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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Adam's impression of a "naughty" blogger.

The Minister of Information, yes the same fler who foams at the mouth when debating with Anwar, announced that RTM would use its infrastructure to help JAKIM and Any Fler who wants to proclaim and more importantly explain the Fatwa against Yoga. Help so that "information is delivered to the grassroots clearly," he said. Now why didn't anyone think of doing that before shooting off their mouths banning this and that? Why? It's the Malaysian Way! Shoot foot first. Then go see doctor la. Worked for 50 years!

Foamy Mouth also announced that the government was not planning to have laws to restrict or control blogs and bloggers. Why? Now, this you have to read to believe. The wise minister said, "I feel the government is not proposing to do that as maybe the number of naughty persons who abuse the facility is not big... one or two per cent only of the total in the blogging world......." Naughty persons??? I know Shabery isn't the most articulate of persons but his choice of words really amazes me la. Y.B. I would like to propose that the government isn't proposing to do shit because they really don't know what to do that would work. Right?

And now for the best laugh you have to read this part of his statement on the steps taken by the government to face the global economic crisis. Ahmad Shabery said Malaysia had not seen large lay-offs as in Western countries like the United States where the number of people who sought aid and social benefits was at its highest in 16 years.

"We don't hear of that in our country as our economic system is better established and the government's preparation is far better than that of the Western countries," he said.

Now as a loyal Malaysian who trusts his government I should be really happy to hear that from a minister. Right? But no la. Why do I think instead that our government is actively encouraging us to bury our heads in the sand and hope that it will all go away eventually? I am still a loyal Malaysian. So I guess that just makes me a Malaysian who does not trust my government. Yup!

Don't worry! Semuanya OKAY!



Anonymous said...

Call your MPs now and tell them that We, The Rakyat, reject the racial and religious ploys of corrupt politicians:




Tell them that politics must be based on real issues like the economy, education and human rights -- not bogus issues like yoga fatwa and Ketuanan Melayu. Tell them that we reject the blatant use of racist rhetoric, religious bigotry and police brutality used by followers of Mahathirism to divide and rule Malaysians.


Anonymous said...

"... where the number of people who sought aid and social benefits was at its highest in 16 years.

"We don't hear of that in our country as our economic system is better established and the government's preparation is far better than that of the Western countries."

TIU!! Like if Chinese or Indian try get help the guverment will do shit for them?

the Razzler said...

hehe.. :) :) Patrick! Adam's impression of naughty! naughty!

Anonymous said...

see-la! if i bury my head in the sand i will not know what hits me when the financial tornado slams this country. i got to make hay while the sun shines and stock up my nuts before the financial winter blows in. if i continue to listen to that fler and others like him, i'll be a lame duck and finally a dead duck!


bennyloh said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

An excellent post indeed punctuated with your hallmark wit, sarcasm and yet courage to call a spade a spade. Thank you so much. While you make me smile, you also stir within me worries as to the pathetic state of affairs of our nation as leaders swoosh around blindly doing their duty foolishly while sweeping core problems that have beset our nation under the carpet and then have the audacity to smile at us and say ..they did it all for the good of the nation.


And you are spot on that those fools are absolutely clueless as to how to flex their muscles in blogosphere but the sad thing is, they are still trying although some may be banging their heads against the wall but with the imminent Media Council....ah...we will have to wait and see.

Thanks and take care.


SK said...

You take suka you keluar dari Malaysia .. LOL!

old fart said...

Patrick old chap, yes lah...they are indeed asking us to stick our heads in the that we then have our asses sticking out to be sodomised mah. This is their favourite pastime game leh. Any person with a bit of sense can see that we are fast approaching dire straits. Are there any significant projects that this government is pushing through right now that will benefit the average joe? Ask the Chinese and Indians where do they see their next job is coming from? Yes...keep on reassuring us that everything is hunky-dory you umno haven't seen what's coming yet!

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

do not be so concern WITH fatwa on Yoga.

we the chinese are not angels but in fact full of dirty habits from being the worst litterbugs, spitting ,profanity king, gambling and drinking AND WOMANISING ,black society activities and the most selfish. ( a fact that cannot be deny)

in fact we should come out with our very own fatwa against all these
chinese malaysian with bad characters and habits.

PATRICK what say you ?

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

do not be so concern on fatwa on Yoga.

we the chinese are not angels but in fact full of dirty habits from being the worst litterbugs, spitting ,profanity king, gambling and drinking,black society activities and the most selfish. ( a fact that cannot be deny)

in fact we should come out with our very own fatwa against all these
chinese malaysian with bad characters and habits.

what say you ?

Anonymous said...

The more you look at those morons the more you geram.... so let us all ignore them. They are all shits.

KoSong Cafe said...

Patrick, what about allowing candlelight vigils but cannot light candles as a condition?

Then, you are only allowed to 'demonstrate' in a hall. Can you imagine lighting candles in a hall? Maybe that's the reason cannot light candles because if air-conditioned, can be fatal because of the carbon monoxide. So you are allowed 15 minutes of fresh air!

Aiyah, am I shooting my own foot? Seems quite considerate of the Police after all.

old fart said...

Speak for yourself....Bangsa Cina Malaysia! Not all Chinese are like what you have described...maybe some are but these "bad habits" do not just apply to the Chinese only, right? Shame on you...Niahmah!

Anonymous said...

In Hokkien, I'd say to these goons..."ho lang kan lah!"..Wait for next election and show them who's BOSS..(my one and only post. I believe action speaks louder than words).

Anonymous said...

In some ways, our boy may be right, we won't hear much of laying off. After all when we're at rock bottom, the only way is up...

which is kinda sad.

KIMHO8 said...

I feel like pinching your son's face, so cute lah!

Thanks for showing Adam's photo instead of the scene of bubbling foam come out from someone's mouth.

monsterball said...

Message noted and well said.
But the photo of your son....shows the making of another Niamah Jr.
Future generations will can expect another fearless..Teoh.

Anonymous said...

I like our Information Minister. He's 'breezy' and funny... stupid too!

Obi Wan Kenanga

Anonymous said...

olang2 ASLI berkata : " siapa.. SIAPA keluar dari malaysia !?
celaka lu awak kamu kau SEMUA SEMUA
SEMUA ... KELUAR dari tanah2 negara
sini = kami lah tuan punya tempat tempat sini , tau !? ...celaka...
@#$%^&*...niamah you all yang bukan
orang2 ASLI di negara ini, faham !!"

Anonymous said...

Selamat Pagi Uncle Pat...

what u expect a joker like him who enjoy full claim on car,petrol.....can understand there is big storm fact already landed in Bolehland liao.

Just wait for another 3~4 months and yo should see a massive retrenchment in Penang.

Flextronic....Agilent...Motorola....all those big player in Penang u name it.

Anonymous said...


Will you ever be invited to the RTM program that interviews Blogger? (Can't remember teh title of the show).

If you ever be invited, please find an alternative word for Niamah or they may 'Fatwa' you!

Anonymous said...

Yo Patrick, it's sad to see you use your kids pics amid all this profanity. But hey, it's your kid I know.

Raison D'etre said...

Maybe he has kinky thoughts in his mind... :)

Naughty, nice..

Whatever le.

Having a law to police blogs is like having a water tank to catch all the rainfall in the country.

The Minister knows this full well, so he's not gonna even bother.

Vernette said...

Ya, Western countries can fall 20 miles from their skies, when we only have 2 meters to fall... not so bad, the rock bottom is just 2 meters away... we're not far from dead anyway!!

Western Countries:
Peak -----------------------> Rock bottom

Peak --> Rock bottom


Vernette said...

by the way, this is worth reading right through...

natives are restless said...

Wow ! , Yoga with halal certification in the making.... another world first. !

k4kenny said...

Do they really do their homework??? How can Malaysia not affected when the world is???

When manufacturers, local and foreigners, whom are exporting their goods and the world economy is hit e.g. USA, automatically the effects are felt. Things slow down. Precautions are taken i.e. stop work, shut down, postpone projects, lost of jobs, etc. Are these not affecting Malaysians by and large?

As usual, good at denying facts but bad at solving problems. So, it's better to say NOTHING IS GOING BAD, MALAYSIA IS STILL OK.

Perhaps, they are bloody rich, siphoning so much and nothing can affect them even if the world economy collapses.


Anonymous said...

liquor be banned ! why NOT ? it's harmful man ! drug, cigarette, gambling , sex (illegal)....etc.
SHOULD be banned too, ok !?
( a non-muslim cina)

nstman aka Ang Fat Wah said...

Another fucking Umno idiot and mutt opening his stupid mouth again. This is no more a laughting matter. I just canot laugh any more. By the way, two of my Melayu buddies have checked into Tanjong Rambutan Pub to detoxify themselves.

Lao' Cha said...

If this guy go on Larry King Live, he'll come back in a jam bottle with a label that say 'Squashed, churned and defoamed. 100% Natural Toxin with Extra Aumno Acid.'

And we paid good tax money to have standup comedians as MP's to give us a good headache? Why do we laugh at them you ask? Well, because we want to console ourself that the ticket we bought for the show (read Tax) was the funniest joke of it all.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

DAP MPs and state assemblymen still do not realised they are in power today becoz the Malays voted them and now they are trying to be heroes to the chinese community only.

to the DAP dont you all are aware that alcohol are bad for health just like cigarette.

I am a chinese and i hate all the above habits.

Not all policies by PAS are bad.

in fact PAS has been urging bread earners to go back to their families after work instead of heading to all these karaokes joint where alcohol and chinadoll are in abundance.

i remember not very long ago a group of chinese housewife went to see a certain OCPD asking for help
becoz their husband have been spending all their time in all these karaokes outlet.

how many chinese families have succumbed to these evil ?

bread winner spending their hard earned money on alcohol, gambling and later on womanising will come along.

DAP remember you guys represent all malaysians and please do not try to be a hero to a certain community even though knowing very well all the above are bad for everyone.

carry on with your typical chinaman attitude and i can guarantee you guys will all be a one term MP/state assemblyman.

BTW NONE DAP MPs has responded.

d'Frog Prince said...

like the United States where the number of people who sought aid and social benefits was at its highest in 16 years.


err, hello? Malaysia got social benefits meh? foamy mouth knows what he is talking about or not? don't say chinese or indians, even malays also don't get social benefits lah like what the minister is referring to in the usa.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say.
But for once i wish that our politicians would open their big fat mouth and say something constructive instead of destructive.
You understand what i mean?
Why can't they talk smart and act smart instead of acting smart and uttering stupidities?

bean laden said...


amoker said...

That surely confirms it. That government has no idea about blogs and about the economy. The moment they say ' we are ok, really' and dun question is the moment i know that things are not.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, I am continually amazed by your passion on laughing on these flers.

I have given up hope and don't even bother to laugh at them anymore. yeah, antipathy, whatever, I've seen them all and there is no light at the end of the tunnel - maybe except the train's.

Patricia said...

Hi Patrick,

Please insert the title of your previous post here: _____!!!



Anonymous said...

Bean Laden

Not nice to call people bloody chickens just because they leave the country which you so proudly call home.Sounds so much like "holier than thou" syndrome you are suffering fr.

Perhaps you are not leaving like a bloody chicken because you think you are more patriotic. If that be the case, you are no different than those who are ruling the country now. More likely, you are still there because you have some sort of financial connection or perhaps you dont have anywhere better to go to. Really, I agree with you re voting, patriotism, but not jumping to conclusion about those leaving. For me, I have also voted with my legs and left the country though i still love it very much. Happy voting in future.

Anonymous said...

at least.... our dear pak lah said it right about yoga issue. i'm sure there is hope as long as some brainier minister continues to give constructive criticism. Perhaps semuanya can be ok in the long run.... Hope malaysian dont vote with their legs.

Anonymous said...

Strictly speaking, I think as much as i dont wish to support those religious holier than thou people, i think they got it right.

When one practises one's religion strictly, i think they should not (i say should and not must because it is between u and God)do things that has other or deeper spiritually implecation beyond one's own understanding. The timing and priority of these religious fatwa is of course questionable as there are many more important issues I think.

Anonymous said...

the latest :
1) the mmgg wants 2juta from dr csl
4 selesaian !!
2) the @#$%^&* anak mamak wants veri2 much to be the youth leader = TUTUP all primary ( kecuali malay) schools !!
3) after bangkok. mumbai, so NEXT ...!!
3) ...@#$%^&*...niamah xxx smelly !!

telur dua said...

I have a new term for people like Mr Foamy Mouth - a mind @#$ked political zombie. BN is full of them.