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Monday, October 13, 2008

What la!!!

Adam: Here! Stick this up your collective asses!

Is it just me or are our Malaysian politicians just so concerned about the race for themselves that they have totally forgotten that they are to manage the country? For the past few weeks and months all I have been reading and hearing is how this fler is going to hand over to that fler and how the other fler is planning to support don't know which fler. But as an ordinary working Malaysian rakyat I just want to say, "The fuck I care!" I would like to start hearing and reading about what you guys who hold the power now are going to do to solve Malaysia's problems. And please don't tell me we're okay or I will puke all over your sorry asses.

Actually, this reminds me of a joke told to me a few days ago. Our DPM (he still is just Deputy, right? These days you can't really be sure) apparently told all of us that the impending global depression is not going to affect Malaysia much. See? Our stock exchange index only dropped 3 point something per cent. We're okay! I believe the last 2 words were actually uttered by this man. But the guy who told me the story reminded me that although that was what he said the fler didn't qualify who the "we" referred to. YOU figure it out yourself la because if I say some more I think it might be libelous. Anyway, sorry for going totally off tangent there. The alcohol from my advance birthday party is still coursing through my body la.

So now our current prime minister has announced that he is stepping down and handing over the reins of power to his deputy in a few months. And as we can read, all the ma-cai's(cronies) in the party are jostling for position. They make statements on a daily basis about their plans. Their strategies. Their allegiance. Wait ah. All that is about winning positions for themselves ah. Nothing about you and me okay? And nothing about that they plan to do for the country's good. What the fuck!!!

And in a great example of how things are done in Bolehland the only plans for the rakyat's benefit has come in recent days from the guy who is going to be as effective as a limp dick in a few months. The outgoing Prime Minister!!! He has announced that he is going to do this and that and the other. Stuff which he should have been doing the last 4 years. No, he is going to do them in 5 months. Hey!!! We're Malaysian man! Who needs years? We can do one. Yeah sure. Take a nap. Please.

And on the other side of the fence is the fler who's announced yet another deadline. What is it now? December something I think. The whole fucking world is facing a financial crisis. Singapore has just announced that it is officially in a recession. People in the USA are killing themselves over retirement money disappearing into thin air. But here we are in Malaysia playing guessing games. Why? What? You didn't know meh? You stupid or what?




Layman said...

what-to-do-huh? die-la die-la...

Juanito said...

Selamat Hari Raya.. Welcome back.. Nice to be reading your articles again...

For the state of Malaysia aka Bodohland, no comment, no eye to see...

caravanserai said...

This is politics
Malaysian political gurus
Learning kamasutra tricks and treats
Now they want to shock themselves

Telling the people
The economy is on track
Fundamentals are strong
I don’t know which area

Maybe on the Dark Hill
The sleeping beauty sleeps
The C4 guy on his itching fingers
Looking at his balance sheet
To prop up his wealth

The smell of the powerful chair
It is going to be mine he thinks
The aroma of the power scent
He knows if Anwar doesn’t spoil his plan

The economy
Leave it to the boys
They want to enrich positions
Then they know where to get
Fighting hard to get into line
Leaving the people holding their breath

Any news someone
It is about dateline again
The scrambled eggs and soy sauce
Why take so long?

Politics of lies
Get fooled so many times
Now better close my eyes
Niamah I better dream all the wealth
And kamasutra dealings on the sidelines

RitchieLow said...

See peh sian ah, niamah betul living in bolehland. Power pirates dealing with non issues and wayang kulit all year long. Hu u mad at ? look so garang in your profile pic. said...

In the parliament today the 2nd finance minister, whats-his-name, painted a rosy picture that the Malaysian govt is handling the economic crisis far better than neighbouring Asian countries. So, we have a kerajaan yg prihatin. Why worry?

Mag M said...

It is true. The world is facing a financial crisis and we are talking politics and races. I wonder when will our politicians grow up and be more responsible.

Anonymous said...

Ya la.. all of us will die standing.
What to do we are stupid coz we are the one that choose stupid people and they become minister.
Die la..sure die like that mongolian beauty kena plasticin C4 ma...die la,sure die..... maybe HINDRAF can help us. die laaa..all of us.

ian said...

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Anonymous said...

go read
the, you realise WE ARE NOT OK with such scums around.

Anonymous said...

global recession and our hero says "we're doing FINE"....WTF!

Andrew said...

Ai ya yah! He got "gold mountains" backing him thus the statement that we are okay mah. With this financial meltdown, at least we are nearer to millionaire as they too are suffering from constant headache.

Let us brace ourselves for the greatest financial show on earth since the 30's. For cash in hand is worth more than gold now and pray that God will smiles at us and will protect our savings in EPF. That it will still be intact in years to come otherwise even the old folks home will not wants us. By then it will truly be niamah to our hard earned cash if it is used to shore up someone arses.

Ikrak said...

Niamah low cheeby UMNO!!!!

The most satantic, sick, corrupted and cursed political organisation in the world till doomsday is UMNO!!!

KY said...

er.. ignorance is bliss?

since the crisis is not going to be affecting them in a personal way anyway.

Stormbringer said...

same like what's happening in my company la...
the new boss they brought in for 3 years contract left the company. he left his legacy to be followed, but the people who are just playing along with his games now a pulling out guns and knives to whack the people who are in the boss's good book and now will suffer la...
same la here.. now they are reshuffling this department, that section and going back to the old ages...
and same la... they are playing guessing games, who to be out from this department la, that department la...
haiya so hampeh one! no balls to tell the truth...
i guess this is the malaysian way of thinking and doing things...


Anonymous said...

Too bad that this is happening in Malaysia. Every other countries are talking about coordinated effort to mitigate the financial crisis. Our leaders are talking about support for nomination ..... we are doomed!

Knights Templar said...

We're Royally Fucked ...Nothing else to say my friend.

hafiz said...

halo-halo. tumpang lalu...! haha

reshmann said...

Our leaders without integrity never failed to hoodwink the public.Even here in Australia,the 35th richest nation in the world and a much bigger economy than Malaysia are bracing for the `Great Depression'.The PM Kevin Rudd was even interviewed on the national tv,so that the public would be informed what measures are being taken to cushion the effect of the financial meltdown in the US.
But our Malaysian leaders are very `confident'that the economy is resilient.Always in a state of denial.All they are interested in is power and positions and give two hoots to the rakyat.We reap what we sow.The people deserve the govt they chose.

ruyom said...

We have a government and public authorities whose credibility are highly questionable. We have a prime minister who says something and does the opposite the following day.

We have a deputy prime minister whose close associates are on suspicion in an inhuman murder.

We have a judiciary that is absolutely tarnished and appears to be dictated by a "correct, correct, correct" lawyer. We have a police force that is supposed to fight crime but are busy blocking roads to parliament.

We have an attorney-general chambers that is supposed to effectively prosecute the murderers, kidnappers and the corrupt but are only efficient on petty cases of statutory declarations and sodomy.

We have immigration heads who are supposed to protect the country borders but are busy collecting monies from immigrants or their agents.

We have a foreign ministry and authorities that are supposed to safeguard the country sovereignty but loose territories through inadequate arguments in international courts.

We have a parliament that is supposed to debate constructively on the budget or law but is busy practising "classrooms-type" quarrels.

We have various departments (like the Biro Tata Negara, Rela, JKK, etc) that are supposed to enhance unity but are busy spreading distrust among the races.

We have the education authorities (higher and school level) who are supposed to educate our children with proper skills and values but are busy producing robots.

We have ministers who champion the national schools but send their children to be educated in international schools and overseas.

We have transport authorities who are supposed to provide us with economical and excellent public transport but are instead busy collecting tolls.

We have an international trade ministry that is supposed to bring in foreign investment but is busy "looking for buyers" for our national car project. We have the treasury that is supposed to protect the country coffers but is busy bailing out crony companies.

We have local councilors who are supposed to manage the systematic development in our towns but are busy acquiring lands for dubious purposes.

We have petroleum and gas that are supposed to assist us in our daily lives but have become catalysts to a higher cost of living (through price increases of essential goods).

And we have an ex-prime minister who is supposed to be the country statesman but is busy defending his past blunders.

Sadly the list goes on for our beloved country reaching 51 years.

Anonymous said...

LATEST on 13 Oct: Pak Lah defended his government's policies, telling reporters outside Parliament that Malaysia is 'not going into recession at the moment.'

'We have some very strong economic fundamentals. And we have very strong reserves. Our trade surplus is still strong... Our savings are also very high,' Mr Abdullah said.

'We have a currency that today is stable... Our banking system is still strong,' he said.






Anonymous said...


"The horse has already bolted!"

These flers think we Malaysians are stupid or what! The actual YTD drop in the KLCI is 35.4% not the 3% mentioned by the wannabe Pee M. The foreign funds have left ages ago!What's left are the crumbs & we Malaysians are left to lick our wounds. All I can say is NIAMAH!

zip said...

sure die.No more ass mongolian ladies for me anymore.Money not enough .

solidleong said...

It's great to hear you again. Enjoy reading yr articles. The economy is really bad but those goons still have the cheek to say everything is fine in Bolehland.This is nuts, man.

Native Swak said...


One thing for sure is the country can never recover from all these economic issue simply because everybody is soo busy fighting among each other. For what?? Power what else...Power=money.

Now, BN is governing the country, PR sabotage when PR govern BN sabotage. No one really cares about this damn country, I mean no one. But who suffers we ordinary rakyat. The politician has rode us all to death. F**K them all.

marky said...

I wonder why are you people still living in hell. At least that's my perception from the way you people describe the country. If you think there are heaven elsewhere, might as well you people move there. Dont you have anything positive to write about the country????

Or you people are staying put because elsewhere is a hell that is even worse than the hell here. If that being the case, why are you still complaining.

Niamay, Pugy, chabai, punya olang.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you marky..if all of you keep putting your country down and hate it so much then leave the country..migrate where you think the grass is people have no sense of loyalty...

One of my bosses told me...if you don't like what is going on but just keep on complaining then stay and shut up if not leave la

k4kenny said...

Marky, if you get things in your head, these people here are not cursing the country.

If you CAN'T see through what's is going on and done by the (wrong) powers that be, I think you are one of them.

If Malaysia can't beat tiny Singapore in every way, something must be wrong in the governance of this country!!! Why Singapore is so great to be way ahead of Malaysia??? I put it CORRUPTION as the main problem - from top to bottom.

Marky, are you aware??? Or you only read Utusan. Read la RPK's blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Dude...Marky and his penyokong, economic situation is same globally, we are bickering about the ignorance of our leaders and the fact that they are not doing anything to prepare our nation should the global recession turn from bad to ugly ... don't u geddit? U sound suspiciously like the bongkak politicians .. if u don't like then go wherever ....
Probably u worked wif the gomen, nothing to worry rite? ....even if u slapped someone the worst penalty is juz change daerah ......

Niamah !!!

Native Swak said...

Hei Marky,

Are you one of MCA dude ah?? Tell us lah how to solve the current problem if you are such a smart ass!! We are criticizing because we are being oppress in our own land. How much contract do you get from the those goons??

Cincai Kong... ba-ak purak mu mun ba-ak Syed hamid buduo..

K L said...

Remember the saying in the stock market - " When Ah Sou asks you to go in now, you better run and when they run away, you may go in now"

I guess it applies the same to the country's economy and politic, the truth is always the reverse !