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Friday, December 05, 2008

So tell us la...

Adam: Wait ah....I dig out an answer for you...

Update: 6.47 p.m.

I received this comment from a reader...

"I do know that Anwar Ibrahim's kids to local schools, and his Nurul Izzah graduated from the International Islamic University. Does that count for a YB walking the talk? ;)........Pat"

Any others?


Since the bad English issue was highlighted in this blog, and I believe many others as well, people have written in to comment about many things related to the low standard of English in our country. One of the most repeated questions is the one about our education system. People say that they are told time and again by ministers and other assorted Yang Berhormat's that Malaysia's education system is Bagus! (Good!). Okay I am not going to argue with that. But the same people are also asking the same ministers and Yang Berhormat's to tell them if they (the ministers and Yang Berhormat's) send any of their own children to Malaysian schools. Going as far as to accuse these ministers and Yang Berhormat's of practising double standards. Say one thing and do another. And as far as I can remember these accusations have been met by a strange ........SILENCE.

So, is it true that ministers and Yang Berhormat's send their children to private schools and subsequently overseas for their tertiary level studies? And they do so...

1. Because they can afford it?
2. Because they know Malaysian schools and universities are not good enough.
3. Because they are doing their patriotic duty by not depriving other "ordinary" Malaysians of places in universities and national schools?

Send your answers in a plain brown paper envelope to Yang Berhormat, Menteri Pelajaran Malaysia or any of his appointed ma-cai's here. Or to any Yang Berhormat's of your choice la. Remember though, if you wish to use strong language or make accusations directed at ministers and Yang Berhormat's please include your contact details, address, phone numbers (land line and cell phone) and all other relevant information so that the Polis flers will not have too much trouble finding you when they want to throw your ass in jail under ISA.

Okay, while we are on the subject why is it that these days people are so sensitive about language?

Bahasa Malaysia is our national language. It doesn't belong just to Malays. It belongs to all Malaysians. We are proud of it. We are fluent in it. We are using it.

Bahasa Malaysia is a compulsory subject in all Malaysian schools and a compulsory credit is required if a Malaysian is to obtain a pass in any examination. In other words, be good in Bahasa Malaysia or you're FUCKED! And so generations of Malaysians have and are fluent in BM. So what's the problem? All secure, right?

When I was in school we were taught in English. But of course BM was a compulsory subject that we needed to be good at in order to score at least a credit before we can pass exams. But we were also encouraged to learn other languages. Chinese, Tamil...Latin even. Although I couldn't fathom why somebody would want to learn Latin! But those of us who didn't choose to learn other languages were the poorer for it.

But nowadays heckles are raised and keris'es brandished whenever there are calls for Malaysians to be fluent in other languages AS WELL? Scared of what ah? Surely, if a Malaysian is fluent in other languages other than BM it is a good thing. No?

Teach Science and Math in English? CANNOT!
Have more English periods? CANNOT!
Speak more English? CANNOT!
Have signboards in English, Chinese, Swahili, Urdu, Mongolian, Arabic? CANNOT! Eh? Arabic can. Sorry ah. Toursists ma. You thought what?

Bahasa Malaysia is our national language. Waffor want to learn the language of the colonial bastards! No respect for our Malay language issit? Balik la oi!!!

So sad la. When I was small ah, don't have like that one you know. We all one people, one country one. Or at least I felt lie dat lor. Maybe I stupid hor? Because I study Engrand in my school lor.

Or maybe you minister flers and assorted Yang Berhormat's had better realise that it is One People, One Nation or it is the biggest shit-hole the world has ever known. Hey! That one can be Malaysian Book Of Records la!!!



Anonymous said...

those Minister try not to speak English on the international level and see?

katak bawah tempurung!

Peter Yew said...

Patrick don't give bad advice lah! Brown envelope cost more stamp money, use white envelope now otherwise Pos Malaysia fine recipient who if reject your letter waste your effort. Or maybe you have not been sending letters for the past 2 years??

*Anton* said...

Hey, our assorted YBs are good in Engrand la. That stink-mouthed Tajuddin used the word "bastard" ma.

Juanito said...

hahahaha... good one... encore uncle pat... i still missed ur shows man... damn...

again no comment.. tired of commenting of this stupid ministers and their donkey policies

Anonymous said...

only 10% of teachers can use proper inggeris to teach M&S lah =
use back the mother-tongue lah, ok !?

Anonymous said...

one good-hearted minister said :
" aiya ! i sent my daughter to australian u so that lain olang can take her place in local u lah !
my own (!?) money what , canot meh ! why u so like dat one !? "

FooDcrazEE said...

if they can behave that way in parliament . . .how good is our education then ? compulsory for all to take MORALE classes in BM during college day but what about them ?

To hell with them.....

Anonymous said...

sains teacher : " good moling, murid-murid... to-dey we one to stardy co2, car-burn die-outside !
sekarang, open page xxx and rid ...
now, i go sain-lap, nanti u come ah ! "
( she is getting xtra 10% pay man bcos teaching sains what, canot meh !!)

amoker said...

Confirmation that Ali Rustam and Muhammad Taib can't speak Engrand fluently. Since they are the standardbearer for good governance, we are encouraged to emulate them.

Anonymous said...

pat, tq u alot, u restpond cepat man !why ah ? so free ah !? pls dun let your childs read my pecah ingris ah, ok !! ( pls guide them 4 their own future .)

Anonymous said...

aiya, ali & son of md sure kalah one bcos canot talk ingris what !
serve them light !

Patricia said...


I do know that Anwar Ibrahim's kids when to local schools, and his Nurul Izzah graduated from the International Islamic University. Does that count for a YB walking the talk? ;)


donplaypuks® said...

Eventually, they are hoping to have 1 legal system only for all i.e. Syariah Law. Civil Law will be outlawed. Ex and current CJ's are all lobbying for it.

Then ejjucashion will be in Malay and Arabic. The main item in the school time-table will be Koranic Studies, for all. Parliament will be abolished and replaced with the Taliban/Iran system of Clergy Rulers. The Royalty will be pensioned off to London and UK.

Now you know what the real agenda is. Who shall resist it?

Anonymous said...

one ingris guru using the the 'horse-racing' calendar (teaching-aid) to teach 'days' :
isnin = mon,
selasa = tue,
rabu = wed,
khamis = thu,
jumaat = fri,
sabtu = sat, & ahad = sun !!

" faham...understanding ? "
" yes, cikgu !'
" bagus ...goat ... now repeat after ku !"

( pat, no bluffing one lah !!)

Brian Barker said...

Have you heard of the language Esperanto?

As a non-national language it would be a much better solution to the language problem rather than English, Mandarin Chinese, or Arabic.

An interesting video can be seen at

Anonymous said...

1) Go to
2) Search for Syed Hamid Albar + BBC Hardtalk
3) Sit back and enjoy.

Cheers to the long weekend!

Anonymous said...

wah Patlick
i like your brog staedy one.I tink the ybs so jealous of you soon and throw you with isa.Becos you tell so many truts la.Waa so staedy your engrand.las time i always tell my fiends i want to speak the good london noe now i find good brog to our school system all die oledy.. how..
our ybs all slipping and flicking away.wish i got so many many i can send my kits at least to far away to study..sighhhh


Anonymous said...

ha ha

Anonymous said...

If I'm Not mistaken Anwar's daughter Nurul Izzah graduated from UNITEN and not UIA

wizardp00f said...

My Form 5 sister pronounced 'oocyte' as oh-oh-side because " my (her) guru pakar Biology said so".

I think teaching Science and Math in English is good. It's like having a comedy slot in between grave world news.

bigbadwoof said...

Ridiculing & roasting ur hoi polloi askew brand of english is fine. I only wince @ ur substandard education that only favor the moneyed. Paddy ur blessed to bear witness 2 a time when education really matter when most r literate in bahasa & english and if u pick up another lang ur all the more richer. Sad ain't it most of the middle class & the YB still have 2 send their precious kids abroad cause ur local education is not up to par.

pah nur said...

Mathematics sounds more interesting when it's called "Ilmu Hisab"...they can't call it that if everything is in English...that's why Pat, Bahasa Malaysia is so important....

I won't be surprised a few years from now, if English is brushed off as the language of the infidel west, our graduates may just write on their job application form ;

Name: Mat Bond
Sex : Haram

Anonymous said...

Funny you brought up exams. I spent most my childhood speaking English since my parents were of different ethnicities. So at Standard One I was lost. And the Malay kids ostracised me thinking I was one of those "Budaya Kuning" in the making urbanites.
But fortunately I was one of those sickeningly A students (with a parrot memory you can ace Malaysian exams without breaking a sweat since rote learning is THE benchmark of this education system).
But back to the story. Most of my friends were non MAlay. And guess what? Ironically when it came to SPM, studying with my "non-deserving-of-citizenship-since-our-ethnicity-is not-part-of-the-country's name" buddies was the main reason why we aced the BM papers.
And our Bumi friends who should KNOW the language since proficiency and learning English is a sign of bending over to colonial masters of the past... were scoring C3 and such.
MEantime, DBP folks probably spend all their time trying to further screw up the national language by having a good laugh making up new stupid words which sound like English with an "a" or "i" at the end of it to make it sound Malay.
I made the effort to speak Malay when it wasn't my mother tongue (thank God or I would've died studying overseas unless it is Michigan a.k.a mini Mara).
And so do my "Others" brothers and sisters who wish we can feel truly MAlaysian - and to make the self-declared sole deserving owner of the land comfortable and reduce the embarassment of their lack of ability to communicate effectively on a global scale.
Is their delusion of grandeur so blinding that they REALLY think the world will actually end up speaking Malay to accomodate a country who makes records so pathetic and insignificant, we have to make our own book of records to accomodate mediocre, trivial "achievements"?

And those Mats who gave me shit because "minah tu spiking la... you ni melayu ke omputih?" should start improving your Malay as well unless you're planning to be a politician who just yells out KKK-esque rants about Tanah MElayu and declaring others as squatters. Resentment for fucking the bellcurve for exams maybe? OR the fact that despite decades of handouts and priviledges for the MAJORITY - the minority still gives some wicked competition on all fronts. THe secret is actually making effort and not screaming supremacy when we question the failure of affirmative action so obviously biased to one race.
I'm proud that I earned everything I have, even the scholarship and academic top rankings abroad, and whatever else in my career and life - from my own efforts, not some government sanctioned priviledge as a birthright, for a B- minimum requirement. But the low scores in BM subjects by their so-called native speakers is hilarious. Worse than their embarassing command of English. Please don't do anymore international media interviews la. Damn shy to be MAlaysian (well in my own mind la. To the Bumis I should be grateful to just live here in THEIR country). Hello, y'all came on a boat too.

Andrew Chia said...

Some people have already given up commenting - our education system is beyond words.

That's why we have people like Namewee! Just go Youtube and look for Namewee's new song, or something like that. Then at least you get entertained instead of having your blood pressure driven up thinking of our pharking education system.

nstman said...

Everyone knows the standard of education has been going downhill ever since we downgraded English to peripheral status. The only idiots who are not aware of it are the Government, and of course, Umno. And maybe the Malays, who continue to cocoon themselves in a make-believe world. Malays seem to be fighting shadows. They are afraid of their own shadows. They are afraid of change. Obama's victory has not stirred them, instead they are turning inwards. Malaysia Holangkan.

Anonymous said...

Sorry sorry sorry. A thousand apoligies. I thought our education system was bad so ministers and vvips send their children overseas. Thanks Patrick, you have just enlightened me. Option 3 must be the reason la.

But maybe teaching science and maths in a langguage other than english (cannot use malay langguage la, people get sensitive so i used anything other than english)is not good la. I think if our children is damn strong in malay langguage and lauchar in english then when they eventually go overseas to advance their education in science and maths, they may not follow the lecturer la. Unless we also have damn good lecturer to take those students to study these 2 subjects locally la.

Hey, about asking our beloved ministers to declare how many of their children were called up for NS?

Politicians are politicians la. Just read Today's Star. Clinton first visit to malaysia and he painted a rosey pic of this country's system la. He is very smart fellow la, but he is also politicians la. Just ask Miss Lee Wing Kee. They all can lie in many langguages. He may be here to learn malay langguage...apa itu....bukan saya. Takda sex la.

george chew said...

Sad, isn't it?

Have you read the story about the Malay who wallop another Malay for speaking English to a Chinese?

Here it is:

Chan Wai Thim said...


My heart missed a beat when I saw what happened at a secondary school. (I left out the name of the school for obvious reasons).

A student asked his "English teacher" where is his WAIST. The "english teacher" pointed to his THIGH!!!!

I swear my heart missed a beat then.

Seems fellows from our Education Ministry's got Blinders on!! Or are they just as F*^KED up too?

ayor lemuju said...

what man you patrick. very irritating one la.

i went to malay medium kampung primary school and then english medium secondary. i picked up decent english, spoken and written, when i was in form 2. we had good teachers and most subjects were taught in english. it worked then, it should work today.

what we need are fairly good english-speaking teachers, especially those who can translate malay to english without being ridiculed by patrick teoh, and children who are encouraged to use english among friends.

now i malu one coz none of my children can speak english. don't blame me if we don't speak english at home. when i was younger none of my parents spoke english.

Tan said...

Nurul Izzah Anwar graduated with a Bachelor in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Universiti Tenaga Nasional n not International Islamic University. U can wiki her profile there, I also was her class mate that time.

telur dua said...

BN/UMNO leaders must first eat shit themselves before telling all and sundry that it is palatable.

Leadership by example, mah. Tiu!

Anonymous said...

other than ingris :
my maths penyelia subject asked why her answer was salah :
1/2+1/3 = 2/5 !! then she could not solve this :(2 1/2 - 1 1/3)= ?
she was teaching Form one maths !!

Anonymous said...

got FREE study-trip to NZ wo !?

Anonymous said...

once, on tv3 movie : the malay sub-title 4 'conscience' =kon-sains !

in a secondary boys' tandas , saw this on the wall : fcuk your mather !


Anonymous said...

boss : hey ! why u carrying the kerusi !?
clerk (baru) : u say 'pls take a seat' what !?

2) Mr. Lim : why call your mum 'mrs. Lim' !?
son : she is your wife what !

3)soon !

Anonymous said...

boss : hey ! why carrying the chair !?

clerk(baru) : u say, 'pls take a seat' what !!

Anonymous said...

Ayor lemuju, the 'fairly good english-speaking teachers' r mostly
retired oredi & not reemployed bcos
not 'valued & treasured' what !
( aku = one of them = so give tuition betterlah = no need to do unnecessary paper work, documents, monthly report & analysis, registers, fees-collection ..... SIGH ...& somemore got to see the face-color of HM + pegawai2 edu dept who never been guru b4 BUT know to plan tis & dat
4 the teachers to mati lah !)

Anonymous said...

the bollywood fler : " tq 4 the datuk-kapal from your country who dun EVEN tau my language !? ....
hahaha...what a joke !"

Patricia said...

Sorry and thank you, folks - I stand corrected: Nurul Izzah got her degree from UNITEN, where I used to teach.

But that's just it, my point? I mean: that DSAI's kids studied here lah.

Why , ar, you all so like that, wan? So the angry, want to marah me with your exclamation marks?! Ssheesh.

But I'll add it to the ton of useless information I carry in my brain. So, thanks again, folks :)


Anonymous said...

Sometimes we hv to make our own luck la.This is a relatively free country. One is free to choose. Make a painful cut if you seriously think it will not change for the better. Move to another country la. We have been talking for too many yrs already. If the majority, ie govt dont think it is worth changing then we hv to change. If we cant change the govt then we hv to change ourselves or move on or move out. Options are few but they are there for us to choose. I hv been too sicken by all those in power. They hv lost all credibility.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

Some time ago, my niece came back and showed off
her England to me, this is how it went.

5 - 3 = 2

The teacher said "five push 3 is 2 lah"

Have a good day my friend!


ChengHo said...

I heard Mukriz also went to local school then graduated from tokyo university for look east policy.

Anonymous said...

5 - 3 = 2 ( lima tolak tiga ialah dua = five PUSHes three yeslah two !) hahaha...hahaha...SIGH !!


Anonymous said...

that fler went to tokyo u SURELY with our blood money one lah @#$%^&*&^%$#@ !!

Anonymous said...

sob...sob...sob...SOB...SOB...SOB !

June said...

It is indeed correct...

Five push three is two.

And, empat campur dua ialah lapan hence four mix two is six (that's what my std 1 son said when he came home).

Bolehwood-ma, this is your country my brothers and sisters.

Anonymous said...


hisha and najib dont send their kids to private schools leh. they send them to INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS!
No, the educational system here dont sucks. Its just the INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS are better and their kids can speak and write proper ENGLISH.

Brenda Ang said...

Hi Pat, aren't you scared that the 'goverment' will come after you?? I admired your courage, what you said, I feel the same way too. Malaysian English is really corrupted, if I can put it that way. Mine's included, and I'm not even proud of it. Having sign boards and conducting courses in English, in my point of view, is highest encouraged. What I've learned is, if your English is goooood, it'll take you far. As for Malay, I think a lot of non-Malays really don't know how to speak them. My point is, well education here in Malaysia is.. as I put is, corrupted. Kids seems to learned nothing from school, and it's true. I think someone really needs to 'review' M'sias education system. Really.

Anonymous said...

Ok I study law in one of the public unis (no need to mention where) and everyone from students to the lecturers themselves pronounce "debt", "debtor" without silencing the "b". When I pronounce it as it should be pronounced i.e. with silence "b", they look to me like I must be madly stupid. And get this, they tell me, "Hey it's deBtor lah, not DET!" I mean, stupid people telling you you are stupid. If you know what I mean?

Or, "What?" and you repeat what you said. "WHAT??!!" With annoyed voice and then they say, "ohh... itu... lah cakap pun tak betul! Bukan xxx lah, yyy lah!" (And I get the bodohnya kamu look)

This is just one of the examples. Theres other incidences where for sure I use correct English words, spellings and pronunciations yet they including lecturers honestly think something must be really wrong with my head.

(I dont know if youve experienced this? When you know you are right and people look to you like you are stupid? I experience that many times not only in uni but also in other places especially and coincidently when the persons involved are malays. They will shake their head and mutter, "apa lah!" and give you the "bodohnya kamu ni" look.

For example, if I say, "Excuse me, do you know any bakery in here?"

They say, "HAH?!"

I say,"BAKERY"

They again shouted, annoyingly, "HAAHHH?!!"

Then I politely and patiently said, in Malay,"Tempat jual roti dan kek?"

They then say,"OHH BAKING!! Katala BAKING! Ni bakery!!" (and shake the head and give me the "bodohnya kamu" look again).

Or someone tell me,"Belilah muffin ni. Hot dari OVEN tau!" (Pronouncing the O as "oo" instead of "aa"). I feel confused and ask, "I'm sorry? What do you mean?"

Reply: OVEN lah, OVEN! Takkan tu pun tak tau! O-V-E-N!!

Me: Ohh... Oven (I pronounce it as "aven" the way it should be)

Reply: Hah? Ade ke? OOOven la.. hehe apa la! (Bodohnya kamu look again)

In the end I give up. I speak wrong English with my mates and lecturers so as not to be ridiculed and penalised. After some time, my English is haywire and my parents (who were lucky to be among the first badge tht were sent to study in the west) seriously think something is wrong with me. So yes, I suffer being ridiculed at home as well. They have no idea I am a better english speaker than most people/students around where I come from. But alas they are fed with the politicians bull-talks of "universiti kita yang terbaik, sama elok dengan universiti peringkat dunia. Kita sudah maju bla bla bla". They wouldnt believe me when I say the standards of English among teachers in local high schools and unis are poor. They just think I must be stupid to not be able to learn english properly(bodohnya aku again!)

I mean, I just couldnt recall anymore just how many grammatical mistakes in teachers/lecturers notes and even exam questions that I gave up being frustrated already. I just learn to adapt to their level of english and started writing answer scripts and talking in wrong english so that I look "smart"-just they way they believe what smart is.

To some extent, I experience the same level of ignorance in English and especially pronunciation among chinese (though not as bad). But I have noticed the Indians do have plausible command of English.

To politicians, thanks for making my western breed parents think I'm lying to them when I claim that our local educators are lacking in English. (These are the breed that fiercely stand by UMNO by the way and are always wondering why on earth is everybody so resentful against the "excellent" government. They do not experience first hand how our local system is so they just take it from the politicians)

Note: If you catch any mistakes in my post, that is whatever that is left of me in my desperate attempt to hold on to the English I grew up with at home. (Which is good English). They are all slowly going down the drain now... *Sad*

Anonymous said...

Professor k : " yes, there should be one medium in all schools ....!"
( u may tink dia a bumi ah !? ...)

Anonymous said...

@#$%^&*&^%$#@ ! this professor is
a babicina lah !!

Anonymous said...

During my time, I'm 58 now, it was a dream come true to go to good government schools and University of Malay. Today, I would rather put my children through private schools and overseas universities even though they are more expensive because the standards of the local schools and Universiti Malaya have gone down the drain. For example, the pass mark in my high school is now 18!!!! It used to be 50!!!! The UK and Singapore no longer recognise Universiti Malaya's engineering and medical degrees when once they were a shining beacon. Malu lah education Malaysia!