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Monday, November 24, 2008

You got to be F**KING kidding me!!!

Adam: What will they think of next?

Read this from a comment on Niamah!!! this morning. Someone please wake me up from this nightmare.

Pahang Enlists Pensioners As Bloggers

TEMERLOH, Nov 23 (Bernama) -- The Pahang government has appointed three pensioners as bloggers to thwart slanderous comments and allegations posted on the Internet.

State Information, Science, Technology and Innovation Committee chairman Datuk Mohd Sharkar Shamsudin said the bloggers, who would be paid allowances, would be provided with computers and the Internet access in their homes.

The pensioners can capitalise on their experience to explain the actual situation to the people besides providing feedbacks and opinions to the government, he told reporters after attending the Senior Citizens Day organised by the Pahang Chapter of the Malaysian Government Pensioners' Association here Saturday.

"More bloggers will be appointed. We value pensioners' thoughts in our efforts to improve the state's economy and prosperity and unity of the people," he said.

Pahang Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob told the state legislative assembly recently that he was slandered by a blogger....Bernama

And this plan came from someone with the title of "State Information, Science, Technology and Innovation Committee chairman"!!!???

Well, maybe it is Pahang's innovative way of empowering senior citizens. Like what the PAP government is doing here in Singapore when they announced that community centres would be equipped with computers and broadband connections especially to educate senior citizens how to use the Internet. Innovative indeed! And to be fair to these pensioners I shall be looking forward to their first post thwarting this that and the other.



Anonymous said...

God please HELP this foresaken place call Malaysia!
It's as if the equivalent of "Murphy Law"... what dumb ideas there is Malaysia will surely follow!

pah nur said...

I think they should, instead of wasting time with bloggers, go monitor the Pahang Royalties, and their involvements in the logging activities...
They are probably partly responsible for the green house effect we're facing today

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
nstman said...

Let's pray hard for the mental well-being of Umno idiots. They are leading this country into ruin. God help us. No wonder our education standard is going downhill even as students score more As. Patrick, pse very hard for this fucking country. As for me I will be fucking extra hard to purge Umno stupidity from my system.

Anonymous said...

It is just one way to keep old friends employed during hard times. Thats about all there is to it. No need to read much more into this brilliant idea. Oh yes, of course we need to spend RM10k to buy a RM4k lap top la. Another round of mark up.

Why do citizens like myself become so cynical about such a move and say such silly things? If you need to ask such a question, you have not been living in Bolehland la.

Anonymous said...

What? Again using our tax monies for this sort of thing??

Tiu Niamah!!

bigbadwoof said...

I can understand the Pahang MB is tad behind on whole the bloging scene, thinking that by putting some senior citizen(they've time in surfeit) in front of a screen he's by default a blogger add some incentives by throwing in some cash. Mr.MB if ur reading I implore u see ur momentarily error of judgement. Bloggers r free thinking mavericks its in the blogger's handbook. Rule #1: information is free flowing. If u intend 2 B constructive take on malfeasance from public official and corporate that as a Govt Servant that ur mission statement.

telur dua said...

Yes, buy them all the equipment and pay them all they want, but what can they articulate other than issuing more threats and feeling contempt for the people?

This Govt is too damn blind.

Anonymous said...

The Pahang government is run by a bunch of arrogant, pea brain, stupid mentality bums. Getting pensioners to blog. Please dont waste the rakyat money and time.
Why are u bums are so hikeup or afraid of bloggers comments on your "evil" deeds? If u bums unable to take comments, then please resign and let PKR take over. Rakyat has enough of you bums stupid ideas and proposals.

Gigantor said...

dont worry la, the first thing theyll surf is porn la.

peter said...

The only pensioner blogger they need to hire is Uncle Patrick Teoh.

Anonymous said...

Whats d point of having a BN Pahang Menteri Besar than..? U r being paid by d rakyat to govern Pahang & yet u wanna get pensioners to blog.
Blog what lah..?

Does that means that everytime someone blogs about U & Pahang, u have the time to go to their homes & sit next to them to tell them to blog as is......?

They r called pensioners for a reason...!
Retired, enjoy life peacefully, don't want to work & don't give a rats ass to our problems & die peacefully.....!!!

By the way.... ask your staff to work overtime to blog all this shit lah...! They have to cover back their time for all the coffee break they have been taking endlessly...

Don't disturd the senior citizens...! Don't give them BN stress lah....!

Really Niamah betul lah....!

Anonymous said...

haiyaa uncle pat ahh i think hiring orang pencen to monitor bloggers is a very verybad idea loo..imagine old people have to read blogger language hahahahha sure bole kena darah tinggi or even worst heart attack. Pahang mentri besar so boloh maaa..tarak sekolah ka i pity those old ppl that going to monitor blogger activities...


Anonymous said...

these pensioners are not small flys ....

Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! It's like teaching lembu to climb tree.

zorro said...

If the pensioners fail then a fatwa against blogging will be the order of the day. Happy blogging until then.

k4kenny said...

Hahahaha....all I can do here is laugh my balls out! In boleh-land, the practice is that if can't fight them, ban/fatwa them. If can't win them, jail them. Even then if too nuisance, ISA them. Or C4 them up, much easier.

What can we do....some running dogs can be bought and that's why the ultras are still in power today!

nstman said...

Everybody knows Umno mutts are brainless, stupid with their brains always covered with shit. But this one takes the cake. I havent stopped laughing after reading the report. And I believe I am going crazy.

Anonymous said...

Gigantor said...
dont worry la, the first thing theyll surf is porn la.
I couldn't agree more. By the way, wasn't he the guy who showed us the finger?

DJ Khor said...

Pahang MB is a fcuking gangster who slapped his palm on his fist to the opposition years ago.

BTW, he got a point. It's good to provide jobs for pensioners by paying them to blog.

Why not make it a part-time job for all. I would like this kind of job. But hard to switch to garmen side. Maybe paying more money will do.

David Chan said...

Wahaha! It may end up that the hired bloggers write something against the hirer, simply because all hired bloggers are reporting the TRUTH! Wakakakaak!!!

We shall then "use long thread and fish big fish"! :-P

Anonymous said...

Dont worry la, Pat. I'm sure these hired bloggers will blog about ostheoporosis, fashionable walking canes, the wonderful sounds of keroncong and the joys of dentures...

Obi Wan Kentucky

KIMHO8 said...

Maybe the old satyrs will obsess with the online porn video and go crazy. They know nothing except fffuckkk!

old fart said...

Patrick, have you read about this in the papers today (Star):

"Shahrir said Fomca had proposed that the petrol floor price be set at RM3 per litre to encourage the prudent use of petrol, promote the use of public transport and push for development in alternative energy."

These galahs have to be out of their fukking minds to suggest that the people should be paying so much more even though the crude oil price has dropped to its lowest since it went sky high not so long ago. Promote the use of public transport.....what? What public transport? What decent public transport do they have to offer the people a viable alternative other than to drive yourself around? Push for alternative energy??? Where the fukk do you think we are going to get the money to do all the R&Ds when most of the government coffers go into the pockets of the cronically corrupted umnoputras? Doesn't it get your blood boiling when you read things like this in the papers by a so called minister! Talking cock lah you flers...Niahmah Chow Hai!

Anonymous said...

tq, tk ! nazri sir : otherwise how we know our tax monies = rm10.5juta
disappeared !? tq,tk !
...@#$%^&*...smelly niamah you, simpily waste our hard-earned bloody monies's HARAM 4u to touch, better donate to the needy ones, ok or REGRET !!

NOW, more than 20juta wasted on 'pampena & umi', better vomit out or REGRET !! @#$%^&* niamah !!

Anonymous said...

UMNO needs to create job to all, whether you are unemployed/unqualified graduates or pensioners, so long as you vote for them. This is 'UMNO's Big Give' (long befoe Oprah got the idea).

Anonymous said...

this has to be one of the dumbest bird's brain idea I ever come across. with due respect to the old-timers, the pahang mb is throwing silly money away. these bn dingbats think they are so smart, tech savvy and all that. have to LMAO. Geez!!!

the whisperer

Anonymous said...

niamah @#$%^&* kerajaan : saja buang duit2 kami without letting us tau how our moneys wasted on ' judges, pampena & umi' !!
the 6 SACKED judges should be ganti-rugied by mahatiu NOT with our poorly-earned tax monies !!
'pmapena & umi' MUST be thoroughly investigated !! @#$%^&* .

Wolverine said...

waah...good my father also can blog!!! Hahhahah!!! May God Bless Malaysia lah.....niamah nevertheless!!!!

monsterball said...

Pat puts out the message.......and his son...shows us how Pat will react.
Which father not proud of a a clone to the father.

Anonymous said...

dumb and dumber


Anonymous said...

Extracts from Malaysian Insider:

Or will it go straight into pork-barrel projects to assist the electoral chances of certain Umno loyalists or will it help bailout certain 'loyal' Umno cronies hit by the economic downturn?

Unfortunately, there is presently no policy debate within Umno about strategies to ensure the long-term health of the economy.

Instead, the dominant talk within Umno is the going price of a delegate's vote during the elections, currently estimated at RM20,000.

Consequently, this Umno-led government is suffering a severe confidence deficit. The government's inability (or unwillingness) to divulge accurate information about its finances and the economy is really a reflection of the dismal state of Umno politics.

After all, being vague allows for better political patronage, no?

Somewhere down the road, the economy is going to pay for all these political shenanigans. Reforms are needed. But will Umno face up to reality?

Najib only agrees partial reforms are needed. He acknowledged his hands will be full once he takes over.

Miguel says:

Talk about pensioners doing blogging. The above extracts is worrying and shows the gomen is in disarray. Looks like everyman for himself before the implosion.

Anonymous said...

YES ! dat's betul : the 6 SACKED judges must be compensated by dat
arrogant & xxx@#%^&* mahaitiu = return us our RM10,500,000.00 !!
tq,nazri for letting us know, tk !!

Anonymous said...

To save money, the pensioners should sign up with Google Blogger to establish their free blog, like you Patrick. Also, they have to sign up to get a free email(ideally Gmail) and since they are pensioners, it would be just nice for them to earn some extra income (apart from the money the gomen is paying them for their blogging "expertise") by signing up with Google Adsense and put those ads on their blogs. I don't mind going over to click on those Adsense ads to help them earn their keeps. If Adsense is not enough, they can always try Nuffnang or Advertlets by joining as affiliates.

I would, however, advise them not to use to set up blogs although it may be free, too. Because, if the good folks at Wordpress see any Adsense ads on their free blogs, they will zap you so fast you won't even have time to say "selamat datang". 'Cos they don't allow ads on their free blogs unlike Google Blogger. Unless the pensioners go the way of paid web hosting for their sites, but that would incur higher cost of blogging for them, especially in dire times like we are going thru now.

Initially, they might have some problems getting an influx of visitors to their blogs because not many people will know about their existence in Cyberspace yet. If they know SEO, then they can start optimizing their sites to get high rankings on the SERPs so that targeted traffic will start to come to their blogs. But they have to know something called "keyword sniping" to achieve some results.

Also, there's a possibility that their new blogs may get sandboxed by Google. That means they may go under the radar of search spiders and may not get indexed for, god knows, many months before they are released from the sandbox.

Who knows, by then the Pahang MB may have lost his seat in the Umno hierarchy. Assuming he's still around, I guess, the MB may want to see these old-timers get cracking fast enough to bring their blogs up to speed, so to speak, to counter the increasingly strident voices of dissent on the Internet.

Oh boy, they have to understand all these jargons and geekspeak before they can come up to scratch. Hope they are up to the task. To think of the learning curve is scary enough, not to mention sitting there facing an empty computer screen trying to break loose from that writer's block. And to make their blogs "sticky" they may have to write like our Niamah hero. Maybe they don't write in 'England' language, so stick to 'Melayu' lingo and hope the whole wide world will be able to understand what they are writing about if they ever write compelling posts at all.

If the Pahang MB is reading this (I pray he does) and thinks I'm one hell of an excellent consultant with my wide-ranging blogging know-how, then he should give me a fat contract to help these pensioners venture into the blogosphere without stumbling into cyber black holes.


Anonymous said...

wei uncle patrick,

u guys go apply for the job free laptop worr..i think lilian and zorro can apply too..maybe ahpek also time i shud encourage my kid to be a government blogger..hehe

and btw, i think tdm is the one who shud compensate those 6 judges..hehe..10m is small change for him la

greg said...

Did somebody say..propoganda?
Geez way not to be obvious about it.
AND WHAT LAH you think the money come from where?
Society pay to be brainwashed lah wtf.