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Friday, January 23, 2009

Simply spend la

Adam: billions to spend issit? Hmmmm (suspicious).....

If you're an ordinary Malaysian like me who doesn't really have a knowledgeable grasp of economics you will be totally confused over the announcements by our Deputy Prime Minister and other important people the last few days.

RM7billion pumped into the market to stimulate an already stagnating economy.

The federal government has ordered its ministries and agencies to start spending the money allocated..........................

RM5billion already been transferred to the operating ministries and agencies. Next week, another RM2 billion will go out announced the DPM.

'The entire amount will be in the hands of the operating ministries and agencies by then and they have to take immediate action to spend the money,' Najib said.

Okay, okay I am sure there are very sound economic reasons for this happening. But having been a Malaysian for close to 62 years I guess I am a little cynical. Why? Because when I hear such things the first thing that jumps into my mind isn't Yippee! The government is doing something to kickstart the economy. No. The thing that come to my mind is..........


Okay la, so I am being a little unfair here. But can you blame me? Look at how the whole thing has been handled. The billion Ringgit announcements have been made but I don't recall reading or hearing anything about HOW that money is going to be used to stimulate the economy. At least not in a language that I understand. Maybe I should take a crash course in economics la.

I am sure there are guidelines and systems and all. Like so much to lower interest rates and how that will benenfit the working man. Like how much will be used to save jobs. Like how much is going to spent on public infrastructure development so contractors get jobs and citizens get development. Like that la. Basically how the whole damn thing works la. In terms that every Malaysian can understand.

Can the Deputy PM please also tell us those plans? So that we cynical old baargers don't get suspicious. So that you won't lose your party and the coalition any more votes next time. So that as Malaysians we also can be proud that our government knows and is doing something RIGHT. For a change. Not much to ask of our soon-to-be Prime Minister, right?



Anonymous said...

how come nobody is doing anything about these corruption thingy ???

Anonymous said...

Right! I agree with you. The government needs to clarify the spending budget so that we would understand it. From what I see, they spend it lavishly and the poor don't benefit a bit!

K L said...

Aiyoyo! My job is to allocate the RM7b or rather RM7m into my own pocket only lar! I don't care the hell how it is going to simply spent, as long as habiskan semua, that's my objective.

caravanserai said...

Spend the money
The billions our money
Paying in taxes
Where will it go?

No plan to execute
The billions to spend
Open tenders for projects
You don’t read in the press

In silence it creeps
Like rats afraid of the cats
It doesn’t want to be seen
Secretly siphoning off the cheese
Into its tiny holes……….
Nobody knows

Draw up a list
Let the people know
What need to spend?
So to stimulate the economy

Even this BN works silently
Afraid we know……………
The billions in packages
And we read about this cocky minister
Warning about federal agencies directors
Don’t attend PR government meetings
Stern action will be meted out to them
And the BN government talks
Our tax money floating into corruption

Anonymous said...

first thing come to my mind when dpm announced that ministries to spend the money. Just like that. So spend on what? cars? house? land? or the PEOPLE or citizen? I'm rather confused and agree with what u say. where it is spend on? any clirification or report say spend on what. and after assessment after spend the 7 billion. That will be better and will be proud of them as leader. They are doing good cost but before do should clarify on what they are doing.

thanks pat.

Anonymous said... can they tell us every thing. Playing hide and seek will surely make money mahhhh.

Anonymous said...

haha because everybody is sharing the money except you and me .

shankar~selina said...

Maybe a quick trip to Singapore, at the they are explaining how their money is spent. But watch out Pat, Malaysia's spending may come under the "official secret act" and the law abiding cops might arrest you.

Look Obama can speak Indonesian: ( Video )

amoker said...

End up as their UMNO war chest fund!!

Of course, nothing will come to rakyat. Australia gave tax cut, HK gave spending vouchers.. all directly to rakyat.

Lao' Cha said...

Chinese saying " The need to recruit soldiers and buy horses."

Afterall he's suppose to take over the throne very soon and he need to grease the hands of vultures very well. You think he'll gives two sarong for what's happening to the economy? Nah! He needs to establish very strong support from the inner circle, and what better excuse than to transfer these funds to them to win unanimous endorsement.

Melvyn said...

thanks for the article, it makes me wonder about where the money actually lack of transparency and the usual mumbo jumbo said by the leaders....thanks patrick...happy new year to you and your family..Melvyn

Raison D'etre said...


If our Kiasu neighbor down south can be so f**king straightforward in their budget: who gets what and how much, we should be better than them what.

After all we had 16 million arrivals last year to sepnd good money here what.

Azalina said so.

What's that? Singapore has how many million of population?

4.7 million, is it?

Ok what. So if 1 million come to Malaysia 1.6 times each, we get 16 million arrivals loh.

Wau Lau...

DJ Khor said...

Those people are good at spending money.

1. The money will first go into their own personal pockets.

2. They will then allocate a little to their cronies, to zip up their mouths.

3. They acquire new houses, new cars, new mistresses.

4. They take oversea trips and spent the damned money.

5. Nothing is left to spend locally.


old fart said...

Too right Bernard...old buggers like us deserve a little decency to be cynical about this latest so-called rescue package as after having seen this country been milked by these umno goons for years, does not really inject a lot of confidence in us, do we now? What has the local media done to highlight this point? Where are the views and opinions of the captains of the business communities on this scheme? Look at how other neighbouring economies are dealing with this crisis...Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong...all allocating money to go directly to the people's pockets so that they can be spent to increase the internal demand thus helping to effectively boost the local economy. Here...all money still goes through their own pockets first before anything left (if at all) is trickle back to the economy. Just take a look at all the houses they live in and the cars they drive around. You tell me if we are stupid or what!
Gan Ni Niao...!

nckeat88 said...

The rational of stimulus package is to pump credit into the economy. So if 5 billion ringgit is pumped into malaysian economy, it means if everyone spend this money, there will be 5 billion in circulation. If this 5 billion is changed hand twice, there will be 10 billion economy and so on.

But who got the money to spend is another question and this will determine whether corruption is on or not.

monsterball said...

Pat...I wish to take this opportunity to with you and your family...good health...prosperity and keep smiling.
Time flies....and I can never forget your radio talks.
Bless you and stay as you are.
Don't ever change.
Wishing you and family....Happy Chinese New Year!!
Yamseng! yam yam yamseng.

Anonymous said...

Ayiah, You are not London trained economist. That's why you don't understand mah. You don't know meh. Obama also do like this. If US boleh so can Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

7 ( tujuh) billions = 7,000,000,000/=
10% = 700,000,000/= WOW !! WOW !!

sioknya ! SIOKNYA !! veri SIOK !!!

natives are restless said...

Spend ? ; well , i'll buy afew BIG houses [ Mansions lah ], make some good friends [ mistresses lah ] buy a couple of cars [ BMWs , Mercedes , etc lah ],go help some foreign economy [ shop overseas lah ] , save some in the bank [ swiss bank account lah ] .... my shopping list is endless........

Square said...

Just like when I used to study in college, parents wanted me to prepare every month expenditure, if not no next month pocket money to be given.... it was always so hard to fake an a/c...becos there is too much of skeletons to hide... sigh! 7 billion....very soon la, one big gang families trip to europe, makan, minum, shopping sudah habis....

Anonymous said...

$200 million to a pre-school endeavour and headed by his wife? thats spending.
compare to razaleigh's speech few days ago and you will realise this Govt is doomed.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They talk in mumbo-jumbo term that only they will next 2 months the money will be dissappeared and then...yes, you're right..another stimulus package to make you erect...boy..with rate we are going..hopefully we don't go bankrupt !!! the Ox will have no chance to stand will be always charging ahead to make way for better future for the Rakyat...Happy Chinese New Year to you Pat & family and All Chinese celebrating the New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

Who said you have been unfair in your comments?

More than fair, perhaps too fair. This finince minister does not spell out any details. I wonder if he knows what he is dooing. I have this reservation, our current sleeping beauty may be passing the baton to evil step mother and we will be out of the frying pan into the fire with this new chap. We are bing dooooomed.

Anonymous said...

7 billions ah !? WOW WOW WOW !!
just 0.0000001% of it for my Chinese
NIU year lah , PLEASE !!

Anonymous said...

WoW (so said Muhidin)

7 billion RM for UMNO patronage ... Ali Baba for all classes of UMNOputera contractors!

Surely WoW for them but Niamah from all of us!

Anonymous said...

they can't solve the 'human bombing' case since when??? months ago. suddenly they have plan(s) for those billions over ..what..a month! kiss my ass!

ChengHo said...

RM $ 7 billion not enough to stir up the economy Singapore spending us $ 14 billion....

Anonymous said...

Instead the government spending RM7B, why not the government cut taxes amounting to RM7B to benefit all tax payers? Money saved from paying tax will mean more money for people to spend. This RM7B may only benefit those few well connected businessmen.

Anonymous said...

YM RPK said about 500juta been spent
on KT BUY-election wo ! @#$%^&*, there goes the babicina tax revenues!

Joe said...

Spot-on, Uncle Pat. Thanks for being the voice of the people.

Anonymous said...

The Malaysian Gov should follow what President Obama is doing for his presidency which is transparency. Everyday here on CNN I watch as he explains in real time what he is doing, why, whats the process and whats the whole point for it/message to the world. He is even discussing with his advisors sometimes here and there and we can see it raw and real. He started this website also to show everything he is doing in every aspect so we know exactly whats going on, and can voice disagreements, ideas etc.

All this secrecy and "only the ppl up there understand cos its too complicated" should be thrown out of the window. Its pure BS.

Anonymous said...

$14b to the lions is only sikit % of their reserves BUT not ours though the black gold keep oozing BUT berapa tahun lagi !!?? ( better masuk as MUCH/cepat as possible ! )

Anonymous said...

Why you people got problem with Malaysia ah? Najib already got website for Malaysians to post their ideas. You all got something to say, say it on his blog. Don't go quoting Obama. He is not PM of Malaysia. Najib will be.

No money you guys complain. Give money still complain. Obama flush us$850billion into US like the Japanese print paper money during world war ii, everyone says good good. Najib release rm2billion everybody say he greasing his way to be PM. Did Obama detailed how he will spend the money before he became President?

Niamah back to you.

Anonymous said...

A nice fat tax refund cheque will be nice. Thank you.

steve said...

Why we have idiot who think 7 billion can kick start the economy when everyone have to pour in even more.

7 billion is not a huge sum when looking at all the money wasted in perwaja/ proton/ mas/ maybank (for the lousy indon bank purchase) plus many other.

I am ignoring the speculation of corruption but the behavior of mis using gov fund to kick start something by all this so called people elected moron scares me.

I am paying my tax but I only hope they use it the proper and transparent way.

talking about OBAMA...Niamah back to the guy who claim OBAMA never detailed it.... he wasn't a president until a week ago....USA got a protocol to follow and he cannot simply comment when that cowboy still the president until one week ago!!!

many other country have their proper protocol for the politician to is only our country having politician that enjoy manipulating our constituent.

feel sad and only can complain here..and hoping the new year bring in more positive thing

shrek said...

First count how many Ketua Bahagian, then how many ketua Cawangan, then include all the ketuas of the Wanita wing, youth wing and add all of them. Now divi up the RM 7 billion. Remember last UMNO GA each UMNO Ketua Bahagian got RM 1 mil.

Money for Education - scholarship for all UMNO ketuas children
Money for Transportation - new Benz, Beemers for all UMNO Ketuas
Money for Development - New Istanas like Istanas Zakaria for all UMNO Ketuas
Money for Health - New Health clubs and Spas in 5 star hotesl for UMNO cronies.
Money for Tourism - First Class air tickets and suites in 5 star hotels for all UMNO ketuas

You think RM 7 billion is enough?

Anonymous said...

To Steve,
You have niamah printed on your forehead is it?
That was precisely what I was leading to. Obama can't detail how he is going to spend those Japanese Notes before he becomes President. So why is every expecting Najib to detail how he is going to spend rm7billion.

Bloody Niamah back to you.

Anonymous said...

niamah!!!!!thuhai??,,,correct or not?

if only govt. stop taking my income tax,,,baru boleh spend !!,,,,this rm7b is just for corruption-lah,,,cheeebai money