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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another shot in the foot.

OUCH!!! Must be damn painful la.

Okay, class today's lesson is on how to spot a potential foot-in-mouth or shot-in-foot situation. Read the article below which is taken from the online version of The Star. Pay special attention to the lines highlighted.

THE Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) has issued a stern warning against any party protesting the use of loudspeakers for the azan (call to prayer) at mosques in the state, reported Utusan Malaysia.

Jais director Datuk Mohammed Khusrin Munawi stressed that the azan was compulsory in Islam and it had to be done without any obstruction.

He has directed nazir (mosque official) and mosque committees in Selangor to continue with the practice of using loudspeakers.

“With regards to azan, we cannot compromise. It is compulsory.

“I hope the nazir at the mosques will continue with the practice without any obstruction,” he said.

Recently, the management of the mosque at Al-Ehsan Bandar Kinrara, Puchong, stopped using loudspeakers for the morning sermons, a week after 189 non-Muslim residents sent a protest petition.

Now if I remember correctly those flers who sent the petition to the mosque already said that they just wanted the volume of the azan lowered, if possible, and requested that the SERMON not be broadcast. And some mosque also said "Ya ok. We make softer because it is a neighbourly thing to do ma." Softer only. Not don't broadcast Azan at all or don't use loudspeaker. Of course as Malaysians we know that one is sacred ma. And we understand and respect. We all know. This Jais fler does or not. And then simply come and say this for what ah?

Hello, Datuk Jais ah, want to jump on bandwagon also do it properly la. Straightaway fire at your own foot for what?


Comment received from Yeo 10:39 PM

Patrick Patrick Patrick,
This time I have to correct you. The residents did not request the mosque to lower the volume of the Azan. Just to lower the sermons after the azan. The whole thing was highlighted in the blog of This is the other source of the ruckus, where this owner openly apologise that the media spinned his words out of control. But it seems that the website is down... hmm... wonder why???


David Chan said...

They are just trained to WANT to speak and NOT want to listen, or rather, want NOT to listen.

Anonymous said...

Little knowledge is a dangerful thing, especially when your Engrand is bad. So how to deal with such problem? I really understanding the cannot. So I better give up and shut up. Else can get misunderstood & get sent to CarMoonThing Hotel!

SameSame said...

What do you expect from people who are very very very narow-minded. You see they only see or hear want they wnt and not see or hear what others want. Also very selective in seeing and hearing la.

Aiyaaaa..very very very the irritating la. By the way i live next to the wilayah mosque and it doesnt disturb me. Infact if the fella who does the azan has a melodious voice ..OK LA!!

If their crock like frog..then its painful for the ears esp so early in the morning.


nur said...

As a muslim, I think the JAIS and the govt reactions are ridiculous and stupid. The non-muslim from the neighbourhood issue a formal complain bukannya buat illegal gathering to protest. If you don't want to give, don't give lah. Why do they they put people under ISA just because they complain? (although in this case, Teresa
Kok was not the one who complained). These people ask nicely, the govt should response nicely also. Takkanlah nak komplen pun kena letak under ISA. Whatever the case is, the mosque people must handle all complaints with diplomacy. They cannot simply say "you cannot complain. I report you nanti". Even when people complain about the azan, the mosque committee must investigate first. And give response in a professional manner.

Anonymous said...

Jais director Datuk Mohammed Khusrin Munawi

woi, you only ask others to integrate into your way of life but you give no 2 hoot about our way of life.

Why, you think you more holy or what. The moment you opened your mouth, i already lost respect for you. You sound selfish, inward thinking, truely you deserve to be director of Jais. I can understand why your staff simply raid hotels etc.You certainly lead by example.

You dont need to compromise in the volume either. We have lived thru it for so many years so what is another 50 yrs before i meet my maker. If you think this is a good way to show the world about your caring, peace loving religion, i say , go ahead and Nike said, do it, and dirty harry said, make my day....

Anonymous said...


msleepyhead said...

Why do they need a protest petition when a friendly letter could have been enough? Or they have already sent in a few friendly letters and when no action was taken decided to send a protest petition.

michael said...

Is the intention of JAIS director to score point with man or with God ?

No one is asking that Azan be stopped. We respect that.
It's a call to prayers, just like the chimes of church bells which is a call for service.

It's only for a few minutes each time and most of us are already used to that alarm clock and can actually sleep through it. :)

However, a sermon is an entirely different matter. If you want to use loud speakers for sermon, be reasonable lah because a sermon can stretch to hours. Please have your sermons within closed doors.

DJ Khor said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lao' Cha said...

Jais director? Any relation to that bugger J.Jais the butt pincher? Tiu, this Khissing Moremoney thinks he'll be able to get a couple of brownie points from the malays by raising this issue. Same pharking mentality. Whack the minority and hopefully look good in the eyes of your own race. Racial mofo of the highest order.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago I happened to visit a Hindu temple (I think the only one) in Kuala Trengganu to offer my profound prayers to providence. After completing my prayers, I had a short chat with the temple priest and among others he told me that the temple bell can only be rung ONCE only in a day. He is not allowed to ring it continously as being done in the normal way `cos the kampung folks around don't like to be distubed as they have complained before. So much for equal rights in prayers whereby u have a situation that one privilege group can assert their rights and the other have to succumb to it!!!

Anonymous said...

Those people are sick people and kaki bodek. There are too many of them and very difficult to get rid off, so sorry Malaysia, just move around the corridor of power, any gomen office, those sit in big office ma but nothing to do, all are hypocrites. Sorry ma this is Ramadan.

CK said...

this is an example of stirring the issue when it's already clear. this kind of articles will be read by all the Malaysians and it'll be one that create tension for those who don't know the real situation or have any access to internet.

but i think malaysians nowadays are more mature to realize wat msm is doing.

amoker said...

JAIS goes police report to get RPK ISAed. Then JAIS supports Utusan/ Khir Toyo by inisuating that the masjid committee has been weakened. What a role model!

Itulah, no civic mindedness or being respectful to neighbours.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a very religious person but I uphold the moral cause to be fair and kind to all. With all the debates about the azan, I think being considerate comes from within a person. Religion should not be blamed for the inconsiderate behaviour of human. Every week I have to live with the loud lectures by a christian group next to my house. They always use a loud speaker talking inside the house!

Anonymous said...

This fler is like pouring fuel to the fire.As UMNO is like a sinking Titanic,he tries to place the racial card now.What a jerk!

jrajster said...

Maybe this particular JAIS fello a Zombie. Zombies don't have feeling ma except antagonizing people.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

May Petra be like Peter of old
Solid as a rock as has been told
Never in face of danger easily fold
Standing for priciples that never grow cold

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 240908
Wed. 24th Sept. 2008.

Kanineh said...

That Mr. Jais sure "boh tak cek" (never study in Hokkien) one. He doesn't seem to know what is the actual issue with azan, morning sermons & loudspeakers. It is already proven that the petition by the residents of Bandar Kinrara only asks that the volume be "tuned down".

This is what the Malays say ---> Berlagak bodoh!!

Plus, that Utusan Malaysia is nothing but full of shit!! Afterall, it's owned by What can you expect from a daily that is controlled by shit flers??

Anonymous said...

you hv forgotten to end your post with niamahhhh!!!

andy lim said...

1) This idiot doesn't even understand the issue.

2) This idiot don't know what he's saying.

3) This idiot is plain idiot.

NurL said...

I am a muslim too. But I think what he said is simply nonsense. You don't need azan to wake u up if u really want to wake up for your Subuh Prayer, just set your alarm clock. what if you stay quite far from the surau or masjid, are you going to ask the surau to make the azan louder so it can wake u up for prayer? Further more, during Prophet's time, they don't even have a loudspeaker.

Yeo said...

Patrick Patrick Patrick,

This time I have to correct you. The residents did not request the mosque to lower the volume of the Azan. Just to lower the sermons after the azan.

The whole thing was highlighted in the blog of This is the other source of the ruckus, where this owner openly apologise that the media spinned his words out of control. But it seems that the website is down... hmm... wonder why???

Can someone explain to me why?

Anonymous said...

...and they say they follow the examples of the Prophet...and they are tarnishing the image of Islam.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they are more into AZAN than fighting corruption in muslims, and the rising crime rate!

GoMalaysia said...

Marilah kita lihat Inilah Pemimpin Dipanggil pemimpin Rakyat

Anonymous said...

i wonder why all this was never an issue in the past...
do u have a problem with this patrick?
will u let something as trivial - and i say trivial because you are a non muslim - the azan get in the way of the current friendship u have with malay/muslim friends?
in the first place there was never any need for a petition to be made.
u think about it lah brudder...why all this time nothing and suddenly it seems the moment is opportune to say something.
it speaks volume for sincerity in a multiracial/religious society doesn't it.

Mr Chauhai said...

What else can we say?

Talking to Mr Jais is like knocking a paper nail into a concrete wall... got any use ah? Different wavelength lah. Maybe it is easier to talk to a Martian.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

'Najib drops UN trip for UMNO..

Our leaders hv all slept,the global economy facing the prospect of seriously downturn,till now seems they hv not been able to respond.
i really as mad as hell as u said....TIU-NIAMAH!!!!

Anonymous said...

BN/UMNO politicians that is the only word I can muster at this point.


Anonymous said...

Micheal has got it right. Azan and sermons over the loudspeakers to the entire neighbourhood are 2 separate issues.

As usual with all the news reports there were not much details, as like whether it is Friday noon sermons being broadcast or sermons (or maybe it is reading of the Koran) being broadcast every morning.

Yet, NIAMAH!, so much comments when the details are hazy. :-)

K.S. Lee said...

Hey Patrick, doesn't it come across the mind of this JAIS Director dude how this azan call with loudspeaker became something compulsory for a religion when a thousand years ago there is no such thing as a loudspeaker??? Doesn't make any sense... NIAMAH to him!

Anonymous said...

If it's 'compulsory', in the days before loudspeakers were invented, how lah, then?

In civilised countries, that'd be called noise pollution.

- Sword O' Might

Mr. X said...

Latest Poll: Who do you DISLIKE or HATE most in Malaysia?
by theXbogs

Anonymous said...

Malaysia will NEVER change.
51 yrs and another 51 yrs to come and the following will stil be the same:

1. must have policies biased towards one particular race;

2.must have policies, no, sorry, law, that is biased towards one religion.

These 2 things will never change. So i have to change to adapt in this country if I want to live in peace. Firstly, I tried to close one eye, then both eyes. Then i make noise but seeing my "leaders" who voiced out too loudly put in prison, i also scared to make anymore noise. Malaysia is NOT ready. Those in power are not ready; the malays are not ready. I say malays because they are the majority in this country. No point if only the chinese or indians are ready as they are the minority group. Anyway, the indians and chinese want everything to be fair and no bias as they have been suffering for donkey yrs.

So since Malaysia is not ready and I have tried for adapt for the last 50 yrs and failed, it is time i move on. I have applied to permanent residency in a neighbouring country and they have accepted. Shit, some will call me chicken, gutless and not patriotic. Same to you, you do what you got to do and i do what i got to do. I dont expect any major changes , at least definitely not on the 2 issues i mentioned. Call me unpatriotic, you can do that for 5 yrs. If Malaysia does change in the next 5 yrs, i come back and you may continue to call me whatever but if there is no significant change then i apply for citizenship in my new found country. You CANNOT call me unpatriotic anymore, I am no longer a citizen of malaysia then.

Good luck to you all left behind,believe me, you will need it.

Current situation: Malaysia is run by people with racist policies, inhumane law, and laws which encourage religious intolerance.

If I am wrong in my logic, do feel free to correct me. I am still willing to learn as I am still in the country and will not be leaving until next yr. By the way, if you are angry with me and feel like asking me to f off, no need to do that, i am already planning that.

Anonymous said...

Report lodged against Teresa Kok for insulting egg

KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 24, 2008) : The Seputeh Umno Youth division lodged a police report today against Seputeh MP Teresa Kok, claiming she had insulted the Royal Malaysian Police and the egg, which is an essential food of the underprivileged.
The division’s deputy head Alawi Dahalin and several other members lodged the report at the Brickfields police station.

Now you tell me if we are ready for change...

I say send them back to Moronia immediately. The govt are promoting morons to position of power so they can act recklessly and then blame it on poor genes. Why, malays are not ashame of such actions is it? Speak up la, I believe majority of malays cannot really believe they have such people in umno leadership. It is unreal. Not only is the whole world laughing at us, the dogs are also laughing. The saying, "not fit for dog"...why, too difficult for your malay educated brain to accept is it?

Anonymous said...

Agree with yeo...they didnt complain on the was the sermons after the prayers that was quite loud. Jais should buck up and think before making any stupid statement...don't stir something that is already clear..

Anonymous said...

JAIS = Invasion of the body snatcher

patrickteoh said...

to Anonymous 3:42 and 3:57 to be fair it wasn't about the loudspeakers. The fler was saying that the azan is compulsory. Not that the loudspeakers were compulsory.

My Raison D'etre said...

Hi Patrick,

Don't bother about Utusan. If you read it the day this "news" came out, they also took the sword to Teresa Kok with six articles deriding her comments on the food served.

Conveniently missing out on her being detained unfairly.

Utusan has been taking a rather disturbingly strong (don't want to be caught here so I won't use the R word) that veers on being dangerously provocative, to say the least.

Thankfully, the rag is not (or perhaps, less so) read by Non Malays.

Islam is all about fairness and justice.

The way Utusan puts across the "warning" is as though the religion is under threat.

You tell me if that is not dangerous in our multi-cultural context.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

The trouble with jais is they think Islam is their religion and the only religion is Islam.This are bad malays giving Islam a bad name.
Why are they not tolerant?No wonder RPK is so right about this malays who professed they are muslims. These are the specimen of jais thet gives muslims a bad name.iT'S SICKENING for an islamic department to issue threats to non muslims.

Anonymous said...

what's the word u always use ahh uncle pat....oh ya ...ToKKok..ah inlah dia talk cock...hehehe funny but sad ..only in malaysia

Anonymous said...

The "holier than thou" syndrome is always infested with these people. They will try all means to make the Muslims look stupid so that they can securely sit in their position guarding their rice bowls.

As for the Seputeh UMNO youths, the more they do, the more stupid they look. Insulting the under privillaged? By the matter they brought up, they themselves are the insult to Malays. How to progress?

Anonymous said...

JAIS - Jack Asses' Institute of Selangor

Robert Teh said...

I think Utusan spin the whole issue - the complaint is regarding the volume not about totally doing away with the Azan.

Come on, be fair when reporting - unless you have a hidden agenda.

Talking about religious tolerence, I think as Malaysians we all need to put up with religious rites and practices which may give us a little irritation once in awhile. I live on the 12th Floor and mind you, each time the local Chinese Temple have a religious feast, I get blasted by head-shaking music blaring from giant speakers from the nearby stage. The 'ko tai' songs blasted way past midnight and I don't make a complaint even though the obscenely loud music irritates me. I can only close all my doors and windows to keep the noise at bay.

Do the Temple authorities think about this irritation caused to the neighbourhood comprising people of all races. In my neighbourhood, there are not one but at least half a dozen Chinese temples, half a dozen Mosques and a few Indian temples - can you beat that!

Anonymous said...

@Robert Teh,
Utusan like to twist the facts and causing chaos and they always trying to make ppl make opposition ppl so that they will able to help those ass hole to continue to rule as they like.

i also found that lots of racial issues is actually raise by Utusan and caused lots of ppl get into trouble...

mamasan said...

I wonder how they managed in the past when there were no loudspeakers or boomboxes? I suppose back then the faith was already good enough as is. To me, your faith is faith, there is no need to prove yourself with grandstanding as the local politicos seem to be caught up in