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Monday, January 19, 2009

You decide

Adam trying to meditate to a Zen level of calm after reading the story below.

Read the article below which is copied from today's online Star. Then you decide if this is a case of bad reporting or ridiculous police attitudes. (The highlights are mine)

JOHOR BARU: A 40-year-old woman finally found her missing toddler after a heart-breaking two-year search – and she now faces another problem.

The “caretakers” of the child want RM3,500.

Norchikan Kambali, who fell sick soon after her six-month-old daughter Akhmal Darlinna Zaidi went missing in August 2006, said she could not afford to pay them.

She has lodged a police report and sought help from the Welfare Department.

Norchikan said she used to leave Akhmal with a nanny when she went to work at a factory here. But when she went to collect her baby one morning, the nanny claimed her brother had taken the child away.

Norchikan said she immediately informed her husband who helped her conduct a door-to-door search for the baby.

After a Malay daily ran a story about an Indonesian couple in Tampoi who were caring for a child, Norchikan finally located her daughter on Dec 30 last year.

“I was overjoyed and went to meet the couple but was enraged because they wanted money from me,” she said.

“My husband and I have no money but we really want our baby back.”

The mother of three said it was unfair for the “caretakers” to ask for money as she was not the one who had left the child with them.

State Women, Family, Community and Health Committee chairman Dr Robia Kosai said they would obtain a court order to place the child under their care while they carry out DNA tests to establish the identity of the child.

Muar OCPD Asst Comm Mohammad Nasir said police had referred the case to the Welfare Department because it was not a criminal case.

Unless this is case of really bad writing by the reporter it sure sounds like some police investigation is necessary if not imperative. Somebody's baby is lost for more than a year and then is 'discovered' under what I would say are suspicious (no matter how remote) circumstances and our OCPD proudly announces it is not a criminal case. Way to go, Nasir! I think we should nominate you for the Sherlock Holmes award for elementary stupidity.




Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

this case will not attract one vote also...somemore it does not involve ngo marching or any virgil...not interested. Can get datukship or not? Aiyah, Patrick, you know la, our poorlice only like certain kind of action la

Vanity Fling said...

This is kidnapping in disguise and is being brushed of as some welfare issue.. Our country really Diu Kao Kao man...!!

Anonymous said...

Brother!!! the paper is writing the truth.
Aiya!!! that is why Malaysia cannot progress mah!!!

GreenBug said...

Its a case of "passing the buck" lah, Patrick. NIAMAH!

miwaki said...

Malaysia under stupid government can generate many weird stories and the above is just one of the many.

I think we can go out and steal some children for fun and later on give them back to their parents without any repercussion.Oh yes,we can ask for some money since children need to eat,right ?

Anonymous said...

the cops are disgusting with their usual tidak apa stupid attitude. ptui! niamah!

Anonymous said...

TNS says....

What the heck are the voters doing? Still putting idiots in power in Johore? Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

That's what you get when you vote them in, you have stupid S-holes sitting in the chair ..not knowing whats right or wrong..they will only go after those holding candles and cycling in group..!!!

reanaclaire said...

gosh..gosh... i dont read papers anymore nowadays... like mar hei.. nowadays.. for ppl to clap and laugh..

Anonymous said...


No wonder so many children missing...THERE'RE NO CRIMINAL...DON'T WORRY...!!!!


Lao' Cha said...

Norchikan who can't afford the RM3500-00 to 'redeem' her child certainly can't afford to bribe the police.

The couple who is willing to give up the child for RM3500-00 looks like they too need money badly. Looks like 'kopi' money is not available here either.

So when there is no money to grease the 'legs', where can they find the stamina to investigate?

Those pariah in blue never had any inclination to work for a living anyway. We know for a fact that their left brain does nothing right and their right brain has nothing left !

moo said...

The parent should counter claim the babbysitter @ kidnapper for lost of companionship and grief for a bigger sum.

Luckily this is BolehLand if in USA sure matilah

Busy Bee said...

yup, read this too. had the same reaction as you did. luckily i just had a baby, else, "bad" words will appear!! that idiot!!

Anonymous said...

What! cant believe ah? Beter percayalah... Coz we all live in Bolehland, semua pun boleh ma

Square said...

even if the couple demand for RM3,500 for 2 years of care over the baby girl, i dun see any unreasonableness in it...

msiaman said...

Police are very smart nowadays, they are not moral or honorable but just smart. If they do not get mileage either from greasiness or cashable favors, they will not bother.

Accepting the case means it will affect their performance statistics for they can never solve this case unless it can be resolved by beating up somebody. It a no win situation here. pity the poor couple.

I wonder is Square will be as gullible if his/her kid was taken away for 2 years.

Anonymous said...

damn pathetic living in Malaysia where the police and bandit are no different.politicians are just legalize gangster. sigh~

Anonymous said...


I always enjoy reading your articles. Keep it up! And can I mention that your boy Adam is going to grow up to be a heart breaker. He's such a good looking kid. The eyebrows! Laura is photogenic too! God bless!

May H.

Kris Law said...

Hi Patrick, your blog talks "serious" and relevant subjects. Good for u! Good read.

Anonymous said...

it is true! if i spit at you. i will be charge under criminal case!

next time if our child got kidnapped, we report to Welfare Department ah.?.. where huh? they work 24 hours? what the F**K!!


Anonymous said...

Pariah Dogs Roaming in Malaysia

Diveman69 said...

My Dear Patrick,
Sorry to leave an unrelated comment but I just feel I have to vent my anger somehow. I just read that our National Football Team has been drubbed 5-0 by UAE. What an embarrassment!!!!!! Like the authorities and the ruling government in our beloved Malaysia even our football team has fallen so far from grace. I am just a normal citizen but I think I speak for the many football fans in the country in saying that the whole management of FAM need to resign or GET SACKED!!!! NIAMAH!!!!!!

py said...


I'm so, so "proud" to be a Muarian!

Anonymous said...

D69, ball is ROUND, many things can happen one ....cheers !

BikerVoodoo said...

They should crack down on these criminals HARD! What the hell is going on here!?

Anonymous said...

eh! if you don't wear a safety belt when you're sitting in a car, it's a criminal offence but taking one's child/children is not... try take the Nasir's child and see if it's one la!

Sorry that i must say this, "we muppets voted for muppets to rule the country, what else can we expect????"

shrek said...

Just charge the babysitting couple with kidnapping. It's not their baby in the first place. They should have reported to polis in the first place or give baby away to welfare department. It's not their baby to keep. If they decide to keep then they cannot ask for payment which now become ransom.
The OCPD needs to go back to school. What to do when they promote just because of seniority and not by ability or merit.

zOOl said...


2 years kidnapped n not a crime??? WTH???!!!