUT warning u, DUN use even a sen of our tax contribution for your
FUN & SYOKNESS !! OR U all be
'perished = kecelakaan'..a curse !

Anonymous said...

World Updates
Let me try to give 2 sen worth on a point by point basis on this article:

Govt by crossover would make us laughing stock: Don

ALOR STAR: Malaysia would be a laughing stock to the world if the government is toppled through crossovers, said an academician.

Point: Aiyoh, Malaysia already laughing stock for sometime now. Professor, pls wake up la.


Universiti Utara Malaysia College of Law, Government and International Studies research and post-graduate dean Prof Dr Mohd Mustafa Ishak said such tactics to topple the government were unheard of in developed countries.

Point: Agreed, but who is talking about developed country here?


“Such episodes may occur in Third World countries that are still grappling with the democratic system.

“If it happens here we will definitely be a laughing stock, as we will be seen as having a Third World political mentality," he said.

Point: Malaysia is about 3 world standard, ok la, maybe better but only very slight. You should have identified alot of other things happening that makes us a laughing stock.


Malaysia must show the world that it is politically mature and that its MPs are people with integrity, he said in response to Permatang Pauh MP Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s claim that the Pakatan Rakyat coalition was on track to take control of the government by Sept 16.

Anwar should not resort to “backdoor” tactics to fulfil his ambition to be a Prime Minister, he said.

Point: Why pick on Anwar? You forgot about our black eye incident? Our police force not only make people scared but make foreigners laugh and that has happenned long time ago already

Not to forget so many graft cases of late. Cases involving judges etc. So many things to laugh so if this cross over really makes people laugh so be it but personally i dont think people will be laughing.


It would be a mockery to the democratic system if a handful of MPs are given the “power” to change the electorate’s mandate, he said.

“Which coalition should rule the country should be decided by the electorate, and not by a handful of MPs who cross over to make up numbers.

“The majority of the electorate gave the mandate to Barisan Nasional to rule the country in the recent general election," he added.

If Anwar went ahead with his plans to stage a political coup, he would ruin the foundation of the country’s political system, Mohd Mustafa said.

Point: You assume the current system is good. Dont assume too much professor.

“It would open the gateway to instability, as MPs can keep crossing over from one side to another at their whim and fancy or when given candy," he said, adding that “people power” should prevail in a democratic system.

Point: I dont think MPs will keep crossing, you assume they are morons or what? This is part of people power.


Hey professor, you really giving us good advice or have you been paid to write that opinion? Sound like govt machinery to me. To make your article more respectable, you need to be more objective and criticise (if it is true) all parties involved. You really make it sound that the current political system is too good for a change.

Anonymous said...

ok...go go GO LAH 49 ( now ) BN MPS
enjoy your 'fun & syokness' in Taiwan !!
BUT BUT BUT dun u dare use even a SEN of our hard-earned bloody money or a fatal curse = perish =
sial kecelakaan will on 49 of you.

Anonymous said...


Why no Niamah from you for so long since there are so many Niamahable issues taking place?

Are you part of the group heading to Taiwan to learn about agriculture?

Anonymous said...

sing this song man : " i love TAIWAN, a good/nice place" = " wo ai TAIWAN hau ti fang " !!

Anonymous said...

WHAT ! ONLY 3 ( THREE= tiga ) short years on that @#$%^&* for causing so..o..oo much 'tension & agitation & irritation & xxxtions'
since the 25th, trying veri2 much to drag in issues on ' his family,
race , religion .....' AND hysterically making the 'machais'
tearing the photo & shouting : " shoot = tembak (kill) the reporter & what..what..what ....!"
& hoping to ERUPT another xxth ...!
WHAT man...only 3...@#$%^&*.....!!

Anonymous said...

ISA on RPK at 1.10 lah, said his wife !!

Anonymous said...

what ! ISA on the reporter too !!

Anonymous said...

ISA = Insensible Stoopit Assault !
BUT...botak said, " I Suka Act !"

Anonymous said...

Hi, mr.'bin Al-bar', siapakah NEXT
diISAkan ah !? ( i have betted 10
sen on that blogger xxxxx lah!)

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