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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Syed Hamid Albar...the new season!

Adam: You ask nicely everything can one.

Hey! The man is back. And with guns blazing. Applause please! Let the show begin...

Home Minister, Syed Hamid Albar announced that he has given agencies under his ministry six months to clear the 33,000 backlog of applications for permanent residence (PR) and citizenship. He wanted to hasten the process because some of the cases had lingered on for 30 years!

Something which the minister seems to be surprised at but which we ordinary citizens have known for years. Thank you for the Final Revelation, Y.B. You're slow but you eventually pull the trigger to shoot your own foot.

But now here is the clincher. Asked why there was a huge backlog of cases, Syed Hamid said...TAAAA DAAAAAA...... the authorities needed to screen the applications to ensure only eligible and outstanding applicants were awarded the distinction of becoming Malaysians!

Huh??? Hahahahahahaha.........Perhaps the Y.B. would care to enlighten us on why and how so many construction workers from a neighbouring country allegedly have Malaysian Identity Cards? And were given them really quickly. Eligible and outstanding applicants? Right!

But then being a seasoned politician, the Home Minister has a ready answer...“We are a popular country. There are growing applications to either obtain PR or citizenship. Foreigners are said to value our peaceful form of governance and tolerance."

And just in case there are any "pendatang" flers or disloyal Bumiputras who think that the citizenship awards are merely a political side-show the minister hastened to add that the awarding of citizenship ceremony had nothing to do with the by-election in Terengganu. The recipients are not entitled to vote.

Huh??? I thought that was the sworn duty of a citizen. To vote. Somebody changed the rules ah?



Anonymous said...

I have been thinking... could it be because:
1. construction workers are actually building the country?
2. their hardwork and efforts can be seen?
3. since they are from neigbouring countries and most Malays were from those countries, its more like accepting their own people and increasing the Bumi %?

I asked the staffs at the PR application office in Damansara. First application will always be rejected. Then continue to try your luck, I was told. My brother-in-law is considering applying for PR after staying in Malaysia for more than 5 years. Not sure if he's still keen or have applied.

A friend's mom is Japanese and I heard she paid RM10K for having the process sped up and that was also after several years with several tries.

33,000 is a lot!!!

Anonymous said...

Patrick, Can you start something on the 50 officers that went to raid a 10 room converted hotel owned and run by people on wheelchairs. (Star today) Sorry I do not know how to contact you.

Anonymous said...

has your bro-inlaw got the kulitfication or not ah !?

Anonymous said...

Q: Know why those 'visitors' from that neighboring country can get M'sian citizenship so easily?

A: They r of the same Nusantara stock. Even thought THIS claim is initiated by the privileged locals, & disclaimed by the visitors!

Q: Who said this 'those have brain are leaving, while those have no brain are coming. Soon M'sia will full of brainless people'


Anonymous said...

Its not just construction workers from a neighboring country, terrorists like a certain Hambali are also known PR's of Malaysia. Lets not forget to mention that there have been many people of merit that have tried (& failed) to get citizenship e.g. Golfer VJ Singh and many of my freinds wives who are professionals (they married either Taiwanese or Mainland Chinese). So if these are'nt people of quality, then who is? Maybe only terrorists and construction workers need apply.

Cruel Angel said...

My fren grandma, who is a japanese still hold a red ic eventhough she is 70years old now and has been in Msia for 50years.

Yukio said...

I believe this was quoted from Syed Hamid:

“We are a popular country. There are growing applications to either obtain PR or citizenship. Foreigners are said to value our peaceful form of governance and tolerance.

“We are now a potpourri of many ethnic backgrounds and religions,” he said after awarding citizenship to 20 individuals and PR status to 79 people.

The recipients were migrants and spouses of Malaysians.

*Taken from Star Online*

My wife is foreigner and told her not to expect PR to be given when we try to apply.
(Now, we have moved back to Japan and I am planning to apply for PR after 3 yrs)

When I was working at a shared service located in PJ, I was told by my ex-colleague that the makcik (who does the cleaning) is from Indonesia and got IC!

Another quote:
Syed Hamid advised the recipients to appreciate their status.

“Learn our national language and our Negaraku. Be proud of becoming a Malaysian and support the country and contribute to nation-building efforts,” he said.

sigh..... many, many Malaysians do not even know the national language well and has been supporting the country.

Anonymous said...

One condition, not listed but well practiced: ONLY M U S L I M S get it!!

These political muppets are the ones that are killing the country!

Anonymous said...

haha! I spent nearly 2 hours in Maybank trying to open a freaking savings account!!! Applying for a citizenship is so much more complicated! You expect the government to process these applications any faster? dream on!

One more thing about opening an account in Maybank... they even fake the number of applications when it's almost closing hours... "but we have more than 10 applications, you want to wait?" I looked around and there were just about 11 ppl in the waiting hall and i said yes. and so i waited. we were 4th in the queue.

the other day, whenever ppl wants to go upstairs of the branch to do banking, they have to get a queue number at the front desk on the Ground Floor. and when they do, the officer at the front desk will say, "but there are a lot of people..." fuckwits!

artchan said...

First of all is 33000 a real figure? If U believe that will believe cows can fly.

Anonymous said...

ask the supremacist in UMNO and you will get the answer, Patrick.
this Al-Blur is just like another UMNO politican who speaks with a fork tongue. His message and tone depend on the audience.

Anonymous said...

Syed Hamid, whataguy! Atleast he is consistent. Consistently stupid that is.

I mean, what crap is he dishing out to explain the delay in approving the thousands upon thousands of applications for PR/citizenship?

A lady from Europe who had married a Malay gentleman and had lived in Malaysia for over 15 years, was consistently told that her application for PR "was being processed". This went on for many, many years.

All she wanted was to know one way or the other if her application was going to be approved or not. But for 12 years, all they would say is "It is being processed".

Finally, having given up on the situation, she packed her bags and her kids and has returned to her home country for good.

Way to go baldie. Congratulate yourself now. Go on, pat yourself on the back. You're used to it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Anyone knows whY??

1. Some one told me it is easier for muslims to apply for citizenship in Malaysia. They said it is easier for Indonesians of that religion to get citizenship. Is it true? I told the person off la, it canot be true as Malaysia is equal opportunity. We take in skill, qualified and "good" people. We dont look at religion.

2. I have friends who are Australians, British Citizens and another one from Hong Kong. All qualified fella. A bit bodoh maybe as they married malaysian girls. Now after 20 yrs also have not received their citizenship and some even PR application still not approved. Some say it is their religion. Cannot be la.

So how, those in the know, is it true or not that religion is most important criteria?? Please help.

I also know one or two phillipino workers tried to get PR, no chance la but got a few indon workers got citizenship only in few yrs. Another lie?

So confusing in Malaysia. One fella said religion is important to determine your chance and others said it is not. How, who to believe?

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog. Most of the comments against our ministers and politicians seems fair and timely. But I was disappointed that you didn't comment on Dr Mahathir's recent blog when he said that bloggers should not run down others. Dr M is exactly doing that. Talk of hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

I very agreed wth the earlier comment about the Maybank.Based on my own experience, i saw some unfair treatment by the Maybank staffs. I was applying my lost ATM card and credit card that time, was told to take 2 numbers for different counters, cant they jus simplified the process? And not just that, whn my number turn out to be the next number to be called, after long hours of waiting, my number didn't been called, saw a Malay lady walk in and head straight to the counter ( in between the paused time) and the officer start processing her's. With anger, i move to the counter and asked him, it is suppose to be my turn, and showed him the number, yet he said " u still need to wait for your number to be call". Then i asked him, " What abt tis lady? Your number screen never changed, yet she came to your counter? Do you know how long i have been waiting?"..After that, i closed all my accts in Maybank, and wont have anythg to do with tis lousy bank anymore.

K L said...

Malaysia- My Second Home campaign.
Come!come!come! All are welcomed, particularly brainless ones, similar religion ones, terror-look ones and similar colour ones.

PRO said...

In Malaysia, we favour losers of the world; so if you're smart and wealthy and healthy and of world class in whatever field (except corruption, abled body but claims disabilities, talk cock, makan gaji buta etc); don't bother applying for PR, you will be laughed out of Putrajaya.

On the other hand, if your are the losers, pirates, robbers, terrorists (preferably with contagious diseases) etc Malaysia welcomes you! Take the blue IC and vote the same colour!

Anonymous said...

Malaysia Home minister must be a very homely type,this stupid s-hole never fail to amaze me or the Malaysian people of his stupidity, every time he open his mouth to god...where did he study? Only those brainless are given citizenship in a jiff, those smart one are kept in the cold storage for a long time, we miss having VJ Singh as a Malaysian, when he was still an unknown training in JB in 1990's( if I am not wrong)world class people like him are not qualified, but those from Indon are given the red carpet,might as well built the bridge over Malacca straits and make in easy for earn in bolehland.