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Friday, November 07, 2008

That's not what I said!

In answer to a question in Parliament about his alleged statement that the police beat base in the Chow Kit area was closed as the place was deemed unsafe for policemen, Home Minister, Syed Hamid Albar pulled out the ever-convenient politician's excuse and basically said he was....MISQUOTED.

He said that the police beat base was closed as the owner of the building wanted it back.

“The beat base wasn’t closed due to a fear of criminals or health concerns,” he said.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh soooooooooooo!!! Now we understand. Thank you, Y.B. And so, to prove a point, I guess, Syed went on a walkabout in the area......

But there is something not right about this photo. I think it is a work of fiction. Not computer-generated-images but somehow.......fictional. Have you ever seen the Chow Kit Market area so clean, with so many people walking around wearing suits and ties and with so many policemen in uniform?

But to be fair, Syed isn't stupid. He took off his jacket.



DJ Khor said...

Dearest Mr Teoh,

Chow Kit is now so clean and safe. Who needs a police there anymore?

They closed the police beat base because they CANNOT AFFORD THE RENT!!

mecharojak said...

Might as well privatize the Police force since the Minister doesnt Understand what Police are for in the first place.

donplaypuks® said...

Of course it was a Zionist conspiracy promoted By Sin Chew reporters and Teresa Kok to deliberately misquote Magoo and mislead the public.

But why did the NST, Star, Buntutsan Toilet Newspaper, Berita Harian also deliberately misquote the Minister?

So, FO to you Minsiter!! We were not born yesterday!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha uncle pat,
ur are really comedian! i like that about u.. keep on writing

Anonymous said...

Look, ma! No bullet-proof vest!

But I couldn't help notice that he has a cordon of human shields, though.

These high-browed personages have never seen a dirty street in their lives : that's why they keep deluding themselves that things are all peachy swell.

Anonymous said...

Suggest someone check with the building owner if this is true!
Wouldn't it be interesting if it is not?

Go! Alblur Go!

Anonymous said...

HEY ! is it TRUE : RPK is freed at 10 !?

Anonymous said...

wow, such a brave man to walk about in Chow Kit. Gosh, if onyl he is not surrounded by cops and special branch officers.
hi Al-bLur, next time do it alone at night. see how safe is the area without cops around.

Anonymous said...

what a politician in the Home minister.
just like a chameleon except his brains

old fart said... prove a point that Chow Kit is indeed unsafe, he has to have almost half the police from KL to protect his walkabout! With his dirty track record, he thought it's best to keep himself heavily surrounded by the boys in blue least he gets shot at or something. Pathetic!

K L said...

The photo reminds me of Hongky gangster movie with Taiko walking in front accompanied by Mahcai all around. Who dares to come near ?

Juanito said...

egg head minister doesnt even know wat the fook he is talking abt... maybe he just talks thru his ar$e as if he was farting..and realizes later he had farted and it stunk..

wtbf! this bunch of morons all shud be lined up at the firing range and shot!

BravoEagleHotel said...

Wowwww took so long to realise he had benn misquoted .... goshhhh Only Malaysia Truly Boleh ... Niamahhhh go tell the Yemenis and go fly kite ...

Anonymous said...

I laughed at the article today as he blames a misquote on his own stupidity. Wow isn't it surprising we have no faith with the police as they are afraid themselves.
What is happenning to Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Can't he give other excuses rather than the standard "I have been misquoted"?

So sick of hearing this. Can this joker be more creative?

Navi said...

Have you been to the pondok polis in Chow Kit. It is hidden from the main road by the numerous stalls manned by the Indonesians (legal and otherwise)Usually there are only a couple of constables there, who take turns petrolling on their motor bikes. I am surprised as the Minister says that they gave up the pondok as the owner wanted to take back the land or building whatever. As I know it, the pondok was of sort of temporary structure on government land. Need to verify.

borneo headhunter said...

although this alblur guy is not in his bullet proof vest, ya'll better check his pockets, who knows he's bringing some condoms for 'servicing time'...hahaha...

u guys here r soo hilarious..can't stand reading all ya comments..watery eyes now..hehehe..especially reading Mr. Teoh's posts... :-D

Anonymous said...

Funny how this dick head can continue to make an ass of himself.
Only in Bolehland can you find such breed roaming the streets.

mahyuddin said...

Actually, the PDRM has sub out the duties of securing Chow Kit to the moob. PDRM are too buzy with OTHER things

Anonymous said...

he must be veri3 ANGRY now that he might ISA pat & those reporters who have 'misquoted' him !!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mecharojak. The in-thing today is outsourcing. We should outsource the entire police force. Or perhaps the cabinet too.

Anonymous said...

cannot afford to pay the RENT!!, you might as well say there's no electricity there..its jus the same meaning DUH!!

Toothie said...


limcyam said...

How they do it...?

... before the visit, they send 10 radio cars blasting in with the siren turned to the max. Round the area 10 times...

Any criminal will thought that it is a raid.. and everyone fled... including the girls/akua/Or Kui Tau

The funny part is... where is the civilians..? All kena block to check IC?

Lee said...

...cant you see the DBKL dump truck on the top right of pic? They cleaned up the place just in time for his visit.

peter said...

Hei people, were you all there when he made the statement? How do you all know that he has not been misquoted?

Oh! the newspaper reported it. so it has to be true.

Who to know best what he spoke than he himself!!


peter said...

Come on, Uncle Pat. You know better than that. Off course when some VIP goes for a visit or walk-about if you like, must clean up the place first mar. We do that all the time. Every time a VIP comes to visit our site, we will spend hours cleaning up all the shit and cover them. Thats why we always welcome VIP. They make our place more clean..

Anyway, its better for him to go walk about than to say something in parliament and beeing misquoted.

Anonymous said...


Have to give credit to Home Minister sometimes: that was when he told the BBC in the late 90s 'what would you (BBC) do if illegals are landing on your shores by the hundreds of thousands", and yesterday's remark that 'to uphold the judge's decision'. Way-to-go Ministers!

..and why RPK is an object of admiration of any average Malaysian is that: he is willing to fight for justice to the point of putting his life on the line for the average M'sian.

natives are restless said...

from the pic , i can see the boys-in-blue all over the place , even to the very end of the street . They must have cordoned off the whole area to let the YB take his walk.

Sometimes it's OK to let people think that you are an idiot than to go out to prove it ?? what a complete idiot !!!. NIAMAH !!!!!!!!

paul said...

This is a great way to do the cartoon BEFORE & AFTER thing.

BEFORE & AFTER all the F**king bullshit he said

BEFORE & AFTER the cleanliness of the place they went for the walk about

BEFORE & AFTER he's the Home Minister now but will be sweeping the longkang in Chow Kit next!

And Patrick, the EPF story also real funny lah. They SUGGESTED all workers to reduce EPF contributions BUT change it at the EPF & now we have to fill a form to maintain our status quo. BODOH!

ashleighhhh said...

its ridiculous.


if he wanted to make himself look less stupid, then he should have owned up.

instead, choose the blame the media. everything is the media's fault.

wait a minute, isnt the media owned by our government?

lol what a band of losers.


I am not surprised by the creativity needed to make up excuses, especially since he is a public figure and every move he makes is on display. This photo posted by Patrick is just a fine example.

In his defence, it is amazing how the right words can turn a bad event around but some of those comments are out of hand.

Wonder why it took him so long to come out in the open to explain the confusion?? I guess he must be very busy in searching for a good excuse or waiting for someone to provide him with a detailed feedback.

Well done, Mr. Minister of Home Affairs. Please think twice or thrice before you talk next time! Your funny stories had amazed many of my Arab friends.

Emmy said...

Hi Patrick,

I was your fan while you were a
DJ in Radio Malaysia.

I am now in trauma and being treated in SJMC.

I was abused and accused of shoplifting and thrown into a
dark,smelly,and dirty room in the basement of Jusco One Utama.

I hope you can help to warn other housewife,lest they may be facing the same situation like me.

I read your blog because you are the same Patrick that I have spent hours and hours of listening to your charming voice on my radio.

Steven said...

I think Mr Syed Hamid Albar read your previous blog post, uncle Patrick. haha.

I personally think that he has to go, after so much nonsense. =\

amoker said...

Never seen so many police in photograph before.

Syed hamid took out half the force for his walk?

Anonymous said...

" ...i really din tau ada arrest in pj semalam till this morning !!"
" why din the polis call u !?"
" know ...why !"
" You r the BOSS what !"
" ........!.....? "

Anonymous said...

GO ! tell it on the mountains,
everyone & everywhere,
GO, tell it on the mountains,
let my people GO !

Anonymous said...

CPO bohong tentang pj vigil !!

Anonymous said...

" i NEVER said the polis in chowkit was afraid of thugs ...@#$%^&*...dun MIS-quote me, ok...or...
or...i use i-s-a to ....@#$%^&* !"

Anonymous said...

" ... i repeat, dun you idiots keep 'misquoting' me, ok !... dun make me angry, u dun like it one,
wen i tukar hijau then u tau ...@#$%^&*...!!"

Anonymous said...

With so many legalised "gangsters" walking with our Home Minister on that day, no wonder you can't see the normal criminals lurking in the corners. Bravo, Shit Al-Blur! You've made Chow Kit safe for a few hours for that one day.