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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Imbecilic Tokkok

Look closely. Huge rings with precious stones. Designer pen. Gold watch. This man has a lot to protect. What about you Pak Cik? What you fighting for?

Last night I watched the news on television. There on Channel News Asia was this man, Ahmad Ismail. He was dressed in screaming yellow. Huge rings on the fingers of his right hand. Gold rimmed glasses. For all intents and purposes he actually looked quite like a side-show barker at some circus. So much has been written and talked about this fler that I am very sure he has tasted the tempting fruit of celebrity and now cannot get enough of it. But make no mistake. The man is a lethal weapon. What my friend, zorro wrote in his blog about sums up how we as intelligent, responsible Malaysians should react ...

PEOPLE, why don't we all just stop ranting about this beyond-redemption amorphous amok. He can continue to say we are immigrants and if you believe you are not, just let him rant. He needs the limelight. But if we continue clamoring for his hide, we are giving him the spot-light. He is also a pendatang....only thing is that he is ashamed to admit it. I am proud that my ancestors came here to help in the mines or this country would still be in the chronically under-developed stupor. So whatever any insults flung my way is irrelevant. I treat it as utterings of an imbecile.

...I am not sure whether the mainstream media in Bolehland carried it too but yesterday the Singapore Straits Times printed these quotes...

Marina Mahathir ... "I'd like to ask everyone, especially those categorised as 'Malays ', to list their family histories. And see how many of us can really go back further than three generations born in this land. I know I can't."

Syed Imrani, former Bernama journalist ... "Ahmad Ismail cannot deny the fact that his grandparents were immigrants from India who were looking for a better and comfortable life in this fortunate land."

... I think that's enough to convince anyone that fler is talking cock!



Anonymous said...

At last... we been waited so long for u to update ur blog!!!!!!!!! U r rite... this fler just wanna show his face on the tele... this mamak r all the same(FYI ex-PM oso a MAMAK).. think they all SUPERMAN or something.. Ithink only the ORANG ASLI ARE THE TRUE MALAYSIAN!!!!! not malay chinese nor indians!!!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone has been advised to stop patronising a petrol station which is owned by Ahmad Ismail's family. The station, under the Shell brand, is identified as the one located at Island Glades, Penang.

It cannot be missed as one drives out from the underpass heading along Green Lane towards George Town. It's located on the left of the road, in front of the Gembira Parade supermarket.

Andrew said...

Spot on bro ! We cannot let such an irresponsile politician separate us from the call of Malaysia for Malaysians.

Just ignore him and he will probably have no more story to tell. If he continue rantings, then the police has to act in curbing such unwarranted behaviour.

Anonymous said...

It doesn’t matter if Ahmad Ismail is suspended for 3 or 30 years or maybe 300 years if he lives long enough for that. What matter most is his undying will to stir up racial politics in Malaysia from Bukit Bendera.

Aside from his supporters, there isn’t anyone that supports his ultra-Malay ideology. Ahmad is in his fifty and with his current strength in UMNO its unlikely he will ever hold any minister post in the future that’s why he has to gamble with the Ultra-Malay ideology in order to rocket himself to the top.

Politician are really asshole, they will do anything to gain power.

Anonymous said...

TONTO agrees with ZORRO...

That fler can say whatever he wants. We just need to ignore him to deprive the publicity and attention that he is craving for. That will make him say such things even more and more... making him look more and more stupid. And if no action is taken against him after making such remarks over and over again, it only goes to show the kind of leadership that we have in this country.

I think Batman & Robin will also agree with Tonto & Zorro.

pah nur said...

Wait a come he's not charged with sedition yet? BN is now the opposition party in Penang...and since the definition of sedition is " incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority"..which incidentally what he is causing right now, how come he's still not charged??!!!

Anonymous said...

I cannot agree more lah, Pat...
MCH.. now he will be a cult hero... pui!

I had written this comment orginally in

"Honestly…. Ahmad’s remarks were indeed racist… but as far as racist remarks are concerned… they were fucken weak lah!! my pre-teen niece shouts better insults…

I dun mind anyone calling me an immigrant… well it’s not 100% accurate…. descedent of immigrant would be more precise….but nevermind… i dun mind… as long as the fucker dun mind me digging where his bloodline originates…..

eh Ahmad… wanna dig each other’s ancestory, uh??? I’m a half chinaman, half baba with a pinch of Siam…. wadabout u??"


Anonymous said...


"Anthropologists trace the home of the Malay race to the northwestern part of Yunnan, in China. These tribal proto-Malays, or Jakun, were a seafaring people. They were once probably a people of coastal Borneo who expanded into Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula as a result of their trading and seafaring way of life. These sea-tribes, referred to by the Portugese historian Godinho de Eredia as Saletes (Orang Selat, or People of the Straits), played a major part in the making of the great Malay empires of Malacca and Johor. The present-day Malays of the Peninsula and coasts of the Malay Archipelago are described anthropologically as deutro Malays and are the descendants of the tribal proto-Malays mixed with modern Indian, Thai, Arab and Chinese blood" --

DJ Khor said...

A politician will always be a politician. Always full of hot air. Always denies what they said or give empty promises, or just mudah lupa.

This racist ahmad asshole should be dropped from UMNO not merely suspended. Anyway, this low kampung scumbag is history.

Just because they were born in Malaysia and joined UMNO, does not mean they own the land. These bastards did not even learn read history, I doubt they even know how to read at all!!

To them, UMNO is always "hidup melayu". Are they always "mati"? I guess they are - mati otak.

Nostradamus said...

A Malaysian Time Clock Slowly Clicking towards 16 September!

Tick, Tock! Tick, Tock! Tick Tock!

Inbetween, spare parts and batteries still insufficient in case it stop.

Some try to move it faster by 15 minutes, some by 30 minutes.

Nobody thought of moving it backwards. I wonder Why?

continue at

Anonymous said...


This fler is now in cold storage and I bet he will be in oblivion in another one year.He can forget about his "business-lubang" and when there is no lubang,his 2 petrol kiosks would be up for sale and then he knows this is his karma.

Anonymous said...

This whole Buto Ahmad Ismail issues clearly points to the following conclusions:
1. Badawi no longer commands any respect from within and without.
2. ISA is not applicable to umno members.
3. umno is still very racist and nothing has changed with this even after this episode.
4. MCA,GERAKAN are totally useless and good for only boosting umno ego.
5. the police has done nothing other than we are investigating, totally beholden to umno.
Instead of calling him Datuk, he should now be addressed as Buto Ahmad.

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,

Economy Is getting bad. I dont think racist should be in the spotlight. I have seen accidents
ahpek,pakcik,ane bicycle being knock down all malay,indian,Chinese without considering races helps them. Why? Because we are human being.Human being are not born to be racist.
Especially Malaysian, We are Kind and caring Rakyat. Like I lastime we are call Friendly Neighbour, Friendly Country .. Smile~~

It Is someone wanted benefit with what they do so they do this kind of thing to make himself into the spotlight and become a Hero.And some close supporters are the beneficialries. Everyone please stop it. I am a chinese and I dont think that to exagerate the point from Him. Treat him as an invisible. Bcoz action has been taken, this shows at least they do something. The thing is i hope Bolehland can overcome the bad economy that i foresee. With better economy, everyone lives happier and i think We Malay,Chinese,Indian and even other races can sit together and enjoy our life. WHy fight? & not enjoy our peaceful country life?

51 years being together, do U think this is an easi thing to do? Gaduh sure got a bit la... but forgive and forget. Husband and wife also got fight la.. right?

Malaysian~ Come On.. Unite... Hold hands~ Reject Racist and go~ move on... WOrk Hard Work Smart... Recession may be just at the Corner...

Lastly, I would like to apologize for my Bad English..

Take care

Anonymous said...

Even sometimes when we talk...
CHiak pah boi, Ina polenge, Apa khabar.... also campur campur already... Even me during conversation (informal la..) I rojaked my language.

THis mean what? racist? are we? No~! because Of some BastaXd trying to get some goddies for what he has done.

Maybe not him, people behind also we dont know ma right?

But, I definitely ban that pretol kiosk forever.. wont pump at his.. but make sure it is the right one la.. bcoz tat day my fren Kiosk being mistake as that one kesien.. hahaha .. Comeon... No need to be so frust from a speech from a useless being... Cheers~

Anonymous said...

Who is the Tok Dalang behind Ahmad Ismail?

Is there a motive behind his racist remark?

Think incidents that led to 13 may 1969.

To unite the Malays to oust its leader, at the expense of Non-Malays?

amoker said...

I won't treat him as invisible, but will ignore him. It is better to know who and where your 'enemies' are. I bet there will be more people like him who will show themselves in the coming weeks.

Anonymous said...

guys… check out this video (if u missed it on MT)

Barisan Bloggers featured too!!…hahaha!

Well Done SBS!

bigbadwoof said...

I was waiting for your take this fler he only remind me of this smarmy,greasy, slick wily I used to know in Berkeley.But this fler empty rhetoric takes the cake this fustian character is spewing out mouthful of vile demagoguery. Sad bloke ain't he behind all those spittle, and fancy gem stones(look at 'em) the size of goat's turd I see a few of them on his claw, wait a min I think he's got web fingers.Just as I suspected the guy has got a scaly hide... wait Noo I've to stopped this drivel. It a holy month whence I've to practiced piety and forbearance.Learnt this are difficult days and only purity of heart and mind can elevate our consciousness and with that we can get along with our brethren. Along comes this mutt, sorry to all I'm besides myself not my intent to offend anyone sensibilities.

borneo headhunter said...

i'm in total agreement with all of u here..this asshole thinks that all the malays are supporting him, well, only the UMNO moronians are!!

this celupar man has caused racial slur to arise in this country..i think the punishment that he had received is way too soft compared to the damages that he had caused to the rakyat and the country. just look at the asshole's face last nite in the news,he has no regrets at all!!

hopefully there will be no other disgusting being like this fler in our country..

Khun Pana said...

This jerk by the name of ahmad is not alone for he and his group of umno sakai from penang is related to a selangor toyol.
While ahmad sakai plays up racial issues the selangor toyol drums up his religion issues.
But let us not blame them.
Let us blame these problems solely on imbecile politico parties from the 'dacing".
I am a pendatang,we are all pendatang.Everybody and anything that roams on planet earth are pendatang.who cares?
people are uses racial and religion as propaganda are plain losers.

Anonymous said...

No Pat, have to disagree with you on this one. We can't ignore it becos he'll traverse the country and spill his lies and you know,there'll be nincompoops who'll believe it's true and they'll start shouting blue murder. It's not the truth that matters ...only the perception of it.
Remember Hitler? When he first started to spew his venom, nobody stopped him and everyone knows what happened after. Throw mud at a clean window and remnants' still stick after it's been removed. We'll have to let everybody know such malicious filth is always a big NO NO.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pat

Everyday wait for your new topic to read la. I know it is time demanding but you got to keep your fans updated la. Hey, thanks for the news.

I love my country, despite the racist people there. Just cant help it. I wonder why the policies implemented by govt keeps testing my love for the country.

I want to see a good leader, one who will place country before self.

I do not like a politician who has the following interests:

1. whats in it for me (contract ada ah)

2. race based fella, i cant take it as i am not malay

3. even if i am malay, i dont think i can like a racist politician

4. a politician that talks sense, qualified and proven; maybe someone who has done well in his own business withour govt help

5. someone who respects others irrespective of their religion

6. someone who lives within his means; ie. if he has been politician all his life, idont expect him to be rich beyond my imagination on his salary la.

if they meet the above crtieria, i give them my full respect.

Andrew Leong said...

I comment this without being emotion:
Let us think, why can't we live in peace. Why do we have to differentiate you are Malay so you can have special right and I'm Chinese then I don't? We all live in the same land, speak the same language and we work hard to prosper the country. When the Negaraku being sang, I as a Chinese stand up firm. When Lee Chong Wei won the silver medal, I felt happy for MALAYSIA, same as other Malays. So what is our differences? We are all Malaysian. Yes, you are right that there should be no equality but not on race. Rich one should help the poor one and strong should help the weak. Not race clasification. Time has changed. No more race game... pleaase!

Andrew Leong said...

I was in Sabah for 40 days on a project and surprise to see that:
Muslim can sit in a Chinese Restaurant with Halal Sign and eat together with other Chinese. My friend's family consist of Malay, Chinese and Kadasan and he told me, Muslim, Buddhist and Christian live under one roof without problem. How can they do that? Mutual understanding. You don't offer pork to your muslim friend and muslim don't offer cow meat to buddhist who pray Guan Yin. We respect each other and understand each other. Then everyone live happily. Isn't it sound good? Even Ang Mo feel strange! How come we can live like that in Sabah. Last time my Kampung at Selangor also like that. Now no more! Who changed it? You should know! I do!

My name is UMNO said...

Pls visit

In there you can get all the info you want about Ahmad Ismail. TQ!

telur dua said...

Syed Imrani, former Bernama journalist ... "Ahmad Ismail cannot deny the fact that his grandparents were immigrants from India who were looking for a better and comfortable life in this fortunate land."

....and fortune smiled on them. A few generations later a decendent by the name of Ahmad managed to scheme his way on board the gravy train call UMNO Express.

Having gotten fat due to the luxury & gravy on board he sees it fit to belittle others whose ancestors came here the same way his ancestors did.

In the process and by implication he did the most dishonourable thing of repudiating his origin and claim to be a 'son of the soil' - a title which rightfully belongs to the Orang2 Asli. Such a person is call a usurper. He is also an ingrate.

Anonymous said...

We should write to Shell and ask them why they are associating themselves with a racist?


Anonymous said...

The Malays are being manipulated by the mamaks!!!

The Malays must stop them!!!


saudara pat,
im a malay but i never agree with this CB(cincin besar).
in my opinion,he's very frustrated bcoz he lost a lot of his business in penang.his croni too.lost businesses,lost they overreacted.
they forgot that all their anchestors also not from this bolehland.
or,this just BN conspiracy to play racial issue and blame others.then when the chaos happen, they fly away..

by the way, i always eager waiting for your update :)

artchan said...

Talking cock? This ahmad got no cock. Just trying to act like a cock. Typical of assholes..everything from his mouth is shit..

F@ck you Ahmad..

I was angry..then I stopped to will be good for the destruction of UMNO if Ahmad-like type remains in UMNO.

solidleong said...

I totally agrees with andrew leong regarding the harmonious relationship among various races in Sabah. I m frm peninsular and been leaving in Sabah forover 4 years and i can strongly vouch for that. We can freely mixed around with all races with ease, understanding and live in harmony. Dun believe pls come over n see 4 yrselves.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy comic acts like Ahmad Ismail. It fun watching fools talking cock.

Charmer said...

Well it's good to make fun of people like Ahmad Ismail.

Check out my latest post for a good laugh yea...


Native_Swak said...

This Ahmad fler is just trying to gain cheap publicity. U know why yah!! Because UMNO is becoming less popular n being the most hated scumb*g species. Now they are getting very rare..same lah like orang utan.

I guest we can caged them or confine them at some national parks under protected species category. What do u think uncle Pat?

Hamidah Mohamad said...

That fler is not only talking cock, he portrays arrogance in the highest order.

Anonymous said...

ISA is something NGO said should not be used. Even DAP wants to get rid of this law. Agre la, get rid of this law. But since it is still enforceable, then the police has to follow the law la. If ISA is still in force and not repealed, then i am afraid that the police has to use this law and arrest this bugger.

If dont want to use this law then get rid of it immediately. Otherwise people will say govt has double standards, one for opposition and ordinary folks and another one for themselves. So not to just be fair but appear to be fair, use ISA and get rid of this fella before he cause more trouble that wil give the govt to use emergency rule. We dont want another 513, bad for economy, bad for our country's image and bad for the citizens. Only good thing that can come out of 513 now is to preserve the ruling party.

backstreetgluttons said...

if in the end this talking cock fler gets away happily ever after , you Mr Patrick will be forever known as Mr talking cock !

We sincerely hope you then follow up closely on his fortune or misfortune. You owe that to us as a responsible Blogger

Anonymous said...


Beware of this disease inflicted on those whose parents or grandparents migrated from India.

There is this urgent uncontrolled itch (not down there lah! but up there) to prove that they are more Malays than the Malays.

We must warn all our Malay Friends of this contagious ailment!!

This Disease only came to public notice when two previous Prime Ministers (Tungku and Hussein Oon) discovered that the subsequent PM had it (both these 2 PMs one of some Thai Blood and the other Persian) noticed to their dismay that this culprit were instigating local Malays to revolt!! The rest is you know History.

Mamak MedicalCentre

Anonymous said...

I loves UMNO TAR, and BN since I was Young. When I watch Malay Leader, CHinese , INdian holding hands And Shout Merdeka~! I was so touched. Patriotic person. Lets make it clear, We dont hate UMNO, We the current batch that try to use racist tactic to win votes bcoz they counted the Malay majority. But, they dont know that actually what we wanted is not racism, we want harmony,we wan peace and good economy. the current batch now not only racist but, all account book is closed. Anything with big $ gone bad? Solution: Write-off. Fuel price drop like dropping dagger since last month. Our petrol price RM2.70 .. now RM2.55? Oil price From USD148, now near USD100. Drop 30% and our price drop 5%? What the h...
Please We are Malaysian we need to have at least some good time with Such a great country.

1.Natural resources
2.Good climate for agriculture
3.Strategic place for Logistic
4.No natural disaster

How can someone do this to our country? If it is being well manage, Our country is not faraway to Singapore. We might one day overtook Singapore.

Now? Compare? damn take this as a benchmark
Past few month SG$2.15
Now? SG$2.41.
haiz... racist again la...
make country unstable again la...
SG$6.50 later u know.
USD3.3 now? USD3.46 sooner or later it goes back ro USD3.80
then go find them scream for repack?

Fellow Malaysian, we need to do something to unleash Malaysia's capability to glow. Tell the world that Malaysia, we are peaceful, no natural disaster and we are capable.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

funny isnt it. this ahmad arse-mail is wearing a jade ring which if not mistaken comes from the great land of CHINA apeks.

Apahal support pendatang punya culture?

Anonymous said...

Can someone buy the likes of Ahmad Ismail a history book??

Anonymous said...

I agree, Ahmad Ismail is scum and the penalty imposed on him by the Umno leadership is not enough. But no, I still do not agree to the ISA. And I am deeply offended by all the anti-mamak statements on this blog. You people who have been spouting this sentiment - what makes you better than Ahmad Ismail? Please, I have mamak blood in me as well, and I am a Malay-hybrid (so many of us are, right?), but I find all kinds of racism despicable. So, all the mamak haters out there, I'd like to point out that it is equally to wrong discredit one kind of racism by resorting to another.

Anonymous said...

11.12am Anonymous

You better buy umno history book ok, otherwise you kena fr him la.

Maybe try elementary reading book first la, dont be too optimistic. he may not be able to finish reading it.

umno history book will confirm he is right so you lose again.

Best is you buy the police head the Internal Security Act for him to read to check if there is any exemption for umno members.

Best of the best, just go kopitian and drink and talk kok, it is all beyond us.

donplaypuks® said...

another zakaria mat deros, waiting to met his maker soon. another fool who fails to realise you can take it with you.

another nail in BN's coffin as well.
refer my blog Sept 16th Chronicles-Sighful's Pregnant

NO ISA - NO BN said...

Dear Pat,

Now with RPK arrested under ISA for according to tat fler FxxKer :- Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar told The Star Raja Petra was detained under Section 73 (1) of the ISA as he was deemed a threat to security, peace and public order.

So how about Ahmad Ismail fler who talks about racism up in Penang? No fucking ACTION rite?

Let's start a revolt on the streets...... Long Live RPK Long Live PKR

Tiu Niamah CCB.

Anonymous said...


If people gather in the streets everyday, it would be tough for all.Kena spray etc. So on days where there is no street protests, i suggest everyone stay home. There is no law in staying home. If everyone stays home on weekends, after a few weeks, the effect will be felt. And on weekdays, after work, go home and stay home. This is silent protest.

Not sure can work or not? Any idea?

Anonymous said...

Getting suspended for 3 years is mere cake walk for this jack ass... he should be stripped (Like a pest stuck in a trap) permanently.

I seriously applaud our government for harboring such imbeciles who are well on their way in leading us to impending doom.

His forefathers are practically spinning in their graves.


Anonymous said...

Uncle you better don't niamah too much. The govt might ISA you. HA!HA!HA!

GobloKing said...

1 recommend that this Assmad fler put up a sign at all his biz outlets including the Shell station in Island Glades
"We do not serve Chinese, All pendatangs & snjing".

This way only the monkeys will be giving him business.

Ahh... Ahmad Ismail. A name which will live in infamy like some other blood soaking, keris waving pendatangs we know

crazyant said...

Diu BN CCB! How can this fucker escape with 3years 'suspension' those who stood up for the truth get detained under ISA!??! Niamah hai!

Anonymous said...

Tiu Niamah Chau Chi Bai.

Ahmad Ismail is not detained under ISA and the reporter who reported the truth is.

Kan Nin Lau Boh. FCUK!

Mr. X said...

Looks like you could the next victim.

You may want to consider joining the “Please ISA Me” wave (psygame playing lah) so that they will think twice before handcuffing you.

Please ISA Me

I am begging you to ISA me

Anonymous said...

Well written, Patrick. How many of us can be proud of this country and fight for this country when we are not recognise as citizen of this country? We are born here. So are you. But why my rights and yours different ler? Why do I feel like I am a refugee in my own country?

monsterball said...

Yes .....This is a typical corrupted show how rich and successful he is.
He is trying to show hard working successful Malaysians...he is one of them.
No where else in developed countries...have such kind of people...that brags so much....being so rich...without working.
Yes...this is the kind....that will die for UMNO....for without UMNO...he is ...a nobody ...a poor church mouse.
I am sure...he loves ac father.

old fart said...

Come...come...look at this fler's despicable face! It's neither here nor there, the true Indians will disown him and so would the true Malays. He talks and acts like a thug, and those big rings he wore on his ugly fingers represent tasteless, arrogant, intimidation, show-offs! Please.....don't give him the opportunity to show his big fat ugly face in the print anymore. It makes me puke! Niahmah Chow High!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Malays are orang asli while Chinese and Indians are PENUMPANG???!! Then i wonder who's ORANG ASLI???

What the hell the government is doing?? Huge unfairness! No justice at all! That fler who showed his ugly face on tv, talking cock, was suspended for only 3 YEARS, while Sin Chew's reporters, the DAP and Raja Petra were arrested under ISA!!! WTF!! There's no nore hope in Malaysia! Everyone... I should say.. Non-Malays are in hell now! Sigh...

Anonymous said...

" hey, botak ! why no ISA on that
'bukit xxx' ah !?"
" we have taken SEVERE actions on him oredi !"
" HOW !? "
" we suspended him of all party posts for 3 years what !"
" ...??...!!...!@#$%^&*...niamah u smelly xxxx ....!!"

Anonymous said...

aab was actually veri2 ANGRY with that wretched bukit xxx who said :
the babicinas are 'squatters' thus
cannot deserve the rights BUT...BUT
tak tau the pm has ALSO got the babicina DNA = squatter too & lagi 2 olang anak-anak & cucu2 juga !!

Anonymous said...

Look closely again at the Imbecilic fler..
Cincin Besar, Gold watch, gold pen and biggest of all his Fore...finger.

Mengikut adat islam and its mentioned in the Al-Quran, pointing the forefinger is HARAM..cos its a dirty finger!!

Dato Amad Ismail must be a dirty and haram practising muslim..He cannot stop pointing his 'dirty' forefinger!!!..kak..kak..kak

Anonymous said...

Hey ! this bukit wretched RAT IS THE UMNO ADVISOR IN PENANG LAH !!

vinny said...



The pic of that Ape Imbecile with big ring is a classic example of serious wanna be,under achiever syndrome. However please be kind and gentle to this self denial prime mate from PG. God knows how small and inferior he must have felt as a child growing up.

Hence, he made it his life long achievement to compensate his puny endowment and finally he found the gigantic ring.Can u blame him for what he is today?

Hey got this flash >> remember the story of 3 monkeys,

1st see no evil, (Slumbering?)
2nd hear no evil, (Yemeni Syed fella cant understand english)
3rd say no evil (focus is on the ring ) cheers

Anonymous said...

If I'm Ahmad Ismail, I would talk-cock more often, why ? coz' when I bikin tahi, my 'tai-ko '( Najib ) can then cuci my pantat, syook-nya..