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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just die lor!

Adam: Die or resign. It's as simple as that.

Good morning friends. This is just a short post la. Reading online about the Kuala Terengganu by-elections I had this crazy thought....

Actually, the best way for Malaysian Members of Parliament to serve the rakyat and more particularly their constituents is.........................TO DIE!!! Or if they don't want to go that drastic route to RESIGN.

Just think about it. Whenever that happens a by-election has to be held, there will be campaigning by both Barisan Nasional and the Opposition. And the 'goodies' start to pour in for the people of that particular constituency. Look at what is happening in KT? Ang pows, new roads. new buildings, oil royalties and the goodies just keep on rolling in for the people of the second richest state in the federation who live like the second poorest instead. But I digress.

The Prime Minister just announced that he wants the RM7billion stimulus package to benefit ALL races!

Najib yesterday announced an unprecedented move to provide assistance to the tune of RM50million for Chinese schools.

The Government is outwardly opposed to imposition of Hudud Law.

Oil royalties are finally to benefit the people of Terengganu.......

Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.....

And actually a lot of these by-benefits (like by-products) benefit the whole country too!

All this just because the elected member of Parliament died and BN needed to fight with the other flers for the seat.

Imagine what can happen if this sort of thing happened on a nation-wide scale on a regular basis. There will be non-stop development of infrastructure, improvement of civil service, IMPROVEMENT period! Imagine if local councilors are elected, mayors are elected. Then of course all we need to do is to persuade those people to either DIE or RESIGN. All for the good of the rakyat and the country. The ultimate in service ma. Correct?



Shiok Guy said...

Dear Bro

You never stop making me laugh with your NIAMAH posting.

I hope they all RESIGN or DIE naturally.. Please we don't support assassinating the MP or ANUN for the purpose of By-Election. Right?

Chiku-Ling (Almost the same meaning in Niamah in Sarawakian language)

Shiok Guy
of Shiok Guy's Opinion

Anonymous said...

So true MrPatrick, but perhaps we ought to help in speeding up the 'natural' death process... hopefully, when due time, all the crimes and corruption exposed by the opposition would then trigger a nationwide heart attack or suicide.

Siapa makan chill akan terasa ter-niamah pedas... G'day to you.

Anonymous said...

300 per envelope. insult, eh? but what the heck take it and vote opposition. best of both worlds.
better, after taking it donate to his/her favourite chartity. modern day robin hood, eh?

artchan said...

According to one from BN will resign..even the out of date, expired Bald headed Sam in MIC,the bungling HamID... still hanging on
and I think it is easier to wish that the BN flers drop dead..but not all at once, but one at a time. If all die at the same time, the handouts will be lesser.

My new year wish is to see a by election in every seat now held by that every citizen in this country will get the angpow that the folk is KT are getting.

This is Malaysia..I Love Malaysia.

alrawa said...

Setengah mati boleh ka?

Anonymous said...

Let us do this once a month.
But one BN MP a month conk is a bit unusual. Or maybe not. Make the job so damn stressful for them.

Anonymous said...

BY-election for PAS =
BYE/BUY election for BN !!

Anonymous said...

our minister then no.1 talk c0ck human in the world!

NEIL said...

I know it's wrong to say this but what to do.My secret wish is that my own hometown MP, who is a BN guys ,and I have secretly been praying that he will drop dead so we too can benefit from all this goodies.Sometimes I even ask God to have a lorry run over him or get drown or whatever,as long as it's death.
Can you help me to pray also that this will happen to all BN guys.

Purple haze said...

Yes lor

Imagine if we have by election every two months - the rakyat will benefit big time man !

Kelvin said...

Excerpt from here:

"Election Goodies Announced

The Malaysian Insider reports that the Terengganu government will provide a RM1 million fund for bus companies operating in the state to buy new vehicles to facilitate more comfortable public transportation. The Menteri Besar, Datuk Ahmad Said announced the good news in front of 2,500 imams and bilals from 483 Terengganu mosques who attended the event. They were also promised an allowance of RM650 monthly by the state.

Imams from other states responded swiftly by changing this Friday’s sermon to, “Let’s all pray our elected MP dies so that we can get goodies too.”"

*The article is political satire

die/resign every 2 or 3 weeks boleh! said...

We have about 190 constituencies, that is the number of MP.

If every 2 or 3 weeks one MP die or resign, this can last for 5 years, which is a term. Good idea?

Imagine every 2 or 3 weeks we have benefits for 5 years, wau lau, jiak beh liau!!!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Everything are done super fast and faster than any express services known in this country too.
2 weeks time and we get to have tarred roads,more street lights,better garbage disposal,they cleaned the drains,cops that smiles instead of asking for "Kopi-O",instant approval getting business licenses,schools getting new roof and luckily none from the oldfolks home dies from getting steady stream of vip visitors and ministers coming with their heavy gift hampers and cash money.
All the sudden so many jack arsed ministers turn up with multiple promises.
Just for the thrills and frills to "set up" a by-election.
I think we should have a by-election every week.
In less than 5 years time Malaysia will be fully develop at all the 222 constituency.

Anonymous said...

" these 2 ladies have to be isaed
for safety .....!!"

Shiok Guy said...

Viva La Pas!
Viva La Pas!
Viva La Pas!
Viva La Pas!
Viva La Pas!

Now is time for Abdullah's Empire Strike Back!

Shiok Guy

P/S: remove my link if you think it is not allow.. THX

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...






Anonymous said...

WTF Patrick, they spent millions of RM but they lost the election. But in the long run the rakyaat have to pay for the handouts.

Obefiend said...

this is when you are wrong uncle patrick

they janji only. when they lost they say got problem becauseo OPPO MP not cooperating

if when then they say sorrylah we have to readjust budget due to economic downturn

not really la..

plus when too many election they will use loads of campaign money. we all know these parties didnt pay in advance. IOU only when printing posters and banners. so in the end the cost of election will be carried by the businesses.

Anonymous said...


that will be great,aint it? morbid to pray that more of them to drop by the roadside, isnt it?

Anonymous said...

TNS says...

Bro Patrick, you have hit the head on the nail...or is it the other way round? Yes, you are damn right. MPs (from BN of course) should one after another die (resign they will not do-lah). Doing this will do a whole lot of good for the constituency with all the goodies and freebies thrown in before the by-erection (or is it by-election?). Damn shiok isn't it? To the rakyat in the constituencies, it doesn't matter actually who wins. They get to benefit-lah. So hear ye all BN MPs. Why don't you just drop dead one after another? For the good sake of all. That's the most effective way to serve the nation.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha...reminds me when i was young. Those days i wish some vvvvip dies, holiday la. No need to go school.

hor e kee see!!!!!!!! ju se ju ho

Anonymous said...


Mad, mad, mad

u-mad, i-mad, a-mad

Boom goes the-mad



Jonathan's Parody of BolehLand said...

Hi Patrick
Yes my sentiments also on this "DIE to have HUGE CHANGE" see. 'Development Only if YOu Vote Me'
Q. What is BN's top chart song after KT failure.
A. 'Bad Moon Rising'... see website above for more on the lyrics!

Anonymous said...

Did Najib say "Niamah" after the results of the 'erection' were announced? I bet he did and so did many in UMNO.

amoker said...

By some estimate, about RM500 million was pumped into KT. Wow, like that also i wish that by elections happen once a while.

Even after so much money, BN lost and tried to downplay it as minor. They really wanted to win that badly..

Steven said...

it was a green day in KT. how wonderful =D

oh btw, just saw mr ahmad said the bn guy today and he paid for everything we had, i mean the whole kopitiam. goodness. the taukesoh was damn happy she told me 'nvm aunty chia u today' when i went over to the counter to pay.

padahal the mister up there gave her dunno how many hundred bucks. many good business huh.. lol.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick,

These BE END fools will promise and spent all the money like their "bapak" punya duit.
Later they'll try their very best to "squeeze" the Rakyats' "balls"(lanpa) by imposing lots of taxes "cover" back their losses!!

Joe said...

Priceless, Pat.

the Razzler said...

Dear Patrick..

Fantastic analysis .. I must say!!

Anonymous said...

anon 12:15 pm , aiyaaaah ! without the blue-V , the BYE/BUY-erection
= mati pucuk , so losted lah !!

py said...

Wow Uncle Pat,

I like your idea! If these ppl take their turns to D**, periodically, our rakyat will have endless goodies!

frostee said...

like they usually say nowadays... a good MP is a dead MP.

aadn (Ada Apa Dgn Nama) said...

My thought exactly when Pak Sheikh contested in Permatang Pauh earlier. Wan Azizah brought huge development to Permatang Pauh by resigning , compared to what she managed to achieve during her term as MP... ( read here: )

Netster said...

I like to LOL hahahaha