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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

More funny stuff

Don't worry our experts are investigating. Again!

I tell you ah...these days the news is far funnier than any comic book la. Okay, the MRR2 has cracked again. And there are all the usual knee jerk reactions la which of course lend themselves to hilarious pronouncements by 'the authorities' lor.

This morning in the NST, which I get free staying in this crummy hotel in Penang, had a rib-tickling front page.......


Hahahaha...isn't it good to see that agency get 'cracking' once in a while? Wait, there's more...

  • Anti-Corruption Agency will reopen files on previous allegations of corruption.
As far as I know you only close a file if and when the case is resolved one way or another. Right? So, if it was resolved why wasn't whatever that was wrong corrected?

  • Contractors involved in building RM238.8 million highway will be queried.
Weren't they queried the last time(s) the highway cracked up? If they were, were any wrong-doings discovered? Has anyone's ass been nailed to the walls? Obviously not. Otherwise the highway wouldn't be cracking again, would it?

  • Datuk Seri S. Samy Velu, the former works minister, says he will only answer questions about the MRR2 if there is an inquiry.
Funny, isn't it? He was the minister in charge of the building of that problem-laden highway so why hasn't he explained to us what happened? And why is he so defensive now? What is he trying to hide? Remember he was the one who said not so long ago that the MRR2 was "safer than ever". But now he is saying, "I am an ordinary person. No comment. It is unfair for me to make any comments as there is already a minister." Can anyone hear the buck zipping by there? "There are many things in my head. I will only answer if there is an inquiry from within." Many things in his head? I wonder what? Busy trying to invent some reasons to defend himself maybe? Samy also proudly announced to all that the MRR2 had a safety standard of 1.7 which was higher than the 1.5 British standard benchmark. Okay, so that's the "we're still better than Ghana" reasoning pulled out again. Soon they might even be telling us, "Hello, the highway in Singapore also collapse what. At least ours didn't collapse isn't it?"

Meanwhile, the Deputy Director-General of Public Works, Mohd. Husin said that the MRR2 task force would study the incident closely. An MRR2 task force? Studying the incident closely? What the fuck is that going to prove? I am sure that they also had a "task force" studying the last time(s) the highway cracked up. Fat lot of good that did!

"...our engineering forensic experts will investigate the cause of the cracks". Oh ya? What happened to all the other forensic investigations all the other times?

But of course he also added that the cost of repairs would not be a problem as it would be bourne by the contractors...

So, if during the investigations by all these experts the highway collapses who is going to bear the cost of lives lost? Act of God doesn't hold anymore that guys is now 'an ordinary person'. And for the new minister Act of Contractors doesn't really sound as good. So how?



Anonymous said...

pat, still in penang ah !?
as reported in theSUN :govt WENT AGAINST our advice, said Halcrow !

' it is the 3rd time since the opening in 1999 & 2003, 1st closed in ogos2004; 2nd in feb2006
& 3rd now... then 4th (?)...70juta gone fart oredi lah..!!'

Relax said...

3 times is waayyyy.... too much! making people's confidence in ruling party goes shaky.

Jalan Kepong is an important traffic artery. This bad joke will be a terrible nightmare for those who use the road everyday.

Pity those who live in Sg. Bulluh, Desa Jaya, Sri Damansara area.

.: mama cute :. said...

wah.. i'm 1st to comment.. anyway.. biasalah uncle pat(not uncle pet..hehe) bila masalah tu kena kat batang hidung depa, they'll surely tutup and cover line punya.. kalau at the opposition side.. wajib kecoh... even the story where the MB Kedah using the yellow umbrella also they wanted to make it as if it was a big issue, padahal time tu Tunku Bendahara was there... huhu.. politics sometimes sucks eh?!

wawan said...


Johnny Ong said...

lots of people are fed up about the MRR2 issue again -

Akiko said...

I read with interest the posting of Punithan Shan and PEMUDA MIC BLOG
At first I was very angry with the comments of Blogger MARGEEMAR (

I even posted my comment in Punithan Shan's blog to express my sympathy and support for what I had assumed as an uncalled attack by MARGEEMAR on Punithan.

However, I did take the trouble to read up Margeemar's blog and Punithan's blog and their previous postings. What I felt was utter disgust and anger not at Margeemar but with Punithan Shan and his comrades from Pemuda MIC. I was really taken for a ride with their spin. I may not agree with the tone of language that Margeemar used on Punithan but I can understand why.

After reading Margeemar, Punithan and Pemuda MIC Blogs, I must say I agree 100% with the issues and comments raised by Margeemar with regards to Punithan. Punithan like Pemuda MIC are really a bunch of racists. I dread to think that someone like Punithan is going to walk the wards of a Hospital in Malaysia in a few months.

I've taken the liberty to extract excerpts of the racist, pro-BN/MIC and anti-Pakatan Rakyat/Anwar comments I found in both Punithan and Pemuda MIC Blog. I hope all truth seeking Malaysian's will not fall for such deception again.


"Before GE-12 we witnessed almost all the PR indian YB's focused on INDIAN AGENDA.

But now are they turning their heart and mind to "Anwar's agenda"??

Having a press conference for PSD rejects and opening kelab penyokong PAS is not really an Indian agenda.

I understand that they representing Multiracial party which i say have very little "resources" for Indians Agenda. But they as the Indian's reps in PR should be able to find a way to walk their talks.

Since GE-12, i can proudly say MIC is WALKING THEIR TALK. I am not boasting about the re branding. I am talking about their agenda's for Indians that they proposed to the government and now we are witnessing the "outcome". I have took the afford to post on all their achievements since APRIL 2008. Kindly browse my blog.

It was just a matter of time and MIC would have gotten 2 full ministers in the cabinet. It was just matter of time and MIC would have gotten more EXCO in states. It was just matter of time and we would have been gifted with MORE voices in the Government. All that would have happened if MIC won atleast 80%.
But we denied it. The people denied that gift. Ok fine...."voters are always right".

Malaysian Indians for the 1st time expressed their dislikes over BN publicly .So we made the government realize that we are not happy and we need more. And unfortunately now MIC the sole Indians rep in the government is left with only few reps. Is this what they wanted?? Is this for good??


Who are practising the vulgarity now ? Who taught the 'pariah' word ? Why look down at Indians ? What are the reaction from other bloggers ? Are they only going to voice out if the victim is non-MIC ? Rather than looking at the perspective of PKR Indians, DAP Indians, BN Indians, Hindraf Indians..... just remove all the tittle carrying Indians there ... and just be an Indian... Lets Unite....

winniechan said...

As long as no one dies from the cracks or God forbid it collapses, none of these mofos will be prosecuted.

Wait... a building DID collapse... people DID die... there was a long drawn court proceedings... and the only people responsible for it were the victims themselves !

Full of shit la this country.

wanderer said...

There is a common saying, "You pay for what you get." In Malaysia, you pay very much more for the required standard, still we will not get.
Perhaps, we should ask our Minister responsible, what he got!

Ah Keong said...

spend Rm70 mil?? every two years. Good wat.... NIAMAH them lar... all the gomen are kan-na-sai, put all the taxpayers $$$ into the drain.

No body is going to jail, so? wht's the heck!!!


Më| §zë said...

some people are naive enough to believe everything they are told...

robin hood said...

Most probably the 'semi value' fella will pull a new one and blame it on 'an act of nature'.

Mai Ret !!!(tamil)

ndru said...

malaysia is a circus, the govt are the most foolish and biggest clowns of all. talk without passing their head.damn dumb and all malaysians are so damn ashamed of the current ruling govt. we have reach the maximum sickness.yes patrick you are rite, lets all malaysian give them a loud NIAMAH !!

Anonymous said...

I wonder is the money spend so far for the repair enuf to rebuild a parallel bridge next to it

Anonymous said...

Well the Minister can say it is safe until it collapse. Then they say we still doing our checking what, who ask the bridge to collapse so fast - not our fault mah. Nothing is their fault - they need 3 &*&*& weeks to do a finding but 3 %%%^ days to decide to spend 70 million. WTF.........

Anonymous said...

Normal la, this is MALAYSIA la, common, be realistic.

When i am in a good mood, i laugh at such news la as it is normal.But when i am not in good mood, this type of news shits me off.

What to do, when a senior officer does anything wrong he is transferred, never sacked or jailed. Result is al these nonsense la. Corruption is quite normal even in ACA so what to do la.

SOmetimes i wonder if it is time for civil unrest.... if there is no terrible shock to the system, nothing will change as it is too painful to change.

Cry la for my beloved country....

Anonymous said...

What is the equivalent word for ACCOUNTABILITY in Bahasa Malaysia?

I think it is not a word to be associated with Malaysia Boleh.

ACA will come up with the same conclusion: No wrond doing.

donplaypuks® said...


Plesae refer timely satire blog on Kepo Sayang Bridge at

The key to 'CRACKING'this scandal'LIES' in:-

1. The originals costing for the flyover of $238 million.Why was it not tendered out?
2. Why costs on repairs escalated from $18 million to $70 million when Govt PWD bigwigs got the PM to over-rule the Minister's recommendation to go with British contractor and then PWD had budgetted at $40 million only!!
3. Why Govt has not recoved $70 million from Bumihighway.

donplaypuks at

Anonymous said...

Indians are what we called, "Johnny came lately!" Well, it is better late than never. The recent deprivation of BN 2/3 majority is a combined effort by all true no one should claim credit, only just for a simple aim of knocking off the scums in Umno. Keep race aside, let the best men serve the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

If that samy usless fella says he's an ordinary person now, than y the f*** d BN goverment gave him RM3 million for his so call
'i want to help d poor' thingy.
ACA should check on him. He has grown so..... filthy rich from all these since being in MIC & Works Minister...!
Betul, betul Niamah....... leh !

Anonymous said...


Seriously, we are only laughing at ourselves. We are spitting in the wind. We only got ourselves to blame because for 50 years we put these UMNO-BN jokers in charge. So, who should shoulder the blame?

We are the idiots who are responsible for the shit of today.

Anonymous said...

hi! mamacute, sorry you are the 3rd
i the 1st !
70juta can be claimed back one BUT WHEN ? contractor sure lari oredi one . cronism lah serve them right.
may be the son & sil got a share so no need to return lah, no or palsu account what !
& moreover why 'repairs' can cost 70juta ha ? where got meaning & the total cost is = rm238 juta ! who knows the next repairs =50m &
next & next ......@#$%^&*..niamah !
samy :" thank my god, i no more a minister, not my concern anymore, bye,by....better go to bombay for fun !!"

myrayza said...

Long Live Uncle Patrick Teoh!!!

Anonymous said...

wait lah, with these idiotic assholes, it's a matter of time before the thing runtuh.

KIMHO8 said...


anfield devotee said...

Quite some time ago, me posted the chorus to Depeche Mode's 'Everything Counts' to one Mr Teoh's blogs. Mr Teoh thought it was very apt.

Funnily enough that tune was taken from the album 'Construction Time Again' (1983) . . . eerie, that our future is being told in a new wave album from over 20 years ago . . .

Anonymous said...

WHAT, WHAT, WHAT !!! where has the
'indelible ink' TERBELI for GE12 gone to !? It has cost OUR har-earned money =RM2.4 juta BUT an email told me only = RM158,400 lah!
WHY,WHY,WHY tell me WHY !?
EC deputy Dato Wan , please kindly enlighten us, ok !?

xonar said...

LOL...not so long ago,this najis fler talking bout building a nuclear reactor.
kan nee simple things edi here leaks,there bocor and cracked.

NIAMAH!nuclear reactor...

Noto said...

Coincidentally, i was driving under the bridge just right before they close the bridge... around 10am... saw some people with police officers under the bridge pointing the under surface of the bridge... i was like.. OMG... NOT AGAIN... & there it goes... Semi value bridge... it was closed after half an hour... So for OUR safety... the government is going to take out some more of OUR money & god knows will it be only 3 weeks to repair it... Bolehland!

solidleong said...

Fiasco after fiasco.....Blunder after blunder....controversy after controversy.....Just when will it end? Beware, the LORD is watching closely.

Anonymous said...

WHAT! that bumihighway is the contractor for mrr2 ah...aiyah....
gone fart oredi lah ! Hey, bumi- highway, when are you returning our
RM 70juta ah, this money is not pm one ! this pm is also too
much ,simply advance our money for the repairs since 2006 and never bother to claim back, hey! your son & sil got shares one ah so no need to return ( plus interest ) lah ...
...@#$%^&*&^%$#@...niamah you !!

Nostradamus said...

Q44. Little Napoleons are the ones ruling Malaysians. (True or False)
“Little Napoleons” sebenarnya yang memerintah rakyat Malaysia. (Betul atau Salah)

Answers at
Jawapan di

Trashed said...

The govt can claim compensation from the contractor - BumiHiway - as it was a design & build contract wherein the contractor assumes responsibility for any defects.

It has been established that the main cause is a design flaw. Hence, the contractor is liable.

Question is why hasn't the govt made claims from the contractor OR if it has, why haven't they said so ? Otherwise, why the hell do the rakyat pay toll for ?

svllee said...

Reminds me of the joke about of a report of a hole which emerged on a road, the police are looking into it!

Anonymous said...

nus Says:

August 6th, 2008 (2 days ago) at 23: 35.27
This road almost killed me years ago. I was going to Kepong from Sg Buloh. After passing the flyover at TTDI/Sri Damansara Junction I came to a problem go straight (UPRAMP) or take the left turn (LEVEL). Previously going from Sg Buloh to Kepong is an easy straight road no problem. Now if I go straight THAT IS keeping right I go up the RAMP that is really a LEFT TURN onto the NEW MRR2. This is not a good design. This reminds me of

1. The FAST LANE RIGHT UPRAMP turning right to Taman Rahman Putra if travelling from Kepong to Sg Buloh. How can divert traffic away from the highway from the right fast overtaking lane . This ramp support pillars cause day crawls below it during the morning and evening peak hours.

2. The same thing at LDP turning from Jalan Damansara to SS2. Now there is a major works to flyover from KL to Sg Buloh over this “wrong” flyover.

3. Years ago another fast lane UPRAMP out from Jalan Kuching from KL to Jalan Sultan Ismail. In the morning jams any back up into the fast lane may cause a serious accident.

4. Another new Fast Lane UPRamp out is at Jalan Lornie opposite RTM from KL. This new ramp goes to the Pantai Highway. Vehicles going to PJ would have to swerve left to avoid going up the ramp. I have noted so far two knocks by vehicles onto the left nose of the ramp. This is wrong and dangerous construction and have to be dismantled as soon as possible before more accidents occur. More so because this is just after a corner so drivers are not aware. After these accidents a sign has come up but the danger is still there because of inherent wrong placement of ramp.

Continue with my story the poor and messy signboards did not help me after I took the left level exit. I had to make awkward manourve to turn right and then left to get onto the old Kepong Road. The cars behind honked at me.

There should not be any ramp out at the fast lane.

I have also travelled on the MRR2 later and found that the 60 kph signs during the 3 serious repairs are still there. The authorities should replace them with 90 kph as this is a dual carriage 3 lane highway.

KIMHO8 said...

We will always be
PROUD to be Malaysians
A better future’s ahead of us
To SHAPE the world and the univeeeerse!!!

(sung with great gusto, mind you!)

We are PROUD to be Malaysians!
With leaders of great ability
We will live in peace
and prosperity
Seek RESPECT of the world communityyyyy!!!

Aiyoh!!! What SHAPE with RESPECT???
Don't make us shivering lah!!!

Anonymous said...

Semi-value bridge = mrr2 !!??

But it has cost us our 'hard earned bloody' rm238juta man !
rm70juta for the repairs thro samy vellu (setengah nilai) to that @#$%^&* contractor 'bimihighway' is the LOAN lah not FREE one since 2006 !
Hey, aneh, you are responsible to get back our money lah ,dun you DARE lari ke bombay or bollywood !
we'll go after your family ah !!

Anonymous said...

at 1st the mrr2 cost 12m only,then 18m then >>>>> 238juta ( how why)!?
Hey, whose pockets have masuked it?
,,,,,,,@#$%^&*.........niamah you !

Anonymous said...


I think if we want to be happy, we must stop complaining la; we ask so many difficult questions and expect our ministers to answer ah? Please la, they got other priorities(need to attend to RPK and DSAI). Moreover, how to answer those question la. If they give us those rediculous answers we would become more mad la. Let it sleep la, otherwise we will have to listen to more lies fit only for primary 1 or maybe just for kindy students to believe. If you think i am not telling you the truth then read the papers la, see what they have been telling us. Do you believe them? Ask more questions and get same kind of answers la.

All they want is for us to behave like Malaysian govt school children, do what we are told and be quiet. Ah, dont behave like overseas student ok, those buggers ask too many questions; bad education system. Ours is the best, just listen and do as they tell us and not what they do unless you are in their camp.

Happy living in Bolehland.

Letting the time pass me by said...

Maybe the MRR2 has become a cash cow for consultation and repair and maintenance... How many times we have to repair and investigate??

Maybe there is a need to inject some patriotisme in the month of Merdeka...

Anonymous said...

Hi I am a reader or this blog.

I Felt that Malaysian Government is very very weird.

U see, I read, SodomY Case everyday in the Front page, Even the Crack on the Bridge on the front Page but, WHY~!? Why~!?

Murder case being so down played?
Is SodomY case and A Crack in the Ass Ops.. Crack on the Bridge more serious then Murder case?

Confused Reader

Anonymous said...

Rapairing the MRR2 hundreds of million, building it more~!

But talking about 2nd PGbridge..
Niamah.. Budget wait.. patient.... revalue.... no money..... pending.... Niamah~~~

NIamah niamah niamah le.......
mahnia mahnia...

pah nur said...

Well, the Malaysian politics must be really hilarious so much so even the MRR2 is cracking up!!!

What is the reason for the MRR2 to crack,(besides laughing it's cement off at the malaysian politics)? Allow me to postulate;
Reason #1: Just like that RM3 karipap story, there's some solid ingredient that is recommended to be put in there, was not put in there, OR they're just not put there despite being charged.

Reason #2: The foreign workers have language barrier, so much so that when their mando told them to put cement: sand to the ratio of 3:1, they did the reverse....

Reason #3: All of the above

Anonymous said...

Samy Vellu is still god even though he has been toppled in Sg Siput. So it could still be an "Act of God" until PR takes over. Then we will not only get the stink but also get to see the sorry sight of what happened all along under Mahathir Kutty's & Samy's watch (as well as what is under his toupee).

Anonymous said...

Bro Patrick,
Have you ever wondered why the man is so satisfied and not the least perturbed with the fall of his popularity from 91% to 42%?

I'm not sure if his results in his academic years from kintergarden to Uni (or is it college?) have ever been better than 42% for any subject. Most likely not. So when he got rated 42% he must have been speechlessly flattered. To him that's a bloody Distinction - his interpretation of "D" rating in all his life.

His other interpretations are: "A" for Average; "B" for Bad; "C" for Can-Do; "D" for (as I've said) Distinction; "E" for Excellent; and "F" for Fantastic. So he must have been scoring Distinctions, Excellents & Fantastics in all his life. Therefore inn his vocabulary there's no failure. This is the only positive (& FUNNY) thing I can say about the man! He's so naively positive - a true simpleton by ISO standards.

From: TNS

Anonymous said...

See, i just read The Sun. Now i hijack this site to vent my frustration as it is precisely this kind of thinking by our minister that leads us to be ostrich with head in sand mentality. Let me quote the main man in the Sun:

1.Religion is a very sensitive matter. You are playing with fire. We think it is one of the elements of freedom and it is our right, but don’t think in implementing our rights, others don’t have their rights. In the end, it could provoke misunderstanding," he said(Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar).

Means what? we better dont have religion then we never have to play with fire ever again? Why people so easy to be misunderstood?

"If the Muslims and (the Malay) community are offended, our country has the Sedition Act and the Bar should be held responsible,"from the same guy.

What happen when non malays or non muslim get offended? Got any Act to protect them or not? How come malays and muslims so easily offended?

I thought religion always teach us to be tolerant, patience and also have grace and love. Or maybe some religion dont have such teaching.


I am just wondering who or which side always complain about such talks. Who always get offended? Who always get misunderstood? Some body who knows please enlighten me. Is it the non muslims or non malays who always get upset and want to creat trouble? If so they should be put in lock up, dont care what Act you use, lock them up.

Or is it the muslims or malays who are causing trouble?

Please let us know the truth. Mr Minister tell us which side cause trouble. It is damn frustrating always reading that we cant talk in the open, if have to talk, talk behind close door. This shits me off to no end Mr Minister. I am not a small silly stupid kid with no understand. I am not stealing anything. I just want to listen in the open and see who the real moron is. I want to take up religion even if it is fire like you said. I like to follow one who is kind, considerate, fair, filled with patience, grace and love. Their leaders will be the one i look to to see if they have any of such fruits. If he has non, no tolerance and full of shit, i think that religion i will treat like fire la, never touch it like you said.

All such advice from people in power to us must be good, if it is close minded, we will have many more falling debris from highways.

Anonymous said...

pat, it looks like we better save our 'chi', the more we lose our' chi' on malaysian issues, the more we gonna shortened our happiness! After a quarter century of shit heads governing us, we cannot ask for anything better!All the f....g projects have been done many folds over in cost. Just compare the recently finished Beijing-Tsingtao connection, 1st class 69 rmb for 120km at 350km/hr arriving within 30min! cost not much more than our ytl's train to klia! Yes, some indian racist forgot they comprise only 8% of the votes, and they wanted the MB post in perak!!!!!
and claimed not racist!!!!Some just think that they burned/ browned out orang puteh and that is the main problem!

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

AGAIN OUR GREAT GOVERNMENT "TOK KOK SING SONG". Blunder after blunder, conspiracy after conspiracy, f**K up after f**k up.

1) Mongolia case.
2) Sodomy case.
3) Terengganu Merc case.
4) Now our MMR2 (3rd time oledi).

So the questions is again to our dearest PM & DPM wat u got to say lah ooooi beside sleeping. Niamah u two buggers. WAKE UP.

Tell the rakyat wat is going on with the government we so call elected to parliment to run our country. Stop telling we leave it the police lah, the ACA lah, blah blah. Wat the FxxK!!!!!

Please dun treat us the people of your country like alien or for stupid fools. Do something abt it rather than leaving it to someone else to do the dirty job.

One of our major road in Malaysia is cracking and need repair again. How many times lah till this will stop? Our tax payer money lah woooi..... Tiu Niamah. Why are you so diam diam? Wat's the action? Where our RM 70 million repair last time gone to?

Only thing you knw is ask the rakyat tukar lifestyle, while you and other idiots draining our country $$$ like burst pipes. Puki Mak...... Oh Yeah tukar lifestyle to tanam sayur in our garden... LU betul betul siow liao..... Then u all politicians do wat pluck out tax payer monies from Inland Revenue pocket like durian runtoh..... Niamah loh.....

When are you and your ass licking DPM going to wake up? Jangan tidur, buat kerja lah. Gaji every month do wat for the country - TOK KOK SING SONG ahh..... NIAMAH kaw kaw.....

So please my dear countrymen my malaysian, maybe we can provide assistant to our PM by going to our DPM (willing to receive Saiful for sodomy complaint) maybe he will entertain us about MRR2 issue as we got poke frm behind by Bumi "Hai"way and "semi-valued" bugger. See wat he says lah.....

Lastly wat will they think of next maybe buy BMW in Johor. :)

Anonymous said...

over the bar council closed door conference, this bugger argued : " be sensitive to muslim's feeling, becareful ...bla...bla !"
niamah ! when you lifted your bloody sword that time, did you !...@#$%^&*...
niamah you smelly xxx... F your
....niamah ...bloody .....!!

Anonymous said...

Tdm : sigh !..this feeble kerajaan
has weaken the malay race & ....!
aku : hey, tun, why not you lawan that fellow ?
Tdm : no lah , too old for any 'erections' !
aku : .?..but you are taking ginsen !
Tdm : no effect oredi lah !
aku : hey, water melons is good lah !
Tdm : tak mau lah !

Anonymous said...

Sunday August 10, 2008
Bar Council forced to stop forum.

Protesters rally outside Bar Council!

Wah, how come those useless authority cant prevent the 5 heroes from barging into the forum? How come the authority lost the bloody water cannon? Whack the bloody protestors la. But cannot la, DPM already passed judgement that Bar council cannot do such thing la.

Aiyah, better go to the bar la for drinks. Why must Bar C give in to the scare tactic? I thought they also got good strong character...without fear or favour or something like that.

Bolehland.....we talk alot la, but when shove comes to push, we bugger off la.

No trust in lawyers, politicians or police.

Whats the diff between catfish and lawyer?

One is a bottom crawler, eats rubbish, scavenger...the other is a fish.

Police and politician....better not upset anyone anymore today.

Maverick SM said...

Actually, only the plastic straps on Pier 28 was de-laminated. It wasn't another crack that appears. The tear-off could be due to heat generated from DEF which are now being investigated by the experts.

What is puzzling is that it was reported as a critical structural failure which is not. It is like: a plaster that peels off from the surface of which the plastic straps tears away the surface cement grouts and cause the droppings.

I am not a stakeholder or shareholders of any of the parties; I have been doing research on the bridge failures for the last 4 years.

Anonymous said...

cheh ! useless botak cant tell the polis use ' water, tear gas ...'!
WHAt if it was the other way : malay having forum & the 300+ non-bumi outside 'shouting & scolding' & a few walk into the hall starting ' shouting & demanding STOP,STOP,STOP !' !!
useless BOTAK...hairless balls !
...@#$%^&*...niamah smelly you ...!

Anonymous said...

niamah, najib adding oil into the FIRE , speaking to a group of malays : "bar council very STUBBORN one ...bla..bla...!"
...niamah you.. you are speaking to the malays , i DARE you telling
them to be ' kind, patient, tolerant, peaceful & harmonious to
other races & religions bcos muslim teachings are good ones ! ( who says muslim teachings are NO GOOD' ! ?) but are you following the teachings : yes, you tink 70 virgins are waiting for you to enjoy ah !!...@#$%^&*&^%$#@...!!

Anonymous said...

Samy Value was seating in his office when the minister from NIGERIA arrived. The Nigerian was very impressed by Malaysia. So he asked Samy how did he become a multi-millionaire. Samy was smiling and showed him all the highways he built in Malaysia.!! Impressed he invited Samy to Abuja and upon arriving Samy was very highly surprise how rich the minister was. So he asked him. He laughed and drew open the curtain in his office at 30 floor. See no highways, all the monies go to my bank account in Swiss Bank.!!

effitax said...

IF YOU HAVE NOT HEARD...............Well the deal is off. The Malaysian taxpayer has so far only lost RM480 million. That is the amount Maybank (a GLC and hence a taxpayer owned company) has paid in deposit money to the Singaporeans to buy over a lame duck bank called Bank Internasional Indonesia (BII).

Now it is debateable if Maybank can recover any of the RM480 million deposit money from the Singaporeans. There are calls now that the Directors and Senior Executives of Maybank should resign if they cannot recover the RM480 million.

‘KUALA LUMPUR 6 August: Malayan Banking Bhd’s (Maybank) board of directors and senior management should step down if the bank fails to get back its RM480mil deposit for the PT Bank Internasional Indonesia (BII) deal’

Maybank agreed to buy 56% of BII for RM4.86 Billion from Temasek Holdings of Singapore. Eventually Maybank would have to pay RM9.0 Billion for an almost 100% stake in BII. But the deal has been torpedoed by Bank Negara after Indonesia changed their bank acquisition rules. (This is what happens when you venture into strange countries which have strange ways of doing business. Remember the TNB coal mine fiasco in Indonesia where TNB lost about RM2.4 billion).

And the man in the centre of the controversy : none other than Second Finance Minister Nor Mohamed Yakcop. Nor Mohd is no stranger to making multi billion Ringgit and hundred million Ringgit losses for the Malaysian taxpayer.

First here is what Nor Mohamed said about this ‘fantastic deal’ in May:

KUALA LUMPUR, May 14 (Reuters) - Malaysia's government on Wednesday rejected opposition criticism against a flurry of acquisitions by top lender Malayan Banking Bhd , saying it was necessary to catch up with neighbouring Singapore. Second Finance Minister Nor Mohamed Yakcop told parliament that Malaysian banks must grow and develop into regional banks to better compete with their peers in the region. "This is a golden opportunity," he said. "It will bring long-term benefits." Long criticised for being too slow to expand overseas, state-controlled Maybank suddenly sprang into action in March. It bought 15 percent of Vietnam's An Binh Bank for $135 million and a week later paid $2.7 billion for a controlling stake in Bank Internasional Indonesia (BII) .

This month, it bought 15 percent of Pakistan's MCB Bank for $680 million, which analysts said was a high price and that it might have to cut the proportion of profits it pays out as dividends and raise capital to restore its balance sheet.

"This is in line with the government's long-term plan to strengthen the country's financial sector and turn it into a regional financial hub especially in Islamic finance," he said. "We need to compete with Singapore to develop regional banks." "Maybank may have paid a higher price, but it needed to make this decision to compete with Singapore.

This is a completely illogical statement. Nor Mohamed forgot to mention that he was actually bailing out the Singaporenas. They were getting out of BII. How do you compete with the Singaporeans in a business which they have just sold to you? They have exited the scene. And are we really expected to believe that the Singaporeans will sell us a business so that we may happily ‘compete with Singapore’?

In 1999, Temasek had paid RM735 million for the same stake. In 2008 Maybank agreed to purchase the BII stake for a hefty price tag of RM4.86 billion.This means Temasek would have made a profit of RM4.125 billion ie 6 times their initial outlay. This was the real reason why Temasek was willing to sell the stake. It was a chance for Temasek to disengage from a troubled investment at a hefty profit - at the expense of the Malaysian taxpayer, and the gain of the unscrupulous high and dirty.

Analysts had also questioned why Maybank had agreed to pay 4.5 times the current market price of BII.

The news item makes it clear that Maybank’s purchase of stakes in poor quality banks in Vietnam, Pakistan and Indonesia is actually a Government directive (read Nor Mohamed Yakcop’s directive). As the 2nd Finance Minister Nor Mohamed has complete say over the GLCs like Maybank, Khazanah Nasional, Sime Darby and others.

Khazanah too has been led by Nor Mohamed to make dubious investments in India, which so far have zero benefit to the country or to promoting new technologies in Malaysia – the original intent of Khazanah Nasional Bhd. We have not heard about the value or profitability of investments like the Appolo Hospitals in India. But as usual money has been spent. And as usual the middlemen are always there to make their cuts and commissions.

Then the Sime Darby, Golden Hope and Guthrie Bhd merger created an almost RM30.0 billion listed plantation giant. Nazir Razak’s CIMB group and other ‘con-sultans’ and middlemen made hundreds of million of Ringgit in fees and commissions from arranging this deal. By coincidence or not the consumption of RM150 cigars by the high and dirty has also increased in tandem with all these strange investments, acquisitions and mergers.

There was no real value in creating such a monster plantation giant. Whatever little competition may have existed among plantation GLCs was effectively extinguished through this merger. And Sime Darby is now underperforming on the Bursa. Here is a Star report dated 7 August 08 :

KUALA LUMPUR : Heavyweight plantation stock Sime Darby dragged blue chips lower in early trade on Thursday.. . Sime Darby fell 15 sen to RM7 in active trade’. Prior to the merger Sime Darby’s share price reached a 52 week high of RM13.40.

If there are no real economic benefits for the shareholders and the taxpayers in all these mergers and acquisitions, why then do the GLCs embark upon such wasteful acts? The answer lies in another question : Why are the major cash rich GLCs suddenly moving in the direction of mergers and acquisitions? Why merge Sime Darby, Guthrie and Golden Hope? Why should Khazanah buy Appolo Hospitals in India? Why does Maybank suddenly want to buy banks in Pakistan and Indonesia?

And perfectly good assets that belonged to the taxpayer like Avenue Capital were sold to ECM Libra – a private company owned by Kalimullah Hassan, Khairy Jamaludin and others. Obviously the cash rich GLCs are being directed to do these things.

After all it is taxpayers money. The middlemen make the fees and the commissions. The cronies make the big bucks. And foreign deals are also easier to ‘manage’. The fees and commissions can be paid directly into foreign bank accounts – out of sight of the half blind ACA and our local Police boys (who are busy stealing millions of Ringgit in drugs from their own safekeeping).

These wasteful deals are just a method for the high and dirty to cream off money. Due to the serious lack of competent Ministers in the Cabinet who cannot understand what is going on the 2nd Finance Minister is looked upon as someone who knows what he is saying and doing. The truth is losses are being made – in the hundreds of millions.

The 2nd Finance Minister is soon expected to have his own listed vehicle (again). He was once Chairman of Mun Loong Berhad which also went bust. According to sources in the Securities Commission, an oil and gas company will soon be listed whose bumiputra shareholder includes the 26 year old son of the 2nd Finance Minister. A Chinese ‘Ali Baba’ partner has managed to secure a substantial oil and gas contract which will be injected into a listed vehicle. A general offer will be made for the listed vehicle – in effect providing a backdoor listing. They can cream off even more.

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no wonder this dpm is so kok sured : " see, i said earlier, sure cannot want, sure troubled one... this xxxx bar council very sturband ....!"
know why !? bcos one umno bugger in green colored T shirt was shouting there " saya dari umno ....bla ...!", this babi from umno must be paid to creat AMOK, that is why that xxx dpm so kok sured 'sure gott rouble one .....' @#$%^&*...niamah you !

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mca chuah jui meng is wondering if the polis gave them the PERMIT to protest ! otherwise why was polis
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70+ juta advance for mmr2 repairs CANNOT /been refused to PAY back man ! so write off lah : a bumi co. what !

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