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Thursday, September 18, 2008


Adam: What the...!!!

I was rather irate when I received this comment at Niamah!!! I have copied that part of the comment which confounded comments in ( )...

Patrick... I'm frustrated by your writings... I used to love your personality before, but since i encounter you's just showing me what an actual person you are...

(But why? What did I do that you liked before and don't now?)

Same to those who sparks any racial sentiment might it be in the speech or forum or whatso ever...Once started the other party definitely will retaliate..vice versa...this is not good for multi racial country...
You should not excite the racial hatred posting in your comments as this is not good for multiracial country..but then again being biased you will say this is the freedom of expression whereof when it is "sensitive" to your race..such a big Hoo Haa and NIAMAH will come out of your mouth and blog.

(Racial hatred postings??? I had thought that I was totally against that and said so. No ah?)
As long as people like you, Patrick and Ahmad Bukit Bendera don't change the mentality, untill then we will never hope to see a really muhibbah and equality Malaysia...NIAMAH ur head

Never been called a racist before.



Keong said...

if we, ordinary persons, are racist, why the fcuk we still have other races as our fren? it's the stupid leaders who are racist. NIAMAH, wrong ah?

Anonymous said...

BN brainwashing is still working, though it seems that people learned to sense the uninspiring empty statements a mile away.

"Abdullah pledged to complete the tasks he had initiated such as legal and judicial reforms and a revamp of the ACA. Race relations, religious affairs and eradication of hardcore poverty were also on his agenda to be completed before he was ready to pass the premiership to Najib, he said"

Wonderful! the leader of a nation having such dreams, indeed is comforting. Isn't it.

"although there is no tremendous economic development, the country still had made significant progress."
-Badawi: Anwar a threat to security and economy-The Star

yar, sure you're not can say that anytime. Blardy positive aren't we.

too bad to the fella still swimming in the "BN's Malaysia" pool.

SK said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Patrick Teoh being called a racist?

What the fuck?

Anonymous said...

I found that recently it has been a lot of Pro-UMNO posting coment and blogs all over the cybercafe!

this blogs and comments only come out recently about a month or less.

coult it be UMNO paying this cyber kids to do this,just like they paid those Mogok-ster to tunjuk perasan on the roadside?

I wonder who got higher paid?

UMNO-bloggers or UMNO-mogokster?

Anonymous said...

It's a fad these days.
Can't rebut with a point, just say "That's a racist statement!" or "You are racist!"
What to do, we live in a racist country?

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

seems so many orang utan came out fr the forest & pointed ppls they dun like as 'racist'...

better feed them banana & let them know now is year 2008 not 1960...
if they wan more bananas, they hv to work harder & not jumping out to threat ppl..


Anonymous said...

Aiyah, some people are very silly. The real racists are those UMNO people inciting hatred among Msians, not Patrickla! Use your brain! Use your brain!

KY said...

hahahaha, that's new!

natashakhm said...

I don't think there is anything racist in Tun's post, or any of his posts. I admire his courage for being so open. His writing is fantastic, and always manages to get his main points across.

He's also been called racist from his readers/comments, but I think he 'managed' it better than you. To be honest, I agree with this reader's comment. The posts are getting a lil repetitious harping about the same old story.

monsterball said...

Pat...I was with Amin..Bakaq...Nat...and Sheih's sister and relatives at the Police HQ..having a candle light virgil for kickdefella.
All in all...25 of us...but we had only 15 minutes....and was ordered to dispersed by police.
Two wellknown bloggers asked me...why do I responded to those ...out to insult me?
I said...I had to defend myself.
They said...everyone knows me...what to defend?
So..Pat...everyone knows you much much more ..than me.
You are a freedom actor....and your voice..thrills millions.
Guys like us..that goes back 40 years...know..only you ...dare to confront and expose the that time..on radio talk shows.
YOU HAVE many admire and respect you!!
So Pat...just ignore all those criticizing you.
Seriously...You need not prove anything.
You are larger than life...more..than you can ever imagine!
Just ignore them.
Be happy...well and good.

Anonymous said...

The person who commented failed his/her english papers or what?

I didnt understand the comments at all...absolutely, totally.

Ah well, he/she probably means you raced some demented vehicular contraption when he/she said you're a 'racist'...

Back to crazy...

Obi Wan Kentucky

Tan Kien Boon said...

That fella din really read your blog one lah.. hantam saja.. That fler like watching soccer matches and ask why that fella score not counted one ; dont even know what offside digress a little.. suddenly you reminds me of a talk show u do..which you started with putting a tissues on your head..and you asking why Malaysians put the tiny tissues on the head when raining..knowing it will not help..that was damn kelakar wei...niamah..

Anonymous said...

Who is this fello? Another flip flop, first saying he likes Patrick and now say don't like?

I think this fello don't really understand what Patrick is talking about in his blog all this while.

Engrish also tak betol...Oh blimey!



Anonymous said...

there's a first time for everything lah Uncle Pat ^^
But this is more towards comedy, and show how some people can be so narrow minded sometimes and not think thoroughly before throwing words and start accusing :D
Now that's betul-betul NIAMAH!

Lao' Cha said...

Ah ha..Pat, you've got a secret admirer who loves you personally..oops your personality.

Could be one of the patron in DVSR who wanted si-fut as in Saiful, but you served em' seafood instead.

Niamah ur head? Aiyoo, so angry wan meh?

Anonymous said...


Never, I love you before and now. Will you marry me?.

That is typical product of BN politic and BN racial unity. The unity basis is build upon ISA and solely "compromisation" (once can not voice-out, can not think, just follow). This is the basis of race unity in BN context for 51 yrs now, and that is so wrong!.

Let's talk more and open, so long the intention is rite! we are doing the real nation building. We rakyat and talking and lead the way for the political leader to follow...

Anonymous said...

Uncle Pat,

No, I don't think you are racist, you are just brave!

Oh..and I love your performance in En Bloc =P you are cool~

Your fan =D

k4kenny said...

the person who called you racist could be a rare breed indeed. Nevermind, freedom of speech. But, a big ONE for this guy to shaft it in.... ARE YOU AWARE OF WHAT'S GOING ON???

For the past 5o years, we Malaysians did not choose our garmen wisely and yet took whatever being given to us. The more you kow-tow this is what you get now. Everything is biased!

Laura1318 said...

I disagree with his opinions.It is not about race but unfortunately all those perverted antics are from a govt which is dominated by a certain race.

He is entitled to his opinions but whether he is right or wrong is another subject matter.

We accept what is good and reject what is bad.

Your satirical portrayal of those incidents are very humourous and comical.

Do what you do best.

ycg said...

wow, this fella talks exactly like the gahmeh or the police. Just accuse, bambam bam. Dude, show la where and what did Patrick said that makes you say that he is a racist. Dont just accuse la, show proof.


Anonymous said...

If Patrick Teoh is a racist then our Najib is a saint!!!

Anonymous said...


I am wondering if you are one of the '15' on the target ISA list?
Maybe that guy is trying to warn you.

Anyway our politicians should get ISO14K certification. They are good at recycling old tunes and rhetorics to the rakyat educated by the curriculum of PMR/SPM/STPM/Metriculation/UiTM... (not that everyone can get overseas education). Nothing new to bring the country forward, instead always 'belakang pusing' to syiok sendiri (self relief).

Thanks or no thanks to Pakatan's 916 and those honest commentary by the bloggers to counter the @#$% of mainstream media, rakyat are now better informed.

Naruto said...


You do have my sympathies getting such comments from readers. But I do notice one thing - those who condemn people usually do not dare to write down their names, rather they use 'anonymous'. I have read your previous blog entry on this commentor, who also signed off as anonymous. Come on lar, you dare to write, show yourself. Using anonymous is like someone who wants to voice out something but scared of the consequences. If you are scared of the consequences, then shut up. Unfortunately, there are many people like this and they think their mentality is superb!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Pat,
I guess when statements linking certain political party with race backgrounds will definitely spark a racial outburst no matter how innocent or meaningless it is. Umno for malays, dap and MCA for chinese while MIC for indians. the point and fact is, its whats happening nowadays that makes msian at the edge of their seats and anything with regards to other races or religion would and will be taken as a racial remark.

People nowadays are smarter and less conservative, that makes us more open to things but not racial issue. Our leaders or theirs (depending on who u are) have started sumthing that they shudn't. U and ur readers are simply saying ur thoughts and some of them miss the lines in between or something.

Anonymous said...

I'm angry, realllllly angry. Not a good start for the morning, ffff!

Hello, hello, r u deaf, blind or both?

MALAYSIA is a multi-racial country. I just double checked a few second ago.

Again -

The population size of M’sian is Malay 50.4%, Chinese 23.7%, indigenous 11%, Indian 7.1%, others 7.8% (2004 est., source CIA factbook). So the non-Malay M’sian actually constitutes 49.6%!

In term of religion profile; Muslim 60.4%, Buddhist 19.2%, Christian 9.1%, Hindu 6.3%, Confucianism, Taoism, other traditional Chinese religions 2.6%, other or unknown 1.5%, none 0.8% (2000 census, source CIA factbook). So the non-Muslim actually make up 39.6% of all M’sians!

U want to champion human right? Race equality? A patriotist? Then look NO further than these abuses of M'sian Rights.

Look at those ISA detainees? Those ill-treated illegal workers! Those pooooors of all races scattered throughout the country. Most of all look at the true 'Bumis' of M'sia - the natives at the out-fringes of the P/E Msia's 'in-lands'!

For crying out loud!!!!!!!!!!!

Can we have diversity in unity????

The non-Malay r not small minority. AND they don't just speak B M'sia, they speak other languages too!!!!

If the non-Malay can learn to speak B M'sia, why don't those bigots/ignoramus/nincompoops learn to speak other languages for a change?

This ACT will not down-grade B M'sia, instead it will help to foster inter-racial understandings. It'll also make u people MORE MARKETABLE in this flatten world!

Unless U r too deep-shitted about yr ketuanan to understand yr maruah, to keep on depending on handouts on the expenses of other deserving poors!!!

The non-Malays r not just Muslim, there r other faiths followers,too.

And again the number is NOT small!!

To paraphrase the language issue, it’s just like saying that all M’sians must be Muslim, in order to be patriotic. Was it not the mono-linguists constant insidious demand that all M’sians must speak the national language? Yes, speak we do & yet to the extent that they subconsciously demand ALL speak just one language! Where is the logic?

Ya - national school for all. But first clean the school of religious bigots, improve disciplines, expand language options. Most of all PUT the RIGHT people to be in charge - not just quota-filling!

For once look at the facts of life, if not the numbers. U want to continue living in the cocoon? By all means do it to yourselves & leaves us, other M’sians, alone to do things our ways. Period.


Anonymous said...

padan muka patrick. panggil orang racist pandai pulak.. tapi bila kena batang hidung sendiri, mengamuk pulak.

sometimes we need to look in the mirror and do some self reflection.

but grumpy old men never change... kan patrick?


Andrew Chia said...

Theory: The guy who posted this was sincerely. He really liked Patrick before. Why did he now think Patrick is racist?

I think our fren got some problems with English, you can see from his writing that his English is not really ok. So, he could have just misinterpreted some parts of Patrick's posting.

Anyway, it's a common problem for a lot of people not to be specific. It's easy to say, "Patrick, you no good." Now, poor Patrick can never figure out which part of him that is no good.

Our friend should quote exactly which sentence in Patrick's posting that he considers racist. Then we can judge mah.

u-en said...

"Same to those who sparks any racial sentiment might it be in the speech or forum or whatso ever"

so any fler who says aku ni bangga sama bangsaku or whatever is a racist. macam ni tak kira BN ke PR ke semua masuk lockup kerana main isu perkauman.

if you want to create a "really muhibbah and equality Malaysia", then macam mana dgn pihak umno yg sentiasa nak bangkit soal2 hak melayu diancam pihak lain?

natashakhm: "The posts are getting a lil repetitious harping about the same old story."

true la, but how if the same old story refuses to go away after 51+ years? after so much development, economic progress and rising living standards, why are we still dealing with the same questions, issues and problems of our parents and grandparents?

maybe the repetition is necessary until we get the message.

Patricia said...

Hi Patrick,

He's just another wonderful? product of our eduction system: unable to think critically, and unable to read (we can see that he can't write!) in English.

My guess is, if he did read your posts, he didn't get them: Your engrand too powderful lah!(to steal someone's else's phrase!)


amoker said...

Be cool about it. I share the same sentiment that there are more Pro Umno guys around nowadays. And high flers like you (racist), W Chun Wai (anti-Pas), Teresa(Islamphobe) are getting cat calls. I find it extremly childish. Reminds me of a quote from Hitler ( via zorro's blog) that says something like this" Tell a big lie, tell it repeatedly and loudly and it will become the truth.".

Lets call each other racist ya while Ahmad Ismail is not.

Juanito said...

First of all, anyone or everyone who wants to be a saint telling others that they are racist, hypocrites and whatever not (including myself), pls go cermin urself first...

For the past 2 days I hv been reading a lot of f**ked up comments just because commentors dont like how things are being written...

Screw u guys!! We are the writers and why do you guys out there bother how we write it?? If you are so smart then start your own f**king blog and blog all you want and how you want la!!!

KNN CCB!!! When have we not been racist? Every f**king human being is a racist in 1 way or the other... Humans are not only racist but hypocrites and biased as well... Do you dare to say you guys out there are not biased???

F**k u if you said you are not biased!!! If you are not biased then why do you love your child more than the other one?!?!?!

If you are not biased, then why do you have preference? Aint preference a form of biasness??

You guys come out and start whacking people as if you were a noble lot! At least we are voicing out the reality of life rather than you guys living behind your own shadows...

Let me say this now. You guys are equally racist because you judge a person from his or her writing... What gives you the right to judge a person just thru his writing?

Screw 'dem all...

monsterball said...

Anomie..If Malaysia have many like you...the younger generations are in safe hands.
I hope your statistics are right. I think so.
In actual fact..oppositions grouped together in population were slightly more than the Muslims...until more babies were encouraged by UMNO.
"Produce ..produce....don't worry.We will take care of them"
So farmers...fishermen produced...and look at our government.
You get what you produced.
I have been sick of Malaysian Chinese selfish attitudes...especially under Mahathir's last election.
But all is well now.
We are heading for a change of sure as the sun will rise tomorrow.
Be cool...stay cool and calm.
And for that person who insult Pat...if he is pro UMNO..his days are numbered to succeed in carrying balls. If he has a weak mind...can easily be influenced...then wake up and respect this wonderful senior citizens..Pat .whom I know personally for more than 30 years.
He talks little and do so much for Malaysia.
Please be grateful....and he is no member ..nor support any political party.He is flexible and smart.
But I know...both of us..wanted a change of long as we both can remember.

Ken67 said...

What in the world is wrong with this person? How in the world did he/her interpret your thoughts? I feel the individual lacks tolerance and the ability to empathize with Malaysians.

I love your writings, they are from the heart and you say it like it is. If only we had blogs and on-line petitions during the "Ducks" fiasco we would still have you on-air getting no-holds-barred commentary.

Keep the fire burning Patrick.

Richard Lee said...

Patrick, I'd been following your blog for awhile and no sir, you are definitely not racist. Funny, people accuse you a racist but didnt attempt to elaborate why. Best to just ignore him.

Anonymous said...

To the illiterate who called Patrick a racist, here is a definition of racism for you to understand before you make another erroneous comment!

1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

Aiyoo said...

Patrick, I really hope that donkey who wrote that comment is reading the comments your readers have written about him/her!

Anonymous said...

Patrick.... u terrible man, such a fucken racist, elitist, homophobic, male chauvinist!!! kekekeke...

hey u muthafucka who claimed Niamah "excites racial hatred".. go polish your England 1st lah... then excite yourself by sucking a banana...


Anonymous said...

What if the other person is right? What if Patrick have been blinded by his own "world view". Instead of "questioning" the other person opinion/feedback, why don't Patrick being brave of assessing his viewpoint. The question goes to all other people here. Government or opposition, racist or non-racist, we should use our brain more than our heart.

- A Malay

Anonymous said...

"The population size of M’sian is Malay 50.4%, Chinese 23.7%, indigenous 11%, Indian 7.1%, others 7.8% (2004 est., source CIA factbook). So the non-Malay M’sian actually constitutes 49.6%!

For crying out loud!!!!!!!!!!!

Can we have diversity in unity????"

For anonymous on 10:00 am above, the problem of unity if you look around, most of the issue resolve around friction between Bumiputera and the Chinese. If we take out the Chinese, I dare say the problem of integration and unity shall not be a problem. Why is this happen? This is happen due to inability of the Chinese to accept the native culture and way of life resulted from their economic standing in the country. With the "rich and intelligent" status hold by the Chinese, it is difficult for them to befriend the Bumiputera as they regard them as lower in status compare to them. They might not say this in open, but it is there. For example, if we look in private companies, why is that Bumi workers of the same qualification with the Chinese receives lower salary compare to the Chinese? The answer is that, there is a perception in the Chinese manager that the Chinese worker will be more productive compare to Bumi workers. While this is not true, the perception persist. At the same time, look at the job advertisement that ask for "Mandarin" speakers only, even though the nature of job such that Mandarin is not the requirement. The "high" level of the Chinese status unable to permit them to befriend the native and make them consider such act as non-racist.

Now guys, try not being "emotional" in replying the above thought.

- Paku Serpih, Cakap Orang, Dia Yang Lebih

anti-rpk said...

I hope one day you'll be chuck in ISA! Seriously. You're an irresponsible loud mouth blogger!

Anonymous said...

'''the bukit wretched rat still at their conference ( supporting pm,
smart ah...hehehe) but dared not chair it, hahaha, SO DIFFERENT now ! not suspender yet, no letter what !? ...doubtful if the surat ever comes since now so supportive
as compared to the 4 @#$%^&* traitors !! '''