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Saturday, January 24, 2009




Less bull and more honest, intelligent, positive action from all the politicians.
Both B.N. and P.K.R.





Friday, January 23, 2009

Simply spend la

Adam: billions to spend issit? Hmmmm (suspicious).....

If you're an ordinary Malaysian like me who doesn't really have a knowledgeable grasp of economics you will be totally confused over the announcements by our Deputy Prime Minister and other important people the last few days.

RM7billion pumped into the market to stimulate an already stagnating economy.

The federal government has ordered its ministries and agencies to start spending the money allocated..........................

RM5billion already been transferred to the operating ministries and agencies. Next week, another RM2 billion will go out announced the DPM.

'The entire amount will be in the hands of the operating ministries and agencies by then and they have to take immediate action to spend the money,' Najib said.

Okay, okay I am sure there are very sound economic reasons for this happening. But having been a Malaysian for close to 62 years I guess I am a little cynical. Why? Because when I hear such things the first thing that jumps into my mind isn't Yippee! The government is doing something to kickstart the economy. No. The thing that come to my mind is..........


Okay la, so I am being a little unfair here. But can you blame me? Look at how the whole thing has been handled. The billion Ringgit announcements have been made but I don't recall reading or hearing anything about HOW that money is going to be used to stimulate the economy. At least not in a language that I understand. Maybe I should take a crash course in economics la.

I am sure there are guidelines and systems and all. Like so much to lower interest rates and how that will benenfit the working man. Like how much will be used to save jobs. Like how much is going to spent on public infrastructure development so contractors get jobs and citizens get development. Like that la. Basically how the whole damn thing works la. In terms that every Malaysian can understand.

Can the Deputy PM please also tell us those plans? So that we cynical old baargers don't get suspicious. So that you won't lose your party and the coalition any more votes next time. So that as Malaysians we also can be proud that our government knows and is doing something RIGHT. For a change. Not much to ask of our soon-to-be Prime Minister, right?


Monday, January 19, 2009

You decide

Adam trying to meditate to a Zen level of calm after reading the story below.

Read the article below which is copied from today's online Star. Then you decide if this is a case of bad reporting or ridiculous police attitudes. (The highlights are mine)

JOHOR BARU: A 40-year-old woman finally found her missing toddler after a heart-breaking two-year search – and she now faces another problem.

The “caretakers” of the child want RM3,500.

Norchikan Kambali, who fell sick soon after her six-month-old daughter Akhmal Darlinna Zaidi went missing in August 2006, said she could not afford to pay them.

She has lodged a police report and sought help from the Welfare Department.

Norchikan said she used to leave Akhmal with a nanny when she went to work at a factory here. But when she went to collect her baby one morning, the nanny claimed her brother had taken the child away.

Norchikan said she immediately informed her husband who helped her conduct a door-to-door search for the baby.

After a Malay daily ran a story about an Indonesian couple in Tampoi who were caring for a child, Norchikan finally located her daughter on Dec 30 last year.

“I was overjoyed and went to meet the couple but was enraged because they wanted money from me,” she said.

“My husband and I have no money but we really want our baby back.”

The mother of three said it was unfair for the “caretakers” to ask for money as she was not the one who had left the child with them.

State Women, Family, Community and Health Committee chairman Dr Robia Kosai said they would obtain a court order to place the child under their care while they carry out DNA tests to establish the identity of the child.

Muar OCPD Asst Comm Mohammad Nasir said police had referred the case to the Welfare Department because it was not a criminal case.

Unless this is case of really bad writing by the reporter it sure sounds like some police investigation is necessary if not imperative. Somebody's baby is lost for more than a year and then is 'discovered' under what I would say are suspicious (no matter how remote) circumstances and our OCPD proudly announces it is not a criminal case. Way to go, Nasir! I think we should nominate you for the Sherlock Holmes award for elementary stupidity.



Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just die lor!

Adam: Die or resign. It's as simple as that.

Good morning friends. This is just a short post la. Reading online about the Kuala Terengganu by-elections I had this crazy thought....

Actually, the best way for Malaysian Members of Parliament to serve the rakyat and more particularly their constituents is.........................TO DIE!!! Or if they don't want to go that drastic route to RESIGN.

Just think about it. Whenever that happens a by-election has to be held, there will be campaigning by both Barisan Nasional and the Opposition. And the 'goodies' start to pour in for the people of that particular constituency. Look at what is happening in KT? Ang pows, new roads. new buildings, oil royalties and the goodies just keep on rolling in for the people of the second richest state in the federation who live like the second poorest instead. But I digress.

The Prime Minister just announced that he wants the RM7billion stimulus package to benefit ALL races!

Najib yesterday announced an unprecedented move to provide assistance to the tune of RM50million for Chinese schools.

The Government is outwardly opposed to imposition of Hudud Law.

Oil royalties are finally to benefit the people of Terengganu.......

Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.....

And actually a lot of these by-benefits (like by-products) benefit the whole country too!

All this just because the elected member of Parliament died and BN needed to fight with the other flers for the seat.

Imagine what can happen if this sort of thing happened on a nation-wide scale on a regular basis. There will be non-stop development of infrastructure, improvement of civil service, IMPROVEMENT period! Imagine if local councilors are elected, mayors are elected. Then of course all we need to do is to persuade those people to either DIE or RESIGN. All for the good of the rakyat and the country. The ultimate in service ma. Correct?


I think it's time for a nap....ZZZZZZZZZZ

Hidup barangan buatan Malaysia......errr......betul ke? Ya ke? I pun tak pernah rasa la....sorry ah

I just read this in the online version of The Star....

The Prime Minister said Malay­sians should cast aside their prejudice against local products which had in fact gained recognition for their quality and were well-received abroad.

“Try it because you might like it. I myself decided one day to try it and discovered they were not bad. Without trying you wouldn’t know and once you try you might become a local consumer,” he said.

"I myself decided one day to try it and discovered they were not bad"??????

What the F**K!!! Did he mean that he's only just started to use local goods?

And this is from my Prime Minister? The Prime Minister of Malaysia??? Who is encouraging his citizens to buy local. Who is admittedly 'surprised' that Made-In-Malaysia goods are "not bad".


Monday, January 12, 2009

Any last words?

Who will seal the MCA coffin in Kuala Terengganu?

At a typical Chinese funeral the undertaker will ask the family if there are any last words they would like to say to the deceased before the coffin is closed and nailed shut. Today, MCA President, Ong Tee Keat did that 'honour' to the party before the KT Chinese voters hammer in the nails to shut the MCA out of the Kuala Terengganu by-elections (hopefully la). Why? Read this Bernama report...

MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat said the party would take advantage of the Kuala Terengganu by-election campaign until polling on Jan 17 to identify the needs of Chinese voters in the parliamentary constituency.

Ha???!!! Take advantage of the by-election to identify needs of Chinese voters??? All the years that BN (where MCA is a partner) have ruled the state you never identified the needs of the Chinese in KT? Or attended to them?

Now if you think that nail didn't do the job these statements certainly shot in the final nails into MCA's political coffin in KT......

Based on MCA's experience in several by-elections before, each state has its priorities which may reflect the needs of voters, which can also be influenced by the kind of local and national issues raised during the campaign period. Therefore, the MCA needs to identify the concerns and priorities of the Chinese voters to enable the party to provide the feedback on the issues raised...But what is important is for the Barisan Nasional (BN) by-election machinery to work harder to win the hearts of the constituents.

Translate that from Political Speak into English and it could mean...

We'll tell the Chinese flers that we will give them what they want so they will vote for us. After that...who cares. Promise only what. You mean must keep one meh?


Thursday, January 08, 2009

Follow law? Waffor?

You know sometimes I feel that being a law abiding citizen isn't all it's made out to be. At least not here la. Why? Okay, so this example I use is only a little trivial one la. But I think you will get the drift. Those of you who have businesses or who have had occasion to apply for things like signboard licences will know what I am going to say.

Okay, say you want to put up a signboard outside your office or kopi-tiam or association. You can't just put up you know. There are laws governing the language, size, location etc. So you do the law abiding citizen routine. Which means you go collect the forms. Decipher them. Fill them out. Go back and pay the fees required. Then you wait for the approval letter and you know what can happen with that routine la. It's called government bureaucracy. All to get that all important label DBKL or MPAJ or whatever crap/XXX/XXXXX/****/etc to make your sign legitimate. But it is the law-abiding citizen thing to do la. Those of you who've tried this before know what a pain in the ass process it is.

Then you drive around and you see this sort of thing happening.....

I mean..what the FUCK???!!! These guys are polluting the environment. Breaking the law and pissing law-abiding citizens off. So why aren't they brought to book? I mean it's all there. The names, the phone numbers. So easy to track down and charge for illegal advertising, right? Another thing. These flers are breaking the law. So there must be some sort of fines involved, right? So it is a good source of revenue for the coffers of DBKL, MPAJ, MBPJ etc. So why aren't they doing a goddamn thing about it?


Money,money, money ......

Laura: Free buses, allowance, grants, capital....knudge, knudge, wink, wink....heh heh heh...semuanya okay one. Hor?

It is very early in the morning. For me that is. Actually it is 0805 hrs. 8.05 am la. There were no newspapers to read and I didn't really want to turn on the television so early in the morning and set a bad example for Adam who was preparing to go to school. And so I turned on the laptop and started surfing for news of my country. And then I came across this Bernama news story. It was headlined....

Terengganu provides RM1M fund for bus companies

Now we all know that Terengganu is quite the centre of political attention these days with the run-up to the state's by-elections pitting BN against PKR. Even if that wasn't happening doesn't that headline make you wonder why a state government is providing a million Ringgit fund to bus companies? The Menteri Besar, Ahmad Said, announced that the money would be given to the bus companies in the form of grants and capital. I don't really know is meant by the latter. Government giving commercial bus companies capital? To do what?

Later in the story it is revealed that there is a bus company in Kuala Terengganu that provides FREE bus service for the people. The government was planning to give this company 4 new buses to help improve their free service. Now that is GREAT! A bus company that provides free service. I presume that they have been doing that for some time and not just before the campaigning began.

Then the MB announced that 2500 Imams and bilals from the state were going to receive a monthly allowance of RM650. Do the math. That's a total of RM1,625,000 a month. Okay, so nothing wrong with that if that is part of the Imams and bilals pay package for doing their work. But why did the MB choose to announce this allowance during this particular time when the by-elections are looming and BN is expecting a tough fight from PKR? Got ulterior motives for this free buses-grants-capital-allowance "incentive" package or not?

Money politics ah? Eh! No la. In Malaysia we don't practise money politics.
Oh, that I also know. No need to practise ma. Already Experts what!


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Did you know?

Adam: When I grow up I want to be...what? Must wear black pants and white shirt ah? Then I'll be a rocket scientist la.

Did you know that there is actually a rule governing the dress code of our taxi drivers?


But it is true la. Rule 15 (b) of the Rules of the Public Service Vehicles (Licensing and Conduct of Drivers, Conductors and Passengers) among other things forbids taxi drivers from wearing jeans!!!

Now, isn't that just great! Way to go man!!! Which authority is responsible for this? Which ministry? I think they deserve a medal. For missing the trees for the forest.

Okay, okay...back to the story. It was reported today that a cabbie in Kuantan was convicted and fined for breaking this undang-undang (law/rule) He was wearing a pair of black jeans and a white tee-shirt. No mention if these were clean or dirty.

Speaking to reporters later, prosecuting officer Azlindayanty Mohd Termizi from the Road Transport Department said it was compulsory for drivers to be attired in black pants and white shirts while driving their taxis. Huh? Yes ah? Must wear black pants and white shirt? Did you know that?

So the Road Transport Department is the one responsible. Well since they are so anal about dress code for taxi drivers I wish they would exercise the same dedication while policing maintenance of taxis, touting taxi drivers, taxi drivers who over-charge and refuse to use meters. And while they are at it why don't they address an overdue issue. The system which makes it extra tough for taxi drivers to make ends meet. High rentals, low meter fares, traffic jams etc. etc. etc.


Syed Hamid Albar...the new season!

Adam: You ask nicely everything can one.

Hey! The man is back. And with guns blazing. Applause please! Let the show begin...

Home Minister, Syed Hamid Albar announced that he has given agencies under his ministry six months to clear the 33,000 backlog of applications for permanent residence (PR) and citizenship. He wanted to hasten the process because some of the cases had lingered on for 30 years!

Something which the minister seems to be surprised at but which we ordinary citizens have known for years. Thank you for the Final Revelation, Y.B. You're slow but you eventually pull the trigger to shoot your own foot.

But now here is the clincher. Asked why there was a huge backlog of cases, Syed Hamid said...TAAAA DAAAAAA...... the authorities needed to screen the applications to ensure only eligible and outstanding applicants were awarded the distinction of becoming Malaysians!

Huh??? Hahahahahahaha.........Perhaps the Y.B. would care to enlighten us on why and how so many construction workers from a neighbouring country allegedly have Malaysian Identity Cards? And were given them really quickly. Eligible and outstanding applicants? Right!

But then being a seasoned politician, the Home Minister has a ready answer...“We are a popular country. There are growing applications to either obtain PR or citizenship. Foreigners are said to value our peaceful form of governance and tolerance."

And just in case there are any "pendatang" flers or disloyal Bumiputras who think that the citizenship awards are merely a political side-show the minister hastened to add that the awarding of citizenship ceremony had nothing to do with the by-election in Terengganu. The recipients are not entitled to vote.

Huh??? I thought that was the sworn duty of a citizen. To vote. Somebody changed the rules ah?