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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hmmm...what shall I tell these bozo's next?

If you have ever thought that you can trust politicians, this news story (edited version below. Full version here) from The Malaysian Insider change your mind. Once and for all.

Pakatan Rakyat is not in a hurry anymore to take over the federal government, according to opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Amid rising confidence from the Barisan Nasional that the takeover threat from PR is diminishing, Anwar said he would not focus on the element of surprise in the attempt to take power.

-We are not in a terrible hurry. In the current economic downturn we want to engage the government to take the right measures,- Anwar said.

-We are exploring the possibilities with respect to the constitutional process. We are working on it and we need the element of surprise,- he said to explain a lack of any further details.

Anwar, who has missed several deadlines to unseat the government, said in an interview with Bloomberg yesterday that he is running out of options to replace the ruling coalition.

I'm not saying we have no options left, but I'm saying it's getting to be much more difficult,- Anwar said in the interview.

I had thought of commenting on the highlighted parts of Anwar's statement but I just don't have the energy anymore la. Damn fed-up of this merry-go-round la.



Anonymous said...

He's dangerously close to being branded a 'flip-flop' like Badawi. However, he still is the lesser of two evils. The other 'evil' being Najib, and that's an understatement.

Anonymous said...

hahaha....tau ta pa, all these polititions,promise,promise,at the end,all talk cock only.make us feel like bozos ...... NIAMAH !!!

Anonymous said...

Why did we trust this BN & UMNO alumni in the first place...sigh!!

kiat said...

It is indeed one big NIAMAH!

niamah fu latt !!! said...


Here more vomit blood news from the Angwar Pakatan cult party.

You remember that Jiakaliau (Zakaria) house in Klang, not that I din't puke that a mansion is put up within a poor rakyat residential area in Klang. The whole Pakatan gang was using this Jiakaliau house in their nightly ceramahs during the March election.

Now you see what happen. See what the Pakatan Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim got to say now.

I suppose you don't read local newspaper nowadays, nevermind lah, i help you with the link, see you puke or not:)

Published: Wednesday October 22, 2008 MYT 6:21:00 PM
Updated: Wednesday October 22, 2008 MYT 6:32:22 PM

No wrongdoing in construction of ‘Istana Mat Deros’

SHAH ALAM: The Selangor Government has not initiated any action over the mansion belonging to the late Port Klang assemblyman Datuk Zakaria Md Deros as it has not found any proof of wrongdoing.

Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said soon after Pakatan Rakyat came into power, a study was carried out on the legal, social and political aspects related to the construction of the mansion in Pandamaran.

He said however until now it had not found any proof of fraud or abuse of power involving the construction of the mansion.

“Whether we agree with it or not, we have to accept that a title for the land (occupied by the mansion) was issued by the previous state government so the occupation of the land is legal.

“We have to study whether any offence was committed in the other aspects of the construction of the mansion before taking any action and we cannot act as we wish,” he told a press conference in the lobby at the Selangor state assembly.

Khalid said the state government also wanted to do the right thing and not act in haste even though it could have won political mileage by taking action.

He was answering to a challenge issued by former Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo to the state government on Tuesday to take action since many Pakatan Rakyat leaders had then slammed the previous government for failing to act.

The controversy began when it was discovered that Zakaria had built his palatial home in a low-cost housing area without submitting building plans to the Klang Municipal Council (MPK) for approval.

Zakaria, who died just days after the general election in March, had also operated an unlicensed satay restaurant built illegally on government reserve land and had not paid assessment for another property for 12 years.

All these occurred while he was an MPK councillor.

Niamah!!! Ferking opposition also group of idiots. Same lah whether ruling party or opposition, all cannot be truted one lah. F*ck them all!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Pat,

We do share the same temperament. He is like JIM CARREY (Film: Liar, Liar, Liar).

mancina said...

well...another bullshit from anwar...not suprising.....

Trashed said...

They should just focus on righting the wrongs in the 5 (or is it 6 incl FT?) states that the PR has control of.

If they do a good job, then it will be a matter of time that the rakyat will want a change or the current BN govt self destructs.

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh uncle obviously you never read the art of war.

amosss said...

never trusted him before.

so now what ah?

should we form our own party or what?

Tiger said...

Anyone thinks that Anwar has read the Art of War?

Do you think with his bird brain he can read at all?

Anonymous said...

Dudes! He made a right choice. With the non-sensical arrest with ISA including a 11 year old kid for handing in letters of appeal, I myself will try to avoid that. Imagine if he start to raise the "topple government" issue, he'll be ISA in no time guarantee and locked up indefinitely. If it was me, I lay low....strike when the chance is right. Get something we can blackmail with like Choi.

k4kenny said...

I don't want to think if Anwar or PR is lying or not but obviously in the art of war esp. against Umno, he got to be careful now. So he got his reason(s) for not playing tough. There are many hidden ways that can kill him off politically. Don't you think??? One of them is the Sodomy II. So, we give him time, after all in 2013 we all can TAKE ACTION again!

Way to go, guys!

juanito said...

i also got deadline..............

(read carefully, dead-line)

nia mah lei ah, anwar!!

Anonymous said...

Pakatan Rakyat did not give us the Jackpot prize.

But the consolation is:
1) Better understanding of the corrupt practices of BN;
2) Better political awareness among the rakyat;
3) Early exit of Bapak Flip Flop - may not be a good news considering the the next in line;
4) Enough reasons for Datuk Patrick to utter Niamah every now and then for our amusement.

For now Pakatan Rakyat better show us your ability in goerning the 5 states or we will give you a taste of Tsunami Politik.

Anonymous said...

Anwar Ibrahim has read his enemies wrong and has prepared the right tactics for the WRONG battles.

as far as this WAr is concerned it is all over; he has to fight another make-believe war.

clearwater said...

I am just tired of politicians and their promises. Few are men of honor and those who are, either leave politics, or ultimately lose their credibility. DSAI has disappointed many who believed his various deadlines. He should just concentrate on being a good opposition leader. Pakatan Rakyat should concentrate on running the 5 states under its control. If they do well, come next GE, the voters will know what to do.

J-Man said...

Pet. Have a look at this. from

""Saya gunakan kuasa saya di bawah Peraturan 44(3) kepada Bukit Gelugor, saya gantung dua hari tidak boleh hadir dewan kerana guna perkataan kurang ajar, saya sekarang serius dan tidak main-main," kata Pandikar Amin."

Ha ha...

Gua said...

hi niamah fu latt,

I agree with what Selangor MB said, as the house had granted land title for it, you can simply go and demolish it. They need to get prove for that. If they just simply go and demolish the house, then what make them different from the Barang Naik(BN)?

Try to imagine, if once government change, the other 1 just go for attacking their opposition blindly. What will the state or country become by then??

just my 2 sense....

Anonymous said...

That is the problem for Big Mouth.

Ok lah,
just concentrate on the 5 state better lah.U still got chance for the next election.

See some comic here,already posted and predicted Anwar is talk Coxk only.....

Raja Petra Kamarudin said...

you are weak ...the dark side will consume you patrick niamah.belive in me.

Anonymous said...

tell me which polictician never tell lies before...
and I will tell you which man who never masterbate before...

jimmy said...

i simply like the photo...

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Seriously , can we have another round of General election this year?
Let Sabah and Sawarak decides once and for all for themselves too.Many regretted voting the unbalance dacing.
I do think Anwar is and was serious at that time but the bout of ISA arrest made everyone to hold their houses. Even a 6 year old girl is considered a national security problem!

NiaMah isnt it?

[ the 3rd PARTY ] said...


They are like "twister" !

The following was my blog about my little "regret" (or might not be) after my "X" put onto my preference elected MP, and their party, and their alliance,

Deviation ~ The Ruling Power
by Jeff Phoon

I was tremendous upset when Teresa Kok denied her first statement about she'd been served with "dog-food" and twisted it.

Malaysian TV news firstly reported Teresa said that she'd been served with something similar to dog food while she was detained under ISA recently. I was upset that moment due to my perception was that she prescribed those served food was for dogs, hence the detainees are all "dog-dog" as her perception !?? What's the talks before thought ?

Then she made a u-turn to her earlier statement, saying that she did not say her was served with something similar to dog food but rather, she was served with something slightly better than dog food. So, what's the different here ?
{The TV3 (a pro-ruling party news broadcasting) handled the matter in the most obvious way : they broadcasted Teresa's second statement and then re-aired that statement with the first statement she made earlier.} So, we've seen the proof !

My english level damn poor, What's the different between "something similar" and "slightly better" ?

I was totally disappointed with these politician when they act like "twister" ! Expecially when the power is on their hand !

Teresa is now the Member of the Selangor State Assembly (where she focus into detail district issue); she is also a Selangor Senior Executive Councillor (where she look into state related matters - a wider scope); and she is also the Member of Parliament (where she concern into the federal government - a big scope).

We should understand that she is a capable person withholding such a number of important positions ! I'm not saying that she is greedy to "grab" all these power in hand but she might have been "forced" (by unexpected the then 12th general election's result which in favour to opposition party) to win these positions. With such heavy resposibles fall onto her shoulder, she able to stand for or fall-down ?

This recalled my memory several months ago when I might overheard that she was reluctant to help a household's auntie in solving resident area's social matter (where the area is not Teresa's won territory but adjacent to hers).

"She told us that - { you faced problem! Your area voted for the "balance-tool" and they do nothing! They some more taken revenge because thet facing great lost in parliament seats in the recent election! You all deserved it !}" said the auntie. I was still doubt about what's the auntie's told that time.

I'm still remember when I first saw Teresa when she presented her arousing political speech few days before the election day.
I tentaviely cut-short my meeting with my colleagues to leave early, on the pretext of rushing to my tend-to-vote candidate - "better Malaysia" pre-election "vote-grabs' speech.
I rushed back home to encourage my wife to join me. To strengthen our points of preference with no bias to vote for the "RIGHT-man".

In the heavy rain, with our heart of hoping to create a better Malaysia for all generations expecially for our children, we are able to grab the first row audience seat and we hope.

I saw my favour candidate, (no doubt, many of us in my area grown in a "rocket-favour" influenced family); I saw YB Tan (the adjacent territory's MP; where my registered house address supposed to be in YB Tan's territory but we have totally no idea why the area splited into few portions and we've been categorised to vote in adjacent territory); I saw Gorbin Singh - the son of my old man's favour MP which he was giving a powerful-voice speech that night; I saw Anwar's daugther giving her "fearless" speech; and I saw Raja Petra - frankly speaking at that moment I'm still don't know "why people were overjoyed and given fascinated hands-clap when this bald up to stage ?", as I didn't know who is Raja Petra or maybe I read about his name in newspaper once or twice before ( in Chinese newspaper- his name translated odd in Chinese pronunciation) but I never see his face or photo.

With heavy rain keep on falling, we never ran !
We listen to their aroused speech one by one with no fear ! Included Teresa's speech in that "freshy-juicy" night with mud flushed up to our legs !
Rain won't die out our burning heart in creating a better Malaysia !!

Eventually after that night, we planted deeper our preference and became "immuned" !

The day falls - We out to vote.
I was so eagerly awaiting for this day. We put on the "X" mark on our preference coulumn and walked out from the election hall with extremely proud feeling that we have done at least little piece of contribution hoping to create "better Malaysia" ! ~..~

308 passed, resulted as tsunami to the ruling party !
Scenario, , cross-over rumour, ,Sodomy allegation, ,who fucked who, ,who sucked who, ,power swoop, ,lies, ,bollywood shows, ,scandals - episod by episod, we've seen..
Any changes in the current nation situation ? Any improvement ? We got better life now ? Should we deserve for these shits ?


soo..ry if annoying you, Pat.

Anonymous said...

What? u want him to take over the government at the midst of the world economy crisis and shoulder all the shits that the present government leaves behind? Come on... lets wait for awhile more, till the clouds dispersed, the strikes ! thats how a winner should play the game.

White said...

When will he stop embarassing himself. Come on la Anwar, you're becoming more and more stupid with your antics and remarks.