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Friday, February 20, 2009

Friends of Eli Wong

A convoy of Friends of Elizabeth Wong will be touring Klang Valley to bring a signature campaign to the public this Sunday February 22.

2pm BU3 Community Hall, Bukit Lanjan

4pm Kota Damansara SEction 10 forest reserve.

5pm Bukit Gasing.

6pm the site of Bukit Antarabangsa landslide.


Fun Tart said...

Pity her. How could you!

patrickteoh said...

How could I what?

blur blur said...

signing campaign for what?

I still cannot understand that if she declared she has done no wrong and broken no law, why must she offer to resign? Srange isn't it?

Looks the the whole story no told yet?

Or is she a collateral damage as alluded here?

Guess better wait till the dust settle.

Whatever is it, we symphatize the trauma she is undergoing now.

Patricia said...

I'm not in KL, but I signed the online petition to the MB. Does that count? I think they should include that in the signature campaign, too.

Anonymous said...

Unlimited Money Nabbing Organization.

Unethical Money Nabbimg Organization.

Anonymous said...

i be there.

just a little bit of contribution to make sleazes and jackass in BN to understand a bit of morality.

caravanserai said...

Morality issues
Nobody is sinless
In our hearts and minds
We have done so many
Only it is not published

Politicians should know
Thick skin getting it on with life
If one doesn’t have it
Why join the political wagon?

Eli Wong throwing the towel so early
Why is the fighting spirit?
One drawback she gives it up
Even Jesus never gives up
He goes in willing to sacrifice
It is the people he cares about
Not about himself no way

Love and sex in relationship
It isn’t wrong for people in love
Forgetting about protocols
Forgetting about morality
Love makes people look so silly
Even make a fool out of it

She said she done nothing wrong
So she shouldn’t disappear
She should continue her crusades
It is a small price to pay
For the good of the majority

She should stay
Fight her good crusades
Hold her head high
Give a smile

Nonengko said...

Ya, how could he what?

Anonymous said...

Yes, how could Patrick what? Thanks patrick for posting the above. I received SMS on hte above last night and pleasantly surprised that it is also posted in your blogs.

We have made a total of 4 giant banners, all fully sponsored by caring residents of Bandar Utam. So folks, see you there at our starting point (BU3 Community Hall which is actually located in BU 3 residential neighbourhood, Bandar Utama.

Thanks, Patrick Teoh!

sinnerconman said...

Eli did a self-sacrifice in the interest of PKR and PR. when she was never in the wrong.

If Islamists demand her resignation when she was innocent, who would say again that Islamic law will not be applied to non-Muslims?

Eli being a non-Muslim should be judged according to the universal standard of morality which would find her innocent.

Now PKR and PR must reject her resignation letter and order her to come back to continue serving the state and the people.

Thanks and cheers!!

Anonymous said...

ya la, how could wat? funny fler!

猫子 said...

Wish I could be there (we are East M'sia dwellers...), but we are with you in supporting Eli Wong!

Anonymous said...

I suggest they also come to Bangsar.


AnakMelaka said...

Dear Patrick,

Try to do it at 1Utama, The Curve ..etc

bet there will be lots more support too :-)

Anonymous said...

bukit gasing where?

Anonymous said...

Hey Patrick
Better make sure any of you guys don't get arrested for whatever reasons those yoyos might dream up.Nowadays anything is possible in this lala land of ours.
Cheers and good luck

D. Oink

Anonymous said...

Hi. Do petitions work at all in this country?. Even your vote no longer counts don't believe me look at Perak.

-Ravin P

Anonymous said...

Patrick, this is how I summarised this incident

1.BN is a crooked organisation run by crooked people
2.Hilmi is a low life that deserved to go to jail
3.YB Eli is a great and much loved person

Having said all that,YB Eli knew that Hilmi is married.She also have met Hilmi's wife at PKR functions.Yet she still wants to have an affair with him.

So,isn't the wife of Hilmi the real victim here? Shouldn't we all be showing our support to her?

I am asking all your married woman readers a question, "if your husband is having an affair with his office staff,do you think the woman is the victim? and will you do a roadshow to support her?"

Patrick I am looking at the other side of the coin,are you open enough to post it on your blog?

Munah from shah alam

Anonymous said...

IF & only IF the 'agony' persists, pls let her GO = GODBLESS !!

Anonymous said...

It does not take the wisdom of a King Solomon for anyone to realize that the administration of Malaysian justice has degenerated into a joke – the laughingstock of a civilized society. From a justice that is without favour and fear and blind to colour, skin and status, it has morphed into a completely different animal altogether. Now it is a cross between a donkey and a kangaroo, sired by a once powerful but still living demigod who was fascinated with and dabbled in genetics engineering.

It is part donkey because its main characteristics are servitude, weak-mindedness, avariciousness and its sycophantic abilities as exemplified by conniving and weak-minded judges; a crafty and unprincipled Attorney-General; a castrated Anti-corruption chief and a goon Police chief.

It is also part kangaroo because of its naked power, greed, arbitrariness and selectiveness as symbolized by an unsavoury, scandal-proned Prime minister soon-to-be; an incompetent, irresponsible and powerful Home minister; and, ministers with unfettered powers above the ambit of the Courts. In sum it resembled a kangaroo justice system. Malaysian justice looks like and sounds like justice but is not justice. Outwardly, Malaysia has the biggest courts in the third world and a bloated justice administration but inwardly it is sheer manipulation, naked power, greed, vindictiveness, selectiveness, shifting-of-the-goalpost and a technicality game – anything but justice.

Here's a checklist of how the Malaysian justice system works.

1) Who and what are you: if you are from the top echelon of the ruling party you are untouchable. For example, a coming emperor whose name was implicated in a grisly murder of a Mongolian beauty was not investigated, and those who were closely associated with him were not even been interrogated in the court proceeding which is still ongoing. Incriminating evidences and critical witnesses disappeared. All he has to do is to swear on the koran and it was accepted as gospel truth by the sitting judge. A lot of inconsequent judicial motions and moves took place but the prosecution team was programmed to loose the case.

2) Who do you know: if you are a member of the component parties in the BN group and is aligned with the power wielders you are safe from all investigations and prosecution. If you are not, you will become the sacrificial lamb in order to appease for the public's call for blood.

3) Money talks: Malaysian justice is being commodified. The guardian of justice are making money out of it. If you are a businessman or a gangster you can pay yourself out of trouble. Rules and laws can be bent and modified for your convenience. Judges can be chosen and bought. The Royal Commission investigation in the Lingam case is ample proof. If you are an ordinary mortal, you can still buy justice: go to any BN MPs and they can intercede on your behalf, with some under-the-counter considerations enriching the enforcer.

4) Political enemies are always wrong: If you are a politician from the opposite camp you must be an angel. You must not be involved in the slightest wrongdoing. If you are, a ton of bricks will land on your head. The recent case of the Selangor MB is an interesting case. The MACC chief was not interested in the billion upon billion of ringgits that was reported and stolen by the BN politicians throughout the years but is only interested in the cow-and-car technicality case.

5) Frogs are welcome: If you are an opposition MP but not impeccable to corruption and sexual impropieties you will be targetted. But you can come out of your predicament and become a few million richer if you are willing to hop over to the other side. This is froggies' season but be sure that the BN are still two-thirds short of power. Once that is achieved you are not welcomed anymore.

6) Doctrine of majority: As Nasri has commented in one of his interviews that something is not true if the majority in the kampongs do not talk about it in the coffeeshops. For example, if Nasri's wife or daughter got raped in Chow Kit Road and if the newspapers do not carry the story so that the kampongs will not know and talk about it in the coffeeshops, then it did not happened! That's Nasri's logic. People in the urban areas might blog, demonstrate and get disgusted about an event but if it was not reported in the MSM to get the kampong folks excited, then the truth of the event is not there. So the tyranny of the majority applies in the arena of justice.

7) Only police reports of UMNO Youth is entertained: Yes, UMNO Youth reports against the Sin Chew reporter and Teresa Kok got swift retribution and landed them under ISA detentions. Kapal Singh and Lim Guan Eng was called up. Reports from the opposition against BN thieves are never entertained and will never see the light of day.

8) Attorney General and police have discretionary power of investigation: The AG and police can pick-and-choose what they want to be investigated. Anything that are not investigated even though they were the truths are assumed to be false and the courts will accept them as gospel truths. RPK's case is a classic example of misplaced justice gone wild.

Anonymous said...


Despite the BN conspiracy, Eli deserves what she's done. She's khalwat with a married Malay guy with no moral in her.


Anonymous said...

berkhalwat ? No moral !? hey ! has
zzin too b4 married now ?

Anonymous said...

There is a tinge of hypocrisy in your tear jerker press conference so contrived. You make an admission where one is not yet necessary. No one yet convincingly has demonstrated or led any proof of the existence of nude photos of you. In admitting to it by your conduct you accept the truth of the allegations against you. At least that’s the inference you now compel us to draw by your actions or inaction on the matter.

It is also evident that the purpose of your whole press conference and your failure to deny or to assert the substance of the allegations about your personal life captured supposedly in pictures was to elicit sympathy and the adulation you associate with the office you hold.

Such histrionics is to be expected of you with your long history of courting the media to further your personal causes like the other narcissistic parliamentarianTheresa Kok. Your contrived grief is also understandable to a point since, the euphoria that followed you and your party’s election into office quickly degenerated into an internal orgy of bickering by a foul cacophony of mudslingers with little or no real political objectives other than wild accusations which they failed to substantiate ending in the debacle that is Perak.

More important the failure of your group to demonstrate a clear and unequivocal agenda that would be an alternative to the current BN has driven your credibility into the sewers of politics where you find yourself now crying foul struggling to get out. There was a well orchestrated chorus of “dont resign” like the cursory encore at a boring ballet not genuine yet repeated because it is the thing to do.

You took an alternative morality with you into government with an impressionable permissive generation of youth in tow who expect the party to rage on forever. Thats youth. But with the privileges of your office comes responsibility. You failed to discharge that responsibility to a standard expected of an elected member of parliament. But then so too did most of your Pakatan colleagues who stand metaphorically naked for all to see. Full of rhetoric, promises and threats and little of substance if any other than self help.

This is not the first dalliance of yours where you clearly left yourself open to the sort of perfidious actions of a former lover through your own dance with lust. Power as Henry Kissinger once said “is the greatest aphrodisiac”. You attracted it not once but also flaunted it as often as there was an audience.

This is not an attack on your sexuality. If that what you are trying to make of this situation you are clearly out of step. It is of your promiscuous behaviour which you attempt to equate with women’s rights and privacy that’s at the core of this situation. And yes a conservative in every camp will reject what you see as right.

If you promote promiscuity, an act that should be reserved for the privacy it deserves then advocate it as a virtue so liberally equate it with democratic and liberation feminist doctrines typically using feminism and women’s rights and democracy as your fig leaf, the leaf is too small a cover. It will fall off as it just did for you.

This is an issue you cannot simply internalise or localise to suit your own personal situation. As a public figure you are public property. Thats a fact of the life you now lead.

The western liberalism you and Anwar promote has its pitfalls. It may be okay to “let a thousand flowers bloom” as Mao proclaimed in the cultural revolution a philosophy of unleashing unbriddled youthful energy against established conservatism you and Anwar now exploit for your powerbase. However remember it cuts both ways.

What about the other young men and women who are exploited daily whom you pay lip service to? Prostitutes held to ransom by Tai Kongs and OKT’s? the police protection of money lender sharks, the murders of young people in police custody? they don’t have that luxury of switching boyfriends and living out of wedlock for all to see? again they do not rate for you, Anwar, Theresa Kok and that old fool Kit Siang.

Why should anyone see your misfortune as anything more than something to comment about in coffee shops today and forget about tomorrow? yuo too after all engaged freely in unsubstantiated claims against other public figures, the chickens perhaps have come home to roost.

This is Malaysia where there are no privacy laws or did you just realise it. Remember what happened to the former MCA chief ?. This scandal will circulate throughout the world. Some will see you as a martyr of free and unbriddled passion in bed, a carefree soul who cares little about discretion and then uses the effect of her indiscretion as a political tool to further her dying popularity.

Elizabeth, from Australia’s universities where you learned your craft, you have failed to realise that you cannot change a conservative culture that is Asia overnight with a foreign degree, foreign ideas and then seek to impose it on the vulnerable, the youth. Together with freedoms come responsibility.

At least in consolation I can say this. if you and Theresa Kok both ran down the streets of KL naked, it will be the offence for which attention will be paid to you not for anything more. Nothing personal;. But learn to be discreet and not to champion those causes that end up biting you in the Behind.

Gopal Raj Kumar

Anonymous said...

wat u are seeng now is malaysian politics you like it...if u do than dont do anything...if u dont than do seems that if u dont like a politician find him and bring ur camera along sure ada yang mo di tangkap...on eli case let does yang teda dosa cast the first stone...ada kah???

Anonymous said...

so Eli ran way because Hilmi's married? Or because there COULD be other things around the corner?

natives are restless said...

huh ? what's Gopal gopalling about ???????

Anonymous said...

wat do a Scotman n Eli has got in common?
Both dun wear underwear under da sarong, hehe!

Anonymous said...

Agree with Munah.

We have to look at the total picture. Eli had an affair. Then she proclaims she is not ashamed of her sexuality. She's not in sync with the community; culture and values of the majority of the population.

If we want to show our support, it's to support her against being made used of by BN etc. Certainly we should not say she has done 'no wrong'.

As a public figure, she should know better.

By supporting her maybe we are behaving the same way as when that guy up in Penang made some racist remarks last year and there was all kinds of 'support' from UMNO.

We cannot have double standards if we want a better Malaysia.



Anonymous said...

patrick, please read the article bellow

Anonymous said...

No signature campaign for Friends of Helmy Maliko?

Anonymous said...

The Sultan of Selangor just announced via palace officials that he's not happy about the invasion of privacy drama and he has left it to the MB to decide if Eli can stay.

Obviously, the Sultan thought it would be OK for her to continue or else he would have said outright that Eli must vacate her seat. His Uncle did after all tell Nizar point blank to resign. If the Sultan doesn't have a problem with Eli as an ADUN, then she should just continue.

Anonymous said...

polis berkata : helmi is NOT a suspect lah, he is a witness !

is he a married muslim ? then charge him for khalwating lah !!

GobloKing said...

To those who live in glass houses, try NOT to throw stones so fast

And to cowards who use psuedo -"names" like! Have some balls & reveal yourself lah.

Have guts to say. SAY IT loud!

Yes. E.Wong had an affair with a married muslim man.

That fact does not make her irresponsible or immoral.

Is she the Education Minister?
Or the PM?
OR the deputy PM?
Or the head of the youth arm of the country's largest political party?

Elizabth Wong performed her tasks well, and for that she was elected!!

So let's not get so farked up we can't tell what is REALLY immoral here

I would rate accepting bribes, stealing & looting & selling out one's country MUCH worse than an affair !

Let you who have no sins, NOW throw that stone!

Anonymous said...

I strongly agree with what has been written by Munah and Bala Disappeared

Anonymous said...

conspiracy theory...everything happened too fast..could be a 'way' to 'exit' the party 'unharmed'. maybe with enough $$ from the 7 billions.

Becklee said...

Eli is the victim but all focus is on her and not the person who took and distributed the photos. And why is the so-called witness hiding abroad like a dirty rat?

muhammad iqbal said...

give her chance to serve the public
sooner or later we know her good intention despite what has happened...