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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Money,money, money ......

Laura: Free buses, allowance, grants, capital....knudge, knudge, wink, wink....heh heh heh...semuanya okay one. Hor?

It is very early in the morning. For me that is. Actually it is 0805 hrs. 8.05 am la. There were no newspapers to read and I didn't really want to turn on the television so early in the morning and set a bad example for Adam who was preparing to go to school. And so I turned on the laptop and started surfing for news of my country. And then I came across this Bernama news story. It was headlined....

Terengganu provides RM1M fund for bus companies

Now we all know that Terengganu is quite the centre of political attention these days with the run-up to the state's by-elections pitting BN against PKR. Even if that wasn't happening doesn't that headline make you wonder why a state government is providing a million Ringgit fund to bus companies? The Menteri Besar, Ahmad Said, announced that the money would be given to the bus companies in the form of grants and capital. I don't really know is meant by the latter. Government giving commercial bus companies capital? To do what?

Later in the story it is revealed that there is a bus company in Kuala Terengganu that provides FREE bus service for the people. The government was planning to give this company 4 new buses to help improve their free service. Now that is GREAT! A bus company that provides free service. I presume that they have been doing that for some time and not just before the campaigning began.

Then the MB announced that 2500 Imams and bilals from the state were going to receive a monthly allowance of RM650. Do the math. That's a total of RM1,625,000 a month. Okay, so nothing wrong with that if that is part of the Imams and bilals pay package for doing their work. But why did the MB choose to announce this allowance during this particular time when the by-elections are looming and BN is expecting a tough fight from PKR? Got ulterior motives for this free buses-grants-capital-allowance "incentive" package or not?

Money politics ah? Eh! No la. In Malaysia we don't practise money politics.
Oh, that I also know. No need to practise ma. Already Experts what!



Anonymous said...

Jan 8, 2009
No to lessons in English

KUALA LUMPUR - SEVERAL Malay groups have threatened legal action against the Malaysian government after it missed the Dec 31 deadline set by them to stop teaching Mathematics and Science in English.

The Federation of Malay Writers Associations (Gapena) and other non-governmental Malay organisations are also planning a protest rally on Feb 15 dubbed '152 Rally', named after the article in the Constitution that states Malay is the country's official language, according to Malaysiakini online news.

Gapena's second secretary Hashim Ismail said the decision was reached on Tuesday night after a three-hour meeting of 20 representatives of these groups. 'We decided to give the government one last chance to explain itself up to then.'

Deputy Education Minister Wee Ka Siong had previously said that responses and feedback from the public would have to be studied before the government arrived at the best decision.

Mr Hashim said next month's rally will use coffins to represent 'the death of the Malay language'.

The second stage of their protest will involve legal action, when all else has failed.

Another rally to pressure the government to change its stance has also been planned by the 'Save Malay Language' secretariat - comprising Malay NGOs and opposition parties. It plans to attract some 100,000 people for a rally in March to petition the Malaysian King to intervene in the matter.

caravanserai said...

It is to say
We must have money
Otherwise how to live by?
So the government is kind

Money for grant and capital
For company to provide good services
The people welfare no money
The poor have to beg and cry

Do we hear the government?
It is all deaf and dumb awhile
When buy election arrives
So much money to entice

The heavy baggage
They can’t slug it along
So the government gives
To people and companies of its choice

Niamah it is pick and choose
You and I don’t have the chance
We have to struggle every time
Money the mint of aroma
The sweat and tears for many
The government turning a blind eye

Anonymous said...


The free bus service was started by PAS when it was ruling Trengganu, I think.

So BN just continue lah. Hope all the voters take all the benefits, which is from oil royalty (God's gift) and not BN's, and vote for the opposition candidate. They need a change.


Anonymous said...


aiyah ! let them have own lidah2 ibu to teach m/s lah PLEASE ! bcos :
(5-2=3) is ( five push 2 is tree) !
1/2+2/3 = 3/5 ( tree on top five) !
CO2 = car burn die outside wo !

these types of guru2, lu mau ah !?
adam & laura can teach better lah !
btw : a group of 26 US teachers coming to teach ingris wo !! ( but mahathiu said boycott every tinks from US lek !!)
so kerismuddin, how ah !? (@#$%^&*)

Anonymous said...

Friday January 09 2009

Bumi sleeping partners not real businessmen, says PM
By Shannon Teoh

Derisively known as Ali-Baba ventures for years, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said today Bumiputera equity holders who do not contribute to their companies are not genuine businessmen.

He called on Bumiputera entrepreneurs to add value to businesses that they are involved in as their equity is a must for companies seeking public listing.

"We do not want just shareholders who are sleeping partners. They are not genuine businessmen," he told government officials and staff and students when launching the National Design Centre at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) here.

The requirement for a 30 per cent Bumiputera equity before a company can be floated on the Bursa Malaysia has been a bone of contention and recent announcements of relaxations by Finance Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak have been hotly debated.

Najib, who is also deputy prime minister, had announced late last year that companies which had made the necessary offer of IPO shares to Bumiputera investors could still go ahead with the listing should the quota be undersubscribed.

Abdullah said there was a lack of business knowledge and capital among Bumiputera businessmen and that this needed to be overcome.

"The two eyes and brain between your ears need to be improved," he said.

The National Design Centre is an initiative under the Tunas Mekar Network programme conceived by Abdullah in 2005. The programme seeks to encourage Bumiputera entrepreneurship by placing UiTM graduates in apprenticeships with established Bumiputera businesses.

Today, Abdullah also said that a Bumiputera Entrepreneurship Institute would be established at the campus after it was suggested in an earlier speech by UiTM vice chancellor Datuk Seri Dr Ibrahim Abu Shah.

Born2Reign said...

No need to boycott US cos. Dell Penang is shutting down..I wonder how many employees will be re-employed by Ma-makthir?

Maybe those unemployed from US cos should sleepover in Mamakthir's mansion until their next job from Proton or MAS or Petronas... FREE rent of course!

Another work that does not require English..Set up stall at Pasar Tani and sell Malaysian goods lor!

Haiyo, at the rate these BN are throwing money in KT, might as well declare free education, free petrol, no income tax like most oil-rich countries. said...

Well, the Niamah BN is always throwing money to buy power, then use power to get more money, then throw away somemore money to buy more power. Just makes us hate them more and more.

Anonymous said...

mahathiu, i'v quit my job ! pls take care of my expenses = rm2000, from your family FDs in s'pore isrealic banks, ok ! @#$%^&*.
maha-THIU , tq.

Anonymous said...

edu mentri : " guru2 & murid2, get ready to ' protest & demonstrate' against the evil Isreal, ok !!"

amoker said...

Allowance for imam and bilal would be on top of their salary. If it is 30& of their salary, it means that we are paying RM4-5 million ringgit per month. Who said Islam is not treated with golden gloves?

Anonymous said...

the trengganu MB is the biggest shit head that you can imagine-lah.
with a gangster mentality,,,will just bring down UMNO in no time.
bodoh man,,,watch how he will manupilate the rm10b wang insan soon enough,,,,sick-lah.