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Monday, October 13, 2008

Don't worry. We are okay one.

Patrick: Niamah!!! What the FUCK?

The last post I wrote here seems to have been slightly prophetic. Less than 2 hours after I posted the article I was informed by the TV station that is currently employing my services that my 7-month contract has now been reduced to 4! The global financial situation was cited as one of the reasons. This country here is 'officially' in recession you see. And advertisers probably will not have nor want money to be spent on advertising goods and services that nobody can afford to buy. So, sorry la.

But...but...but...the contract is signed what. We had a deal. No? Yes, but you didn't read the fine print. It is clearly stated that we (the company) reserve the right to terminate this contract at any time and without having to give any reasons. So in other grateful for the 4 months we are paying you. Now fuck off. You're standing too close to my Mercedes Benz S500.

And so the 46,000 or so Ringgit that this Malaysian would have been able to bring back to Bolehland and perhaps contribute in some small way to that "strong reserve" mentioned below, disappears in smoke. Actually, there wasn't even smoke because they strongly discourage smoking in this place.

Meanwhile back in Bolehland the government is telling us that all is OKAY! We are managing much better than the other Asian economies. Our financial fundamentals are strong. We still have a lot of reserves. I believe this is what the sleepy fler actually said...

'We have some very strong economic fundamentals. And we have very strong reserves. Our trade surplus is still strong... Our savings are also very high...'

Strong economic fundamentals? Do those people even know what that means? Strong reserves? How much? Trade surplus strong? How long do you think that is going to last when the whole world goes into recession and nobody buys what we sell and we cannot afford what they sell? Savings high? Really ah? Even Adam will tell you that savings without sustainable income will fizzle out eventually. Does anybody there have a crystal ball that helps stoke this foolish confidence that we don't know about?

WE are okay they say. By the way, has anybody qualified who that WE is?


Anonymous said...

One day when someone open's bank negara's vault you would probably find a note saying -SUDAH HABISSSS

Anonymous said...

No no. He'll probably say "Entah lah! Tak tau mano duit ni hilang. Kat Submarin kot! Kan kita kena bayar komisyen yang ber-banyak-banyak! Lepak lah! ZZzzzZZZzzZ


Anonymous said...

Sudah Habissss,tak apa ada idea boleh naik tax ini itu jadi bank negara vault kembali penuh.

wong said...

habis? u must be joking...u see piles of i o u ...with ah long pte ltd..!

MFR said...

Yeah, it's funny how our country leaders are somehow seems delusional on the economy. As if the financial turmoil happening in the US won't hit our shores.

Look at Australia on how they are going to prepare for this economy meltdown.

JT said...

Dear Pat,

Just wish to say that I'm not trying to stand on any side but perhaps to look at it from a neutral point of view. Or maybe I watch too much X-Files.

I mean if you were in his shoes...what would you have said?
Now, imagine that you know the situation is worse but you also have no idea how to solve it...the best would be to ensure people remain calm first instead of telling people..."we are going bankrupt like Iceland and we don't know what to do"...this would or could create chaotic situation, investors more worried and no confidence...and so on and so forth..ala the buttefly effect.

Yes, as citizens, we always seek the truth but sometimes...can we handle the truth?

marky said...

I think you people would be very happy if the government people go around and announce - Ya, we are in deep shit. We are in the brink of bankrupt. There is nothing left in the bank negara vault. WE ARE SCREWED.


pah nur said...

Sorry about your contract Patrick..
Like the rest of us, hang on in there.

"The fundamental of economics is strong"..isn't that what McCain said a few weeks before the big bang on the Wall Street happened? Plagiarism? Well, he did graduated Islamic Studies, why would he know anything about the economy...oh, forgot, he's swapped the portfolio, now he's in thing you know, we'll wake up being conquered by Singapore while he was snoozing...make it into a movie called,"While you were sleeping"

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick, I'm sorry about your contract, but don't worry. you are a actor genius, your english very good. I'm thinking you will get better job which suit for you. To be honest, I'm also a contract employee of the company with the most same terms. so cheer up, my dear patrick, look the bright side. when you are going to back Malasia, could you let me know, I hope I can take picture with you again.

Anonymous said...

Gomen must be reading this blog and felt embarrassed ... now they are saying that rescue plan wud be announced ...flip flop again? Whatever la, mou ngan thai ....

Aishah said...

Love that last line - yes, "we" are going to be fine because "we" are going to retire soon & live in lap of luxury and "we" don't have to worry about finding money to pay house, car, kids' education etc

ben said...


I've to disagree with you.

Let me give you an eg. Say if authority had known that a tsunami our shore and even if authority is incapable to handle it, it's better to prepare their citizens by providing them the true picture so that they can make informed decision.

This is so that when the tsunami hits our shore, at least we would have make necessary planning.

The only thing the gomen shouldn't do is to create fear.

As it is now, throughout the last week when the rest of the world's authorities are sweating trying to fix the financial crisis, just look at the headlines of papers and's nothing but politics.

What Patrick is describing is real. The spilover effect from Wall Street to main street is taking place. There is a delay in Malaysia but that doesn't mean it won't gain momentum. Better to err with caution which is why informing the public with real information is VERY VITAL!

Umbrella Rec said...

Really sorry to hear about your contract. Lately my friend who was a DJ at Traxx FM got similar fate for her contract - "Chop! Chop! She lost her job". I guess that radio station always lost good DJs. I have switched to listen to radio stations based in England after being annoyed with local radio stations.

Regarding money matters from the government, even if they really have the money...can we trust them with the money? It worries me if the money exists. :)