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Sunday, November 02, 2008

It used to be...............

"If the Muslims want a healthy body, prayers are the right choice," says, UKM lecturer Prof Zakaria Stapa.
(Yeah we're just as incredulous as that kid in the photo)

Remember? It used to be that all we had to worry about was PAS taking hold of a couple more states and segregating males and females in supermarket check out lines and cinemas. It was just another day in Malaysian politics, right? Well, not any more. These days it's......

Tomboy-ism banned.
Yoga is a cause of religious deviation.
Exclusive rights to the name of God.

Sigh. You're right. Those were simpler and happier times. Yeah, this is a short post. Sunday what! Day of rest ma.



Steven said...

wonder if it'll go worse. fingers crossed. with a sigh.

Anonymous said...

Been reading Zainah Anwar's " A flock that goes a'weary'? It is true that in any religion or faith, too much legalism is its bane. Wouldn't anyone prefer to know deeply a God that will not drag them by the hair? But is it really God who is doing it? We must tell the difference.

Anonymous said...

Corruption........ halal????

Cronyism.......... halal????

Flip flopism....... halal????


Abuse of power......halal????

Anonymous said...

sigh........what's this country coming to??
budding taliban country to-be?
or blossoming islamic country Umno-style?
guess it's better to go shopping today .. and leave god to worry about the running of this country.

yili said...

Soon, eating with fork and spoon, knife and chopsticks will also be a factor that can weaken the Aqidah.

Later, reading Niamah will become a cause of weakening the faith.

Anonymous said...

PAS is waiting like a vulture! Either side non-Muslims are doomed!

Anonymous said...

check this out.

have they "halal" the riba-based banking by simply using Arabic names and claiming most of the financial instruments as being
"syariah compliant" ?

imagine a group of "scholars" being paid by the banks to pronounce on the legitimacy of financial transactions , of ocurse they will simply says ...semua boleh ...

Anonymous said...

I've been blaring out how many niamahs until I lost count.
Yeah, so what about this or that.
So what can anyone do about it.
Nothing changed, infact it's kind of worse. My only hope is the next GE. What else can I hope for. And niamah to those who didn't vote against them but is cursing now.
I'm sure I'm gonna vote CORRECTLY AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

Friday, prayer day mah. go play no work ok

Anonymous said...

prayers are the answer to ill-health? stop any medical remedy, stop using toothpaste, stop eating.


miwaki said...

How about Qigong,Fa Lun Gong and all the Gong in the world ? I have been practising Yoga for ages and I'm still an atheist.

The Penquin said...

The ban is only for Muslims la...

Anonymous said...

Watch out! The next fatwa on Muslims in Malaysia may be body massage and birthday party!!

Already Saudi Arabia's top cleric has said that celebrating anniversaries, birthdays or mother’s day is against Muslim righteousness, quashing suggestions by a colleague that Islam permits personal celebrations.

However, media savvy cleric Salman al-Awdah told viewers during a call-in television show in August 2008 that celebrating birthdays and wedding anniversaries was not against Islam -- sparking a debate in the kingdom. Sigh ...

But Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti Abdul-Aziz al-Shaikh also said that celebrating such events would make Muslims like followers of other faiths including Jews and Christians, as reported by Al-Madina newspaper.

Sigh.... looks as if the Muslims are going to have lesser things and events to do or enjoy in the future if more such fatwas are being proposed or implemented by the National Fatwa Council in this Bolehland.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Ask those so called fatwa's professor this question - Condom is halal or haram.

I will not tell you the answer.

Anonymous said...

I cant even begin to explain how much all this makes my blood boil, there is already enough with appalling laws by these so called "Islamic people" whom I dont even know how they get titles like Ustad or Ustazah or Imam, questionable dont you think? Why do we needs these anyway? Laws against women, polygamy, distribution of property, shariah divorce laws, ban againts make up and high heels, fines against not wearing scarfs, ban on wayang kulit and mak yong, and now this. How is this going to help our future, or improve our economy or our government, ease pollution, or feed the poor? How do these people get into those positions and be given the right to make laws? Why do we even need a fatwa department? Do they think non-muslims are less religious= less better people than muslims? When is religion ever the determining factor for anything or anyone's good deeds? No one is born with a holy book in their hands, but everyone is born with a brain (I think). Blind faith = stupidity. But the point is, what can we do about this? How can we stop this? How can we change this? I have my own opinions on that, and I think its our education system! Also, Indonesia has alot of muslims but how come its not as bad as us? How can religion can be part of a government as it is in Malaysia? Who gives them the right to think their religion is better?

After all that, on a different note, Go Obama!

Purple Haze said...

I, for one, would like to read the Fatwa Council's research in these issues. Are they "sulit" ?

Aiyahhhh - no transparency ke ?

How do Muslims get to know the foundation behind these rulings ? Next thing you know, following the EPL teams will also be banned because it can cause religious deviation.

artchan said...

the Kings are quiet about the talibanism in this country..soon the talibans will take over..and if the Kings (as head of religion) do not say anything...soon there will be nothing left for them to say. The "talibans" will rule

Anonymous said...

tomboy or pengkid are cross dressers and think and act as man. there are reported cases where they even marry girls. do u condone same sex mariage?? what would u feel if a tomboy marry your girl? on god's name.... why only now its an issue?? remember? it used to be a non issue...(pinjam u punya ayat)


bluesfreak said...

Welcome to the bar that cannot reveal itself. Check out

Anonymous said...

Support !!

Anonymous said...

It seems that the gomen is trying to outwit PAS to see that who is more Islamic.What the heck and it is like moving back to the dark ages!.

Anonymous said...

aiyo.. u people worry too much lah!
These all for show only mah..cannot enforce one. The mufti must show they're working mah..if not people say.. gaji buta pula.
Can catch all muslim lady with short hair or wearing jeans, ah?? How to check if they're TomBoy?? Just 'shiok sendiri' only.
if this country really turn taliban then where will AMNO bugger cari makan. dun worry be happy..:)

pah nur said... many people choosing to stay anonymous...I don't blame you all lah...I may be hanged for pointing out the obvious pretty soon...then I'd slap myself saying,"why the fuck I did not voice out my opinion and staying anonymous at the same time!!" Malaysia, "the truth will set you free" only if "free" is referring to "free trip to ISA"

Islam and Muslims are two separate thing. Islam is the religion. Muslims are the followers. In gist, Islam is simple. But simple is something the Muslims are not happy about, because "simple" does not make "Islam" unique from other religion (which coincidentally are from the same God..coz He said so Himself, There is only ONE God, you know, where one of His name was forbidden to be spoken by any other than a Muslim...). I don't recall any prophet imposing the religion unto others. All the prophets say "This is God's religion, take it or leave it". I don't remember any one of them saying,"Take it, OR ELSE...."

So if Hadith depicts the actions of Muhammad, how come his practice of having only one child, and marrying widows of war, and patience to the point of keeping quiet when thrown stones during prayers, were never followed? How can you call yourself a "follower" when you only follow what suits you?..Religion in gist defends basic human rights. The choice of religion, IS basic human rights. Stop imposing it on others with your complicated version of religion...makes one want to denounce Islam, just to get the monkeys off their back and quietly practice Islam the way one sees it -as simply logical....

cloudmckinsey said...

As a thinking moslem, I am obligated to clarify your misunderstanding on this subject. The National Fatwa council is an Islamic body to issue ‘guidance’ on things which are not clear-cut halal or haram. Things which are explicitly mentioned in the Quran, such as bribery, corruption, interest or riba, etc, the council does not have to issue any fatwa because it’s clearly haram. If a moslem, at their own free will, choose to indulge in the things which are clearly haram, then they have a lot to answer to when the judgement day comes.
Besides, these fatwas are only applicable to moslems. If you are not one, you can continue to live your life they way you want it, no problem. Nobody is stopping you. If you are one, god gives you a brain to make your own choice.
I detect a smack of prejudice in your inference that moslems are blind-faith followers. I strongly disagree, because if you read in a lot of blogs there were a lot of moslems who questioned this fatwa including Marina Mahathir, Zainah Anwar, Nurainah Samad and others. Obviously, these are thinking moslems. It just that, I wish they had rationalised this fatwa directly with the Council rather than take this route to express their stance.
Nobody is thinking that non-moslems are less religious as what you’ve said, certainly not by the mere act of issuing fatwa.

Anonymous said...

i m a muslim n i m deeply offended n disgusted by what this lunatic stapa guy said.Please ignore this kinda fella mr.patrick.If he really loves islam , find ways on how to get fellow muslims to "solat", thats the key mr.patrick." sembahyang itu tiang agama". This guy sucks!

patrickteoh said...

hi cloudmckinsey. thank you so much for your explanatory comment. Never was it my intention to imply that Muslims are blind-faith followers. Or that non-Muslims are less religious. If I did give that impression I apologise most sincerely. My rant was meant for highlight exactly what you mentioned. That the council should have worded or explained their fatwa more clearly and that the media report it with a little more clarity and with more sensitivity.

Thank you for your understanding.

nora said...

To amirah,
first of all i dont really think that u are a muslim bcoz if u are u will not question of the law on Laws against women, polygamy, distribution of property, shariah divorce laws, ban againts make up and high heels, fines against not wearing scarfs, ban on wayang kulit and mak yong.The law is not against women and the Fatwa department did not create the law they are implementing the law create by AllAH. And the law is not against women but the law is to protect women provided it is done ACCORDING to the law. I think if u are really a true muslim u have to go back to the root and go back to Quran. The religion an i'm talking abt Islam here is not part of the government but IT IS suppose to be foundation of the government in ruling the country and implementing laws regardless to muslim or non muslim. ISLAM is the way of life and law created by ALLAH who at the same time give u the so called brain of yours. So think again!!!!!

And Patrick...i like to read your blog but please check your facts before talking abt religion especially abt ISLAM. or do not comment at all.


Anonymous said...

what a moron! i truly hope the majority of muslims in this country don't think like him. makes me feel shy to associate myself with UKM these days (graduated from there....shhhhhh!!!). This fler is so stone-agey!

patrickteoh said...

Nora, thank you for your comment. If you care to read my post properly you will know that I was not and never will talk about Islam or any other religion. In good ways or bad. I am not a religious bigot.

Anonymous said...

Nora, if you feel so strongly about that go ahead and do so for yourself but do not implement it on others. And especially NOT through a government.

Religion is up to an individual. No one is stopping you from doing what you want, so dont stop others from doing what they want.

PS. And it is not you or anyone's job to tell anyone if they are a "true" follower of any religion.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

You are not only good in blogging, but you are equally good in replying to those who have commented on your posts. Perhaps, you may want to place this tagline under your blog-name of NIAMAH:

Please care to read my post properly.


Thank you for reading my post properly before commenting.

And Patrick...i like to read your blog but please remind those who want to comment to read your post with care! Or do not comment at all! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Well said anonymous!

cloudmckinsey said...

Hi Patrick,

I have to apologize. I was responding to a fellow blogger's comments, 'Amirah'. I didn't mean to say that to you.

On this note, I hope Amirah understand that the Fatwa Council has a responsibility to remind all moslems on these kind of things, because they will be asked first by god if they have discharged their responsibilities accordingly. So they have to be asolutely sure of what they are saying and not lead moslems astray either by 'halalize' the haram, or 'haramize' the halal.

Of course, nobody should dictate how you should lead your live, you have your own free will to choose how you want to live it.

anti-illuminati said...

There is no right or wrong in this fatwa.
To the non-muslim & logic thinking ppl it is PURE STUPIDITY.
To the muslims, a fatwa is a fatwa. They can't do anything about it as this fatwa has been served.
In this instance it is very important to appoint the right person into the fatwa's comittee. J

Anonymous said...

Uncle Pat...
As mentioned by cloudmckinsey, the National Fatwa Council or other religious department in our beloved country is aimed at giving a proper guideline to moslem as to how to act and perform life in accordance to Islamic Requirements (that includes sunnah, Quran and any other sources acceptable by Islam).

As we know, not only Moslem but apply to all religion, the youngs and people nowadays are drifting away from the root and basic of our religions. Thus, problem of out-of-wedlock pregnancy, disposal of these babies and many more arise. But the National Fatwa Council has the role of enlightening moslem on the moslem way of life. So that these unwanted happenings are reduce (if not stopped). I do hope ur readers would have an open mind about this and dont speak out ones mind before thinking especially the moslem as it wud lead to sanctimonious or munafiq and even apostate or murtad.. pls be careful of what u say and think dear moslems..

Bye uncle pat!

K L said...

Religion is about interpretation. If the Head simply interpret, it will just make everybody kepala pusing only ! Don't know says don't know lah! Don't try to be smart Alex !

Anonymous said...

The fatwas issued by the council are only as relevant as their interpretation by scholars, who I assume are government appointed.

We all know interpretation can vary depending on different schools of thought, and right down to the individual.

The second issue is that, once "fatwad" there does not seem to be a channel for discourse or objection no matter how irrational, intrusive, abusive the fatwas might be.

There are examples everywhere. Why just yesterday there was a report in Malaysian Insider about an Ethiopian rape victim being stoned to death (in a stadium with spectators) for adultery. She was raped for Niamah's sake! She was 13!

Also, marrying 4 wives is just fine. There's little or no discussion about say the feelings of the first wife and the sociological and psychological impact on children.

Didn't our beloved Prophet marry the second wife only after the passing of Bibi Khadijah, his first wife?

The point is, scholars may understand the letter of certain religious laws, but may totally ignore the spirit and application of the law in a changing environment, and without consideration for the overriding guiding principles of Islam.

The example of the stoning totally ignores the Islamic value of not killing, of mercy, of justice, of human rights. The humanistic Islam is totally consumed by the dogma of the chosen few clerics and creators of fatwas.

The end.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, sambal muncha, for your wonderful enlightenment.

As a married Muslim woman, I am looking forward to see a fatwa that will deal with "hungry" Muslim men for marrying 4 wives. If possible, fatwa this kind of marriage as haram.

I hope someone will advise the National Fatwa Council on my behalf and also on behalf of other "silent" and unhappy wives.

Thank you for reading my comments.

abu said...

with all do respect sir...this fatwa is just a guideline to muslim we have to keep on interfearing others?haiyya!but of course we should talk more about the exclusive rights to the name of god..bodoh sangat ke seorang muslim sehingga terkeliru dengan nama Allah yang digunakan oleh agama lain?diaorang memang memperbodohkan islam..cis...!

Anonymous said...

The Crisis of Islam:
Holy War and Unholy Terror

From Wikipedia:

The Crisis of Islam: Holy War and Unholy Terror is a book written by Bernard Lewis. The nucleus of the book was an article published in The New Yorker in November 2001.

According to the author, the Islamic world is locked in an internal struggle over how best to address and ultimately solve the problems endemic to many of its societies: namely, widespread poverty, extreme economic inequality, the prevalence of government by despotic rulers, and the inability to keep pace with emerging economies. The crisis concerns the choice the Islamic world faces between two diametrically opposed solutions.

Opposing those within Islam who argue for the continued and peaceful spread of economic and political freedoms as a means to solve these problems are the various Muslim fundamentalist movements, most notably Wahhabism, which blame all of these ills on whatever modernization and Western influence the Islamic world has already embraced, and advocate an unreserved rejection of the West. This rejection includes violence against Western countries and interests, and most especially violence against "impious" Muslim rulers who have adopted "Western" ways. The fundamentalists seek the establishment of states and societies based on Islamic Law and traditional mores.

The author warns that the resolution of this struggle between Western and anti-Western influences within the Islamic world will determine whether the Islamic world takes its place alongside other countries in a global community, or whether it will regress into backwardness and intractable conflict with non-Muslim nations.

Anonymous said...

Will there be fatwa to ban Harry Potter movies and books?

It is withcraft and the Muslim should not watch the movies or read the book?

Anonymous said...

Dear KL...
i'm not saying that i'm a smart ass.. just that we as moslem has certain issues or aspect that we need guidance. Some of us opt for religous school or some group of ustaz/bijak pandai. but not all of us can afford or know which channel to go to thus making such institution (Fatwa Council) important (to some!).

Its a matter of guidance not interpretation.. i dunno about other races or religions but for moslem misinterpretation may lead to what i said before.. Do understand ur fellow msian or other races before making such remark! TQ

Anonymous said...

So now we have religious nuts posing as university professor.

Malaysia Boleh!

sham said...

anonymous at 2:35 AM who said: As a married Muslim woman, I am looking forward to see a fatwa that will deal with "hungry" Muslim men for marrying 4 wives. If possible, fatwa this kind of marriage as haram.

Siapalah kamu utk mengHARAMkan sesuatu yang Allah telah HALALkan?

Daku bukanlah seorang yang mengamalkan poligami dan tidak bercadang untuk berpoligami tetapi perkara yang Allah Taala telah halalkan janganlah kita pertikai. Sesunguhnya Allah mengetahui apa yg tidak kita ketahui.

My opinion,many of poligamous didn't lead an example life according what Allah and Prophet had teach,thus making women view as polygamy something dreadful.

hafiz said...

yeah! the word Islam had been used radically.

islam bermaksud asal dari perkataan salam. salam means peace, selamat, sejahtera, aman, damai....

for me, whatever/ anything is peace, it is islam. yoga, reiki, meditation... it is for peace, for inner peace. tetapi amat menyedihkan, perkataan Islam telah dimanipulasi golongan konservatif. lalu ia telah menjatuhkan imej islam itu sendiri.

bukan salah islam. tetapi salah penganutnya. ya. mereka telah menjadi ego. lalu nama tuhan diguna untuk menunjukkan keegoan kononnya memperjuangkan hak agama.

kalau tuhan mahukan manusia hanya satu umat, maka dia boleh lakukannya.

tuhan menjadikan kita majmuk adalah untuk dirayakan. dan bukan bermusuh-musuhan. konsep plularisme sebenarnya benar dan sesuai dengan kita.

Anonymous said...

Human Rights = Gay Rights!

- Sword O' Might

Anonymous said...

pat, pls dun guna the 'michaelian' ENGLISH in postings, reasons :
since 1972, medium in english secondary schools (smi, convent ..)
was converting to malay till 1978
when ALL subjects in F5 were in BM even the ENGLISH = inggeris, the communication inggeris = the standard dropped & still DROPPING &
worsenning into the bottomless well !! your keen readers aged below 50, macam aku, might not really faham what u tulis BUT still mau comment = salah faham lah

Anonymous said...

dun play play with what the 'professor' says man !! u tink senang to become one ah ! BUT uitm
intends to 'mass manufature' about 60,000 phd holders, WOW !!

Anonymous said...

pat, pls use simplier inggeris for those < 50's sake, ok ? tq !!

Anonymous said...

I do not understand why should you publish an article on Islam which you do not understand and do not wish to understand. You are a secular person, and so of many of the commentor on this blog.

If you are an atheis, i really do understand why you reacted like this. you do not believe is principle of God almighty.

If you are a Christian, i also understand why your reacted like this. Separating Christian believes from their normal way of life has lifted European from the dark ages. This only be made once the people of Europe encounter the Islamic civilization which offers freedom, far beyond their imagination. During the dark period, churches & kings own everything - even your land.

Muslims during the golden years has changed the world bcoz of their R&D, embracing the islamic way of life, and interchange of ideas and knowledge between all faiths.

However, Prophet Muhammad S.A.W has warned before that the Moslems will face their biggest enemy : themselves which in form of radicalism, disallowing what should be allowed(& vice versa), and going overboard on what ever their action.

Islam provides the guideline of the way of life, the decision of fatwa is based on the collective decision which is also collected from the opinions of knowledgeable person.

Thanks to
a) Colonizer
b) Radical group
many of the thinking muftis and knowlegeable person has killed and their thoughts/ knowledge have gone with them. This is whats happening now ; many of the appointed head of muslim do not embrace, even worst know what is the way of Islam is.

Same with all the other religion, the knowledge of the teaching is inherent from the generations before. That what makes the teaching of Islam corrupted today, we have lost the true knowledge of Islam 400 -500 years back.

Alhamdullillah, there are emergence of new generation of muslim scholars which defy the current muslims practices and questions their judgement today. We believe this going to be next emergence of Islam greatness, and for the benefit of all. And the issue of narrow minded Islamic leaders will be the thing of the past.

For anybody with any questions regarding Islam ; I suggest you email the Mufti Of Perlis. He's one of the new generation of Muslim intelligence which offers good explanation on the matter of Islam - maybe totally different with your perceive today.

I rather agree with RPK's way of thinking, we must question everything until we get an answer.
If the mufti cannot produce logical answers - they are not fit to become a mufti. Knowledge is prime importance of Islam as it was the first word Jibrail (Gabriel) spoke to Prophet Muhammad saw.

As for the issues of killing the 13 years old girl, the people do not comply with term of Islamic Law.
I still remember my ustaz always saying, Muslim Law always stress on justice - a couple which accused of adultery will not be guilty if there is no three (3)witnesses who have seen the penis enters the vagina. This how detail and fair the Shariah Law is. plus with state of the art DNA proof, justice can be served efficiently.
The main problem is, not all moslems know this fact (b'coz they do not want to learn) which leads to :

1) Abuse the Shariah Law by not complying with it
2) Strongly appose to the Shariah Law.

Mister moderator, I do suggest that you done more checking and asking the right person before you putting up an article like this.

Please do not perceive that every negative act of a muslim today is representing the religion. They just do not know their religion.fullstop.


natalie said...

dear patrick, i hope u reply my comment.
wat is your problem dude? seriously.

such a loser :) please please think before u write anything. u really need susbtance before you write u know. it sounds as if you know nothing.

hey come on u think youre not satisfied? everyone isnt okay. but do some bloody research before saying such things. everyone else who comments are just as dumb. so sad laa seeing people like these days.

i hope i get to meet u in person.