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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just a thought....

Adam: Ha???!!! What did you say, Y.B.?

This is going to be a very short post. Just a thought la. This morning I was reading a Singaporean newspaper, TODAY which is a free circulation paper published by MediaCorp. I was working there today so there were a lot of TODAY around. Anyway, I digress. A headline in the paper caught my eye.

"In a crisis, it's to 'calm nerves, boost confidence and rally communities"

The above quote is from Lee Boon Yang, Singapore's Minister of Information, Communication and the Arts (Mica). He was actually criticising the Singaporean media for a lack of responsibility when reporting events. Okay, so that doesn't matter in what I am going to write although I'll daresay that our mainstream media suffer from that failing too. Sometimes.

The headline says something which I think is advice that our government, local and federal should heed. In times of crisis it is their duty to calm nerves, boost confidence and rally communities. Something which I feel they didn't do in the recent Bukit Antarabangsa landslide tragedy. Or any other crisis in recent memory.

Calm nerves? What we got was the Prime Minister 'scolding' us for wanting to buy homes with a view.

Boost confidence? The Deputy Prime Minister merely offered to ask and hope that local councils and developers will not lobby and pressure the government for more hillside developement permits.

Rally communities? There were many stories of heroism and selfless sacrifice at Bukit Antarabangsa over the last few days. Unfortunately, none or little of this came from the authorities. Don't you just love the way the police fler, Khalid replied to allegations of looting? "Got meh? If got then make police report la. No report means just rumours what." So I paraphrase badly la. But you get the message.

And in the Malaysian newspapers today there was more salt added to wounds when it was reported...
The Government should not be held solely responsible for the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide disaster on Saturday.

Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek said it was not fair to slam the Government for failing to act every time a disaster happens.

“It is unfair to say the Government did not act. We cannot put the blame on just one authority. After all, you need two to tango, but this time there are three – the Government, developers and buyers,” he said.

Rallying communities? Hardly.


p/s Eh? Sorry ah. This was supposed to be a short post. I go for dinner now. Thank you.


Paddy said...

WOW, how the fcuk can you blame the buyers, where is government regulation when it comes to such properties, how can the government blame buyers, aren't potential developments subject to some sort of a process to guarantee safety, Malaysia Gov phails yet again!!

u-en said...

By this token we should blame the victims of 9/11 for their own deaths. Who asked them to work in such tall aeroplane-inviting buildings?

I mean, do we really have to spell it out ... AGAIN?

Developers build. People buy, with the expectation that the houses will not collapse and kill them / be in the path of a landslide / sink beneath the waves.

Developers might comply with the law, or they might not. Either way, whose job is it to ensure that the law is being complied with?

Bozo the Clown? Sure as hell ain't the authorities. If that's the case, wtf are they called "authorities" for?

artchan said...

Shabery... the dick head, talking cock.

Hey dickhead..when i buy a is certified safe by local authorities..Poondeh..what the fuck blame the buyer..? Ceebai punya minister

Anonymous said...

its the same fucking khalid who lied big time about the vigil incident in PJ. what sort fo police chief do we have here?
is protecting your looters and thiefs more important just because they are your people? if I am the other khalid, i would have thrown you out from this state. but then, this khalid is not known to have balls to do something of such nature.

Anonymous said...

something in the chinese newspaper reporting about the rescue guys are looting the place.

I also remember reading in the STAR the other day when this joker rushes back to his home at 4pm+ to rescue his "diary" when ppl are trying to save lives. What a sick joke.

Anonymous said...

It is goverment's responsibility to ensure that the developers follow the set guidelines of safety standrads etc. It is the government that is elected to safeguard the people's interest; not the developers interest alone.
Why not go to the core of the issue? INVESTIGATE!!!
Some ministers are already saying its not the fault of the developers etc. How can they say without full enquiry. Unless they are afraid of getting caught for 'making money' u knowlah what I mean..u scratch my back I scartch the end the buyers suffer! Get rid of all these rotten MPs/misiters who are cheating public!!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Whenever a tragedy strikes
The blame game will begin
With landslides too late to spike
And authorities too drunk with 'gin'

(C)Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 071208
Sun. 7th Dec. 2008.

joenathan said...

What kind of human beings are these Ong and Shabery?No sympathy and compassion for the victims at all.I thought Ong's statement was bad enough and very irresponsible but this Shabery fellas one is even more shocking and hurtful.Will a buyer put his and his family's lives in danger if he knew that the property he is buying with his hard earned money is going to crush them one day?To top it all,Najib is requesting the councils and developers not to pressure the govt in to approving permits.What sort of absurd reasonings are all these?Najib,I am now pressuring you to release all the ISA detainees,will you heed my call?HA.ha,why should you,you are not to gain a penny from me in comissions,no?Its apparent that the 12th GE failed miserably to reform these people.They have become too tenacious being in power for far too long and continue to belittle our intelligence.The least you bloody politicians who have been sucking our blood could do now is,show a little remorse and sympathy for those who have lost their loved ones in such a painful manner because of the greed of you people up there in the high offices .Remember you fellas,you can never escape the natural laws of KARMA.It will come back to haunt all of you who lack conscience.

Anonymous said...

Let’s imagine beyond our horizon on Municipal’s immunity syndrome:-

1 It is arguable when we have a Capitalist regime, it tends to favor it’s affiliated bodies as compared to others. Easier to work in this scenario

2 In a Capitalist regime and if I am immune from law suits for any wrong doing, then it is presumably PRODUCTIVITY will increase without fear but maybe with favor!!!

3 Tapalah, kita boleh buat apa-apa, bukan dia boleh sue sama kita!!! Suka hati kita lah…. Sini sana approve salah tak apa lah!!! Kena sue it developer mah & bukan kerajaan!!! Bodoh, you tak mau kah? Relax brother!!!

4 Oh my God! There is another land slide! We, the municipal council stress all Good Corporate Governance! Our SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) is in accordance to the law! Bukan dia boleh buat apa-apa! Relax brother! We are immune!

5 Hey Kawan, you punya rumah sudah banyak crack lah! Ini bahaya! But in his heart, “ahh how to answer to my boss lah when he ask how we approve the CF?”

Well Done! You have promoted Lackadaisical Attitude with your immunity laws!!!

Ohh! Criminal negligence ! Itu bukan saya! Itu Developer mah!!! Dia giam liau mah!!! Bukan dia boleh sue sama kita???

We have a screwed up combination – an irresponsible developer versus an immune municipal council. Nobody can change this fact!!!

I am sure there will be more tragedies yet to come and more innocent lives to be taken!

No point debating or writing good essays on the dead/ aftermath! Instead preserve the living by setting up task force to monitor all sites (not only hill sites but ALL buildings) that may pose a danger for collapsing!

We can prevent this from ever happening again and if it does, our conscious will be clear – I have done what I could and that’s it…………………….

Anonymous said...

..@#$%^&*..,this man ( gment worker) laughed at the 'distressed&sobbing' lady :
" aiyah, u bodoh lah ! mengapa beli rumah di tempat sini ah !? ..."

Vernette said...

Now it's your fucking fault that you bought the fucking house where the developement had been approved by the freaking government... That's bloody brilliant! Ya it's a shame that you have earned enough money to buy a house with a fucking view!!!