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Monday, October 13, 2008

What to do but laugh. Then suicide.

After that last post I thought some of you might be in need of some laughs. Watch this video. You will laugh initially but when it sinks in you might also want to jump off the balcony of your penthouse apartment or slit your wrists. The choice is yours.



Anonymous said...


Back with a vengeance after such a long absence? 4 posts in a day.


Anonymous said...


Antares said...

Maybe I can rent out my balcony to those who feel compelled to jump - but are only prepared to risk breaking their legs and not their necks? Call me an opportunist - always dreamed of being one! :-)

Greenbottle said...

hahaha this is the BEST and funniest explanation i've seen/heard so far about the current global financial meltdown...always know that greed on the one hand and stupidity on the other can create this kind of situation...i laugh and cry at the same time...

ps; my american based company awarded me a little prize -in shares- worth about rm80k a few months back and now it's lying around rm25k...thanks to these people...