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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Patrick, Min, Laura and Adam Teoh wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

During these last few hours of 2008 let us all resolve to WORK, HOPE and PRAY for a better year ahead.



Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

The Teoh family wishes all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

During this holiday season I would like to share with you something that I witnessed in a small street somewhere in Singapore. Take a look at the photograph that I took of the incredible sight...

Will this ever happen in Malaysia or any other part of the world? I don't know. I hope so. I wish so.

A van belonging to an Islamic welfare home. Donated by a Jewish trust fund. It happened in Singapore. It so perfectly illustrated the spirit of the season...

Peace on earth. Goodwill to all men.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Entertainment today

Adam: Don't angry ah. Just joking only. Heheheheheh...

First, the Prime Minister says that maybe the government will compensate victims affected by the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide. Then his minister of Housing and Local Government proudly announces that the landslide is not due to human negligence so it is an act of God. Act of God will mean no compensation, right? God made it happen what so how can you ask ME to pay you?

Then some people were very happy when DPM, Najib announced that he was 'mulling' over the introduction of hillside laws similiar to those in Hong Kong. Good!!! Right? I mean Hong Kong has loads of hillside developments and their safety record is almost impeccable. Right? Wrong. Why?
Because in Hong Kong..."it was not the government but the home owners in Kowloon, a hilly area in Hong Kong who have to 'spend millions' of their own funds to monitor, maintain and manage the slopes, roads and drains on their private properties."

So all they're mulling over there in the DPM's office is how to pass the buck and the bill to you and me. But I hope somebody remembers that in Hong Kong it is the government who initially makes sure that developers build according to the proper safety standards set before selling the properties to people who want homes "with a good view" as our PM says. Sure, after purchasing it with full knowledge of the law then we will gladly take responsibility. Can we achieve this in Malaysia? I doubt it. And what is the government mulling over to do about all of us schmucks who bought our hillside properties before all this? Too bad la, what to do? Issit?

And then as if to kick us in the balls while we are still reeling from our losses the Deputy Prime Minister warns, 'The government hopes that people will not have short-term memories. Many just want to get profits and put aside safety and environmental concerns."

Well if the DPM doesn't have the shortest fucking memory!!! Did he forget that the government did jack-shit after 48 people died in Highland Towers? This fucker even had the cheek to tell us, "We will have to discuss it as we do not want this to not happen again as there is cynicism that statements by leaders will not be heeded by local authorities."

Do not want this to not happen again??? Statements by leaders not heeded by local authorities??? What the fuck does that mean? That you can't control and manage your own circus?

And one last kick in the balls...'A mechanism must be put in place to prevent high-risk projects,' he concluded. Ya! Close the stable doors AFTER the horses have bolted. I hope he remembers to close the submarine hatches before they dive.
And now for something completely different....

Prime Minister, Badawi has recently been thumping his chest and mouthing off about 'reforms'. And he tabled Bills in Parliament yesterday in the process. Two of those Bills were to set up new bodies to oversee judicial appointments and fight corruption. Great! Right?

Okay, The Anti-Corruption Commission will replace the Anti-Corruption Agency, which has been criticised as being toothless. But the Anti-Corruption Commission will still need the Attorney-General's consent required for prosecutions. And who does the Attorney-General report to? The Prime Minister, of course! Eh? Aiyoh! Same thing isnit? You think that is comical? Listen to this...

The Bill on the Judicial Appointments Commission proposes setting up a nine-man panel to make recommendations for appointments of judges to the High Court and above.

Under the current system, the sole prerogative lies with the PM on the recommendation of the Chief Justice. But here is the joke...the commission, which will include four “eminent persons”, will recommend names but the PM has the final say. So no diff lor. Wait...there is more stupidity coming. The Prime Minister also said that it would not pose a problem as the PM would not carelessly disregard the commission's recommendations.

Okay, now we can add NAIVE to the list of adjectives to describe this poor man.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Watch out!!!!!!!

Ong Ka Chuan: No la. It is not done by humans. (In other words it is an act of God. Familiar?)

You better watch out. You better take care. You better not blink. I'm telling you why.....

There's another FUCK-WIT coming your way that's why!!!


This great declaration was made by Ong Ka Chuan, the minister of Housing and Local Government.

"There is no clear evidence to show that the landslide in Bukit Antarabangsa was a result of human negligence", he pontificated after a visit to the landslide area where 4 people were killed and 1 still missing.

This fuck-wit said, ".... that natural causes were a probable factor."

Now how the fuck would he know you ask? Well, he "knows" because "If it was human negligence, the landslide would have occurred a year or two after the houses were built but the houses here were built since 15 years ago."

Wah!!! So clever! Now don't you feel like slapping the fucker? Okay, okay....the YB did also mention that "they have to study the matter, we are saddened by this tragedy and cannot allow it to recur as it affects public safety. We have to carry out a definitive probe." Yes, I think they should first stick a probe up his arse! No prizes for guessing how many millions the "study" will cost you and me, the tax-payers. And you can see from the photo how 'sad' Ong is, can't you?


Just a thought....

Adam: Ha???!!! What did you say, Y.B.?

This is going to be a very short post. Just a thought la. This morning I was reading a Singaporean newspaper, TODAY which is a free circulation paper published by MediaCorp. I was working there today so there were a lot of TODAY around. Anyway, I digress. A headline in the paper caught my eye.

"In a crisis, it's to 'calm nerves, boost confidence and rally communities"

The above quote is from Lee Boon Yang, Singapore's Minister of Information, Communication and the Arts (Mica). He was actually criticising the Singaporean media for a lack of responsibility when reporting events. Okay, so that doesn't matter in what I am going to write although I'll daresay that our mainstream media suffer from that failing too. Sometimes.

The headline says something which I think is advice that our government, local and federal should heed. In times of crisis it is their duty to calm nerves, boost confidence and rally communities. Something which I feel they didn't do in the recent Bukit Antarabangsa landslide tragedy. Or any other crisis in recent memory.

Calm nerves? What we got was the Prime Minister 'scolding' us for wanting to buy homes with a view.

Boost confidence? The Deputy Prime Minister merely offered to ask and hope that local councils and developers will not lobby and pressure the government for more hillside developement permits.

Rally communities? There were many stories of heroism and selfless sacrifice at Bukit Antarabangsa over the last few days. Unfortunately, none or little of this came from the authorities. Don't you just love the way the police fler, Khalid replied to allegations of looting? "Got meh? If got then make police report la. No report means just rumours what." So I paraphrase badly la. But you get the message.

And in the Malaysian newspapers today there was more salt added to wounds when it was reported...
The Government should not be held solely responsible for the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide disaster on Saturday.

Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek said it was not fair to slam the Government for failing to act every time a disaster happens.

“It is unfair to say the Government did not act. We cannot put the blame on just one authority. After all, you need two to tango, but this time there are three – the Government, developers and buyers,” he said.

Rallying communities? Hardly.


p/s Eh? Sorry ah. This was supposed to be a short post. I go for dinner now. Thank you.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Adam: You go tell 'em, Tuanku!!!

Give thanks! Praise the Lord! In an ocean of madness and stupidity there is a voice of reason. Jeeezus! It's about time too.

The Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah stressed that besides the fatwa (edicts) issued by the National Fatwa Council, the initial process of considering, deciding on and issuing any fatwa must also be referred to the Conference of Malay Rulers for consent.

“What is happening now is that there is another forum known as the Muzakarah Jawatankuasa Fatwa (Fatwa Consultative Committee), which had directly made an announcement on a fatwa without first referring it to the Conference of Rulers. This situation, if not corrected, can cause confusion among Muslims", he said. Full report from The Malaysian Insider.

Thank you, Your Highness. You make me proud to be a Perakean.

Now, if only our Deputy Prime Minister, Najib will come forward and tell us what the FUCK the National Disaster Management and Relief Committee, of which he is the chairman, actually does in the event of a tragedy like the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide. Instead of talking cock like he did at the press conference a few days ago.

Errr.... wait, I actually do know the answer to that silly question already la. Read that again...NATIONAL, right? Meaning big time la. Bukit Antarabangsa? How many people mati (died)? 4 ah? Come back when you have a body count of 40 la. Then maybe we give you some management and relief lor. Like dat osso don't understand issit? Bodoh!


Sunday, December 07, 2008

Well,FUCK you too!!!

I live in the condo at the top of the hill. Want to come visit, Pak Lah? Najib?
Well, fuck you too!!!

I woke up at 7 am this morning although I could have slept in. I woke up because I was worried. Worried about my family's safety. Worried about our home in Bukit Antarabangsa. Sad about the families who lost loved ones to the landslide. Wanting to get more news of the disaster I turned to Channel News Asia which has proven to be more efficient and on the ball than RTM, TV3 or any of the Malaysian terrestrial stations when it comes to reporting news about Malaysia!!! Yes, I turned on the TV and saw the news. And then I got very angry. CNA was showing clips of the press conferences held by Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi and Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak. Now as a Malaysian I should be used to politicians talking cock each time there is a disaster and lives lost. But this time what I saw and heard was just too much to bear. If I had been at the press conferences I would have spat in the faces of these two insensitive, idiotic, infuriating morons. Malaysians have lost loved ones, are traumatised and have an uncertain future facing them and all these 2 fuckers can come up with is a load of political-speak. Of course, the studies will be launched. Task forces will be set up. Reviews will be done. As they have been done before. And a lot of fucking good these have done. Nobody even remembers them. And listening to the 2 of them I could already hear the insincerity of the statements made. Later,when I read the online newspaper reports, all the signs were there that all the PM, DPM and other YB's were saying was just 'media noise'. Nothing serious. Just talking cock only la. You judge for yourself...

Abdullah said early intervention was necessary. If slopes showed any possibility of weaknesses, remedial work must be carried out fast.

Slopes all over the place in designated unstable areas. So can anybody tell us what remedial works have been carried out? I know that Bukit Antarabangsa where I live and where the Saturday deadly landslide occurred has had several other landslides over the past few years. But I have never seen any remedial works done to the slopes or hillsides. On the contrary more developments were approved in the area. Oh sorry, correction. There were some 'remedial' works. Some guys came and laid some blue canvas over the slopes that slid. Why do Malaysians think that blue canvas is so powerful against landslides?

You think that our Prime Minister is going to have a bit of sympathy for people whose lives are shattered by this latest tragedy? Read this...

But Malaysians never want to learn from past experiences. They want good views while developers only seek to profit; but no one takes safety and soil stability into consideration.

What does he mean by WE never learn? Of course we want good views. Wouldn't he? The only thing that we never seem to learn is not to trust our government to have rules and regulations on development that will protect us. The only thing you can blame us for is for being naive enough to believe that our politicians and authorities responsible have the will to do their jobs properly.

“We will be courting more tragedies if we do not (show) care and protect hillsides. Developers will stand to lose more,” he said.

Developers will stand to lose more??? Meaning that the only reason to build safe housing is PROFIT? What the fuck!

In one report in The Star...

Enough! No more hillside housing projects at Bukit Antarabangsa, orders Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi....and then...

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, meanwhile, calls on developers not to lobby or pressure the Government for any building permits for hillside development.

So the Prime Minister orders, "No more!" And then his deputy quickly adds that he is merely going to 'call on' developers not to lobby or pressure the government. There is something wrong there isn't there?

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak asked all state governments to review ongoing hillslope projects to avert landslides similar to Saturday’s incident at Bukit Antarabangsa in Hulu Klang, Selangor.

After all the loss of life and tragedy all our elected government can do is 'ask' state governments to review stuff??? Shouldn't laws be tabled and passed in Parliament to burn some asses and protect citizens' lives? Wait, wait, wait, this is really laughable....

"If they are in areas at risk of landslides, I hope the state government will discontinue the implementation of these projects"

He HOPES that the state government will discontinue implementation??? I don't know what to say. This is the Prime Minister-in-waiting here talking. Talking cock is what it is!!!

But the last word for stupidity in choice of words goes to Deputy Minister of Housing and Local Government, Robert Law Hui Chew. When it was suggested that there might be "negligence" on the part of MPAJ in the matter of last Saturday's deadly slide he said,

"If MPAJ received the information and did not investigate and take appropriate action, that is not right."

NOT RIGHT??? If MPAJ did not investigate and take appropriate action they are fucking with you and with people's lives, man. And all you can say is that it is NOT RIGHT???

Well, fuck all of you too! RIGHT?


Friday, December 05, 2008

So tell us la...

Adam: Wait ah....I dig out an answer for you...

Update: 6.47 p.m.

I received this comment from a reader...

"I do know that Anwar Ibrahim's kids to local schools, and his Nurul Izzah graduated from the International Islamic University. Does that count for a YB walking the talk? ;)........Pat"

Any others?


Since the bad English issue was highlighted in this blog, and I believe many others as well, people have written in to comment about many things related to the low standard of English in our country. One of the most repeated questions is the one about our education system. People say that they are told time and again by ministers and other assorted Yang Berhormat's that Malaysia's education system is Bagus! (Good!). Okay I am not going to argue with that. But the same people are also asking the same ministers and Yang Berhormat's to tell them if they (the ministers and Yang Berhormat's) send any of their own children to Malaysian schools. Going as far as to accuse these ministers and Yang Berhormat's of practising double standards. Say one thing and do another. And as far as I can remember these accusations have been met by a strange ........SILENCE.

So, is it true that ministers and Yang Berhormat's send their children to private schools and subsequently overseas for their tertiary level studies? And they do so...

1. Because they can afford it?
2. Because they know Malaysian schools and universities are not good enough.
3. Because they are doing their patriotic duty by not depriving other "ordinary" Malaysians of places in universities and national schools?

Send your answers in a plain brown paper envelope to Yang Berhormat, Menteri Pelajaran Malaysia or any of his appointed ma-cai's here. Or to any Yang Berhormat's of your choice la. Remember though, if you wish to use strong language or make accusations directed at ministers and Yang Berhormat's please include your contact details, address, phone numbers (land line and cell phone) and all other relevant information so that the Polis flers will not have too much trouble finding you when they want to throw your ass in jail under ISA.

Okay, while we are on the subject why is it that these days people are so sensitive about language?

Bahasa Malaysia is our national language. It doesn't belong just to Malays. It belongs to all Malaysians. We are proud of it. We are fluent in it. We are using it.

Bahasa Malaysia is a compulsory subject in all Malaysian schools and a compulsory credit is required if a Malaysian is to obtain a pass in any examination. In other words, be good in Bahasa Malaysia or you're FUCKED! And so generations of Malaysians have and are fluent in BM. So what's the problem? All secure, right?

When I was in school we were taught in English. But of course BM was a compulsory subject that we needed to be good at in order to score at least a credit before we can pass exams. But we were also encouraged to learn other languages. Chinese, Tamil...Latin even. Although I couldn't fathom why somebody would want to learn Latin! But those of us who didn't choose to learn other languages were the poorer for it.

But nowadays heckles are raised and keris'es brandished whenever there are calls for Malaysians to be fluent in other languages AS WELL? Scared of what ah? Surely, if a Malaysian is fluent in other languages other than BM it is a good thing. No?

Teach Science and Math in English? CANNOT!
Have more English periods? CANNOT!
Speak more English? CANNOT!
Have signboards in English, Chinese, Swahili, Urdu, Mongolian, Arabic? CANNOT! Eh? Arabic can. Sorry ah. Toursists ma. You thought what?

Bahasa Malaysia is our national language. Waffor want to learn the language of the colonial bastards! No respect for our Malay language issit? Balik la oi!!!

So sad la. When I was small ah, don't have like that one you know. We all one people, one country one. Or at least I felt lie dat lor. Maybe I stupid hor? Because I study Engrand in my school lor.

Or maybe you minister flers and assorted Yang Berhormat's had better realise that it is One People, One Nation or it is the biggest shit-hole the world has ever known. Hey! That one can be Malaysian Book Of Records la!!!


Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Wat la. Our Engrand sooooo bad ah?

Laura: ...when should I change my identity card replacement ah?

It's true! Since last night the JPN has changed the entire page that was highlighted here. Now, that is what I call efficiency! And it's in better English too. Well done! Now why can't other things be like this?

Update Thursday December 4, 2008
4:22 p.m.

I just clicked on the website again and went to the FAQ section for "Website" and this was what I read...

# What is NRD's website?

NRD website is abbreviation to official web National Registration Department. NRD website make major world to information and national registration department service through Internet.

# Why this website been created?

Latterly, information and service majority National Registration Department has been prepared by online and NRD website been created to provide convenience to the public find information and service that are provided.

# Whom were allowed surf and use this website ?

Generally, this website could be achieved by all society. However, there were some information and service that need registration.

# What is privacy policy for this website? Am I been recorded or not?

All access and your use up on this website shall not be recorded. To further information, please visit to 'Privacy Policy And Safety Policy' in bottom of each page.

# What method for I contact National Registration Department?

You can contact us:-
Public Relations Office
Tel: 03-8880 8206 / 7071 / 7077 / 7067 / 7069
Fax: 03-8880 8288 atau

# How should I sent my feedback to Goverment Agencies?

You can fill form in the division "Public Complaint System " In NRD website. It would be channelled to the divisions relating.

So what is going on over there in the IT department of Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara??? Shouldn't somebody go and wake them up? Or at least check on what they are inhaling over there?


Original blog post "Wat la. Our Engrand sooooo bad ah?" ----------

Alright, let's try and talk about this in a constructive way. No racist remarks, no disloyal comments, totally objective. Can? Alright.

Bahasa Malaysia is OUR national language. We are all proud of it. We are, or should and must be, proficient in it. It is our unifying bond as a nation.

Bahasa Malaysia is NOT an international language. We NEED to be fluent in an international language if we are to really become participating citizens of this Global Village.

English is an international language. Malaysians must be fluent in English to compete globally.

It is NOT true that Malaysians are fluent in English.

It is NOT true that learning English will corrode our sovereignty, our loyalty, our Malaysian-ness our unity as a nation, our loyalty as Malaysians.

It is NOT true that Malaysian children can become fluent in English if fed on a 45-minute per week diet of English lessons in schools.

Okay, I hope that I have established the parameters of this playing field. I would like to show you a page from the official website (English) of the National Registration Department or Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara Malaysia...

1. I'm 17 year old, when should I change my identity card replacement?
A person whose had got first-time identity card namely during old 12 year, are required change again his identity card when have reached the age 18 year. If this change made within life time 18 - 25 year, no any penalty imposed.

2. I already 25 year old and still not have my own identity card. What shoul I do?

To them not yet own identity card although already aged more 16 year are advised to come to any nearby NRD to apply identity card past record. Applicant and promoter must showed up together to be interviewed, bringing with together following documents:-
Applicant Born Certificate / AnakAngkat's Certificate / W's Form Or Applicant Enter Permit / Confirmation Form National Standard(if concerning) Promoter Identity Card

3. I a foreign citizens and have gotten permit of entry from Jabatan Immigration Malaysia. Whether I qualified to apply identity card? What is conditions for I apply identity card.

You qualified to apply identity card with permanent resident status(Red). Applications requirements is bringing with permit of entry and passport and copy both of them and application fee as many as RM 40.00. Applications can be made in NRD Putrajaya Headquarters and NRD Branches only.

4. Is there any payment am being imposed in case happened damage for chip in my identity card.

Chip damage who is not due to purposely destroyed, misuse and others within one year from the date of submission card is give replacement by free, and if card period has been held by the applicant exceeding one year, payment as many as RM 10.00 imposed.

5. How many payment am being imposed if I loss identity card?

Lost identity card would be charged follow loss number. Please see payment schedule.

6. How long MyKad's application period can be completed?
MyKad can be completed within 24 hours as applicant whose opted to take MyKad in NRD Putrajaya headquarters. For applicant opted to take MyKad in any NRD branches office in Peninsula of Malaysia, then MyKad would be completed within 10 working day while 30 working day for applicant opted to take MyKad in any NRD branches office in Sabah, a Sarawak or Labuan. MyKad's charter completed this only involve applications from Warganegara Malaysia and prayer not problematical only.

7. Could I change address without change my identity card?
If I can how many rates imposed?
Yes. With payment RM2.00 and new address information would be updated inside chip. If you want change identity card one time, the charge is RM10.00 .

8. Is it NRD receive payment other than cash ?

Yes, NRD comply accept payment electronically namely via credit card, card debit and MEPS.
However, there were limit minimum sum accept to payment via credit card there is as many as RM 50.0

And this is the website of a major Government department you know. Still believe that we can teach Malaysian children English on 45 minutes a week?


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

No airing of dirty laundry anymore

Since there are no guidelines Adam does his laundry in the river. Eco friendly detergents of course:-)

It could only happen in Malaysia I suppose. It took our Deputy Prime Minister to announce that from 2009 residents of multi-level residences will not be allowed to dry their clothes in the open “where the whole world can see......"

Maybe our DPM has too much free time on his hands. Maybe the minister of local housing is too blur for this job even. Maybe the DPM is fed up with all this airing of dirty laundry by p0litical parties, geriatric ex-ministers and bloggers that he decided to make a grand symbolic gesture. Who knows!

According to The Star story....

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said a guideline should be in place so that developers would be made responsible for preparing a special area or the proper facilities in its properties for drying clothes.

As usual la. Shoot first. Then go and place the target.

If there is no guideline in place yet what is the point of the announcement? Or for that matter, if the DPM would come down from his Kenny Hills, Damansara Heights or UK Heights homes and visit a typical Malaysian "multi-level residence" (I wonder who gave him that imagnative description) he would know that drying clothes in the open “where the whole world can see” is a necessity given the approved designs of many of Malaysia's "multi-level" residences. If don't hang out the window then hang where Yang Berhormat??? Not all of us can afford to buy electric clothes dryers you know. And weren't you one of those smart-ass fuckers who told us to change our lifestyle and tighten our belts? So now you're telling us to spend more on equipment and electricity issit? What the fuck la? Make up your mind la dei!!! Or at least stop sounding stupid can ah? Prime Minister in waiting somemore.

But I will say one thing about this man who wants to be our Prime Minister. He is optimistic. Listen to this...

“For the time being, it is more on making the moral switch. If it does not work, then we have to consider amending existing laws,” he said, adding a circular would be issued by the ministry next year to inform local authorities of the decision.

He is expecting people to make a 'moral switch'??? That is optimism indeed. Malaysians can't even make a moral switch to keep their toilets clean. And they are going to do this? Yeah YB, you the man!!

Just to put a knot in the clothesline he ended by saying...

" would be the duty of local authorities and the Commissioner of Buildings to inform developers and managements of flats, apartments and condominiums to see to it that the guideline was followed."

Guideline??? What guideline???

Hiyah! Wait la rakyat. We'll come out with one. Eventually. Wait ah...I got a submarine sale to go to. Later brudders!!!