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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Follow law? Waffor?

You know sometimes I feel that being a law abiding citizen isn't all it's made out to be. At least not here la. Why? Okay, so this example I use is only a little trivial one la. But I think you will get the drift. Those of you who have businesses or who have had occasion to apply for things like signboard licences will know what I am going to say.

Okay, say you want to put up a signboard outside your office or kopi-tiam or association. You can't just put up you know. There are laws governing the language, size, location etc. So you do the law abiding citizen routine. Which means you go collect the forms. Decipher them. Fill them out. Go back and pay the fees required. Then you wait for the approval letter and you know what can happen with that routine la. It's called government bureaucracy. All to get that all important label DBKL or MPAJ or whatever crap/XXX/XXXXX/****/etc to make your sign legitimate. But it is the law-abiding citizen thing to do la. Those of you who've tried this before know what a pain in the ass process it is.

Then you drive around and you see this sort of thing happening.....

I mean..what the FUCK???!!! These guys are polluting the environment. Breaking the law and pissing law-abiding citizens off. So why aren't they brought to book? I mean it's all there. The names, the phone numbers. So easy to track down and charge for illegal advertising, right? Another thing. These flers are breaking the law. So there must be some sort of fines involved, right? So it is a good source of revenue for the coffers of DBKL, MPAJ, MBPJ etc. So why aren't they doing a goddamn thing about it?



Anonymous said...

Ai yaa pat those fellas got kow tim wheras we don't pay ma.

Anonymous said...

"Fees" sudah bayar wat !

Anonymous said...

alot of "proper" signages also dont have the mppj, dbkl numners on it...just place it la, no need to apply one la. You so free meh Patrick? Spend your time to blog more la. we enjoy reading and commenting la. How much u wanna spend to get a legal sign up bro. Everytime those enforcers come, kopi duit give abit la, at least they put the money to good use. Give to dbkl or mppj, aiyoh, they just waste itone la.

Anonymous said...

i've called the number & a lady sweetly replied & asked for my address ! ( using fon awan lah of course !)

russlei said...

2 words dude: greased palms

Anonymous said...

this is under the flyover near flamingo hotel right? wah lau, i this morning just drive there and thought of exactly the same thing...
they can't be that stupid not to trace these people by their handphones right? make them pay for the cleaning up lah....

Mike said...

You do not see defacing public signboards,road signs,telephone booths,electric poles,etc, in developed or undeveloped countries!Only in Malaysia! Has that become a culture of sorts?


Speak Up Malaysia said...

Lately, the tactics of ah longs are to put up posters that have the word "TUISYEN" at the top but in Chinese characters it's advertising their loanshark services. These bloody posters are hanging everywhere around my neighbourhood, from stop signs to trees, uglifying the whole area. One day jogging, I tore down more than 10 of these posters within a 1km radius. Aren't these ah long posters illegal? What the hell are all these DBKL fellas doing? Do some honest work for a change and catch these nuisance-makers instead of closing down the stalls of Malaysians trying to make an honest living. NIAMAH really.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Aiyah Patrick, how you know those fella did not "hulur Kopi-O".
They paid lah. To the left and right pockets of the dbkl or whatever bandaraya fella.
Even the legit business with A-Z licenses have to kopi-O those bandaraya whenever they pops in.Or else they the bandaraya will simply find faults with your office or business premise.
Even the new dbkl mayor kept mum on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Someone please do something about this. Legitimate signboards and road signs are posted beyond recognition. Niamah!!!

Anonymous said...

aiyah ! my litter(?) box also got them lah !!

Anonymous said...

So stupid la....... their own coffers ma!

johnny cheah said...

NIAMAH!!!!What do you expect from these goons in DBKL, MPAJ, MBPJ and the others. All same la. Everything that you require to conduct a legitimate business have to go through them. So if no pay no talk. You know lah they will make things difficult for you. So you got no choice but to pay and pay. This is bolehland where everything can provided you PAY-LAH

KC said...

Hi yah Pat,

This is a sign of breakdown in law & order. Something called the broken window syndrome-lah. It's said if a building has a broken window & the owner just no eyes see. Than very soon, the other parts of the building will also be vandalised.

So ah, in our Malaysian context, this bloody illegal advertisement also cannot cleanup, of course all our other crime will also increase lah. The baddies see our PDRM no material. Correct or not?


Anonymous said...

Aiyooh, uncle you don't meh all these ah longs are big time members of MCA ( malaysia chicken association)

kk said...

Hello Pat,
They are the business partners to those Ah Longs lah:D

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the land called malaysia where politicians make promises so often, no one believes them anymore..

Today Star...poor 155 NS trainees kena food poisoning...So how Mr Najib? Safe place ah? When the politicians wil make it compulsory for their children to attend this damn course?

Anonymous said...

KL water project hits snags

Objections over tender process could result in legal action against govt

THE administration of Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi is facing a dilemma over an urgently needed water supply project in Malaysia.

This is due to behind-the-scenes wrangling over a disputed tender process that could result in legal action against the government and cause further delays to the project.

The Pahang-Selangor Raw Water Transfer Project involves building a 57km-long pipeline, 45km of which is underground, to channel water to Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding Klang Valley area.

The pipeline will supply an additional 2,259 million litres daily to Malaysia's most densely populated area that previous reports said consumes some 3,050 million litres daily.

But there is a snag. Japan's Taisei Corp and its Malaysian joint-venture partner HRA Teguh have raised objections to the government plan to award the RM1.4 billion ($584 million) project to a consortium led by Shimizu Corp.

Their objections were based on the grounds that the bidding process had been marred by irregularities, financial executives and government officials close to the situation said.

Taisei executives in Malaysia declined to comment.

But a senior financial executive who was authorised to speak to this newspaper said that should Kuala Lumpur proceed with the contract award, Taisei will seriously consider suing the project's consultants and the government.

'The companies are exploring all options, including obtaining a court order to halt all work on the project until this matter is resolved,' said the executive.

A senior Malaysian official admitted that the Taisei-led joint venture has raised objections to the awarding of the contract, in particular over the government's decision to ask the Shimizu-led consortium to amend its bid.

The bid calls on the government to compensate Shimizu in the event that the cost of constructing the tunnels exceeds original estimates should it encounter poor rock formations.

The Taisei joint venture's 'view is that the government can't make variations to the bid after the award. But the government's view is that these amendments aren't out of the ordinary for a contract this large', said the official.

Economic planners said that without the project, residents and businesses in the Klang Valley will face acute water shortages by next year.

The project was originally mooted in the late 1990s after the Malaysian government signed an agreement with Japan to secure funding for the construction of the infrastructure undertaking under Tokyo's official development assistance programme.

But the project was stalled because of disagreements between Malaysia and Japan over covenants under the loan package, which required the recipient to award large portions of the project - in some cases as high as 80 per cent of contract work - to Japanese entities.

The plan was jump-started shortly after Datuk Seri Abdullah came to power in November 2003.

After a lengthy tender process, four groups, comprising foreign and local companies, were short-listed.

One group pulled out and the three remaining bids were opened last April.

According to those familiar with the tender, the Shimizu-led consortium submitted the lowest bid at RM1.31 billion, while the Taisei-led venture and Japan's Kajima Corp bid RM1.46 billion and RM1.47 billion, respectively.

The executives said that the bids by Shimizu and Kajima were so-called 'conditional bids', because they were attached with conditions that the government would be required to compensate the contractors for additional costs incurred in constructing the tunnels as a result of poor soil conditions.

Sources said that the Japan International Cooperation Agency, which signed an agreement with Malaysia to fund the project, is in favour of the Shimizu-led group, which submitted the lowest bid.

Anonymous said...


bringing them to book = more work!!!!!! do you think those lazy gits like that? moreover the return is not that high la -- better set up road blocks to check alcohol level and speed la~~ fast cash (easier than going to the ATM!!!)

they have no choice when you submit your application because it's in the system and there's a mechanism to process the applications. so they do it slooooooooooooowly!

K L said...

When you apply officially, you are in a way creating a legitimate 'lobang' for them.
When you put up without approval, they will come and 'saman' you.
Same thing what, no need to go through the hassle lar!

Anonymous said...

More often than not the person who disobeys goes scot-free
utah personal injury attorney said...

Yeah, it's like this, our niamah government can only catch what is convenient to them and act strict when they are rotten inside.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pat, Some of those are not only joint venture by the local authorities with the alongs , but their own business as well, those s-holes in bolehland will make money in every loopholes and holes they can get their hands on..times are bad now...for every 2 or 3 kids we have they have 8 and above..DBKL or whatever just closing their eyes ..allowing its officers to cari makan own their own...can't depend so much on the gomen...

Anonymous said...

Nothing makes sense inMalaysia. So justleave it alone and let it be. It wont change much no matter who runs it. The mentality of the people is just like that.

I mean, alot of people protested after friday's prayers and handed memorandum to US officials, burn flags of other nations. How come, when the people protest about their home welfare or situation in own country then they need police permit etc. So strict but when they protest other nations particularly USA and Isreal then probably no need protest also can??? This is shit brains at work.

Some more we want to punish the Americans but not buying their products or services? Real or not? Or is it all political talk kok?

Even our smart Dr M said people should resign fr working in American companies. Wah liao, damn serious. Eat what after that? Govt provide free accommodation and food is it?

I say, if the govt is serious about all the talks then just do this to prove it is not just political but you truelly want to help demonstrate your feelings for the Hamas people. Immediate ban on travel to USA, recall all malaysian citizens in USA, ban all MAS flights to USA, close down all majority American owned companies in Malaysia immediately. In fact, all the American machineries or equipment should be immediately sent to perwaja to be turned into scrap. Actually no, this damn scrap is still american scrap, just throw the scrap in international waters as far as possible fr malaysian waters. Ah, if the govt do this, I will forever not think anything bad about malaysian politicians. This is my promise. Otherwise, I say one thing, stop all these political leverage talk. Makes me think you are real bottom scrapper.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,
In 2006 I rented a shop in Puchong for a Cafe business.

I applied for the license at the MPSJ.I followed all the rules such as getting a MPSJ appointed Pest Control Co. to provide their service;Attending the course and obtain certificates for my staff; submitting the medical certs and etc.etc...
The license was approved 8 months
later and in between I was Advised,by the uniformed enforcers,not to operate the business without license.I was slapped with numerous compounds .
On top of that, TNB also accused me of stealing their electricity and gave me a big bill to pay.
I have no other choice but to wind up my business...
I was so law abiding and had to close shop but I noticed that the fler who sells the goreng pisang at the roadside,outside my shop, without license is still having his good time,with no harassment
from the authorities..How irony..

Anonymous said...

Dear Pat,
I read from the mainstream News Papers that,last week, 4 shops in Seapark,Petaling Jaya,offering cyber gambling and gaming services were raided by Police and MBPJ.
I went to check ,to my surprise,the shops were still operating.The operators told me that the raids were wayang and the
computers were returned on the same night.
Now I understand the meaning of the song " smoke gets into your eyes"
...TIU NIAMAH!!!...

Anonymous said...

anon 10.47 : you have all but kulitfication !

Anonymous said...

Well... I am not stoking racial tension but... take a good look at the contact person & the advert. About 90% (more like 100%) belong to a certain ethnic group. Double standards is all i have to say.... and this extends to other things as well.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the defacement of some of the TNB / Telekom 'structures' (don't know exact term for term. Some even use spray paint and a stencil to imprint their name and contact in case of 'a flat tire'.

Hui Sen said...

Patrick, there are metal 'art' pieces in Damansara Perdana which have this sort of advertising pollution on them.

Nothing is sacred.

I've been asking the same question for years now. The information is there. Why not set up a sting operation to get them.

Well, you know laa.... it means some real work will have to be done.

Danial said...

I like Singapore's way of handling these "post-it" notes. I saw this at a bus stop:

"Any bills posted will be directly referred to the police."

BikerVoodoo said...

Tons of this shit near my house. I wrote to ASTRO repeatedly to no avail. It's their own name on these illegal signboards messing up the neighbourhood.

In the 80s growing up at least I saw some bit of law and order as no one dared to ride bikes without helmets, and there were not as many illegal ads stuck all over the place.