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Friday, November 21, 2008

Which Fler/s killed Altantuya?

Murdered Mongolian, Altantuya Shaaribuu.

First Dis Fler said that he knew who killed the Mongolian beauty and who gave the order for the murder and who blew up her body. Dis Fler also said that he had evidence to prove his allegations. He was just waiting for the right time to reveal these to the courts.

Then Det Fler swore in the name of Al…errr…sorry…God, that he didn’t know the dead woman. Never had sex with her. Never met her. Never even knew who she was la.

And now the Poor Fler says that Det Fler really didn’t know her and Det Fler and His Wife never met the deceased. Never. “The truth is truth and nothing can change the truth,” he said. And then ah…when reporters asked him, “Eh! How you know Det Fler had never met ?” He replied, “I know…I just know.” Period. Errr…maybe the truth is…IN THERE! Somewhere. And referring to bloggers who have had a field day, writing and speculating on what actually happened the Poor Fler said, “Liars are running supreme.” That’s for fucking sure, man! Well at least he said something indisputable at that press conference la.

Oh yes, of course you all must remember that the Poor Fler spent 22 months in jail and has now been acquitted by the court or the system as he calls it. So? So there is absolutely no political interference in the case at all. Ya perhaps so. If only this case was heard in pre-Mahathir Malaysian courts some of us might even believe the Poor Fler.

Now the question in the minds of Us Flers is this…

So, now the Poor Fler is acquitted. Det Fler has sworn that he is not involved at all. And Dis Fler is still waiting for the ‘right’ time to reveal his damning ‘evidence’, Us Flers are wondering, “Eh? Isn’t this a murder trial?” If it is then shouldn’t we be more concerned about finding the killer of the poor woman rather than focusing so much on Dis, Det and… wait a minute…there are still of course, Dose Flers who are still being tried for blowing up Altantuya’s body. But then ah…Dose Flers were acting under orders, right? Because they also don’t know the woman and never met her, right? If that is so then there must be the Other Fler/s who must have “mengarahkan” (given the orders), right? And then there must have been Dat Fler/s who shot her first.

Okay, let me try and recap this episode. So the Poor Fler met Altantuya and had an affair with her. Then when he tried to end it. She came to Malaysia to look for him. Then he called for help from Some Fler/s. Some Fler/s killed her and blew up her body with C4 explosives. Or gave Other Flers the order to do so. The Poor Fler got arrested and charged with abettment. Then Dis Fler said that Det Fler and His Wife plotted the whole thing and that Det Fler was the one having an affair with her. Then Dose Flers were also hauled in for allegedly being the ones who shot her and blew up her body. Now the Poor Fler is acquitted. Dose Flers are still being tried. Det Fler has sworn on the Holy Book. Dis Fler is still not revealing anything other than accusations.

I am not making light of a sad and tragic event in the lives of the Shaaribuu family of Mongolia but as a human being I just want to see justice done. The murderer brought to book and punished and the soul of Altantuya finally able to rest in peace. But nothing that I read in the newspapers or blogs or anything point to the fact that much is being done to find the murderer/s.

True ah? Or have I been missing lots?


Note: After reading about all the Flers, You Flers must be damned confused, right? Sorry la.


junruslan88 said...

Mulder says, the TRUTH is out there.........

suki said...

Niamah too many flers la bro make everyone peningggg but very sure the one fler knows,aiyaa back to peninggg.

Anonymous said...

aiyah ! where got mongolian girl come to malaysia ? nothing in the immigration about her what !!

next, that indian bala talked non-sense ,that's why he felt malu & ran away lah !
3rdly, det 2 flers are forced to eat 'dead cats' !
4thly, .........coming soon !!

pah nur said...

And then there was The Other Fler, who came up with the Statutory Declaration that turned 360degrees course the day after, before plunging into the bermuda triangle.

Of coz the other fler can take up the Quran and use all 99name of God, including Allah, to swear upon because most likely it is the flers partner who probably did it. Why not ask the partner to swear?

Hello, if someone can stomach a committing something clearly forbidden by the words of God compiled as the Quran, what is swearing upon the Quran to them you tell me. They are not scared of God, why should they be scared of Quran?

What is the lesson of the day? You have power, Malaysia sure boleh one...boleh kiraaaaaa....

It makes me nauseaus to carry the Malaysian passport around...

k4kenny said...

Pat, as u put it, so many flers out there, whois and whodunnit is amongst these flers only la!!!

So, it has been the norm in boleh-land when thing like this happening and involving the power-power people, even though got proof also useless. The truth is the whole thing will drag on till sundown, sunset, sunrise, whatever, the poor Altantuya soul will never rest in peace.

But, SHE will hunt down her killers wherever they are....SOON. ALTANTUYA, GO HUNT THEM DOWN, GO INTO THEIR DREAMS...LET THEM SEE YOU DRESSED UP IN RED.....

Anonymous said...

And now suddenly the fler going off to continue studies in OXFORD somore - wah lan leh. So convinient wan meh timing for study?
Somore, murder trial, still can "wait till the right time to bring out evidence"? He think what?? Hollywood/Bollywood movie ah this wan? Father's court-room is it??
And on a different note, Patrick, why dont u blog about something a certain other fler said about someone not having to be a specific race to be able to be PM in this country. Kononnya can be like US/Obama la. No need to be white to be US President. Apparently Malaysia also can. That's what he said la.
-Regular malaysian youth who enjoys your blog-

d'Frog Prince said...

aiyoh, i lost amongst the fler all. anyway, all are dirty fler lah, "san yau si" according to cantonese proverbs, and "takkan daun bergoyang tanpa angin" according to malays proverb, sorry, don't know any indian proverbs...

even fox mulder will have hard time to believe that the truth is out there. he will just say, send the files to X.

Anonymous said...

As I have learnt, the difference between personal and common karma can be seen in the following example:

Suppose a fler goes to blow up a person to gain certain economic advantages and in the process, numerous flers are hauled and investigated.

If a particular fler volunteers for abetment service and actually participates in the carnage, he commits a personal karma of killing.

Other flers, however, even if opposed to the killing may benefit directly or indirectly (e.g., through economic gain). They are thus said to share in the common karma of killing of that ill-fated Mongolian beauty.

"According to the seed that’s sown,
So is the fruit you reap there from,
Doer of good will gather good,
Doer of evil, evil reaps,
Down is the seed and thou shalt taste
The fruit thereof."

My warning to that Poor Fler: Beware of KARMA -- both personal and common!

Anonymous said...


I was amused when Baginda called blogger rumour mongers, liars.

I agree in general Msians love gossip. !!!

But I believe the mainstream media are the worst rumour mongers, liars.
Like how they reported the Hindraf rally (pic of injured cop but none of injured peaceful protestors), Bersih rally (a photo of vehicles stuck in a traffic jam), of cos the Anwar Trial and how they slandered Altantuya as some "part time model" and the star even printed WRONG PHOTOS of her...Did they ever apologise? No, 'cos she is a "nobody" to these sick, powerful warlords in Barisan....

SameSame said...

Yenna anney??

One thing for sure,some fellas gonna pay big time for their sins.However and sadly not in this life time - with our police fellas taking their sweet time solving this crime and not forgetting a donkey court system.

The celaka part is that fella who is hiding behind his wife baju kurung will still make it to the top and beat his chest like kingkong. The other fella will run away to Ingrand!

Real nuisance la these fellas!


james bonginda said...

The Malay Supremacists Group will say the murderers are :

1] Mossad Isreal agents or
2] American CIA or
3] French Surete or
4] British MI6 or
5] Russian KGB

eventually the case will go to the Highest Court where the Chief Justice who once BRIBED Court Officials sits.

God Bless Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

i would want to say niamah to poor fella, det fella, dose fellas, some fellas and the other fellas.
poor fella escaping away - don't think he's coming back even if he's called to the trial of does fellas.
study hor? at this age study? fup looks

Anonymous said...

what about that blogger fler oredi-ar??

Anonymous said...

the one kind fler who blotted out the immigration records will know something. That fler would hv gotten the order fr his superior who would hv gotten order fr the buggler (cross between fler and bugger)who is really closely connected with the killer/s. May justice prevail and prevail sooner than later.

This country is going to the dogs or has it gone to the dogs already. People in power keep saying we cannot say this and that because we are not malays or muslims so we have no authority to say this and that. Got such law in malaysia to say this ah. If there is such a law please have it printed on page one of all major papers la. At least we then have done our job to notify everyone one in this world. Please la, print in newspaper on page one the following:

1. in Malaysia, one is not allowed to speak of any religion unless one is trained in the religion and professes that religion.

2. In Malaysia, only people in authority, eg PM, DPM, IGP can speak on any topic. No one else can do so unless they have written approval from these 3 flers.

Something like that la is required. Otherwise, I tell you the silly citizens keep talking like they own the country la.

Anonymous said...

Hey, which fler made this so fukin' confusing man.

natives are restless said...

I got it !!! Think I have figured this one out . She must have been a suicide bomber , who blew herself up "accidentally".

Palmdoc said...

So that leaves only those two bumbling cops.
Are you kidding me?

michael said...

With poor fler acquitted, where is the motive then by the remaining 2 to murder a Mongolian ?

I think all the flers were lying.
There was no body.
The DNA found on those bone fragments could have been planted like what they did to that mattress.
So, like Bala, Altantuya is hiding somewhere with pleny of cash, laughing at us all.

Now that is really the mother of all Niamahs !

Anonymous said...

You sure is one funny guy. I like what you write. Entertainingly funny, witty and sure sets you thinking.

You made my weekend!

peter said...

OK, lets anal-lise this:

Poor fler acquitted by court, so he has 'GOT' to be innocent. So says the COURT.

Det fler and wife swore by the name of the their creator. Being no.2 and future no.1, this got to carry some weight. (I certainly pray so)

Now left Dose Fler and Dis fler.

Why dose fler did it? Murder should have a motive. They say they dont know her, so where is the motive. Or maybe they do know her or maybe even more...

Then what about this Dis fler. He said he knew. Maybe he does. Why the court still not saman to tell all in the court?

Well,if the mata-mata is still dont know what to do, maybe can make use of my anal-lise.


Anonymous said...

I am a confused Fler!

We have pieces of Altantuya's scattered in the forest. This Fler is not responsible, poor Fler washes his hands, that Fler did not meet her & swear by the Koran & wants to be the Pee-M in waiting, Rosie Fler did not witness her being blown up & Ninja (Dose) Flers still to go through the grind of answering the murder after 22 months of kangaroo court hearings, we are back to square one.
To upp the ant poor Fler describes us all Blogger Flers as Liars!
The only justice for Altantuya is to send all these flers to Ulan Bator. Period!

Anonymous said...

Our legal friends always advice: Don't tell a lie or you will need another lie to cover it up. Is there a book written titled "Power, Politics & Sex"?

Nordin said...

The CIA could not have done better!

Anonymous said...

28224746 28225491 :-)


Anonymous said...

I know my dog does not have any affair with my neighbour's dog because I aloways put my dog behind the fencing.

But I can not say so for my neighbour's dog as I seldom contact her .

Unless he knows the decease well...then he make this comment ..a really brainless analyst

La Cha Mau said...

No, Pat, you are not missing a lot. Dat fler who is waiting at the bus stop will eventually keep on waiting at the bus depot & the depot boss will continue being the depot boss obviously because he will decide to bring forth some new tools which can assist greatly to prolong & possibly kill off the waiting game. A lot of fresh tools will be produced by the guy who look like an African-American in consultation with the yak Professor & the blue-blood guy who was not properly fed. Of course, the wannabe James Bond from the Automated Teller Machine(ATM) on instructions but without much deep thoughts from the depot boss threw the required spanner into the works and suddenly presto! there seems to be two more who will be charged with abetment by not producing the said spanner at the material time before dis fler was stopped from masturbating and further and started to make love passionately in the comforts of his home again as he should have always done so in the first place.

Now, Pat, did you get the drift or do you need a souped-up car to get that?

so what?!! said...

bodoh!not that particular person, to the owner of this blog, tokkok all the time, come on! say it in front of media la, afraid ah? takut periuk nasi kena tutup ke? poor you old patrick!

Anonymous said...

2 coppers will be found guilty. Guilty of something and sentence to death. They will be given few millions la. And of course new identity so they will live abroad for awhile. Use the money to do some pilgrimage so clean sins. Then pray pray until they justified their own wrong doings...aiyah done for the sake of national unity la, like 007 la, likks for queen and country mah. Licence to kill la.

They hope all this will be soon forgotton. They can hope whatever la, people may forget but the all seeing, just God will see and I think God will seek them out. Meanwhile, the devil himself will seek them(guilty flers) out.

Anonymous said...

Michael (10.07am)

I think you have probably solve the mystery.

Juanito said...

Hi Uncle Pat, how are things?

Btw, which fellar shot or killed I dont know la.. But I only know this

I shot the sheriff but I did not shoot the deputy..

Hv a good day

Antares said...

Fuck all dose flers, useless buggers. Everybody (including dis fler Raz Bag) knows... just KNOWS... da bloody BUTT-ler did it. Cunning bastard dat fler. Made all the evidence point at our future PM & his gracious wife Rosemary just to sabotage their political ambitions!

Now... only one question remains... exactly WHO is dis butt-ler? Obviously somebody who likes backsides...

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if this is true? "Teams of holy ninjas trashed a bar in the Regent last week, smashing all the alcohol as guests - foreign and local, fled in fear. Nothing in the papers."

- Sword O' Might

Fuzzy A! said...

Yep yep yep, super confused. This kind of things make me feel the Jigsaw Killer is justified. We need Saw VI: Gergaji Malaysia.


This is a little story about five people named Dis Fler, Det Fler, Poor Fler, Does Fler and Us Flers.

There was an important job to be done and Det Fler was sure that Does Flers would do it.

Poor Fler could have done it, but Does Flers did it.

Det Fler got angry about that because it was Poor Fler's job.

Det Fler thought that Poor Fler could do it, but Det Fler realized that Poor Fler wouldn't do it.

It ended up that Det Fler blamed Poor Fler when Does Flers did what Poor Fler could have done!

And Dis Fler is still waiting for the ‘right’ time to reveal his damning ‘evidence’.

Whilst Us Flers are wondering when will they send the Altantuya murderers to hell?

Anonymous said...

pay RM3.60 and ask la ....
veli cun one ....
onlything cannot bring to court as witness only mah ..

Anonymous said...


For photo, see:

No candles? No problem:

1. Get a papercup.
2. Get a torchlight.
3. Use a pin or needle to poke holes into the paper cup.
4. Tape the papercup to the top of the torchlight with some duct or cellophane tape.
5. Done.

If you're taking LRT to get to the Anti-ISA Vigil at MBPJ (Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya), get off at Asia Jaya Putra LRT station. If you know the walking route, you can take a 15 minute walk to MBPJ. Otherwise, you can catch the T629 RapidKL shuttle bus which will pass Jalan Yong Shook Lin, where the MBPJ is situated. Just ask the bus driver to stop you at MBPJ.

Alternatively, if you know the walking route, you can stop at the Taman Jaya Putra LRT station and take a 15 minute walk to MBPJ.

MBPJ address:
Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya,
Jalan Yong Shook Lin,
46675 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
General Phone line: 79563544

Map of Petaling Jaya:

God bless and stay safe. See you all there!


Qcumber said...

The murderer is..... ta ta...

OJ Simpson !

ayor lemuju said...

you're one funny fler la patrick, so sarcastic fler.

Suicidal Angel said...

me fler damn confused!!
this whole story is damn confusing... taking so much time to be solved...

CHIA, Chin Yau said...

How many fler are there in your story? Did you cover them all? This is the first post of yours that I dunno what I have read after reading again and again!

Well, I don't mean to blame you but there must be a simple way to express the whole story, perhaps:

"someone got blown up. and this someone does not exist before this someone was blown up. and that everyone claimed they did not kill this someone. So everyone else guess it might be act of God that C4 find this someone itself and bond this someone and ignited without every other one!"

case closed. puzzle solved. There's no murder, since there's no one in the wrong.

CHIA, Chin Yau said...

btw, how the poor fler know dat fler never met dis fler? the poor fler follow dat fler 24 hrs, 365 days since dat fler was born?

wizardp00f said...

hahaha, the best usage of Dis, Dat, Dose I've ever seen. back to the topic, i think that as we get older and more in the know, we become less trusting to the word 'justice' in our country. law is a rich/powerful man's game. that's how i see it anyway

Anonymous said...

hahaha!dis razak must be acquitted lah ( fool ID10T juga tau ) to tell the world : " pls believe me with my god as witness that the honourable dpm & bini NEVER NEVER
ARE TERLIBAT bcos i was with them all the time even to the tandas ... they were with me ...all the time they saw what i did with dat girl ..
i'v mixed up oredi!!??"

nstman said...

LaTEST from Tanjong Rambutan PUb: One fler said the court will acquit the two cops when the show trial resumes, citing lack of evidence. There will then be an inquiry, or mother of all inquiries, later to appease the Mongols. Of course the conclusion is all written in the script. And the script will say Altunthuya committed suicide by blowing herself with firecrackers. Malaysia Boleh.

Anonymous said...

R.B.affair sama itu Altantunya.Tapi yang akan kena pancung yang 2 orang yang masih in detention.????????

d'Frog Prince said...

after re-reading, i think i get the gist, i think lah. it's like this fler says that fler do, but that fler says he didn't do, but some fler sure do, but all fler knows not any fler can do what this fler do to the other fler without one fler consent, in the end, all fler very angry and confused because some fler who did something got away scot free because that fler kau tim this fler already.

d'frog prince

laimun said...

He looks fat after fasting 200+ days. Sounded so cocky, telling the world that he is going to OXFORD……this is the pits, NIAAAAAMAA.

I can accept the fact that he was probably not involved in the murder, directly or indirectly. That he had the affair, good luck to him. That is what most of us would do if a beauty like her gave us a second look.

At most, he wants out, like intimidate her with police action or put on the next spaceship to Mars. That’s fair.

So he has been exonerated. Then, who gave the order?

There is every reason to believe that nobody gave any order to shoot and bomb. Those two cowboys were so immersed in their roles as Agents 000000.001 Birdbrain that they took it upon themselves to act the role to completion. This Special Unit flers (not all), think they are Bollywood characters and probably act out their role, singing even when the sky was lit up with body parts.

I am not trying to be funny. I apologize to the deceased’s family for making light their sorrow. My thoughts are with them.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, if not happy then go lodge police report la. No point making noise here la. Everyday I read this group and that group making police report. These people got nothing better to do la. Always the same issue; protecting muslim or malay rights under the constitution. These people have brains only for this issues. They forget about others la. Hey, non malays and non muslims also have rights la. They sound like racist and islamic/malays apologists. Try to be malaysian apologist can or not.

Makes me sick to be malaysian. Few more yrs I will qualify to be citizen of another country. For now, patience and still got little hope that malaysians will change for the better. To do so, the majority group need to change and they are the malays/muslims.

Frustrated fler said...

Now where are the JAKIM flers when u need them? A muslim having extra-marital affair wor, how come didn't pounce on him and jail him for khalwat? I guess the yoga issue is more important, right?

Poor fler talked about evidence, so where is his when it comes to dat couple not having seen Altantuya? "I know, okay?... I know..." doesn't sound too convincing to me!

In Boleh Land, truth is owned by whoever can afford it.


Anonymous said...

Good post, Patrick. U have said it all...
I support u!!!

Anonymous said...

I rather read the half truth by the bloggers because the mainstream press and medaia is so biased and full of propaganda shit and opposition bashing.

Anonymous said...

Blogging will be a job in civil service?


Pahang hires pensioners to battle bloggers

TEMERLOH, Nov 23 – The Pahang government has appointed three pensioners as bloggers to thwart slanderous comments and allegations posted on the Internet.

State Information, Science, Technology and Innovation Committee chairman Datuk Mohd Sharkar Shamsudin said the bloggers, who would be paid allowances, would be provided with computers and the Internet access in their homes.

The pensioners can capitalise on their experience to explain the actual situation to the people besides providing feedbacks and opinions to the government, he told reporters after attending the Senior Citizens Day organised by the Pahang Chapter of the Malaysian Government Pensioners’ Association here today.

“More bloggers will be appointed. We value pensioners’ thoughts in our efforts to improve the state’s economy and prosperity and unity of the people,” he said.

Pahang Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob told the state legislative assembly recently that he was slandered by a blogger. – Bernama

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon

Of course half truth in the blogs better than main press la. Main press is 99% lies la. Ok, sory, 90% lies la. Give them a little benefit of the doubt.

pah nur said...

I know the verdict. The two cops will be found guilty and sentence to some form of punishment...someone have to become the escape goat right?

But notice how both of the cops seem to be hiding their faces at all times from conspiracy theory says that they will be paid well and probably moved somewhere else, in order to settle the case....after all, not many knows how these two cops look like. A little bit of janggut here and misai there, and turban/songkok, or best would be the darth vader hijab, and no one would notice their identity (unless they somehow forget to shave and walk like a lady in those hijab....hmm...malaysia boleh maaaa

Anonymous said...

aiyah ! no mongolian girl come to malaysia lah = immigration office takada record nya = judge says, NO case !
ALL cleared, ok ! understand !!

Anonymous said...

Anywhere else in the world, when someone goes missing, the government will go on a manhunt - the media will be wishwashed with coverage... see the Madelaine case in UK last year for an example.

Our brave bala, went missing for dunno how long, no news coverage, no investigation on missing person, NOTHING.

Either he got death threat, maybe got C4ed as well, or got a hefty pay cheque.

He is after all, the final witness to clear up this mystery.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said…

Rich or Poor does not matter we can all work hard to survive but injustices and oppressions are some things most intolerable and that will create deep hatred, the more fear and hatred SI UMNO BOTAK is trying to create, the harder the resistance forces will be going against him and the whole of UMNO, come next general election, nobody except the uninformed will vote for BN who represented UMNO and their plundering and cheating policies against the peace loving Rakyats of Malaysia.


WHY Razak Baginda, the fall guy, with no further obstacles or hindrances in sight for Najis C4 in his ascending to the Top Power, has now been released??? Well he was released so that he can say some good words for Narjis C4 but then if he is sentenced to death he would then wash all the DIRTY linens in court or in public and then nothing but the whole truth would then be revealed. Now two other Police fall guys has been charged for the Murder but there seem to be no valid motives for them to do so except that they were carrying out orders from their boss none other than C4 Najis or immediate family. The real murderers whose identities are obvious but are still at large, with RPK detained under ISA but just released and PI Balasundram exiled overseas there are no other major obstacles and hindrances to C4 Najis’ ascendancy to the pinnacle of his power come March 2009. This is only obvious that UMNO has now the final say in justice with their man Zaki as the Chief Justice. This is the obvious Justice of Malaysia, the laughing stock of the whole world, Malaysia should be boycotted by the world communities for their greatest injustices towards human rights and common normal justices. THIS IS MALAYSIA UMNO’S MALAY SUPREMACY AT ALL COSTS BUT GOING DOWN THE SEWERS WITH NAJIS C4, THE NEW PRIME MINISTER IN WAITING AFTER THE 51ST YEAR OF INDEPENDENCE.

Anonymous said...

who ? WHO goes missing !?
where got mongolian girl hilang !?
checked with the immigration officers = NO, NO record of a girl from mongolia !!

Mj said...


wow i had a rough rough day at the office but i'm having a ball reading abt dis fler and dat fler and d rich one who swear he didn know den sed he kno he jus kno -

damn d flers all, the Bond fler shd be here to help cos obviously us fler need someone to tell wats right from wrong - all jadi rojak edi!

kudos. Well done - We just created a blockbuster spy-sci-fic -

i still believe its the fler and his wife la. sebab, C4 tu dari maner?

muahuahuahua -

Anonymous said...

Informed sources in Putrajaya told me that the great Pretender to the throne, Najib Tun Razak, accompanied by aspiring 'First Lady' Rosmah, are heading for a grand trip abroad the government's VIP Jet to the APEC meeting in Peru on 22-23 November.

After the two-day meeting they will proceed for a week-long taxpayer-paid holiday in Washington DC , from 24 to 29 November to take advantage of the Thanksgiving holidays.

This, as everyone knows, is the peak holiday shopping period in the US !
The couple will therefore be making a great contribution to the recession-plagued US economy.

It is also possible that Rosmah may skip Peru altogether and go straight to Washington while Najib travels to Peru . Sources close to the Rosmah say that she has researched Peru and discovered that there is little by way of shopping as there no big malls -- and hence the preference for Washington and its well-known malls and outlets.

It will be all play and no work for the Finance Minister while he is in Washington , as no meetings or exchanges have been scheduled.

Most interesting is that while almost all governments are seeking opportunities to interact with the incoming Obama Administration, Bolehland chooses to ignore the new Government of the most important country.

It is also interesting that neither the Finance Minister nor the sidekick Second Minister attended recent IMF and World Bank Meetings.

It seems that these dudes have no time to engage themselves in serious consultations at a time when the Malaysian economy is in deep trouble.
The Treasury's website reports that the MOF Secretary General Tan Sri Dr Wan Abdul Aziz represented Malaysia at this important meeting to discuss the global economic crisis. In contrast, the IMF/World Bank meetings were attended by almost all finance ministers of the world. It also seems that Putrajaya has not concerned itself with coordinating economic policy measures with other nations.

The weeklong stay in Washington for Najib, Rosmah, the aircrew and the entourage would probably cost taxpayers more than a million ringgit if we calculate the cost of hotel rooms, cars and food.

Even if the trip requires a stopover, should it be for more than a week when there is a severe economic crisis unfolding in our country for which our citizens have been told to brace themselves?

Should the rakyat be spending millions of ringgit for Najib's and Rosmah's holidays while the country faces an uncertain future?

It is time that the engagements of our leaders, in particular their overseas travel, be posted on their website so that the rakyat can know how their money is being spent. We hope that Najib would do this as a new trend under his leadership to prove that the leadership is indeed "prihatin" about the rakyat.

Other khabar …… Ghazali Sheikh is rumoured to be heading for Washington on a private visit in pursuit of his shameless lobbying for the post of Malaysian Ambassador. Question is, will the lame duck Bush Administration agree to accept him or will the Obama Government want a tainted envoy?

Stay tuned !!

Deep Throat in Putrajaya

me fler said...

OMG... so, which fler is which fler now? I'm so darn confused now!

andy lim said...

hah.. there you go.. great entry!

in case you forgot, i'm the one who "requested" for this entry here.

The Know Brothers said...

A song just for you, Patrick.

The Know Brothers said...

A song just for you, Patrick.