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Friday, November 14, 2008

But first...the headlines...

Drinking bad coffee gives you chicken skin neck and red face and make you have silly grin and sit in front of cheap fan set against blank wall. Quite scary one.

Here I am. In Singapore. Friday morning. 3-in-1 bad instant coffee to start the day. Long day of shooting ahead. In other words, nothing better to do la. So? I turned on the laptop and proceeded to read the Malaysian newspapers online. Wah! Don't care la what you all say hor. It's good to read MY papers la. A lot of rib-tickling stuff in there everyday one. After playing a short game of eenie-mienie-moe I picked the New Straits Times today. So here goes......

IGP: Don't interfere in ruling on tomboys

Doesn't that headline just grab you by the balls when you're sipping your morning kopi-O? From the Inspector-General of Police you know. I've only met the fler one time when he was Deputy Public Prosecutor or something. He is a scary guy. And I am told that he is a very intelligent fler. Which makes him even more scary. So when he says DON'T INTERFERE! Better listen lor. Or at least read on to see what he got to say la.

Police have warned non-governmental organisations not to object to the National Fatwa Council ruling against tomboy behaviour.

Well, as a member of the rakyat my question is this. Since when has it become the duty of the police to warn citizens about what they are thinking or objecting to? Is this what they mean by a police state ah?

Inspector-General of police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said the move by certain NGOs could affect the country's safety.

"Such protests can trigger dissatisfaction within the Muslim community and this could cause tension. "

I think people like Musa and the politicians cause enough tension and dissatisfaction for all of us Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Thank you very much.

I also read in the NST today that my old friend, Ronnie Liu was arrested for something that he allegedly did last year. Apparently, he tried to prevent police from carrying out their duties in sealing some hotel in Puchong! Anyway, in this latest Ronnie Liu-PDRM episode allegations have been made against the PDRM for being rather high-handed in the handling of what should have been a simple routine matter. Ok, you read, get a mental picture and decide if the PDRM were going a little overboard. Maybe.

Police yesterday denied allegations that Ronnie Liu was roughed up during his arrest at the lobby of the state secretariat on Wednesday. On Wednesday, Liu had asked why eight policemen had been sent to arrest him when he could have gone to the police station or court voluntarily if they had just called or written to him.

8 policemen were sent to arrest Ronnie Liu? Hahahaha...and they wonder why they don't have enough personnel to fight crime on city streets or direct traffic!!!??? Ok, for those of you who don't know Ronnie Liu, he isn't exactly The Terminator. And they arrested him in the lobby of the state secretariat??? Now just what were the PDRM flers trying to achieve here? And of course, the PDRM fler had to end things with a foot in his mouth...

Khalid said the law did not discriminate in its treatment of persons being detained and that the process was the same for everyone. "No one gets special treatment..."

Oh really??? No one gets special treatment issit? Where have you been living all these years? Zimbabwe?

In the latest example of Kerajaan-speak, Tourism minister, Azalina Othman Said, said (that's her name not my bad English)...

THE answer to Pempena Sdn Bhd's overseas restaurant business foray could lie in buying into existing successful restaurants that serve Malaysian food, instead of starting from scratch...

Typical isn't it? People are asking her to explain how her ministry's subsidiaries can lose multi-million Ringgits in bad investments overseas and she replies with something totally different.

Eh! Hello can tell us first how and why the millions were lost ah? Then we shall think about what we should do in future so as not to repeat the same stupid mistakes. One hole notchet cover want to dig another one for what?

By the way ah, the new term for misappropriating public funds is "not been showing the desired results". Good isnt' it? Very creative la. Anyway, I have always been suspicious about the minister's reasoning that people who go to a restaurant and say, "Hmmm...that was a delicious meal", will follow that up with, "Let's book our tickets for a holiday to May-lay-shuh!" But okay la. So, how did your ministry lose all those millions?

Wah! That took longer than I anticipated. Ok got to dump that bad coffee, shower and get to work.


p/s if they outlawed homosexuality and enforced the law and threw all gay people in jail...would there be some empty seats in parliament? Or fewer television shows maybe?


d'Frog Prince said...

full of spices as usual, must be the kopi-o kau kau.

would you consider tipping a toe into parliament too. we need more ppl like you, speak with intelligence, a voice of conscience..

have a good day.

natives are restless said...

Hi Pat , why don't you post the pic of Azlina and Ms Olsen on your next " completely different... " blog ?? & see the responds.

Anonymous said...

" ...jangan main-main dengan aku ..
i'm WARNING you ALL, dun play play
with me, you dun like wen i turn hijau, ok !! "

Anonymous said...

HI Patrick...

Ya, I agree with Frog Prince that you should trying running for Parliament in the next GE. You are by far more logical, more rational and more intelligent than the average MP around the block. Plus you have a great voice, great personality and many more in your favour....

NO NIAMAH MP 2013..........

Anonymous said...

" YES ! they were sacked but upon the king's request, pensions are being paid till now ! compensation
of 10.5 juta were given to 6 of them ... one gets 5 juta ( WOW ! )
this is PEOPLE'S money, must let you all know , ok !!"
...@#$%^&*... our bloody sweaty tax contributions & 90% of it comes from babicinas somemore !!
95.1% of billions of education bajet goes to malay schools !!

chong said...

the main problem of BN/UMNO and all its running dogs is they are no shame.

Vanity Fling said...

If they throw all gays in the's gonna be one huge free for all sex party inside lar...some more run 24 non-stop like our local KFC restaurants now.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, ah.

You dont appreciate PDRM lah. They actually very smart one. They can count one.

You see, to apprehend Ronnie Liu, they sent 8 chaps. To detain Anwar Ibrahim they sent 4 or 5 times more chappies, in ski-masks some more, wahlauweh!

You see, they are fair. The higher the profile of the target, the more men needed.

Clever or not?

And what about catching murderers, robbers, rapists and other criminal types...sorrylah, no timelah, got to have the priorities right - can get more mileage catching non-BN flers, what!

GobloKing said...

Kindly to forward my enquiry to right Moral Peoples

Please Mistah Morals SIR!

I seek advice if I am doing correct method to train daughters so as to prevent tomboyism or people thinking my girls are tomboys

1. Wear this badge saying "I am a Girl" at all times

2. No more playing with girl or boy friends.

3. No walking in front of, or beside men relations. 3 steps behind ok

Every step you take should be no more than 1x yr feet size

4. Only long skirts or baju. No pants, jeans, shorts, bermudas

ONLY PINK or RED colors allowed
ONLY long Hair but hair must be covered in Scarf. Not baseball caps!

5. No Judo, Karate, or playing on jungle gym or any other sports except dancing

6. Mummy & daddy will marry you off when you turn 16 & we select who you marry

7. After marriage - Obey only what your husband tells you to do & just make babies

Is this ok to untomboy-rise my girls Sir?

amoker said...

I wonder if the IGP will catch Azalina for not conforming to the tomboy fatwa thingie. She has to be dressed up or raughed up!


Fucking Pissed Rakyat said...

i really don't know WTF is our government doing. they can't rule the country properly & they can't do business too. Yet they refuse to let other people take over (anybody who are capable regardless of race). Just compare our Khazanah with Singapore's Temasek.

Racial issue will always be an issue in Bolehland, looking at their mentalities.


100% agree with d'frog prince. I think it's high time for us to gather support to vote a ex-Radio DJ into parliament.

//In the latest example of Kerajaan-speak, Tourism minister, Azalina Othman Said, said (that's her name not my bad English)...// I almost coughed out my 3+1 Nescafe after reading this sentence. What a well-described remark!!

I think the IGP of Bolehland has too much energy now after his full recovery from a heart operation. Wonder why he is not usng his power to warn the drug addicts and criminals not to challenge the patience of the police force??

The IGP must have overlooked the fact that such criminal threats or activities could trigger dissatisfaction within the peace-loving community and this could cause tension when general election is approaching.

Thank you, Patrick, for this interesting entry. By the way, do take care of your neck and face. Do use some cosmetics to cover your neck properly before shooting. You are not looking younger anymore lah.:)

Have a good time in Singapore and please send my warmest regards to my beloved mentor, LKY, if you happen to see him.

somboon cheanswaths said...

And some of us actually thought it was a picture of Eunice Olsen's rival for the Nominated MP seat.

Mmm...maybe when the opposition takes over and forms the government, the new PM would have a more liberal view of homosexuality, eh?

k4kenny said...

yeah...Pat runs for MP la so that they can learn a thing or two from you.

KongKor said...

On Pempena investment for promoting Malaysian food overseas, I remember during that time, there was a big flood in Muar while Pak Lah was busy officiating his Nasi Kandar Restaurant in Australia.

Now is this a coincidence on the multi million ringgit losses or was the funds channeled down under? I think the Mamak's fish head curry smells fishy here and the last I heard, the restaurant have been closed down.

ian said...

Mathematical Proof that Mahathirism is Evil:


Anonymous said...

I leanrt that a less-than-one-year-old Malaysian Restaurant based in Doha, Qatar, with funds borrowed from Pempena Sdn Bhd had already changed ownership due to huge losses.

The concept is good but only benefiting a few with connections. Instead of funding the setting up of overseas Malaysian restaurants why not provide funds to set up more police beat bases and community halls for all races to benefit??

Bolehland is truly a NIAMAH land!

Anonymous said...

HEy ! we USED to tease those girls : ' your saturday is longer than sunday, xxxman !!' not anymore

Anonymous said...

Common on la, you have been given a right to live in this country, make a living here as well. Even take away jobs that rightly belong to the bumis. Still want to make so much noise ah. If not happy then go back to china or india; see if they welcome you or not. PDRM also protect you and still you make so much noise. Hey, think la, if the person is vip then we send more police to protect him ma. You so stupid is it? Remember, minister also said we use ISA to put someone in lock up for her own protection la.

Sorry ah, as for me, I already left the country la. Tried china, not accepted la so i just went to another english speaking country. They said ok la, got a little bit of brain, come la. So here I am oberseas, just reading The Star online; not sure to cry or laugh. More likely, angry la. What the heck, I think Malaysia is moving in the right direction, albeit too slwo for my liking. Heck, who am i to complain anymore.

All the best in the reform. I got a strong feeling, next GE, bigger change will happen. Till then, keep us the struggle.

Anonymous said...

catching criminals?

ooi, Al-Blur has to protect the cops by moving the police base from a crime infested area. oops, sorry lah. not right. two weeks later, he gave another reason for the relocation and try to show how brave he is by walking around in the area.

very good show lah. same like Bollywood except no sound and fury. Another BN presentation.

Anonymous said...

LMAO, i don't know how many seats will be lessen in the parliament but im sure there is at least 1..........everyone knows who lah. Good day, Pat!

Anonymous said...

To be honest, she is nothing as her father does all the ground work for her already ...
evilmen can never stop their evil doings as greed have taken overthe driver seat.
anyway, how true that she's a lesbian ...???

Anonymous said...

who is lesbian !?

Anonymous said...

oh! sori poor standard of
communicaion inggeris dun know who the lesbian was ...if she was punished by the fatwa council then bi-erectionlah = pat, pls be an independant calun, may be got chance !

Anonymous said...

WHAT ! 8=eight=lapan polismen to arrest only ONLY one man = a hulk !
PDRM, pls lah go & tangkap those without helmets & 3,4 pil-lions
in the ESSO area dekat damansara
toll !
pat, how to contact your datuk singh fren ah !??

Tie said...

First of all,I nak mintak maaf la, sebab main terjah je kat sini. I'm a muslim lady, so I rasa I patut beritahu hal2 pengkid ni.

I bukan nak marah ni, tapi nak bagi you sikit kefahaman. Dlm Islam, semua muslim bersaudara. Sekiranya salah seorang dari kami ni sengaja melakukan kesalahan, muslim yang lain akan terlibat sama, maksudnya sama2 menanggung dosa kerana membiarkan ianya berlaku. Bukan dosa aku, aku yang tanggung sendiri.

Ini bukan nak menakutkan sesiapa yang berminat kepada Islam. Tujuannya adalah untuk menjamin agar semua Muslim hidup aman, bersatu dan sama2 bahagia di dunia dan akhirat.

Seperti juga tugas parents. Kalau anak2 buat salah, tentu parents juga yang kena tanggung. Begitu juga peranan pemimpin. Tapi ini tak bermaksud I sokong 100% tindakan pemimpin sekarang! Cuma yang I kesalkan kerana sikap segelintir pemimpin, kami Muslim diperkecilkan dan dipersendakan oleh NonMuslim. Rasa terhina sangat2. Oleh itu I benar2 harap, sebelum saudara Patrick membuat apa2 komen mengenai hal2 yang bersangkutan dgn Islam, eloklah berbincang dengan orang2 yang lebih arif.

Satu lagi, memang sekarang ni PDRM sering dibenci ramai, seperti juga kakitangan jabatan kerajaan yang lain. Kerana PDRM ni agak menonjol, segala tindakan sentiasa diperhatikan seolah2 menunggu kesilapan saja.

Memanglah, hidup dlm dunia ni jarang sekali kita mencari kebaikan orang. Setiap kali penjenayah ditangkap atau dibunuh, tak ada sorang pun di kalangan pengkritik PDRM memuji. Sedangkan nyawa mereka dipertarungkan dan keluh kesah anak dan isteri tak siapa pun yang tahu.

Seperti juga dalam sebuah keluarga, kambing hitam juga wujud dlm PDRM. Yang menjadi mangsa ialah kambing putih yang begitu setia menjaga keamanan masyarakat Malaysia. Mungkin saudara Patrick tak sedar, PDRM hanya menurut perintah. Segala tindak tanduk adalah dari pihak yang berkuasa. Sekiranya pemerintah tiba2 bertukar kepada BA, tentunya pemerintah yang baru terus menggunakan perkhidmatan PDRM juga, kan? Atau PDRM akan dirombak mengikut citarasa baru?

Jangan terlalu benci pada mereka. Kalau seorang bapa pandai mendidik tentunya anak2 akan menjadi org2 yang dikagumi. Fikir2kanlah.

Eh! Tak perasan lak, panjang berjela komen ni. I tak mahir Eng, Bm pun teruk juga, jadi tulis campur2 laa. Kita kan M'sian, tak pe kan?

Anonymous said...

Want to know more about the mismanagement of Pempena, read the article by R Nadeswaran on today's The Sun (Nov 17) on page 15.

The title of the article is "Let them rot in jail".

RN300,000 paid by Pempena to Umi Hafilda for the "Amir Diab Live in KL" concert that never take place?

RM11 million from Pempena into taxi business but where are the taxis?

Anonymous said...

U Must Not Object,
I fart at you, you listen.
this is Malay-istan!
malaysia has died

Noto said...

sori... just wanna say something unrelated to this post...

Uncle patrick & Readers...
kindly visit here....

Anonymous said...

I get the picture. Your standing in society is proportional to the number of policemen sent to arrest you. If you are Anwar you get ski masked policemen. Ronnie gets eight. What about people dangerous people like Lim Kit Siang and the sitting Singh? As it goes down the line scums such as snatch thieves, burglars etc do not deserve any policemen to go after them.

Anonymous said...


Please share your working experience in Singapore.

Is there anything that we could emulate the Lion City?

d'Frog Prince said...

tie - saya nak komen sikit, walaupun saya bukan Islam tapi saya nak lebih kefahaman sahaja.

"I bukan nak marah ni, tapi nak bagi you sikit kefahaman. Dlm Islam, semua muslim bersaudara. Sekiranya salah seorang dari kami ni sengaja melakukan kesalahan, muslim yang lain akan terlibat sama, maksudnya sama2 menanggung dosa kerana membiarkan ianya berlaku. Bukan dosa aku, aku yang tanggung sendiri."

Saya tak pasti dalam Islam, menjaga tepi kain orang adalah salah satu hukumnya. Saya rasa, Islam hanya menyuruh umat supaya menasihatkan / mencegah orang dari SENGAJA melakukan dosa, kalau NAMPAK baru tangkap, bukan tangkap tanpa sebarang bukti, itu dah jadi fitnah, lagi besar dosanya. Kalau hendak diikutkan, bukan sesama Islam saja bersaudara, malahan, yang bukan Islam juga adalah saudara, sebab semua keturunan Adam dan Hawa, jadi, kenapa nak membezakan?

Selain itu, dosa yang nampak sangat sedang dilakukan oleh pihak tertentu sengaja dibutakan mata tapi sebaliknya, nak tangkap mereka yang belum tentu akan buat dosa. Apa pula hukumnya? Dan juga, didalam Islam, pemimpin yang tidak melaksanakan tanggungjawabnya akan disoal, kenapa sebagai "so-called" Muslim, tak tuntut kewajipan itu dari pemimpin kita?

d'frog prince

Anonymous said...

"A reality non-Muslims must understand - issues relating to Islam that does not infringe upon their rights is best left to Muslim groups.

The protest involving non-Muslim protestors recently against the tomboy fatwa is an example. Similarly, there were also grumblings by certain politicians on the yoga fatwa.

No one is saying non-Muslims cannot practise yoga. If non-Muslims want to be lesbians or tomboys, so be it. These fatwas are unlike Muslim groups or the Kelantan PAS government calling for the blanket ban of concerts, nightspots, gender segregated check-outs at supermarkets or wayang kulits, which would affect the rights of non-Muslims.

NGOs, especially headed by non-Muslims, must learn to be sensitive."

Tie said...

Dear d,frog prince. Wah ..tak sangka dapat perhatian gitu..he he...

Dalam islam , tiada istilah menjaga tepi kain org. Itu hanyalah pepatah melayu. Itulah...kekadang malays sendiri pun keliru , adat dan budaya malays tak semuanya islam. Ada di antaranya dicampur aduk. Macam adat bersanding...hanya sesuai utk saudara terdekat sahaja... Ish..ceritanya pjg lebar,susahlah..

Tie nak terus terang laa. Tie bukan mahir bab2 agama ni. Tapi, setahu Tie, semua muslim bersaudara, jadi kami berhak untuk memperbetulkan kesilapan sesama sendiri. Bersaudara dari segi agama yang sama, tuhan yang satu dan ibadah yang sama. Bukan Muslim pula berhak mendapat perlindungan dan lain2 jika pemimpinnya muslim.

Memang kita semua berasal dari Adam dan Hawa. Tapi bila pegangan agama tak sama, maksudnya jika seseorang tidak mengaku Allah itu tuhannya, ia bukanlah saudara muslim. Tak gitu? Maksud tie, ungkapan saudara itu utk sesama Muslim saja. Jika di lihat dari sudut Manusia, tentu kita semua bersaudara... harap faham, ekk.

Rasa2nya takkan non muslim nak mengaku bersaudara dengan muslim... Dan, takkan muslim nak melarang non muslim minum arak atau apa2 yang dilarang dlm Islam? So..kena ada perbezaan di situ dan dlm menjalankan hukum. Muslim juga tak boleh ganggu non muslim berbuat ibadah mereka, Muslim juga kena menghormati mereka dengan harapan Muslim dapat penghormatan yang serupa. Ini Islam sebenarnya.

Masalahnya, Pemimpin Muslim sekarang memang tidak mengamalkan cara2 pemerintahan Islam yang betul. Ya laa, corak pemerintahan sekarang cuma turun menurun dr pemerintahan british. Hukuman syariah di asing2 kan. Sebab tu jadi huru hara.

Ha ha...Ada pihak sedang cuba nak selesaikan masalah pemimpin ni, Memang mereka yang arif merasa bertanggungjawab terhadap apa yang berlaku .Namun ianya tak semudah itu. Dan ada juga yang sedang mengambil kesempatan.

Akan tetapi dengan malunya Tie mengaku, Muslim di Malaysia ini tidak bersatu, kerana masing2 terlalu pentingkan diri sendiri. Tak tahulah , bila mereka ini akan sedar, sedangkan sedikit2 bencana telah pun negara ini harungi. Sesungguhnya Allah murka kerana nama Islam telah dicemari oleh golongan2 yang mengaku Muslim.

P/s: kalau nak tahu lebih lanjut lagi kena cari blog yang sesuai laa. Tie komen mulanya kerana nak perbetulkan apa yang Tie rasa tak kena. Namun, tidak pula memaksa, terpulanglah kepada penerimaan pembaca. Terima kasih.

nasik said...

Taken from my blog:

Totally agreed. Who are we to go againts Allah’s commands, are we that great?

But, who are you to draw the line of what I should or shouldn’t wear? Are you that great?
Yes, I can wear like a proper lady with heels or short skirts or head covered, will that justify my sex orientation? I bet most of the in-denial covered headed gays out there don’t feel any impact of their lesbian activities. And those lipstick gay won’t even bother to know what is going on.

OR are you telling me it’s OK to be gay and having a lesbian relationship as long as you follow the proper dresscode?

What are you going to do next? owh, let me suggest;
1) Close all outlet selling pants and jeans or whatever, or put a label “ONLY MAN CAN BUY PANT” at all the counter in Jusco, Tesco, Petaling Street Bundle, Sogo and all shopping mall.
2) Put up a sign “ONY MAN CAN ENTER” or “ONLY MAN CAN USE SCISSOR IN HERE” in all the salon / barber
3) Woman cannot hold another woman/girl hand. (regardless its your daughter, grandmother or blind people crossing the road, its a lesbian action.

I don’t get the point of why this issue become so big. I still see rape cases everyday on the newspaper. i still see people are killing one another physically and mentally out there. I still see people going through difficulties to feed their family. I still see father neglecting responsibilities and go border to marry other bitch. I still see a mother turned GRO to gets life going. I still see childrens sent to the orphanage because the parent couldnt afford to take care of them. I still see my country become the joke of the day in every conversation.

And after all that I’ve seen, you are more concern on what I am wearing?? O_O

So free aa??

Mmg tugas saudara sesama islam utk MENGINGATKAN saudara lain. Tanggungjawab saudara cuma mengingatkan, terpulang pada individu utk menerima ataupun tidak.

Tidak sampai ketahap menanggung dosa bersama. Jika begitu, semua umat islam sudah tentu berdosa kalau dikumpul dosa org2 besar kita.

Anonymous said...

This is the most incredibly reading material for a Malaysian turned (coat) Canadian who has been removed from your politicking all these years ( 35 to be exact). Patrick is a blast. Should be standup comic lah!! Ayah, why waste your talent there lah! Choi sue gah??

Anonymous said...

curse curse & CURSE those responsible for not jagaing our duit2 (90% from babicinas somemore)
saja give to 'umi & pampena & glcs'
hey! dun you main2 with duit kami,
you celaka & berDOSA sangat besar,
be perished & to HELL you pegi !!

Anonymous said...

anak satu = a child,
dua = children,
tiga & lebih = childrenS !?

pat, tis the product of the 'communication inggeris' since 70s ...SIGH !!

Anonymous said...

Tie dear, 20 tahun b4,anda belajar di ITM ...foc dgn duit pocket ... tau ka duit2 itu 90% dpd olang cin !? do you & kawan2 know this ?
pls show your gratitutes & let ALL
your bangsa tau juga, ok ? terimakasih !! ( pls respond )!

Ah Pek said...

When it come to all this politic and so on this lesby, relegion or anything.....They r so racist and sensitive man...

Come on lah...We r Malaysian not Melayu, Cina or India or any orther....We must work together to maintain peaceness.....

Don let politics or other sensitive made everyone recist and so on.....

Im jus a 14 year old student and racist thing come so fast.....Man I still need to survive until the last no RACIST!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Agence France-Presse - 11/18/2008 8:10 AM GMT
Malaysian activists threaten naked protest over rent hikes
Malaysian activists have threatened to stage a naked protest over a sudden hike in rental rates for government housing, drawing criticism from Muslim leaders and police Tuesday.

Ramlan Abu Bakar of the Malaysian People's Reform Movement said its members were prepared to strip off outside the offices of the chief minister of Selangor state, after it more than doubled the cost of low-income housing.

"Protesting naked is our final act of desperation as the state government is literally stealing the clothes off our backs with this price increase," Ramlan told AFP.

"They are not helping the poor people here who barely make enough to afford the present rental of 124 ringgit (34 dollars per month) so how can we afford to pay 250 ringgit?" he said.

The hardline Islamic party PAS, which is part of the opposition alliance, criticised the plans, with its spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat saying only "uncivilised" people would resort to such an act.

"Even an animal like a cow which is stark naked, God created a tail to hide its genitals and here we are talking about human beings who have been given a mind," he told state news agency Bernama.

Ramlan said his group would submit a memorandum to opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, whose alliance runs Selangor state, and that if it failed to bring about any change they will push ahead with the nude protest.

State police chief Khalid Abu Bakar said action will be taken against anyone staging an illegal assembly.

"We will take firm action against any NGO (non-governmental organisation) that holds a gathering without a permit, and even more so if they are nude," he told Bernama.

bungaraya said...

to the anonymous who said this,
'Tie dear, 20 tahun b4,anda belajar di ITM ...foc dgn duit pocket ... tau ka duit2 itu 90% dpd olang cin !? do you & kawan2 know this ?
pls show your gratitutes & let ALL
your bangsa tau juga, ok ? terimakasih !! ( pls respond )!'

its rather unfortunate that even with the millions spent by your 'olang cin' to build utar or ktar or whatever you call it these days, you still can't speak proper english...let alone malay. if you know the full meaning of GRATITUDE you should count your blessings that your forefathers weren't sent home when they tried to make a living here 50 odd years back.

dear tie, keep up your good work. you've done a great job in trying to explain the beauty of islam here, albeit to a closed-minded audience. be proud that you're speaking the national language.

Anonymous said...

my poor inggeris is the result of the 'communikasi inggeris' learned in schools lah ! @#$%^&* !!
Tie, where r u, respond lah !

Esky said...

""No one gets special treatment..."

Oh, I see. So, if one day, touch wood, I get arrested, can I get the same Eric Chia treatment? U know, the "follow me home first so that I can get changed/shower/etc. and take me back to the police station later" one?

andy lim said...

Dear Patrick,

I'm actually addicted to your blog and looking forward to your next entry. hahaha.. maybe the one on our dear recently acquitted who just released a statement that our upcoming leader is not involved.
The question I would like to pose is "If he's not involved, how does he know that mr. n is not involved?" hmm..

Tie said...

Adoi!!... janganlah kecoh2!! Tie ni makcik je, cuma nak betulkan mana2 yang Tie rasa silap.

Kalau tak boleh terima, janganlah marah2..tak baik tau...nanti lekas tua..banyak kedut laa...hi hi..

Baru balik dr kpg ni...ziarah mentua nak ke mekah.

Pasal anonymous tu..silalah kenalkan nama...susah nak eja nih...terbelit jari2 montel nih!

Hmm duit org cina tu memang tie tak tahu menahu.. Tapi Tie tahu org cina byk duit...orang cina rajin... Tapi pasal gratitute tu?? Kenapa pula kita malays nak berterima kasih??

Ini tanah melayu kami, ini asal usul kami. Kami yang patut terima gratitute dari org2 yang dpt bermewah di sini. Ha ha..patriotik sket ni.. Berapa kerat bangsa lain sanggup berkorban untuk tanah ini?? Cuba kira.. berapa orang non malays dlm tentera ?? Takut mati, kan.... buat duit memang berani..dengan apa cara sekali pun boleh, kan??

Kalau tanah bertuah ini diserang....Siapakah akan berada di barisan hadapan?? Dan siapakah akan lari dulu?? Tanyalah diri sendiri?? Sedangkan masa komunis dulu, semua org tahu dlm buku sejarah lagi...semua bangsa non malays lari atau menyorok dlm rumah malays....

Sedarlah betapa kami malays telah anggap chinese sebagai sahabat baik..malah masa komunis ramai anak2 chinese dibantu, disorokkan oleh nenek moyang kami kerana takut dibunuh oleh japanese. Kamu tahu ke?? kalau tak kerana nenek kami, berapa kerat yang hidup ni??

Nyawa boleh diganti dengan duit ke?? Tok sah lah nak kira duit2 tuh! Mati nanti pun tak boleh bawa balik. Kalau nak betul2 ikut cara Islam, nak bela babi, nak minum arak, nak berjudi , ...jangan haraplah.. Tapi kerana terlalu nak mengambil hati non muslim, beginilah jadinya..Dan non muslim dengan beraninya (dulu tidak!) bersuara dan mendabik dada. Kalau dato moyang mereka tahu, mesti mereka marah.

Tie punya ramai kawan chinese yang berjiwa patriotik. Tahu perjuangan org2 lama, dan amat menghormati mereka tu. Tapi, sayangnya bangsa yang ada sekarang sudah lupa. Budi yang ditaburkan dibalas dengan tuba..Diberi betis nak peha,(ada belajar kat sekolah ke??)

Kalau tak puas hati, marilah kenalkan diri, sila dtg ke blog tie...ramai boleh tolong jawab apa2 yang dimusykilkan... Tie tak marah punya...Tie dah tua laa.. Tak selesa nak komen pjg2 kat blog patrick ni...kot2 dia tak senang hati... sorrylah patrick!!

P/s: Tie hanya akan balas komen di blog Tie sendiri lepas ini... tak suka ambil kesempatan di sini, ekk. Kalau betul2 bersemangat, sila datang perkenalkan diri. Tak payah tunjuk muka, bagi nama je..apa2 pun boleh...he he he....

Anonymous said...

orang ASLI : " return us our land = we are the actual owners ! dun you DARE claim that this country belong to u ! you are all invaders,
INVADERS ... get out , all of you ! return us this land !!
@#$%^&* !!"

Anonymous said...

yes YES that's right ! olang2asli:
" beribu2 tahun dahulu, ancestors kami have oredi OWNED these lands, who r u to claim this to be yours !? malulah ...celaka ...@#$%^&*...niamah smelly you !!"

Anonymous said...

Orang 2 ASLI : " all of you KELUAR
from my lands ...@#$%^&*...!!"