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Sunday, November 09, 2008

What a nice guy!

Malaysia's astronaut/space tourist/angkasawan and now a government motivational speaker who pays his own way. What a hero! What a schmuck!

Our first astronaut/space tourist/angkasawan, Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar is embroiled in a controversy over claims that he received RM1.2 million in fees for making appearances and giving talks. Of course the usual No I didn't/ Yes you did/ No he didn't show was staged la. Anyway, I am not writing this to judge the angkasawan or anything like that. I am writing because I find the report on this case rather amusing. In The Sunday Star's online paper today...

“I am a millionaire? I wish I were,” he said in reaction to a report claiming that he had made a total of RM1.2mil by charging RM8,000 per hour.

Okay. Nothing wrong with that. So maybe he did, maybe he didn't.

The Angkasawan’s father, Datuk Sheikh Mustapha Syed Shukor, and brother Sheikh Taufik (who often accompanied him for talks around the country), also vouched for Dr Sheikh Muszaphar, saying he had never demanded fees and added that he was a victim of jealousy and backstabbing.

Okay. Nothing wrong there either. So maybe he did, maybe he didn't.

(His) father expressed disappointment with the way his son has been treated.

He said Dr Sheikh Muszaphar did not get much from the ministry, adding: “He was only given a car to use and paid a RM5,000-plus salary. He even has to pay for a driver and a bodyguard to see to his safety as he has to travel around a lot to give motivational talks.

What? He is paid a RM5,000-plus salary and out of this he has to employ and pay a driver and a body guard? And you say that he often brought his brother along. Wah! The two must be a really frugal pair man! Okay, it would be interesting to find out how much that -plus is worth. You know how Malaysians are when it comes to describing things like this. Hiyah cheap only la. 200-something only. When the price is 299! 200-something or 200-plus only. Either that or the driver and body guard servicing our national hero ain't of very high quality la. If that is the case...HOW CAN??? And some more he has to travel around a lot to give motivation to other Malaysians.

“When he is invited to give talks overseas, such as in the United States, he has to pay for lodging and flight tickets. So, if the organisers offer payment, he accepts them for these purposes,” Sheikh Mustapha said.

What the .... ! So you're actually telling me that our hero astronaut is not very smart issit? Go overseas to give talks and then have to pay air fare and accommodation out of his own pocket? Either he is not very smart or he was actually paid a lot for all his previous motivational talks to be able to afford this stupidity. So which is it? Oh wait...ah I see the organisers of these overseas talks do offer payment and he uses the money to pay his own way there. Sorry, I still think that is not very clever and I sure won't be asking my son to emulate him in a hurry, thank you very much.

He also said that Dr Sheikh Muszaphar was not given monetary rewards like other sportsmen who made the country proud.

So are you saying he should be?

“All he gets is his monthly salary"

Okay! Now we're getting somewhere. It's really all about money isn't it? I see...I see...I see...thank you. But I save the best for last..........

“He was also warned not to accept any datukship,” he said, adding that Dr Sheikh Muszaphar, however, accepted his datukship from the Yang di-Pertuan Besar of Negri Sembilan, his home state.

“He did not want to accept but I told him that the Yam Tuan Besar will murka (be angry).”

I mean....what the! the....oh I don't know la. Maybe the reporter who wrote that story lost something in the translation or maybe the angkasawan's father should be given lessons on how to be more precise about what he wants to public to know. I don't really don't know la. But it brought a smile to my face reading this crap on a Sunday morning.



Anonymous said...

Patrick, shouldn't the datuk? or not datuk angsawan (fluying fock, oops typo duck) be paying back his public loan for his cuti sambil belajar 'SPACE TOURIST'.. roti chanai and teh tarik tossing escapade to the tune of rm60,000,000.00 milion ringgit price tag?, why is the govt paying him rm5,000 ++, car plus all other rumenarations? does he receive a pension from the govt for his UMNO PROPOGANDA , JAGUH KAMPUNG, SPACE TOURIST.. but in Umno terminolgy a space duck title? hai yah , hai yen why, why did my ascendants vote for the BN al these donkey years for this space joke? Wait lah when I die , I am going to have a chat with them about this stupidity?.... hold on , even I was doing the same thing until recently mah.... heheheh. why ah we malaysians are such morons, we oare gluttons for punishment lah. Anyway like the saying goes , ' every dog has his day' but come on lah 52 years of these dog antics? enough is enough, throw these morons from UMNO OUT from this country lah, especialy the recent pendatangs who become instant bumiputras, like khir toyo and all the ahmads and his bend over buddies like the misai from penang. than we see what percentage is the real racia divide, more like 45% to 65% to the other races.

CHOW KIT. next door to the
save saifool hq.

telur dua said...

Who would want to listen to him talk, much less, pay for the 'privilege?' If I want any such motivation I'll just watch the movie 'The Right Stuff' for free.

What is RM1.2 million (if he did earn it) nowadays anyway? Ask him to walk into a NAZA showroom and he'll realise how relatively poor he is.


ken said...

ha, "ta chap' (fatigue) also been treat so good.....

Anonymous said...

Patrick, berapa billion ringgit duit rakyat digunakan hanya untuk menghantar pelawat angkasa (space tourist) dan akhirnya hanya untuk buat ceramah motivasi? ini betul-betul Malaysia Boleh!!!

Ms J said...

credit where credit's due - the man has done us proud for being the first malaysian in space so lets not put him down. however, i do think he needs to engage a professional publicist to talk to the media on his behalf because daddy obviously isnt doin a good job gabbing away like that.

not everything about malaysia is laughable and not everything about malaysia's achievement should be trivialised, folks!

michael said...

The government spent RM60million of public money to send a tourist into space in the ubiquitous pursuit of Malaysia Boleh (or rather Melayu Boleh to sweeten the obscene sum spend on those Russian jets?)

Now this Boleh man is cashing on his popularity to charge a hefty appearance fee on top of the salary he receives from the government.

Who says money doesn't grow on trees in this country ?

amoker said...

First Malaysian in zero gravity la, after investing RM100 million. The return to rakyat? nothing except more expense for him and entourage to visit Kampungs to tell how great he is . and perhaps add in a few Ketuanan slants.

I think he should go back to his old job, at least he is really helping the rakyat

old fart said...

What? Ms J, "engage a professional publicist to talk to the media on his behalf"??? I thought Patrick has already expanded the fact that his five thousand plus ringgit salary has to go towards paying a driver, a bodyguard and then having to pay for his brother's expenses as well, yet now you are saying he should hire another help! wonder he needs to charge RM8,000 per hour for his talk shows.
And by the way, I don't think people are trying to put him down but rather than merely questioning what's been reported in the media. And certainly people are not trivializing him as such. We do give credit where credit is due, however, when people do things that put shame to the country, especially like some of the useless politicians, of course the people will come out to voice their displeasure.

miracle said...

what motivation talk?? a space tourist paid by the "poor" malaysian .. without our consent .. now paying him monthly salary + car + +++ whose money is use to pay him?? the tax payers' again?? why should he be pay a monthly salary for give talk only? yes been to space but as a space passenger how much will he know to give "motivation" talk?? waste of tax payer $$

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the astronaut is a nice guy and all, but honestly you wont see me attending any of his motivational talks la.

I mean, the guy talks too much.

Obi Wan Canopy

abu said...

what so hard about telling the truth?
haiyya Datuk Dr!!did u or did u not charging the 8000/hr??
takut YAM N.S murka?
how bout the other Rulers?

Anonymous said...

Ms J, "the man's done us proud for being the first Malaysian in space"?? Tell it to the kampung folk, my friend. They'll probably buy such bull. Any idiot with enough money to go on board a space mission like that is called a space tourist and our "Angkasawan" is exactly that. What makes it more deplorale is that it was the taxpayers' money that was used to fund this futile effort. I don't know about you, Ms J, but I do pay my taxes and when I see it being put to waste like that, it irks me to no end! What is the govt trying to prove? That we merited this achievement?

True, credit where credit is due. But if someone honestly thinks any credit is due here, that person needs to get his or her head checked out! Not everything about Malaysia is laughable. Almost everything about these corrupt BN goons is, however.

Anonymous said...

the father SHOULD be awarded a ' tan sri-ship' lah 4 producing a
spaceman : can u meh, pat ? can adam go to outer space meh !? hehe!

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

Am an avid reader of your blog, love your stuff, cracks me up :)

something i thought id highlight in case you missed it ...
was going through todays STAR and on page N6 at the bottom theres an article titled -
"Dont get carried away with Obama, says Annuar" - Tan Sri Annuar Musa has urged has urged the public not to get carried away with Obama as we have our own leaders to admire and own issues to resolve,

(Annuar)" i see people wearing Obama t-shirts .... dont get carried away ...

(Annuar)" i also prefer if people would wear t-shirts bearing DS Najib Tun Razak, Soon to be our next PM and umno president

i cracked up laughing i almost coughed up my nasi lemak breakfast,



Anonymous said...

That angkasawan and his other half, the bubbly Chef at Rebung restaurant sure looks like a happily compatible couple!

reshmann said...

Pride and respect should be earned and not gained through backdoor or worse still be bought.I find the space mission by the govt is a utter waste of tax payers money.Simply because I see nothing concrete is being achieved by the nation.I have been waiting since the return of Dr.Sheikh Muzaffar from his space adventure,for him to table the so called medical research papers based on his claim that he undertook some research in space but until today nothing is forthcoming.I have checked most of the medical journals but in vain.
The govt does not have to spend millions to send someone to space just to motivate students,that can be done by many learned persons in Malaysia itself.As long as Dr.Muzaffar does not table his research papers soon than he will be simply branded as a space tourist.In today's world all it takes for one to be rocketed into space is fitness and US$25mil,as was achieved by an Iranian woman space tourist about a year ago in the USA.So what is there to be proud of?
Look at China,Japan and India,these nations have a well organized and efficient space program for future economical and military benefits.India had sent Chandrayaan-1 (`moon craft'in Sanskrit)recently to map not only the lunar surface but also to study the minerals beneath it esp Helium 3 which is rare on earth and which could be a valuable source of energy in future.This mission will also capture some comprehensive pics,which was last done some 40 years ago during the Apollo era.Now, India with its technical expertise and experience sent only an unmanned `moon craft'simply because it is very expensive to send a manned mission,in that aspect why do Malaysia has to send someone to space when that money could be put to better use like improving our health system, poor education system,eradicate poverty and so on?Do we think Singapore or Australia cant send a man to space using the space craft of another country?Of course they can,but they wont,simply because these people are wise and they know their priorities for their people.
People like Scott Pace,the NASA assoc.administrator and some leading British academics have praised India for their latest lunar mission which would not only help her citizens in the future but also the whole world.Now, I would still wait to see the research papers tabled by our Dr.Sheikh Muzaffar and to be praised by these academics,only then will I be very proud of our achievement.Until then Dr,Muzaffar will remain as a `space tourist'not only to me but to all wise and learned Malaysians I beleive.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys...can you please stop calling him astronaut? He's not one.

As for his motivational talks...please lah don't make my toes laugh. Even my 5 year-old son says he is a joke costing the country millions which can be better spent elsewhere. That will be more motivating.

rcchia said...

Aah, but he has no spin doctors (er, should I say, speech writers) who craft his speech for him. Maybe he will say he was misquoted, or newspaper had changed his message, like what the other fler said about the police beat base.

Native_Swak said...

Dear Pat,

Don't blame the angkasawan for the space trip. Blame it on the gov't bcos those goons are actually trying to tell the world how silly Malaysian can be. When I first watch live coverage on TV, "my god" it is probably the biggest joke of all times. Eh!! should win some awards oo..

Another thing, what is wrong receiving payment for the job he did (giving ceramah). You know he should be paid more than any or atleast smae as other live stage comedian like Lawrence Martin or Chris Rock.

Jangan marah nanti kena jual dan semua harta akan di rampas.

Anonymous said...

side-track : " how dare he/she bebaskan RPK ! how my ORDER being interpretted, too much lah...must APPEAL to get him ISAed sekali again ....@#$%^&*...!! "

btw , 27 were ARRESTED in pj lah !!

Amrit Jay said...

Anonymous said...

That angkasawan and his other half, the bubbly Chef at Rebung restaurant sure looks like a happily compatible couple!

---LOLLLLLLL amongst all the facts reported this is the one i know for sure is right! LOLLL

Juanito said...

Read what I had to say about the angka-ASS-One in my blog.

Anonymous said...

Why spend so much money to enable a space tourist to give motivasi talk?

The governemnt should employ the local expert Billy Lim (of 'Dare To Fail' fame). I bet Billy would not need a driver or bodyguard.

If you read this blog, please quote your fee. You have tried in vain to be a MP via the Independent route, truly berani gagal! I salute your Tak Boleh semangat.

Anonymous said...

Rm5000.00plus only izzit??Hey brpther you no how many mouths that can feed even here in bolehland??
Lets get this vry clear . some people are not jealous etc.. we just think all this stinks.. the flers probabaly a nice guy with the GRIN and all that but enough is enough..SOME of us are not proud ..just pissed off tttaht the mula was not better spent.. asstrnot sheeessh..see what that made me stut stuttering !!He came to our town and we took our whole family outa la joking only canna do cos not 5gsplus to spend.!!


Stoopid said...

Niamah! So bloody stoopid lah! We've should've sent a scientist up there.. or maybe just a monkey or a dog! At least now the country wont look so stoopid!

I feel stpid being a Malaysian.. in many many aspects!

Anonymous said...

Zaid is in BIG masalah !!

Noto said...

Uncle patrick...
This is infact the most hilarious news tat came out for last week.. & guess wut... another joke just came out from the Selangor police chief regarding the incident at the petaling jaya civic centre..
Despite of a video evidence... the fler can still open eyes big big & tell lies... The star just gave a small small paragraph about his denial... So i wonder tuesday news would come out something with 'I was not aware of the situation until this morning' or whatever jokes they could come out with... Boloehland... Negara ceria anda~ Your feel good country... laughter the best medicine~ hahaha

psc said...

this guy is a orthopaedic surgeon.he should be operating in the hospital k.l.instead going around the he on no pay leave.govt.staff have about 30 days annual leave.

Alljobshavebenefits said...

The guy gets a salary, car, and benefits from giving talks after doing some work...whats wrong with that?
Sometimes I feel we malaysians can be hypocrites.
C'mon, wouldnt we too would accept benefits from our job...
Yeah one of you guys would rudely go up to a sultan and say no to a datukship on principal....Sometimes u can sense a touch of jealousy in some of these comments. I may not like the astronaut guy, but consider that all jobs have perks

pistolair said...

Mukhriz Lantang Biadap, Bodoh Macam George W Bush ~ Malaysiakini

Dalam wawancara bersama akhbar The Star yang dipaparkan hari ini, Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir mengeluarkan beberapa kenyataan yang tampak agak janggal. Barangkali sungguhpun menjadi anak Tun Dr Mahathir, Mukhriz belum cukup ilmu politik kerana sesetengah keterangan dan jawapannya menonjolkan seorang yang kurang matang dalam pemikiran dan rumusan terhadap sesuatu fenomena mudah, inikan kebijakan politik mahupun intelek untuk memimpin pergerakan Pemuda UMNO Malaysia.
Pertama sekali, Mukhriz menyatakan bahawa orang yang memberi wang atas namanya sebenarnya bukan ejennya, cuma orang yang mahu memburuk-burukkan namanya. Masya Allah, kamu ingat bodoh sangatkah kita ni Mukhriz? Di Ipoh Timur di mana Khir Toyo berjaya mendapat pencalonan KP Malaysia, Tun Amar (adik kepada Tun Faisal, antara penyokong Mukhriz yang kalah di Putrajaya kepada Dato’ Zaki Zahid) telah memberi ‘peluru’ kepada para perwakilan, tetapi malang buat Mukhriz, peluru Khir lebih hebat.
Dan di Tanah Merah, ejen utama Mukhriz, Sazmi Miah berbuat sepertimana Tun Amar di Ipoh Timur dan berjaya mendapatkan pencalonan untuk Mukhriz. Mukhriz adalah anak Mahathir, darah daging Mahathir, dibesarkan oleh Mahathir, dan ramai memberi sokongan kepadanya pun sebab Mahathir. Dan Mahathir inilah bapa kepada politik wang UMNO. Manakan logik Mukhriz ini bersih?
Yang peliknya, Mukhriz berani mencabar sesiapa sahaja membuktikan bahawa dia ada terlibat dengan politik wang dan jika terbukti beliau akan menarik diri. Wah, lantang sungguh. Tapi lantang yang angkuh dan biadap. Umum mengetahui politik wang memang wujud dalam parti UMNO, tetapi memang amat sukar membuktikannya kerana calon akan menggunakan proksi atau ejen untuk menghulurkan rasuah kepada para perwakilan. Maka sebab itulah Mukhriz berani berkata sebegitu. Yang selamat dia berani lah, isu yang ada risiko sedikit kepadanya, Mukhriz tidak berani - debat pun tak berani! Slogan Mukhriz wajar diubah dari Berani Berubah kepada Berani Bertempat.
Kenyataan janggal kedua dalam wawancara adalah apabila Mukhriz berkata bahawa jika beliau kalah di Mac nanti, maka suara akar umbi tidak akan tercapai kerana “jelas sekali akar umbi memang nakkan saya, ”. Mentang-mentang mendahului pencalonan, Mukhriz sudah cukup bongkak. Kini Khairy sudah 52 pencalonan, dan Khir Toyo 62 pencalonan, adakah bagi Mukhriz lebih seratus bahagian yang tidak mencalonkannya bukan merupakan ‘akar umbi’? Mengapa Mukhriz begitu sombong cuba mengatakan beliaulah suara sebenar akar umbi?
Dan jika pun orang yang mendahului pencalonan itu adalah suara sebenar akar umbi, Mukhriz sendiri mengakui bahawa ada orang yang memberi rasuah atas namanya. Jadi sudah pasti kalau pun orang-orang tersebut bukan ejen Mukhriz - yang memang kita tak percaya - keputusan para perwakilan di peringkat Bahagian sudah dicacatkan dengan politik wang atas nama Mukhriz Mahathir. Jadi, apa maksud kau Mukhriz?
Mukhriz perlu banyak belajar lagi. Sudah lah SPM dulu Gred 3, hujah dan pemikirannya seakan-akan budak sekolah. Hujah yang tak konsisten, yang tidak masuk akal dan tidak selari antara satu sama lain wajar merisaukan para perwakilan. Ketua Pemuda UMNO sekarang ini perlu hebat dan bijak, bukan yang penakut dan kelam kabut. Tapi bagi kami seronok pula baca wawancara Mukhriz ini - macam seronok tengok George W Bush sebab kelakar.
Tempoh hari, Mukhriz ada ditanya soalan “Apakah pencapaian anda yang boleh dibanggakan?” Jawapannya, “Saya ada kilang fiber optik; semua fiber optik di Malaysia ini kilang saya punya”. Sudah la jawapan itu tidak ada kena mengena dengan perjuangan politik Pemuda, jawapan Mukhriz itu juga ‘mengkantoikan’ dirinya sendiri. Sebab bapak kau PM dulu la kau dapat monopoli bisnes macam tu! Kah kah kah.

sumber -

Anonymous said...

Only goons would pay RM8,000 for this so-called astronaut to give a motivational speech. He was only a space tourist lah!!!!I'm beginning to wander how he got his "Dr"?

Lt Col (R) Idris Hassan said...

Dear Patrick,
I am fighting a rear guard battle with the Ministry of Defence to help my friend Captain Mukthiar Singh a war hero who was denied a pension after serving the country with honour for 29 years.Look at this guy goes for a joy ride to space on the tax payers account gets a Datukship and now every thing else plus plus plus.Sheeshh!! Go to Rangers blog. and read the full story of a real National Hero forget about this space tourist he pales in comparsion to Mukthiar

KIMHO8 said...

Aliens' talk.

DJ Khor said...

Dearest Mr Teoh,

True. If this space traveller is NOT a millionaire like he claims he is, then he should not be acting like one.

Saw him checking into a hotel once. He kept shouting at the reception staff for being slow. Heard him screaming "I'm tired after all the travelling...", " kerja lembap...".

Hello, I'm sure the hotel staff working all day also tired, like everybody else who works. Why he so tired? He got driver wat.

Fcuking hypocritic space passenger.

K L said...

This is how the NEP 30% is achieved !

caravanserai said...


The sum isn’t added up
Only $5,000 a month
He has to pay so many
In the end he gets nothing
He runs into deficit

How to motivate others?
When he can’t budget himself?
Look like something isn’t correct
Another lie like what we heard AMMO say
Without blinking their eyes

We always hear lies
Enough of it in our lives
Every time we open the pages of newspapers
We read about political lies……

About former Lord President
He was sacked; he wasn’t
The former PM disagreed
Nazi taxi disagreed
But the taxpayers paid $10.5 million
Now who felt the sore?

When money is lying there
One has to grab it and makes full use of it
In this world money talk
Like the guy coolly walking out in a bank
A bag full of money the guard didn’t know

Lies in many forms
What a joke to hear them say
Racists go free
Peaceful candle light vigils roughing up
By the men in blue

And we had been listening to lies
For over 51 years and yet it never ends
Niamah it is time we woke up
Make changes in our country
For the better in our lives

Schin said...

What? What kind of motivational talk can he give? The whole world knows he's just a tourist. Is he going to say "Hahaha shit, I got the gov to pay for a space trip for me, if I can do it, you can too! Screw the people!"

Anonymous said...

djkhor, have you HAD travelled billions of km ? he HAS = veri tired lah ,ok...hehehe...!!

Anonymous said...

wahh...if an astronaut shouts and complains about service cannot aah...if businessman can aah..double standard what...
if bad service you complain pay what..either you millionaire or thousandaire...aparaaa...

Anonymous said...

come lah ..
his father used his power to get him the seat to space , using our monies ..
do you all think he qualified ?
pleaselah ...
We all paid for his trip and also his datukship ....
anyway , a sucker always a sucker.
whoever married to him will suffer as his evil and dirty habits just surface ..
like father like son ..
his father is the evil businessman that conned poor malays in NS ..

Anonymous said...

Lt Col(R)Idris Hassan you sir are a true officer and a gentleman for sacrificing your time and effort for a true MALAYSIAN hero.I think you are a rare breed of officers who do not see beyond colour for that SALUTA. MALAYSIA FOR MALAYSIANS.

u-en said...

Unlike old fart, I really do want to put this fellow down. Permanently. It might not be his fault that the government decided to fool around, but it certainly is his fault for not realising his part in his own destruction.

Ms J, what if any benefit has this "space programme" brought us? Has it put us on the path towards space exploration? Are our astrophysicists any closer to being astrophysicists? Is there some new top secret cold fusion propulsion lab somewhere in Ulu Yam that we've not been told about?

Has the National Space Administration, or whatever it calls itself released ANY research findings? No. Because all their precious "samples" were destroyed upon reentry into the Earth's atmosphere.

There is nothing trivial about the money we have spent doing... what, exactly? Send a man up to space? Well the Russians sent monkeys, and that was years ago.

So how, exactly, does this make us proud?

Anonymous said...

dun use OUR hard-earned bloody money, ok !? @#$%^&* !!

Anonymous said...

He get only RM5,000 per month after minus off paying his driver RM3,000/month, Bodyguard RM4,000/month, personal assistant that is his brother RM5,000/month, his spoke person that is his father RM3,000/month, travelling espenses RM30,000/month. So actually his gross income is RM50,000/month.
So to charge RM8,000/hour is very reasonable!


I know of a few leaders in some of the Middle East countries who are very interested to become the First or No. 1 in various fields --such as the tallest building in the world, the first to have this and that in the Arab world, etc. etc. But all these are very meaningful and beneficial to their people as all these No. 1 projects are in the form of physical infrastructure built on the soild grounds with oil and gas money, and without the needs to use tax payers' hard-earned money.

You see how smart the Arab leaders use and spend their money and make their nations famous instead of individuals become famous?

Just a simple comparison here:

1) Spent RM100 million for sending one individual to space = Only ONE person becomes famous but wihout any hardware left behind for the rakyat to use. Well, so far only the Bolehland has done this. No other countries are willing to fight for the No. 1 position for this kind of achievement or competition.

2) Spent RM100 million for constructing bridges and roads = many rakyat are benefiting due to presence of hardware (physical infrastucture). Many countries are willing to do these without the need to fight for No. 1 position.

Which country you think is having leaders with good brains?

Anonymous said...

" ...@#$%^&*...cepat lah, bila kah
my turn ...@#$%^&*...!!" the 2nd fler is marahing !!

The said...

This so-called astronaut was quoted as not knowing what a G-suit was and only found out when he went to Russia for training.


Anonymous said...

We are now famous for sending the first gay astronaut into space, beating out America who almost sent Lance Bass. Malaysia Boleh!

Anonymous said...

...@#$%^&*...niamah xxx them ...:
' each joy trip to outer space causes our bloody hard-earned money
tens of JUTA ! 90% of it comes from the babicinas somemore AND 95.1% of BILLIONS of the education
bajet goes to the malay schools !!
mca OTK & dr Chua, dun you niamahxx
know about this & KEEPING silent !?

Anonymous said...

So much hype about carrying out scientific experiments in space which will benefit mankind! Trunk loads of equipment flown to Russia, accompanied by that fler from UKM (a Professor Rahman)blah blah.... Now that the mission is over, what is the output from those experiments? Has the findings been published in any acclaimed journal like Scientific American, Nature ? These expensive "home experiments" have to be accounted for la. Dont just blow hot air over a "masak masak" experiment.

Anonymous said...

DAMN DAMN & curse those @#$%^&* bastards for the stoopit idea sending tourist ( 2nd one coming soon) to meet aliens in the outer space with OUR hard-earned BLOODY
tax money !!
use your own money by all means BUT dun touch a sen of mine , it's
HARAM to touch a sen from the babicinas ... to hell you GO !

Anonymous said...


Angkasawan admited that he received $$$ RM for his motivational talks in schools.

Anonymous said...

car angkasawan drove is BMW Z4 or Z3 (BHS 9) that's goes for RM 5000++ salary, can afford staying in bangsar levisly, and also with all the bro's expenses (of course not working), and also check it out for his family backgound (a lot of police report) his father is using everything to get his son goes to F**cking space..only space tourist..and some more what he bring back to the nation...?

Not mention about what his experience and so forth just it the same and regular expression only..WTF!!!!

his father is the biggets culprit..

Anonymous said...

how much does a car no.BHS9 cost ah !?

Anonymous said...

FYI...this "angk-ass-awan" is already a father to a 11 year old was featured in an old FEMALE mag before he became famous a couple years back...but now he is covering up pretending to be the so called "eligible" bachelor of Malaysia...don't be fooled by his smiley cocky face...:)....another brawn...

Anonymous said...

brawn =pickled pig-meat !? WHAT !

Anonymous said...

alahai kaum cina jelous la tu..sbb bukan kaum cina yang dapat pergi angkasa..tah2 kaum cina jugak yang buat cerita ni

Anonymous said...

yang atas tu beriya2 marah. tah2 tak bayar cukai pun. kaum cina kan selalu tipu dalam declare income tax!!