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Friday, September 19, 2008

Living together

Adam: Thank you for preserving my future.

I read the following this morning in the online version of The Sun. I know it seems like nothing la but when I read it I almost swelled up with emotion and felt sooo good to be Malaysian. This has to do with the Teresa Kok/turn down the volume of the mosque/ISA arrest thingamajig...

Bahrudin Maskor, 47, the muezzin of the mosque, was seen entering the Dang Wangi District Police headquarters at 1.30pm and completed giving his statement two hours later.

Bahrudin told reporters that he had been called up to give a statement to the police concerning the contents of the petition sent by 100 residents of the area several months ago.

"In the petition, the residents wanted the volume for the subuh azan to be reduced and the 'subuh' ceramah on Saturday and Sunday not to use the loud speaker. We complied with their request," he said.

The last sentence in the above story was what struck me. Here was this Muezzin of a mosque, listening, understanding and accepting a request from his 'neighbours'. He apparently did not cry Infidel! Traitor! Pendatang! Nor did he lodge police reports and demand ISA imprisonment for the flers who came to discuss something of mutual interest with him. Encik Bahrudin Maskor, I salute you as a true Malaysian!!!

Now, I don't know about you but if it is as reported in the article I think this Bahrudin deserves a medal. Before they make him see the "error" of his ways and return him to the "true" path.



Anonymous said...

1) Mahathir's father who speak Malayalam came from Kerala, Southern India.

2) Badawi's grandfather, Ha Su-chiang (also known as Hassan),was a Chinese Muslim who came from Sanya in Hainan, Southern China.

3) Syed Hamid Albar'sfather is of Hadhrami Arab descent.

4) Khir Toyo His father, Joyo Erodikromo, was an immigrant from Java,Indonesia.

5) And even THIS bloody 'racist' Ah MAD Is MAIL came from Sumatra.

And all these people dareto call us squatters & immigrants in Malaysia ?!

Anonymous said...

People nowadays prefer to oblige to avoid any unwanted happenings. But somehow rather, certain group of people still insist on their demands

ycg said...

i donno la PAtrick, i think the SUN should not only get the view from the muezzin, they should also get views from the muslims going to the mosque as well.

To only take his view is like foreign reporter coming to malaysia and ask only syed hamid "w'sup with malaysia"?

But nonetheless i welcome his statement. I also urge the non-muslim residents in the said area to thank him personally and work together in peace.

Anonymous said...

I also join you in saluting Encik Bahrudin Maskor.

Over in Singapore, during the Chinese hungry ghost festival, all getai performances will have to stop at night by a stipulated time. If they dont, they will be 'kindly advised' to do so. As you know, getai can be a rowdy and noisy affair. It is unfair to the folks staying nearby who wish to have a peaceful night.

Being considerate to neighbours has got nothing to do with race, religion or culture. It is the decent and human thing to do.

Patricia said...

Yes, this is a wonderful moment, Patrick. I don't read the msm, so I wonder, is this carried in The Star and/or NST?

I think it is going to be the 'little people' who will carry the day. The likes of you and me - nobodies (so to speak, eventhough you memang famous, lah - who come together and stay united.

Just take politics out of religion, and we can all live peacefully.

Syabas, Meuzzin Bahrudin Maskor. I know you think you were only doing what's right. In reality, you were doing much more than that.

And thanks, Patrick, for letting this see the light of day.


JT said...

I can understand the reason why the residents of B.Kinrara BK5 feel the need for that azan petition. I happen to be in BK5 yesterday and true enough, it was loud..even though the mosque said the volume has been lowered. Anyhow, if the mosque authority has no problem with the petition, why in god's name got some busybody flers wanna make a mountain out of a molehill? The petition didn't call for the azan volume to be totally quieten....just lowered only wat...Have some respect for each other la...apa susah sangat!


i'm totally agree with u pat.i'm a malay but hate what UMNO do to remain their they spinned issues.they even jeopardise racial harmony to hide their worried of losing power.

zewt said...

yup, they might just wanna return him to the true path...

but indeed... he deserves a medeal.

Hormat... hormat...

Whysoserious said...

.... and in addition to that, a certain toyol needs to be cow-branded with a big sign saying "female-dog" and also castrated to not allow further offsprings to contaminate the gene pool of Malaysia with his retarded DNA

monsterball said...

Lets hope there are more caretaker of mosques be so reasonable and understanding as that meuzzin in message.
Respecting others...especially at residential areas that have much more non there...should be respected.
Religions teaches us to be humble too...not arrogant.
It teaches us to see the truths.and not live on false dreams.
It teaches us to be strong in mind......and not depend on charity.
It teachers us much much more.
In Malaysia...let all teaches us ...all religions have no race discriminations....does not belong to one race.
Religions are free and easy...chose one......for the good of your mind and soul...not be chosen by control you.

Anonymous said...

indeed a good move..

Anonymous said...

Only a petition and that also she is not involved - ISA!

Only a newspaper report and that also only quoting what the racist politician said - ISA!

Only a sodomy allegation and that also the attending doctor said no proof - Send a UTK squad to arrest him!

What is becoming of this country???

I fear for the sons and daughters of this land. May God help Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Tuan Bahrudin, terima kasih & tapik
Tuan. Selamat Hari Raya !!
btw Teresa Kok was FREED at 1pm.

Anonymous said...

wow..Pat, u r so great, after ur latest comment tis morning, now the devils released YB TERESA.

sorry, i m typing nonsense here... i just feel so happy !

i salute to Encik Bahrudin Maskor too.

Anonymous said...


You feel syiok reading The Sun.

Why the good action by Mr Bahrudin Maskor is not reported in the mainstream press?

The Sun is a free tabloid, does that mean that it is not reporting the truth?

Wonder what Utusan Malaysia would say about this. It will be marvelous if Utusan could carry an interview with Bahrudin Maskor to reflect the actual incident that unfortunately has got Teresa Kok into ISA detention.

The Sun is in English. Even if it is free, most Malaysians (thanks to our eduction policy) could not read the paper, let alone understand the issue.

Patrick, please make sure that your young Adam could master different languages so that he could read and understand Utusan, Harian Metro, The Sun, Sin Chiew Jit Poh, Nanyang. Understanding the point of views of different races is important to foster Muhibah and Perpaduan. Otherwise one would only be able to read and listen to the propaganda imposed on him.

old fart said...

Only if we have many more good Malaysians like Bahrudin. He has demonstrated how multi-racial community should respect and understand each other. His is a shining example that we should all emulate!

sabrina said...

Mr Teoh, thought you might like this (If you haven't seen it) :

Cheers! said...

Know the Difference: Transition, not Handover.
For the moment, the UMNO leadership crisis appears to have been averted with the announcement of the cabinet portfolio swap between Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his Deputy Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak. As recently as last week, analysts and commentators were anticipating Najib to make a move on the Presidency before the year’s end. And why would they not? After UMNO Vice President Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin rekindled the debate about Abdullah’s position, Najib appeared to position himself for an assault on the post when he remarked that the divisions should decide for themselves when the transition should occur – essentially informing that he was more than ready to receive nominations for the post of Party President.

But with the portfolio swap, Najib may not see a need to gun for the Presidency – and by implication Premiership of the country – so soon. Notwithstanding the fact that a transition of power is, as Abdullah quipped, a process and not something carried out overnight, Abdullah must be credited for such a bold move. Skeptics have characterised it as a calculated political decision to neutralise any potential threat from Najib. Political considerations there definitely were, but by paving the way for Najib to take helm of the Ministry of Finance, Abdullah has also demonstrated magnanimity and sincerity to groom his successor for the top job in 2010.

Being Prime Minister with little experience in managing the country’s economy will likely prove a mammoth task for anyone. And as it turns out, Najib is no ordinary figure with an ordinary past. With ample ammunition for the Opposition to take aim at his credibility – the SAS (Sukoi, Altantunya, Submarine) scandals spring to mind as illustrations – a Najib administration could use a head-start in spearheading economic recovery at a time when global financial uncertainty is affecting countries in this region, too.. It is further also to Najib’s convenience that the Budget for the year 2009 has just been announced with much of the implementation left for him to oversee. As such, Najib does not have the baggage of others’ inefficiency to contend with – a prevalent concern whenever an economic plan is carried out.

As things, at least for the time being, cool down with regards to any contest for the Presidency of UMNO, it would be interesting to see Tun Dr.. Mahathir’s next move. Commanding a yet formidable following, his end-game for quite a while now is to unseat Abdullah as Prime Minister. His peculiar friendships with Tengku Razaleigh, Muhyiddin and Najib are telling – those individuals are all nothing more than instruments to his ultimate goal: the downfall of Abdullah.

Ultimately, Abdullah’s supporters will hope that the PM’s move will be repaid with loyalty by Najib. Even to many who may not be Abdullah’s biggest fans are wary of the damage that an open contest will cause the party. Even they would gladly take two more years of Abdullah over the prospect of an internal split that will likely occur should we witness a repeat of the embarrassment suffered by the late Tun Ghafar Baba at the hands of a ruthless Machiavellian by the name of Anwar Ibrahim.

eugene said...

yap, we need hundreds upon hundreds of this Bahrudin, and we can do without hundreds upon hundreds of that"Ahmad Ismail",

Kudos to Bahrudin,

Anonymous said...

PDRM is super duper efficient and effective. Why? Come on kawan,only few days they already managed to make one mp a good person, no longer a threat to the country. She was released today. ISA works.She is no longer a threat. Has to be this reason since she was arrested for this reason.

Hmm, but but, i see no difference wor. She is the same today ma. She also dont know why she was released or why she was arrested in the first place. So mana got any change...but i think just release her la; citizens very upset with poolice la. Bugger it, better release just in case this DSAI comes into power and we kena sai.

Anonymous said...

Good for him!

- Sword O' Might

Anonymous said...

Thank You Patrick for highlighting the Sun article on En Bahrudin Maskor.
Please be assured that there are a lot more Malay/Muslim like En Baharudin who believe that every race and religion must be treated with respect and compassion...
I thank You Again from the bottom of my heart.

a 45 year old Muslim/Malay

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Alhamdulillah, ada orang macam En.Baharudin untuk mengharumkan Islam sedemikian rupa!!!

but you know UnclePat hopefully this fler don't get ISA-ed like RPK for 'insulting Islam'... or be transferred jadi some kerani in some gomen office. alah you know lah how those stoopid-flers-in-power up there can come up with all sorts of excuses, one!

David Chan said...

Toleransi. Rasional. Saling faham-memahami. Harmoni. I got a C6 in my Pengetahuan Moral SPM paper, but I vividly recalled these important nilai-nilai that were forced into our minds and characters 13 years ago.

I am glad and touched that Bahrudin Maskor understands all these nilai-nilai, and put them into practice. Something that we really need to learn from him. Alas, toyol and the Flag Hill Mad man never practice what they preach. Oops... they never preached that. They are power- and fame-hungry people who want only chaos. Shame on them.

vsk said...

good to know.. =)

Anonymous said...


If UMNO has more Baharuddin Maskors,Malaysia would be calm and peaceful like the early morning breeze, but if there are a few Ahmad Ismails,it would be erupted like the raging volcanoes.How I wish OBAMA 'change' for the gomen in M'sia is coming into reality!We need to change as this govt. is totally racist and only listen to one side rather than the others.

pelangi said...

Baharuddin Maskor represent the Malays in country.They are eveready to accomodate.Everyone should be like him.Ask ourself are we like him?

Hajar said...

Honestly, for the last few weeks I've been getting crude remarks from family and friends on Theresa base on facts propagated by the press @ public. I am the least interested in politics, yet the issue did entice me to delve further. Conclusion is that I'm appalled being surrounded with people that are overly judgmental and prefer to be lead by the nose.

Good to know though that there are still people like Baharuddin Maskor, walking in the right path.

Anonymous said...

All I know is based on my experience. When i was in school in the early 70s, my malay frens all very nice and chin chai one. Never had any any encounter with racist talks or feelings that were unpleasant.

How come there is so much racial uneasiness these days? Who caused it? Is it the education system? Is it the politicians? Who has been in power all these yrs and did nothing to improve ties? This NS is it worrking? What is the objective of NS and has there been a review of its achievement by independant bodies?

All these questions will only indicate failure in major proportions by the authorities.

Anonymous said...

Adam is cute!

Anonymous said...

That's a mighty handsome young man there. Grow up and be a great man, Adam...

The force is strong in this young one.

Obi Wan Kentucky

Anonymous said...

Hey, that wretched bukit rat still active in penang xxxx meeting lah
bcos = NO letter to SUPPEND 'it' yet !!
if its dad come from india =
SQUATTER lah ....@#$%^&* !!

Anonymous said...

adam shall = patrick !!

Anonymous said...

adam o adam, be like you dad one day ! GODBLESS.