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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I just don't get it. Or is it them that don't get it?

Very disorderly crowd at the event. Sorry, Father maybe it is your dress code that confused them. Guy in a frock? Cannot. Disperse!

Like other Malaysians I am very disturbed at what happened at the Bersih event in Petaling Jaya where ordinary Malaysians at a peaceful gathering were roughed up by the police. And where 24 people were arrested. The reason given by the police was that what happened was done to "ensure" public order. Okay, nothing wrong with that I suppose. After all that's what the police are supposed to do, right? But then what puzzled me was that in all the reports of the event that I have read there were hardly, if any, mention of anything untoward that happened. Much less anything that would even remotely resemble public "disorder". Got meh? If got and I missed it then minta maaf la (sorry la).

But wait ah....the Inspector-General (eh? He's back ah? I thought he sakit berat or something one) said the organiser did not apply for permit to hold the event. Oh so the police knew who the organiser was la. So why didn't they summon the fler and arrest him/her/them or whatever? The people who were there were just there on a peaceful Sunday walkabout isn't it? As far as I know there weren't any people there creating trouble or acts of violence. So what public order was the police trying to ensure? I mean if there was any "public order" being disturbed then tell us, who were not there, what happened la so that we don't always think that the Polis Diraja Malaysia are clueless morons, can ah? All I read in the news are things like..."Police ushered the crowd to Amcorp Mall before warning them to disperse". Huh? Warning me to disperse? Waffor? I am just there with my friends and family on a field which is a public area. Just because I happen to be holding a candle or two or singing my national anthem I am commiting a crime? Did anybody make inflamatory speeches? Were any seditious statements made to incite violence? Okay, so I was not there and I wouldn't know shit. But what I am saying is, "Hello! PDRM, Kerajaan Malaysia, give us a bit more detail la of your reasons for acting the way you did." So we can understand and don't have to hantam (hit) you all the time. Can ah?

And of course, an event like this would not be complete without something from that Syed fler. So here it is....TAAADAAAA!

"In that situation, the police had to act as it is their responsibility to enforce the law and ensure public order is maintained," he told reporters at the parliament lobby.

Syed Hamid said he had yet to receive the full report on the incident..........

So if you haven't received the full report, Syed it means you also know shit, right? So why didn't you shut the fuck up instead of saying something stupid? Again. Okay, okay...maybe the reporter misquoted you la. Okay.



Anonymous said...

GO ! tell it on the mountains,
to everyone & everywhere,
GO, tell it on the mountains,
let the people GO ( free ) !!

SING it repeatedly, ok !!

Ooi Beng Hooi said...

The gathering was peaceful. The disorder only happened when the policemen rough up the public. It was the policemen who created the disorder, so to say.

How come the policemen did not dispersed the unruly crowd in front of Bar Council HQ few months ago? Isn't it double standard?

It is better to station more policemen at crime prone areas such as Chow Kit, Setapak.

La Cha Mau said...

Sorry, i don't know anything of a candle vigil that warrants police brutality. What I want to ask the IGP is why two members of his police force have been alleged by the Malaysian Government to have murdered Altantunya Shariibu in cold blood? He cannot deny this because the Courts have ordered his men to file their defence. Police?? In Uniforms?? On Active Duty?? Commit Murder?? Tut! Tut! Come now, Mister IGP, i think it's YOU and YOUR MEN who have caused Public Disorder, No?

Anonymous said...

tq pat : SING it, sing it, very simple & nice tune !!

Anonymous said...

How come all the swearing have stopped? Why not these flers swear by the Koran, Bible or other Holy Books (or before their ancestors' graves) that the allegations against them are false?

If they can get away from the law of the country, at least they will not be able to get away from the law of God.

juanito said...

The best is yet to come, I believe many read what Ronnie Liu said today in the papers.. He was arrested because the police said it was unfair not to arrest him when 24 others were arrested.. haha.. wat a joke..

amoker said...

Bunch of liars.

Anonymous said...

Gatherings like these are gathering momentum and the last thing the govt wants is for it to evolve into a revolution. So any gathering from now onwards will be nibbed in the bud no matter how peaceful it appears to be.

Azimi D

KIMHO8 said...

To ensure public order?

Any unpleasant situation ever happened on the 4 earlier candle vigil before?

Even many traders in Amcorp Mall never noticed that there was few gathering held before.

How ridiculous the SOB!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Those who love darkness
Cannot stand the light
When they lack loving kindness
They never act in manner bright

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 111108
Tue. 11th Nov. 2008.

Noto said...

Uncle Patrick...
Here's some of the pictures which clearly show how our police 'ensure' public order~
MP Tony Pua sexy pic included~ haha

Anonymous said...

beb (a term of endearment in SG),
you should go catch Gemuk Girls at KLpac in early December. It's about ISA, presented by SG's The Necessary Stage. Got rave reviews down here. yup... down here... SG is still under MY geographically.


laimun said...


The best line in your earlier article "What a nice guy!" was this fler's name 'OBI WAN CANOPY'. I still can't stop laughing and it's bad for my farting condition.

Anonymous said...

Hei Polis... Negara Ku also cannot sing kah? When Chee Meng sang the Negara Ku wrongly also catch. We sing nicely also catch... What the fuck?

Anonymous said...

I really cannot understand how the police in this country work. Are the public their no. 1 enemy?

This is perhaps the only country in the world where innocent people are roughed up and detained or put under ISA while murderers, thieves, robbers and rapists go scot-free while the crime rate is shooting up.

What the heck are they trying to prove?

May god save Malaysia!

telur dua said...

We have a whole bunch of low quality people running this country.

In the last GE we only did half the job. In the next GE please complete the other half and kick them all out, from Federal and State level.

If we don't employ a moron to run our company why do we allow them to run the country? Frankly, Syed's only claim to fame is his expertise in bodekism. If not for this 'talent' he will forever be playing branch politics. Like so many of his colleagues, he is quite a disgusting character.

telur dua said...

He (Selangor Police Chief) instead accused the protesters of abusing the sanctity of the Negaraku for making use of it to evade action.

Niamah, more justification for his illegal action against innocent people. Bloody Nazi.

Anonymous said...


Syed Fler reminds me of the Mcgoon character who can't refuse not to say anything when asked by the reporters, but then again his replies always are knockouts as in 'foot in mouth'. That's why he is the reporters' favourite minister. Pete's description of these goons as Bodoh Sombong is so apt.

Anonymous said...

what is new?
They will continue to intimidate you china man mah!
The lord of the bolehland is the mamak tongkang and Indon putra..
so what if they have double standard??..

Anonymous said...

so now how... lepaking and playing with candles cannot? sing negaraku also can sing one time only? police fella said sing 3 times is an offense.
lagi these days telur also can talk (and talk and talk and talk)... you think we living in confusing times or not?

Anonymous said...

HOW now !? SING it, people =

GO!, tell it on the mountains,
to everyone & everywhere,
GO ! sing it on the mountains,
let MY people GO ( free ) !!

Anonymous said...

everyone knows who caused the public disorder; the buggers who got uniform la.

Now if you still dont know why in the west some people call the police pigs la then u slow malaysia we still have not called them that yet. maybe it is time.

Anonymous said...

lying start from the top.

anyway, this Al-Blur comes from the party of corrupts. Its so corrupted that Mahatir suggested that the ISA be used.
Goodness, ISA for corrupts? Whats next from the party of corrupts?

Anonymous said...

The Selangor Police Chief said something that made me almost die laughing. He said police cannot stand still each time Negara-ku is sung otherwise crooks will sing each time they are cornered by the police. What a bongkang he is!! Cannot imagine he can be so bongkang as that. Nobody asking him to stand still when robber is pointing a pistol at him, ok? Bongkang!!!

K L said...

Go ask the retailers in Amcorp Mall, I m sure the sales got boosted up that day ! What public disorder was there ? This is one way to boost up economy mah!

viknesh said...

what stupid excuses la.. public order... why dont the police bring public order to ministers open house and kenduri. the POLIS beraja malaysia are full of crap.

Anonymous said...

PDRM never arrest anyone or disperse the gathering when the UMNOputeras were making demonstration like apes.

Was nayone taken into police custody when the UiTM fellows protested publicly? I thought those behavior was a clear case of distubing public peace.

Anonymous said...

The cops have time and personnel to break up a peaceful vigil, but no manpower to stop the rampant mat rempits and other criminals running riot in our housing estates.. they want a revolution, lets give them a revolution!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey, polis : pls go & arrest those without helmets at the ESSO areas just after the damasara toll gates !