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Monday, October 13, 2008

Money would be great but............

Some things money cannot buy.

Ever since my hits counter passed the magical but purely psychological 1 Million mark I've been asked by friends and family alike why I have not started making money from my blog.

"Wah! So many hits ah? Sure can make money one.......Put la Ad Sense...Nuffnang...etc on your blog la."

Yeah hor. I've heard that Kenny fler makes thousands a month just from blogging. My friend S. gets invited to all the coolest parties in the marketing world where she gets expensive, cool door gifts. K. assures me that blogging is his only source of income. And I know K. has expensive habits to maintain.

And for a brief moment I too was beginning to be seduced by the delusion of my own blogging success. After all I do have earnings of 240 something Ringgit from my Nuffnang banners!

It took just one statement from a fellow-blogger to dash all my hopes of earning big bucks from my blog.

"Hello! Who is going to advertise on a blog called NIAMAH!!! la. Wake up la dei!"

True I guess. But I am having fun and I hope some of you reading Niamah!!! are too. If you are then I am happy. And some things money just cannot buy. Right?


p/s To put things in perspective for the less informed, 1 million hits mean nothing in the blogosphere. The country's top blog, Mahathir's Chedet, has had close to 90 million hits since it was started! Now that would be serious money earning potential. But then why would he need MORE money?


Anonymous said...

u r RICH , in the sense of readers.

Anonymous said...

Haha, this is pretty much the first time I'm reading your blog. And let it be known that I enjoy what I'm reading! Keep up the work!


Anonymous said...


don't be distracted by those who don't really follow your blog.

I think they are not humorous and pretend not to be one...only
hypocrite buggers!!! they not so funny no need to f@%*! them lah!

keep going, you don't owe them anything, they don't pay the bills for you. so tell them to throw their mother old shoes and tell them to buzz off!!

fastastic facts & fancies!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy reading your blog. Have fun brother. Happiness is not money, if you want to dine at the best hotel in town, just let me know, I can belanja you and family...don't worry one!!!

Antares said...

90 million hits on Sheeesh, the population of idiots seems to be on the dramatic increase!

I'd love to pull the plug on this toxic toad who just won't quit burping putrid fumes from hell.

Can't believe there are people who continue to take this mummified megalomaniac seriously. Like a baobab he vampirized the land so that NOTHING HEALTHY could grow and prosper under his giant shadow. And he left us a nightmare legacy of deceit, dishonesty, and decay. Now we face the horrific prospect of a pink-lipped pondan as PM, stage-managed by Mona Fandey's overweight sister.

Far better to hear that Niamah!!! has exceeded 100 million hits :-)

Anonymous said...

Hei Patrick, wah shioook la millionaire blogger oredy. congrats, one thing for sure, you are rich, rich sense of humour money cant buy and cant teach also mah... cheers

Chet said...

Dear Patrick

Yes, I enjoy visiting and reading your blog. Keep it up!

zorro said...

Our mutual friend TV asked me to do likewise when I hit the million whilst in Permatang Pauh. I dare not celebrate when I found out that Malaysia Today gets average 10-15million hits a day....anyway RPK uncorked a bottle of wine for me to console me.
Lets meet up man. Let me buy you and Min some good "sang-har-meen" at the wharf.

Hajar said...

Applauds on hitting the 1 million mark! Not an avid reader of your blog, *I have issues* though you dish out some pretty wicked write ups.

And yeah ... some things, money can never buy. Lovely family you have there. :)

K L said...

Congrats to you on Million Blogger Man. In this world of freedom of speech, we should expect more and more blogs like yours to surface. Probably bloggers like "Tuih","Kanebo" or "Niaseng" will emerge one day !

Anonymous said...

Started reading your blog a few months ago and have enjoyed your wit and candour tremendously. Keep it up !

Jarod said...

haha... thats what i love about u,always Niamah the bodoh... if u r having fun writing, keep on writing.. who cares about chedet blog. .. tc

Anonymous said...

I got here through Rocky's Bru.

Well, one million should qualify you as a millionare!

I prefer you as the Coke Radio DJ, if my memory serves me well.

And those Redifusion days too!

Oh how times have changed!

Cheers mate!


monsterball said...

In any case...CONGRATULATIONS is in order.
Nice family photo.

Anonymous said...

No, Patrick what you should do is get yourself and a few like minded friends together and get a few six packs and get into work. Work? Yes, work. Discuss and complie your best entries and also hand pick carefull the best comment as foot notes to each entry. Then what? Sedn to publisher and get it published. Release in volumes according to year... it can be like a series. I will pick up one