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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Well,FUCK you too!!!

I live in the condo at the top of the hill. Want to come visit, Pak Lah? Najib?
Well, fuck you too!!!

I woke up at 7 am this morning although I could have slept in. I woke up because I was worried. Worried about my family's safety. Worried about our home in Bukit Antarabangsa. Sad about the families who lost loved ones to the landslide. Wanting to get more news of the disaster I turned to Channel News Asia which has proven to be more efficient and on the ball than RTM, TV3 or any of the Malaysian terrestrial stations when it comes to reporting news about Malaysia!!! Yes, I turned on the TV and saw the news. And then I got very angry. CNA was showing clips of the press conferences held by Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi and Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak. Now as a Malaysian I should be used to politicians talking cock each time there is a disaster and lives lost. But this time what I saw and heard was just too much to bear. If I had been at the press conferences I would have spat in the faces of these two insensitive, idiotic, infuriating morons. Malaysians have lost loved ones, are traumatised and have an uncertain future facing them and all these 2 fuckers can come up with is a load of political-speak. Of course, the studies will be launched. Task forces will be set up. Reviews will be done. As they have been done before. And a lot of fucking good these have done. Nobody even remembers them. And listening to the 2 of them I could already hear the insincerity of the statements made. Later,when I read the online newspaper reports, all the signs were there that all the PM, DPM and other YB's were saying was just 'media noise'. Nothing serious. Just talking cock only la. You judge for yourself...

Abdullah said early intervention was necessary. If slopes showed any possibility of weaknesses, remedial work must be carried out fast.

Slopes all over the place in designated unstable areas. So can anybody tell us what remedial works have been carried out? I know that Bukit Antarabangsa where I live and where the Saturday deadly landslide occurred has had several other landslides over the past few years. But I have never seen any remedial works done to the slopes or hillsides. On the contrary more developments were approved in the area. Oh sorry, correction. There were some 'remedial' works. Some guys came and laid some blue canvas over the slopes that slid. Why do Malaysians think that blue canvas is so powerful against landslides?

You think that our Prime Minister is going to have a bit of sympathy for people whose lives are shattered by this latest tragedy? Read this...

But Malaysians never want to learn from past experiences. They want good views while developers only seek to profit; but no one takes safety and soil stability into consideration.

What does he mean by WE never learn? Of course we want good views. Wouldn't he? The only thing that we never seem to learn is not to trust our government to have rules and regulations on development that will protect us. The only thing you can blame us for is for being naive enough to believe that our politicians and authorities responsible have the will to do their jobs properly.

“We will be courting more tragedies if we do not (show) care and protect hillsides. Developers will stand to lose more,” he said.

Developers will stand to lose more??? Meaning that the only reason to build safe housing is PROFIT? What the fuck!

In one report in The Star...

Enough! No more hillside housing projects at Bukit Antarabangsa, orders Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi....and then...

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, meanwhile, calls on developers not to lobby or pressure the Government for any building permits for hillside development.

So the Prime Minister orders, "No more!" And then his deputy quickly adds that he is merely going to 'call on' developers not to lobby or pressure the government. There is something wrong there isn't there?

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak asked all state governments to review ongoing hillslope projects to avert landslides similar to Saturday’s incident at Bukit Antarabangsa in Hulu Klang, Selangor.

After all the loss of life and tragedy all our elected government can do is 'ask' state governments to review stuff??? Shouldn't laws be tabled and passed in Parliament to burn some asses and protect citizens' lives? Wait, wait, wait, this is really laughable....

"If they are in areas at risk of landslides, I hope the state government will discontinue the implementation of these projects"

He HOPES that the state government will discontinue implementation??? I don't know what to say. This is the Prime Minister-in-waiting here talking. Talking cock is what it is!!!

But the last word for stupidity in choice of words goes to Deputy Minister of Housing and Local Government, Robert Law Hui Chew. When it was suggested that there might be "negligence" on the part of MPAJ in the matter of last Saturday's deadly slide he said,

"If MPAJ received the information and did not investigate and take appropriate action, that is not right."

NOT RIGHT??? If MPAJ did not investigate and take appropriate action they are fucking with you and with people's lives, man. And all you can say is that it is NOT RIGHT???

Well, fuck all of you too! RIGHT?



Anonymous said...

I can understand why you are so mad over what our "leaders" are saying. I wasn't best pleased myself. These people basically have only air between their ears.

- Collateral Damage -

Eric Lai said...

[sarcasm]Welcome to Malaysia and enjoy your stay.[/sarcasm]

Juanito said...

Uncle Pat,

Sorry to hear the news and also thank God the condo you mentioned was safe from the disaster. It looks pretty near from the picture shown.

1 thing's for sure. Msia govt implement laws for the fun of it. They dont enforce and police it after that..

Wat a sad case the govt is.

God Bless.


michael said...

I can't understand all the farts from PM & DPM.
Sounded like the same farts years ago following the collapse of Highland towers.

If they want to stop all hill side developments, just legislate it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, FUCK them hard hard!! FUCK them doggy-style. Let all of us FUCK them out in the next general election.

I can also talk cock man during a tragedy as this will give me good media and TV exposures. Just say something like "review new housing projects near hillside", "stop hillside developments", "enough is enough", "check movement of earth ...." etc., etc. So easy to talk lah, so easy to make people believe what I say in front of the press and TV crews. When people attacked me I can simply blame the press for quoting me wrongly.

Niamah the BN politicians. FUCK them and CHANGE them. CHANGE we can believe in!!

nstman said...

MALAYSIA PACHIUCHENG. MALAYSIA HOLANGKAN. I am now at Tanjong Rambutan PUb, the only sane place in a world gone mad. Cheers.

Paddy said...

Too fucking right, you tell them

Anonymous said...

In what way can the developer pressure the local authority to approve housing project at high risk area ? Who can pressure the government ? Only the politician, high power politician that are friends of the developer can pressure the authority to approve the project. Another way is using money power. The worst thing is all these authorities with the power of approving development are incompetent technically. They do not knowing what they have approved and what can be the consequences. How many percent of the civil servant and politician are competent and knowing what they are doing beside how to make money or take money. Tiew Nia Seng.

Corgi 1960 said...

I understand why you are furious. I am a Msian working in HK and taking care of the slopes here. The JKR have been in HK on a learning trip but I gather 'learning' is not their priorities but shopping is. The fact that slopes are failing is not over-development but the negligence on the govt to impose slope remedial measures. Bukit Antarabangsa is just one of the manys, let my say.
It is a sad case that as a Msian I am protecting slopes for other countries but not my own. You know what? That's bcos I cant see myself working under a bunch of idiots.
Patrick, plse continue your campaign and make the slopes in msia a lesser risk than it is now.

Anonymous said...

This is not going to be the last one. This is not as bad as 'Highland Tower' where more lives has lost and lives of VVIP's relatives were involved. After so many landslides in this area, what has the government done ? Another three or four months down the road, nobody is going to remember what has happened besides those affected. Those that can collect money will happily collecting money and those that can develop will happily developing and those that can afford to pay will happily purchasing the dangerous property from the happy developer that can pressure the government to approve the development happily. One thing I really don't understand is why those that have money buy property in these dangerous area. Another high risk area that the government happily approving and developer happily developing and buyer happily buying is the Batu Cave area. Take my word, one day a big chunk of limestone will detach itself from the hill like that incident in Ipoh many years ago. Those engineers that involved themselves in these development for a small miserable professional fees are unprofessional, stupid and should be shot.

caravanserai said...

Hill side tragedies
The game of profit and greed
The game of class amongst people
They forget about calamities

A class above the rest
When they mentioned where they stay
A name of power and wealth
Nestling quietly amongst the lush green and hill

Now do they learn?
The government, developers and buyers
For awhile they say they learned mistakes
A year or two it is back to business

The hill slopes
Death waiting to happen
Look around us
The deepest cut you can’t escape
Burying by mudslides and boulders
Nature warnings people ignore

Minor cuts on the slopes
People ignore carrying on as usual
Memories of the past faded away
They don’t stop and think awhile

Hill side tragedies
It isn’t over many will be sacrificed
Living in power of grandeur and class
Only death await when they aren’t aware

Hill side tragedies
Old records spinning old tales
Lives will be lost through greed and class
Nature will take her vengeance
When one doesn’t follow her laws

Anonymous said...

Dear Corgi 1960, even if you want to work under a bunch of idiots for the sake of the country, they also don't want you. With you around, how to make money ? How to have more development cheap cheap ?

Anonymous said...

well said patrick. we malaysians are definitely doomed as we have a ass hole Pm and a talking cock and pussy licking ass hole to be the next pm. Fuck both of them. I hope PR win in KT by election and lets pray that the chinese and indians dont fuck up by voting thw bn morons.Ray111

abi said...

When are they going to stop talking cock and start doing something about it? Yes stop hill side development..Make it happen! Then mitigation from more landslides maybe?
These are lives at stake! they must get effected for them to know!

I hope you and your family are ok Patrick!

Anonymous said...

Choose one below:
1. After 15 years, politician still talk same bulls.
2. After 15 years, they are people still rushing to buy housing by the hill slope.
3. The authority that approve the development should be Hanged.
4. The people that buy the hill slope property should know the consequences.
5. Don't worry, 3 years from now, development will start again by the hill slope.

CK said...

wat to expect from them? nothing. we have ourselves to depend on, tat's all.
watching them talk cock can get heart attack.

Anonymous said...

This is no comedy of error. It's pure negligence. I symphatize with you and understand where you are coming from with your fiercest niamah.

It's good to know you and your family are all right in Bukit Antarabangsa.

Enough is enough.

We don't need to hang on with the same government all the time. They have gone past their sell-by date.

Times they are a-changing. Next time around, vote for change - make a break from the old hegemony. We don't need the same old story, the same old song and the same old blues.

If the same old goons keep dissing out the same old crap, why stick with them? Better to try something new. You never know if you don't try!


Anonymous said...

All we need is for one or two ministers to talk cock in the press. They drive me up the wall. I think bloggers cannot say enough about their ministers. I mean, how much energy do we have? Everyday also we get to read nonsense fr them. How many times can we respond? I am dead tired about all these.

I think I just call it quits. I have had enough. I might as well migrate. After all it has been approved and I still have 7 months to decide to move. I have waited and waited for some new party to take over and hopefully see some positive changes. It is not to be, at least not so soon.

Frus beyond words. I hope there wont be too many bloggers thinking badly about my decision. Perhaps you remain there to fight the battle as you are younger and more confident. I hope things do change for those left or rather stayed behind. Sorry.

Tuna said...

What about Genting Highland, why their buildings able to last for so many years with worse weather condition. This is what happen when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. It is time to fuck all these monkeys man!!!

telur dua said...

BN/UMNO attracts intellectual deficient rejects who are motivated by the smell of money. What do you expect?

The smart cookies are in PR.

Who voted for those two @#$kers? Niamah, hi!

wei chun said...

no one even mentions the names of the developers and land owners that were responsible. they should all be brought to court and tried for negligence and manslaughter.

obviously they're connected to the government then, right? when the govt behaves with such a tidak-apa attitude, it merely fuels even more speculation about corruption and nepotism.

but then i don't think our politicians know how else to behave after all these years. malaysia should've voted all of them out.

Anonymous said...

This was reported by CNN:

President-elect Barack Obama issued a warning Sunday to officials around the country who want to fund projects with federal dollars: no more business as usual.

Decisions on projects won't be made "simply based on politics," President-elect Obama said on "Meet the Press."

In an interview on NBC's "Meet the Press," Obama said: "What we need to do is examine: What are the projects where we're going to get the most bang for the buck? How are we going to make sure taxpayers are protected?

Sounds refreshing. Are the Putrajaya goons up to it?


ewoon said...

i share your anger Patrick (though i don't live near or on hillslope.) Fcuk them all! All they do is talk cock all the time! Niamaaaaaaah (x infinity)!

1 life lost due to fcuking administrative negligence is one too many!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

I say fuck them right if putrajaya collapses on their head and hits najis with his bik mamak to pulp.

Now that it affected thousands of people living there , what the fuck the govt will do.
I am super very sure that those approved the development already had a lot of " kopi-O kaw kaw ".

Anonymous said...

This is what the former PM, Tun MM meant by "a half-past eight government"- a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Politicians man, what spew out off their mouth are sheer crap, these scums of the earth!

Chow Kit Cowboy said...

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, meanwhile, calls on developers not to lobby or pressure the Government for any building permits for hillside development.


What this means is that the "brown envelopes pressures" that take place beneath tables has just become thicker.

What a stroke of good luck for the receivers and those who have powers to approve anything. They are smiling from ear to ear. They just struck the jackpot.

Why do you think we NEVER learn from past mistakes? Because of "pressures" lah.


PERAKEAN said...

Fuck the Government. Fuck the Developers.

But I have a question...if the Government is corrupt to approve the development and the Developers is greedy to pursue the development...why arrr the 'rich' people decide to buy the property at the first place.

If afraid of the tsunami, dont stay near the beach. If afraid of landslide, dont stay near the hills.

If the government and the developers are FUCKED, so are the BUYERS.

Anonymous said...

3 months down the road, its back to normal again. hey, authorities are protected by court rulings that they cant be sued, even for negligence. so, you think they bother?

Suci Dalam Debu said...


FUCK THEM BOTH allright. They may be having the POWERS but to me, both do not have the SMARTS and are lousy LIARS.

Anonymous said...

Talk cock like sing song

Ka Ea Lim said...

Well said!!!

Anonymous said...

Ya....Fuck BN.

The HIghland tower collapse when i was still in secondary school.I still remember some familiar faces shown up that time.

One of them are Anwar Ibrahim,same fucking hell thing he said,stop all the hill slope project.

Yes..this big mouth Finance Minister do said this fucking statement many years ago,sound familiar to wht u guy heard few days ago right???

What happen now is just another round of monket cock..nobody remember few months later....who care???

Yr family die yr problem lah...developer is the king.

Anonymous said...

Me too stayed at Bkt Antarabangsa, bottom of the hill. Lucky for me, I am 300m away and was not affected or cutoff. The road in front of my apt is now occupied by trucks, caterpillars etc OK. Never mind of these. But I am pretty @$%#@^! after driving one of the stranded victim who was my ex-staff at the hill top (she climbed over the hill just to got off from her home), there I saw the motorade of Badawi & Najib. I really want to show my middle finger to them. It is them that Bkt Antarabangsa is still allowed to develop at hillside and thanks to their corrupted MPAJ.

Naimah them betul!

ashleighhhh said...

PACHIUCHENG means masturbate in foochow LOL

i didnt see that one coming =/

This situation is saddening. God save Malaysia.

ayau aka BEkMEnG said...

well at the end of thw day we ourself who should be blamed....why i said that coz we already knew the danger of landslide why buy house near there boikot lorr..then why we still vote the same goverment and the same opposition for the past 50 years...change laa weiii the goverment n the opposition

nanda666 said...

I drove through the NKVE just after the Jalan Duta toll. Didn't that slope come tumbling down some time ago? Didn't they say that no slopes along the highway will be more than 45 degrees or something? Well, that part of the road is still the same and could come down at any time, right?

artchan said...

With leaders like these..are we not a nation in distress.

And he will be next PM?..God save Malaysia

Vernette said...

Corgi 1960, I totally agree with you! Although I do come across quite a lot of idiots here in Macau but not as many...

and Patrick, they are bloody politicians, and the worse is, Malaysian freaking politicians! How dare you even have expectations!

Ian Teh said...

just leave the country la. otherwise your children would go on being governed by these meatheads.

Anonymous said...

hi, patrick. sorry about your troubles.

at least one thing done right by the new selangor state government:

Selangor became the first and only state in the Federation to have complied with the Federal Town and Country Planning Department’s “Total Planning Guidelines” 1997 (2nd edition, 2001) which states that no housing development should be allowed on 25 degrees and above gradient slopes.

Developers thought it was a late April Fool’s joke. Since our ban, they have used all means - the media, blogs, lobbying of ADUNs and MPs etc. to change of our minds. We were labelled and villified as “anti-business” and “anti-development”. I have even had some of our Pakatan MPs asking us to make exceptions for Class 3.

I was told they particularly disliked me and called me “lan-si” (very ‘action‘) just because during a public meeting of developers, NGOs, residents and the Exco, one of the key developers questioned how could the state government stop hillslope development, and I answered, “Because we can…”. And none were too happy when I had to repeatedly and literally wave the ‘Total Planning Guidelines” book at them.

And every couple of months, we have to repeat our policy decision again. Even as recent as last month, developers were insisting that they had theright to develop hillslopes and some had told a couple of ExCo members that they were planning to sue us. One of them said we would have to compensate them RM 330 million (25% of our state budget) of possible loss of profits. Imagine the pressure of a lobby group whose combined income and assets dwarfs the state government.


siew eng

Anonymous said...

You mean you can pressure the government to do things your way???

Where am I all this while?

I thought you will get arrested for doing things that the government do not approve, like cycling, giving non pro government thoughts in the net etc.

Anonymous said...

It's all about supply and demand, if nobody buy those hillside properties then developer will not develop such project, no? Politicians will always take nonsense, it's not going to change but we can exercise our consumer power ....

Anonymous said...

hello everyone
this bukit is part of selangor is under pakatan rule
please direct your criticism at the right parties
thank you

Anonymous said...

Yehhh. fuck you too & fuck everyone who fuck our fucking hills. Next time do not fucking cooperate & join the fucking people to buy fucking properties on top of our fucking hills. When ones fuck with mother nature, sure mother nature will fuck fuck you hard...

Anonymous said...

Hohoho! Damn shiok to read this one la, with all the f words flying down the slopes like nobodys business. I can understand the high blood every one is feeling, yeah f them all bust- turds!

Anonymous said...

99 housing projeks (2007) were approved by the bekas MB lah !!

Anonymous said...

"What does he mean by WE never learn? Of course we want good views. Wouldn't he? The only thing that we never seem to learn is not to trust our government to have rules and regulations on development that will protect us. The only thing you can blame us for is for being naive enough to believe that our politicians and authorities responsible have the will to do their jobs properly."

There is one other thing that Malaysians never learn.
And that is putting their faith in the BN government despite five decades of absolutely horrendous government.