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Friday, February 20, 2009

Nurul Izzah Anwar. Member of Parliament, Lembah Pantai.

The Member of Parliament for Lembah Pantai, Nurul Izzah Anwar has written an open letter to residents of Bangsar calling for gotong royong to combat the rising crime in Bangsar. A Proactive member of Parliament. A rare creature indeed. And from what we have been reading in the media lately, a dying (figuratively speaking) breed as well.

I don't live in Bangsar. I live in Bukit Antarabangsa. And I wish we had some proactive members of the MPAJ to deal with our problem of landslides in the area. You know or have read about the recent tragic event which killed 5 people and displaced thousands more in Bukit Antarabangsa. All the speeches have been made and the photos taken so things have slowed down a lot prior to being totally forgotten. Already some YB has made the announcement that hillslope developements will be allowed to continue after no less than the Prime Minister and his Deputy promised that they will be STOPPED.

Last Tuesday I attended a meeting, supposedly initiated by the Menteri Besar of Selangor, between the residents of Bukit Antarabangsa and MPAJ and other relevant parties including the developer of the area. I knew it wasn't going to be a good meeting almost right from the start when the emcee announced that the YB big-shot from MPAJ who was supposed to chair the meeting could not attend because of something or another. His deputy chaired instead. Anway, the meeting started with the mandatory speech. Which was thankfully very short. Thank you, Mr. Deputy/Timbalan whatever from MPAJ. But from the speech I should have deduced that things weren't going to be smooth sailing that afternoon. The YBhg. chap announced that the meeting had been called by the Menteri Besar to 'get the views' of the people of Bukit Antarabangsa so that further actions can be taken. What the F***!!! Almost 3 months after a landslide that killed 5 innocent people you are asking us for our views? Well, to be fair I did give them mine. I told them I was PISSED OFF. That's my view.

Next the emcee announced that there would be a presentation by the engineer from MPAJ. Hopes in the audience rose. "Ah now we are getting somewhere. An engineer! Surely he will be able to tell us things we need to know. Not least of all if it is safe to live here."

The engineer came forward and presented....

A slide show listing chronologically the events that had taken place!!! Things that every single person in that room already knew. And really didn't need to be reminded of. Graphically. On this date the landslide happened at this time. The damage done was this. So many people were killed. So many were trapped. Diversionary roads were cut. A bridge was built. This is how the area looked when the landslide happened. This is how it looks now. Oh, and here is a satellite photo of the area.

Well thank you all over the place!

After the jurutera (engineer)'s presentation the emcee opened the floor to questions. And then pandemonium started. Well to be fair it began quite politely with a gentleman from the floor requesting to speak in English for the benefit of the sizeable population of non-BM literate residents and owners present. After all, the place isn't named Bukit Antarabangsa (International Hill) for nothing you know. The panel didn't disagree and so the meeting continued bi-lingual-ly.

And the panel seated at a long table in front of the 200+ strong audience became the shooting targets. Defence-less targets. Targets because they came to the meeting totally unprepared. The people wanted to know the actions that are being taken or initiated to solve their problems. Dates, departments/persons responsible, phone numbers, know, the stuff that will put one's mind at ease that something positive is being done. The panel came instead to repeat what's been general knowledge the last 3 months. As I expected the questions from the floor became heated, emotional, personal and generally un-productive ones. Not that any were actually answered by the panel la. Who sat there wishing they were somewhere else.

And so not wanting to waste any more time with people who had more initials in front of their names than answers that made sense, I left with the thought that meetings in Malaysia are actually mostly conducted like that. Well at least quite a few that I have attended were. VIP's are announced with great fanfare. Speeches are made. Questions are asked. Answers are given that don't make sense nor are relevant to what's going on. Then diabetes-inducing tea/coffee and the usual assortment of Malay kueh are brought out. Backs are slapped. Balls are licked. Then everyone goes home. Happy. Well that afternoon in Bukit Antarabangsa people didn't leave happy. They just left with nothing. Same as when they arrived.

Sigh. Sometimes I wish I lived in Bangsar. There is rising crime there. Purportedly. But at least they have Nurul who promises to work WITH the people to solve the problem. All we have is a Menteri Besar who initiates useless meetings and forums to piss us off even more.



The Works Minister has today announced that RM70million will be spent to stabilise the landslide affected areas of Bukit Antarabangsa.


meiguoren said...

cheers to retardation and hypocrites... come to my college, we're famous for playing politics and backstabbing each other even though we're suppose to go there and just study...

Anonymous said...

Pakatan Riot sama saja..

Anonymous said...

That's why I told many people. PAS, DAP & PKR only know politics. Day in day out. Come rain or shine..all politics, nothin but politics.. Thier duty is to demolish BN nothing more. Give the power, nah ! that what was this article is all about. PISSED OFF...

Anonymous said...

Well, u had a Exco who was passionate about the environment and totally against hill-side development.

However, she fell in love with the wrong guy - and we all know how that ended.

I wonder, why didn't u citizens of Selangor come out full force at her press conference to support and defend her?

anti-idiots said...

These "phakatan riot" has been busy dealing with frogs, cows . They have wasted 11 months since they got power in selangor. what have they achieve?

Have they declare their assets as they proudly broadcastg during the nightly ceramah???

What about local council election? If cannot be done, what the fuck you broadcast it during the ceramahs? Don't lie!!

Have they reduce the quite rent?

They cry foul now on the water take over concession. But they were busy dealing with frogs and last minute made some sloppy offer the the UMNO controllled concessionaires. U think the UMNOs are stupid?? Simply put, phakatan has failled terribly in this issue.

If the fuckatan riot flers are not serious in the next 4 years, go and wank themselves, we will vote them out!

Anonymous said...

Haha, Patrick... yr article is most effective! Suddenly the BN govt has approved rm70mil to strengthen the bkt antarabangsa slopes. According to our most responsive works minister "The local authority, which is Ampang Jaya Municipal Council, and the Selangor government are also responsible (to carry out rehabilitation works), but we realise that if we are to wait for them to fork out the expenses, it’s going to be a long wait". Now we know. All u need to do is whack PR and you will get immed attention from the BN govt.

stir said...

Vote them out, then whom to vote?

We just need more flers (I mean flers or women) like Izzah, kan?

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with your commentators - let's just vote Khir Toyo and UMNO back into power, shall we?
Solve everyone's problems.

Anonymous said...

We would be most happy if Nurul could also solve the massive traffic jams and parking problems (including getting rid of the "car jockeys" commonly known as jaga kereta extortioners) especially in the Bangsar Baru commercial and residential area.

Surely she is aware of the mess.

mob1900 said...

I advised the next time you go(if you do) to another of this meets, BRING SOMETHING TO THROW.

Slippers, rotten eggs, water belons dan sebagainya. At least you will be known to come to such meetings PREPARED.

amoker said...

Yeah, PR better watch out. The BA people will vote UMNO next. Not surprisingly, the MPAJ president is rumoured to be pro UMNO. And coincidentally, the work minister gave a blank cheque. Well done to all actors.

I would be bloody pissed too.. hehe. Come to meeting unprepared. die la.

Anonymous said...

Dear Izzah,

Hmm.. Lembah Pantai consist of area such as Pantai Dalam, Kampung Kerinchi, Kampung Pasir Dalam and all the kampung u can name it in Kuala Lumpur la. I dunno why she bother to do gotong royong in Bangsar as we all know the place is well kept already. I think in 1 house they probably have 10-12 maids and dont u ever think the dato-dato will turun padang for this nonsense :)

Please, there's a lot more thing u can do tho. Lembah Pantai is not only 'Bangsar'. Please look at the migrant problem, traffic problem, rempit problem, setinggan problem in other area as well in other area.

monsterball said...

You got pissed of...MB noted and RM70 million allocated to stop landslides.
People's Power is powerful.
Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

The ball is getting hotter and hotter so the only way out is to "3 LEGS" the sultan to get the result.Ask the Perakian who they want before talking big.Go for snap election and let the Perakian decide who they want.FLY KITE BN

Anonymous said...

RM70 million is definitely required to stabilise somebody pockets.