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Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Adam: You go tell 'em, Tuanku!!!

Give thanks! Praise the Lord! In an ocean of madness and stupidity there is a voice of reason. Jeeezus! It's about time too.

The Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah stressed that besides the fatwa (edicts) issued by the National Fatwa Council, the initial process of considering, deciding on and issuing any fatwa must also be referred to the Conference of Malay Rulers for consent.

“What is happening now is that there is another forum known as the Muzakarah Jawatankuasa Fatwa (Fatwa Consultative Committee), which had directly made an announcement on a fatwa without first referring it to the Conference of Rulers. This situation, if not corrected, can cause confusion among Muslims", he said. Full report from The Malaysian Insider.

Thank you, Your Highness. You make me proud to be a Perakean.

Now, if only our Deputy Prime Minister, Najib will come forward and tell us what the FUCK the National Disaster Management and Relief Committee, of which he is the chairman, actually does in the event of a tragedy like the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide. Instead of talking cock like he did at the press conference a few days ago.

Errr.... wait, I actually do know the answer to that silly question already la. Read that again...NATIONAL, right? Meaning big time la. Bukit Antarabangsa? How many people mati (died)? 4 ah? Come back when you have a body count of 40 la. Then maybe we give you some management and relief lor. Like dat osso don't understand issit? Bodoh!



Anonymous said...

Yg Mulia Raja NAZRIN, long live !!

Anonymous said...

I wonder those residents in Bkt Antarabangsa are wealthy?

Anonymous said...

Its the same scenario like the PLKN la, so few die, wait for some more to die then create a National prevention of PLKN deaths committee, Sheesh, we have FOOLS in the gomen, i know this is stale, but its so frustrating la, no matter what we say, somehow it doesnt make a dent on the thick skulls!!

Anonymous said...

The idiots would say "Why are the non-Muslims getting excited about something that doesn't concern them?"


You flers keep putting them back into office (parliament), so you get what you vote for. Remember the old saying: “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Will Rogers once said that politicians and baby dippers need to be changed frequently and for the same reason; they stink and are full of crap. Hence, Change is what you should believe in.

Today you have a lackadaisical society, which just barely gets by, hardly tries at anything progressive and constructive, and only cares about few trivial things such as political infightings. Your political leaders living day to day, just getting by, without goals or visions; simply sucking in the stimuli of the nightly news, turning off their brains and living in a vegetative state.

It is hard to say why they bother to exist; they stand for nothing, have surrendered their minds and are not too interested on doing much of anything really! What happened to everyone in BN, especially UMNO, after the March 8 tsunami? Hello, smart Malaysians, time to wake them all up and start a war on mediocrity. Think on this seriously. Think of change? Yes, CHANGE you can believe in.

Looking at the current affairs of Malaysia, I only want to salute the great wisdom of the Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, and the Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah. Thank God, Malaysians are so blessed to have these two wise rulers whose hearts are always with their subjects.

You surely can count on both them in time of crisis facing this beloved country.

Anonymous said...

Well.. any wrong in the so-called idiots asking that question? Most of the time they couldn't be bothered at all. Would u be if matters are of no concern to u?

bean laden said...

Shabery said the house buyers also to be blame....... think about it.... I quit

sEmut said...

aku sedih bila rakyat pelbagai kaum ditimpa bencana.

tapi.aku sering tersenyum bila mendapat berita kematian orang united malays national org.

weird eh?

amoker said...

Najib is showing the same insensitivity like the National Service deaths.

Oh, we have to protect the contractors mah ..
oh .. we have to protect the developers mah...

Same , same line.

Rhino said...

Another way to swindle money lo, you dunno meh?!

Anonymous said...

Malaysia has too many 'Jawatan Kuasa, Committee, etc' that sucked up public fund but does not add value to the rakyat. Worst still they 'talk cock like sing song' (A Singapore phrase that Patrick can identify now that he has Singaporean colleagues) while wasting away tax-payers' money..,
About time to revamp these bodies and 'retrench' those fellows.

If not the government will continue to set up irrelevant groups like having.paying retirees to check on bloggers.

By the way, congratulations Patrick for your nomination in the Asia TV awards for your role in MediaCorps drama En-Bloc.

mob1900 said...

The what?

NDMRC is just another BN vehicle to cari-makan, end of story. Just like the NS, where kak Ros supply uniforms and condoms, this regime has gone so corrupted, they see only $$$ in everything. As the dust settles(hopefully) on recent landslide tragedies, we'll be hearing more horror stories of Pagar Makan Padi, i.e. looting and extortion from 'uniformed' personnels entrusted to help the victims. You can be sure there will be low-lifers benefiting from these tragedies, with Barisan Najis leading the way!

nora said...

Hi Patrick
That fler is the chairman?!!! No wonder our country is in i know


pah nur said...

Hmmmmh....what good education can do to rulers...good job there...Daulat Tuanku!! (and i actually mean it this time)

As for Najib's statement;
"He also told developers not to lobby or pressure the Government for any building permits for hillside development projects."

Hmm....It's like saying that Government cannot stand being lobbied and pressured...too tempting issit?

this reminded me of a graffiti feasted upon my eyes some time back;
"Oh please don't kiss me...
Oh please don't kiss...
Oh please don't....
Oh please....

I rest my case..

Anonymous said...

10:12am anon, 'ialah u bodohlah terbeli rumah disini ........... !( not from the foaming fler bugger one !)